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I have had my Scion since 2008 second owner though. I just recently hit 100k on it, I have noticed that the oil light pops on when you brake. As I work for a Toyota dealer its not a problem to see my tech to have it worked on easily and with no pressure. Turns out that that engine has a issue with burning oil! but this is the good news.. if it burns more than a quart within 1,500 miles Toyota will pay for new piston rings and basically a engine over haul. They are going to top up the oil, and have me drive it, then I wil bring it back to see if it is loosing a quart or more. With the exception of this issue this car has ran great, I still have the original transmission in it and air conditioner unit etc etc. I hope that this test is in my favour and the work can be done for free. I hope this info helps other owners having this common issue.


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    I'm surprised that Toyota would do this on a car with 100,000 miles. A quart of oil every 1500 miles doesn't seem excessive to me. They are doing an Oil Consumption Test. If you are thinking of draining out a bit of oil on the sly, be careful. They probably have marked things so they can detect tampering.

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    I was equally surprised but I didn't want to put any bad Ju-Ju on his chances. But now that you've broken the spell, ....I'm surprised! :D
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    I've run my 2004 XB since 2004 with little to no problems. Does not burn oil in fact I change oil every 500 - 7500 miles as stated. I have 240,000 miles on the car. first owner.
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    xAs and xBs were great cars!
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