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Volvo S80 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • johnjohn2johnjohn2 Posts: 2
    I just picked up a S80T with 78,000 on it froma a local dealer, not volvo, and I need to know what work should have been done or should be done soon...Car rides/looks awesome.
  • Finner, Best of Luck with the new wheels. Don't forget to report back after you have driven for a few miles.
  • finnerfinner Posts: 10
    Shoresailing: Had the car for little over a month and has 1100 miles on it. Car rides like a dream and very quiet inside. Dealer told me to use regular gas and have had no problems. If fact, wife wants to drive it instead of her S-70 GLT. :)
  • My old 2000 S80 T6 is nearing 100,000 miles (we are the original owners). We bought the extended warranty from Volvo when we bought the car, and are glad we did as we have had some expensive repairs along the way. With the extended warranty, we only have to shell out $100 for each new incident (per our extended warranty). We wouldn't mind keeping the car a bit longer (maybe another 25,000 or 35,000 miles) but don't know if the extended warranty can be extended again or not. The local Volvo dealer said "no, don't think so". I am wondering if someone has any other experience on this? Anyone ever extended an extended warranty?
  • martyfmartyf Posts: 10
    We own a 2004 XC90 and bought a 2006 S80 about 3 weeks ago. Drives very well and I like the 5 Turbo/5 Speed combo - the same as our XC90. I realize it is the end of this model but the deal was very good - a little over $7000 under invoice.
  • Hi, I tried very hard to extend mine, the dealer absolutely refused.
    I have a question on your extended warranty experience, however. For each repair, my dealer charges me both the deductable and the diagnostics work, which they claim isn't covered by the warranty, only the repair itself is covered. Is this consistent, I've had a lot done, thinking of going to small claims court to recoup the diagnostics fees (several thousand dollars) since I can't find any fine print in the warranty stating this.
  • Has anyone priced the new s80? Any current incentives?
  • Hello all, Local dealer has a 2.5T S80 in white with about 11,000 miles on odometer on sale for $30,995. I know that some of you out there have gotten similar price for a brand new S80. With redesigned S80 coming out soon, would $25,000 a fair offer on slightly used outgoing S80? I think $30,995 is waaaay too high. Also, how much is a Volvo extended warrnaty for a S80?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • billodbillod Posts: 31
    Just bought a 2003 T6 which has Eagle GT tires. The tires handle good but they are quite noisy. Any suggestions for quieter tires that handle well?
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    new S80 will be a slow seller. the current MSRP is a joke. I'm sure there will be a HUGE incentive few months after introduction. be patient.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    I'm not sure if they are offered in your tire size...

    But, you might try the Bridgestone Turanza LS-V..

    They get great reviews.... sort of pricy.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • capoanycapoany Posts: 32
    Here it is- 07 V8 AWD Sport/ Climate/ Audio/ Electic Silver Met- 24 Mo Zero cap cost reduction- 12K / yr- $711/ mo + Tax. MF .00147 resid 66%. Need immediate help on this one- you lurking Volvomax?
  • not much talk about buying the new 07 s80.......i would have thought someone would have commented on their purchase experience.
  • The dealer that I did not buy from in late January, when purchase/ lease plans absolutely suc#d, still has every single one of the s80's he had then...all lined up in a row. Unless advertising is ramped up, great deals are published, and the car wins or at least comes close in a comparo, the new s80 will not overcome it's legacy, IMHO. And I'm coming off 10 years of volvo ownership, including an s80 t6.
  • Just drove home from dealership. Got what I think is a great deal on a new S80 3.2

    24 mo
    10,500 miles per year
    $2000 drive offs
    sport, climate, personal communicator, metallic paint, free bluetooth
    505/mo inc tax

    Maybe could have sqeezed lower, but they were selling at or below invoice and I had a trade.
  • beopersonbeoperson Posts: 65
    Can you please post MSRP and Lease Price of the vehicle
  • it was a while ago, but msrp was 44680 and seling price was around 39k
  • beopersonbeoperson Posts: 65
    Thanks for this number!
    Will see if they can match it NJ.

    I've seen post about 5K rebate on top of 2K loyalty.
    I wonder if that's true?
  • beopersonbeoperson Posts: 65
    Here is offer I got: 35,750 for a car with MSRP 40.600
    Getting closer...

    24 Month 10.5K miles lease numbers come out to $410 including NY sales tax.

    almost 5K off MSRP, will it getter any better?
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 18
    Aside from an average $2,100 off plus $2,000 volvo ownership program, what is really a fair price for the car? MSRP is 42,985. If I'm not satisfied with the final price would I lose my deposit on the ordered car?
  • beopersonbeoperson Posts: 65
    Here is some update on the negotiation process.

    Latest offer:

    MSRP: $41.115 - Climate, PCC, Park Assist, Black (non-metallic)
    Lease Price: $35.400 (includes 2K Volvo loyalty rebate)
    Residual: 68%
    MF: .00050
    24 month/10.5K miles
    Total out of pocket $1,350
    Includes first month, aquisition fee, DMV and document fees

    Monthly payments including NYC tax $370.20
  • osu18osu18 Posts: 18
    Is there a Manufacturer to Dealer incentive to support this pricing? this seems the best deal I have seen out there with 2,000 VLP plus a discount of $3,700....
  • carolf2carolf2 Posts: 3
    Always dreamed of owning a Volvo, never have. My 1991 Taurus Sho is dying (he served me well all these years ...) but I'm short on money.

    Found the following: 2004 S80 25.T AWD 4-Dr Sedan. One owner purchased 8/2004 on lease. Certified Volvo Pre-Owned, 6-yr (i.e. thru 8/2010)/100K extended warranty. Current Mileage = 45,154. Standard stuff, plus leather seats and power moon roof. Certification record shows only two actions taken: replace wipers, put on new tires (all season M+s Radials). Dealer offering price = $23,500. KBB value shows $22,790. Will take to my mechanic before purchase, but will have to put down deposit first.

    Two questions:

    1. How's the deal?

    2. Can anyone here comment on Sesi Volvo in Ann Arbor, MI?
    (now on Jackson Rd) Good experience? Bad experience? How's the service?

    I know I'm just one more post, but I hope I can trust you good folks for an anwer soonest. (I've read posts back to 2001 in the general S80 sedan discussion, so I know you're good people.)

    Many thanks in advance.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Very good car,shouldn't have any problems.
    Price is about average for a CPO car.
    Should be a little room for talking.
  • carolf2carolf2 Posts: 3
    Thanks, Volvomax. I appreciate the response.

    My husband is finally home, and I wanted him to see
    the car before I bought it -- just so he can have a
    veto if he feels it necessary. Passed mechanic check
    with flying colors, so I think we'll by it. I will
    see if I can knock down the price a bit.

    Again, thanks!
  • archie8archie8 Posts: 2
    I'm in the market for a CPO 2004 S80 and have seen many models with miles in the high 40K's going for between $22-25K with AWD.

    Is this a fair price from the dealer? AWD is adding about $2K to the cost, I have always driven FWD vehicles, is the AWD necessary? My FWD have performed okay in the winter.

    I plan to hold the car for a long time. Are these reliable cars or "money pits?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.
  • jeffw2121jeffw2121 Posts: 2
    I have just been offered the following lease. We are just preliminary looking so I dont have the exact numbers they are using for residual or money factor. Please let me know if this is a good deal or if I can do better:

    2007 Silver Mettallic 3.2 S80 with Black Perforated Leather
    24 month lease/ 12k miles per year
    Sport, Climate, Navigation, Parking Assist, Blind Spot, PCC
    1k down payment
    $479/month plus tax

    They let me take it for the weekend to test so I have to return on Monday and let them know.

    Thanks for your help
  • cusafrcusafr Posts: 184
    I am looking at a nice 2.4L Turbo (2004). I am not famialiar with a turbo engine. Does it have enough power for the S80? Is it a good engine? Or, do I need to fine a good 2.9L?

    Thanks for any response,

  • My local dealer has a base 2007 S80 3.2 in stock with absolutely no options. It's black (an undesirable color, maintenance-wise, in my opinion), with tan interior. I live in a cold climate, and the base model lacks heated seats-- another negative. Finally, I can tell from the state inspection sticker that the car has been on the lot for several months.

    Based on the abysmal repair record and resale value of my current S80, I can't believe I'm even considering a new one--or any European car, for that matter. (I'd like an Acura MDX, but dealers in my area are standing firm-- even on '07's). Also, the new S80 has received mediocre reviews. But I'm not a BMW or Benz guy, and I think I might be able to steal this particular car. MSRP is $39,400. I'm considering offering $5k less. Thoughts?
  • That sounds reasonable. There is a $2000 rebate so the dealer is only reducing the sticker by $3K. you may want to try lower. It is a nice car but it is so plain for $40K. A loaded S80 is not worth the $50K and I am not sure it a base is worth $35. I guess it is personal preference. The Acura is suprising, maybe an out of state dealer will make you a deal.
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