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    In the process now salesman doesnt want to give any loyalty or competitive incentive but the dealer is offering 3K back on the car. Should I wait for the 05's? (i don't own a kia or competive car)
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    I got my '04 Amanti 6/29/05 through a dealer auction direct purchase. Yes, I purchased a vehicle w/o actually seeing it, or driving it first. In fact, I was looking at SAAB 9-5's and Volvo S80's instead - So, why did I opt for the Amanti? My auction connection said that I could get a loaded '04 amanti 24k miles for about $13500 w/o sunroof. I thought about it and said, wait that is the one with Leather, trip PC, airbags everywhere, everything. More importantly the 10yr/100k warranty is what sold me. Now, you must also know I know my KIA's...I also have an '04 Sorento and love it (except for the HORRIBLE gas mileage 13/16 tops). It really is a little too early to say if I LOVE the Amanti...but, when I got the car with 24k miles, for $13080....I was less nervous about the purchase.

    The car was a rental, and I am in process of getting service records for Enterprise (we'll see). The only items I am a liitle upset about are that my car has no sunroof, heated seats, and ABS. I guess these are options the rental co's don't need or want to pay for. the car may need a brake job and I will need to get a 2nd new KeyFOB ($10 on ebay and $50 for dealer programming), and new key ($50)so...I feel I got a "good deal" so far on the overall purchase if that is all I have to stick into it right off the bat.

    The car does drive very smooth, and I am impressed by the overall size of the interior. Reminds me of what a lincoln might be sized like. It's big, that's all I know. Well, let me know if you think I got a good deal or not...I am curious. I value. It looks like my car might have a trade in value of close to or little more than $13k and could retail for about $22k.
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    I work for a Kia Dealer in Lakeland Florida, and you don't get the balance of the 10 year warranty on a used Kia.
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    Thank you for providing that important piece of info. What warranty would the second owner get?
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    The second owner gets the balance of the 5yr/60,000 mile warranty and the balance of the 5yr/unlimited mile roadside assistance. :)
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    every time I use the key fob to get back into the car the mirrors go to a different position, it might memorize it one time but then the second time I push it, it goes to a different location. is any body else having a problem with this?
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    Since this is the pricing discussion, you're more likely to find those who own the vehicle in our regular Kia Amanti discussion. That's the best place to ask your question.

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    Hi donatello,

    Inoticed in the Amanti post mentioned he purchased a former enterprise rental car. This is a gray area in KIA warranty book. Is the second owner still good for a 5/60K on a former rental car? Would appreciate an accurate answer as I'm looking at a similar situation for my son.

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    Local Kia dealer in Buffalo area had blow out sale offering $9,000 off the Amanti. Had to have a kia or competing car to get the extra 2,000 tp get to 9,000. Local Northtown dealer was slick however they charged for gas and extra fees that werent part of the deal so look out for extra charges later on in the deal. The car is great!
  • cars4mikecars4mike Member Posts: 18
    Got my first price on an '05 Amanti demo w/all options, 6K miles. Sales rep claims invoice is $27,512 (edmunds says $26,990) and w/rebate my price is $25,512. How much more of a discount should I reasonably expect to get because it is a demo holdover with half a year's mileage?

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    I would not pay more than 20,000 for it.Good luck! :)
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Brand new Amanti. 6 cd in dash player, leather, sunroof. $16,995.
    Anyone see one cheaper?
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    (the $16,995 was a special factory purchase (used car).
  • buybuy Member Posts: 3
    Just bought a used Amanti and love the car. I'm new to Kia and liked the idea of a used vehicle with decent mileage -- "luxury feature" at low budget price. I got the car at just under 15,000 which was significantly less than those showing on and dealer websites. I thought I did my homework as I got a CARFAX report first and the vehicle shows as a rental- sold at auction to dealer, it would then go to me. It was represented that I'd get the balance of the 5yr. 60K mile warranty, but I didn't get that in writing. Would I still be considered the second owner (CARFAX shows 2 counts?) and/or does this make a difference to the warranty?

    A bigger concern I have is the color. It was quoted by phone as "burgundy" fully loaded 15,995- no such color in the catalog. At first I thought it was the deep red rose, but it's almost black and has a hint of metallic burgundy. Even still, I wasn't concerned when I saw the car because the '05 Amanti brochure color sample seems dark and I had not seen a deep red rose in any showroom. In any event, the transfer paperwork shows the car's color as "mahogany" and anyone who has seen it in the past 10 hours that I've possessed it mistakes it for black. Does anyone know if what I'm describing is a "true" Amanti original finish? Despite the clean CARFAX report, I'm wondering if the car was ever in an accident and re-finished after body work. Would the CARFAX history show service by VIN from a rental agency or would rental companies handle their own body work without report? Also there exists the possibility that the dealer used it as sales car or whatever because it seems about 500 miles were put on the car from the time they purchased it at auction one month ago. I like the care so far, but am getting buyer's remorse because I fear that if the color is not true to Kia, it's not original, and that's for a reason. Unfortunately, I didn't connect any of this before the non-refundable purchase from the dealer. Also, assuming there was no accident or is no chronic or major problems to come with the vehicle, will it alter the trade-in value to have a unlisted color on the car? Comments ?? Advice??
  • onewithkiaonewithkia Member Posts: 1
    The original Dark Rose Red is a very dark metalic red that looks black from a distance. The color, generally, can only be seen where the sun highlights the curves of the body. I'd say you have the original paint on your car. :)
  • viclikescars2viclikescars2 Member Posts: 11
    "...chronic or major problems to come with the vehicle..."

    Comments??: Just one. I've got the '04 in dark Gray with the "Dove Gray" interior. While I don't drive all that much, just 13K so far, I can say that this Amanti is the best car I've ever owned. No BS at all... The best.

    In the time I've owned/driven it, there has been exactly one (1) warranty fix. A bearing. The dealer took care of it. I'm happy.
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTMember Posts: 61
    Hi all... I just purchased this car for my wife... actually she picked color and model... with the Stability Control and Infinity Package for $24201 at Executive Kia in Wallingford, CT. I thought that I got a good deal. What do you people out there think of the 'deal'?
  • billh6billh6 Member Posts: 123
    It sounds like it's loaded. I have the ESP also with the Infinity, leather, sunroof, loaded. You got a great deal. I assume it was new. Mine's a 2004. I still love it. I might get the 2007 when it comes out in Jan.
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTMember Posts: 61
    Yes,Bill, it was loaded and 'bran spankin' new. We were the first and last 'potential customers' to take it out for a test drive. We went home, talked over supper, and called the salesman back and gave him an offer($24201) he and sales manager couldn't refuse. We are still trying to get use to the car, since we came from a Trailblazer and we still cannot believe how much we got for the money and the 10/100 warrantee. US automakers are going to really have to get on track to beat this car.
  • billh6billh6 Member Posts: 123
    Well, I still love my '04. I'm not sure what has happened, but when we got ours in '04 the owners were giving it a 9.5 satisfaction rating. Now I see for '06 it's like 8.2. I'm not sure if the quality has changed or some owners like to complain about any and everything. But compared to my other vehicles this one outshines 'em all.
  • navyairnavyair Member Posts: 202
    Two questions:
    1. Since it was a rental, did you ever try to use the factory warantee, or just pay out of pocket?

    2. What auction site did you use?
  • go_boilergo_boiler Member Posts: 4
    :confuse: Did $24201 include tax and fees ?
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTMember Posts: 61
    The $24201 was the offer for the car,including rebate.
    Add to that taxes, registration, and documentation fees, which as you know, can vary from state to state.
    I'm in Connecticut.
  • go_boilergo_boiler Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for replying. ;)
    Do you still love the car? Any problems ?
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTMember Posts: 61
    Yes, we still love the car, and the more we travel, the more enjoyable the ride, comfort,and feeling that we got a lot of car and warranty for the money.
    This might be our last new car purchase for ten years/hundred thousand miles as we will be in our seventies by then and I do not believe we will be going out for another vehicle.
    Also, I have one problem with the acceleration, and it seems others are having the same/similar problem which as of this post, does not seem to have a solution or TSB from Kia. I am just waiting and hope it will not cause an accident for me or the others with the same problem. You can see the posts under 'problems'.
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  • alcardiofalcardiof Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Kia Amanti that I purchased new. I have had problems with the paint peeling. It need to go into the shop now to be painted, however I think it should have a all new paint job since this will make the 3rd touchup, but the Kia Rep won't approve of it. I let everyone that ask about my car know my opinion that the company won't stand behind their product and I will not buy another Kia because of that.
  • jaihoonjaihoon Member Posts: 1
    I've bought a new but 1 year old stock('07 Amanti). It ran just 300 mile and everything is like '08

    Base plus option below
    Leather pkg
    Sunroof pkg
    Electric stability pkg
    Wheel pkg
    Grey color

    Total price - 21,200 (including dealer handling fee + title fee) + Sale's tax

    South Carolina
  • mikewellsesqmikewellsesq Member Posts: 29
    What a great deal on that car! I have a similar 2007, and you have snagged a great value with your new car! Enjoy!
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