2014 Acadia GMC Starter issues

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@gmcustsvc why is this happening? Just bought this 1 week ago from CherryHill Mitsubishi (NJ). Disappointing experience on what I had read was a great vehicle (high ratings): https://youtu.be/2rgmADD6A08.. Happened several times.. https://youtu.be/6evulqNR6L0


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    On the second video, can't be sure what we were hearing but it sounded like it started at about the thirty-five second mark .

    Otherwise, the starter is working fine, and you have a cranks but won't start condition. As long as a technician get's to experience this, it shouldn't be difficult to analyze. Are there specific conditions that have to be achieved in order for this to occur such as a hot restart, (driven, stopped and then tried to restart within fifteen minute?) Warm restart, (attempted re-start half an hour to an hour after driving?) Or cold. (vehicle sitting two hours or more?) Are you hitting the throttle during any of these attempts, if so exactly what are you doing?

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    It happens randomly --
    1) I'll try Remote start with my OnStar Fob and it will say "Remote Start Failed"

    2) I'll randomly walk up to car in morning (60 degrees out) and it did this. 

    3) Walked into Starbucks for coffee after driving 15 mins from office and came out and filmed  1st video .... Simply clicked "Lock" and "unlock" when I jumped back in. 

    Foot on Brake everytime I try start. In park position everytime. 

    the expectation would be that I shouldn't have to go through a "ritual" everytime me or my family jump in the car and want to start it??? 

    Should be simple. 
    Unlock vehicle > put foot on Brake > Start Car!! 

    Simple. ..... 

    What at am I missing???

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    You aren't missing anything. A tech will have to confirm what is and is not working during one of these events, and solve it.

    Since it is random, how likely is this to occur in any given day, or week? The shop will need to know that.
    Another thing they will need. How many attempts (or how long) to re-start does it take before it runs when the symptom occurs?
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    Ignition issues, took car in twice, paid $365 diagnostics and tech said resolved issue - only had the car few days after buying it at Cherryhill Mitsubishi, and have been stuck and stalled at gas stations, in parking lots etc -
    Watch - Day 1 - https://youtu.be/2rgmADD6A08
    Watch - Day 2 - https://youtu.be/6evulqNR6L0
    Watch - Day 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXUwHhNmV-A&feature=youtu.be

    If anyone knows issue or resolution - it is GMC Acadia 2014 SLT-1.. ???

    Disappointing experience all around.
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    It doesn't work that way. One doesn't "know" what is wrong without testing and proving what is going on. Even trying to comment on what the tech might have seen would require a certain amount of guessing and that's not going to help. Did you take this to a GM dealer yourself ? Did the Mitsubishi dealer you bought it at not offer a warranty?
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    I'll check with a GMC dealer. Thanks 
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    Hello miggz10,

    I can certainly understand your feelings of frustration; as you do not expect problems when purchasing a newer vehicle. It is very important to us that you have a positive experience with our products, and our apologies for any inconveniences caused. We’d be happy to look further into this on our end. Please send us a private message with your VIN, current mileage, full contact information and preferred certified dealership at your earliest convenience. You can also reach us at [email protected] as well, please feel free to include ATTN: Helen in the subject line.

    GM Customer Care
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