Why is the dealer so opposed to selling me a 2015 Sentra?

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Hi - Went to the same dealer two days in a row. Test drove a Sentra the first day and was satisfied. Dealer offered an out the door price of 18100. Too high so we went home. Research at home and found 5 2015 Sentras with and advertised price of 13500. Went back the next day after emailing about these cars. I get there and the salesman went to go get keys for me. The manager then comes out and tries to steer me to a 2016. After shutting him down 3 times, the salesman finally gets the keys. I see the cars and like them and they are actually a trim higher than the 2016 I drove. We get back and sit down and the salesman brings out paperwork for a 2016!!! I say again "I want a 2015.." He goes to his manager and comes back with the same paper for the 2016 but with 2016 crossed out and "2015" written. "Pretend that this is a 2015..." OTD price of 700 cheaper than the 2016. By the way.. The same car that I was quoted at 18100 was magically 15700 the next day. He quoted 15100 for the 2015 Can anyon explain why they are so opposed to me buying a 2015? Why piss me off an make me leave? Is it legal for them to cross out the 2016 and play around with numbers? Why not print out the sheet with the actual 2015 data? Why can't I get the advertised price on their website? Thanks


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    Well look if the dealer is playing games with you go somewhere else, or if you have little choice of dealers, then go there, pick out a particular car, copy the VIN number, and ask him to write up the price of that car with that VIN. If they won't do that, just walk.

    I have no idea what they're up to--maybe there's more profit in the 2016s, or they get extra gold stars from the factory-----not your problem! Shop where you are treated with respect.

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