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I purchased an ML350 in June 2015 and a couple of months after i purchased i noticed that the passenger adjustable knobs/buttons are not functional, i can adjust the seat up and down but the other 2 buttons for back and head rest aren't functional. So i ask the dealer and he said that my car only has that feature for the driver seat. I thought it should come standard ( I thought that it woould be not so smart if Benz only have the feature for driver seat ). Does anyone know if it suppose to come standard or not? I looked at Benz site and it says power seat is STANDARD, driver and passenger.
Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

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    I think what's happening here, if I'm reading it correctly, is that power seats are standard BUT that the 10-way power seat is driver-only unless you order the 10-way passenger seat as part of a design or option package.
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    I do have the premium package but only indicating 14-way power driver seat with memory. So 10-way passenger seat is optional, that is a separate package?
    Thank you!
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    Looks like you need to order one of the "Designo" packages to get the 10-way passenger seat.

    Designo? I thought its only a Leather seat package? I don't know a lot about packages. Thank you for your information
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