The check engine light went on and I need it to pass inspection

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The mechanic told me the oxygen sensor needs to be replaced but it is not an essential item. Can this be bypassed in order to have the car pass. Its not a safety issue. My car is a 98 and has 147,000 miles on it. It leaks oil, power steering fluid, the heat does not always work and I am shopping for a new car and do not want to spend money on anything not needed


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    Yes, they can be bypassed, with unpredictable results, and the car's computer can even be fooled with an 02 "simulator" (basically a black box you build or buy), but really, no repair shop in their right mind would risk doing such a thing, and 02 sensors are not very expensive to buy nor difficult to install. The trick is, you have to be sure the 02 sensor is your problem--just because the car throws an 02 code does not mean the sensor is bad.

    Short answer--an 02 sensor is essential for proper calibration of the car's fuel/air mixture.
  • Elliot UdellElliot Udell Member Posts: 83
    Thanks for the speedy reply. My bottom line is that it is also leaking oil, power steering fluid, the heat and air occasionally goes off and there is rust showing on the body itself. I am loathe to invest more money at this point in time. The car is 18 years old and has 147,000 miles on it. What would you advise? I love the car. It drives fine but it can be a money pit at this stage. No?
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    Well unless you buy another car right away, and just pull the rip cord on this one (it does sound tired, and it does sound like it's not worth too much)--unless you do that, you don't have much choice here. You can't drive it without your inspection sticker, and you can't pass inspection with the CEL blazing away (resetting the light won't work--the inspectors will know that you did that).
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