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BMW 530xi - 2006



  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    I have had three Audi V8's and loved them.

    I believe that $4+ gallon gas is in the near term. The 3.2 engine (at the point in time that I bought mine) was a sipper compared with the then current 4.2 (I think the upcoming FSI 4.2 will improve mileage) -- my money would have gone for the diesel if but it were avail here in the US.

    Moreover, if the 3.2 would be mildly turbo charged and/or offered with a slightly shorter final drive ratio and a 6 speed manual, it would be both a sipper and a much better performer.

    Somehow, I find the V6 quite satisfying and a small concession to conservation.

    On the other hand, with an MSRP of $53,286, you would think a V8 would be included.

    I hate to sound like I am complacent -- but I am NOT displeased with the 3.2 V6 in the A6. This exact car with a stick would be, I am certain, a blast. As it is it is luxurious and adequately powered.

    Hard to believe, at times, I have very few times that the need for the V8 would be evident.

    I thought, however, for "this much money: perhaps I should get an S4.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Member Posts: 292
    >"And, for pity's sake if you are lucky enough to have a new 530xi with a manual transmission (why would you ever get one with anything else?)"

    Because I have to commute to Boston and would be between 1st/2nd gear for two hours every day, five days a week, and would end up with a sore left calf every day.

    There are valid reasons to getting an automatic, Mark. We all know how you feel. Please just let it go.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Member Posts: 292
    >"We all know how you feel. Please just let it go."


    Sorry for the snippy response. In my defense, I had just traveled 32 hours from Australia, and then gone into work.

    That, and I'm bitter that my commute means I can't get a manual. ;)
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    No problem. I got to drive my wife's X3 3.0 6spd manual this weekend and again I just scratch my head why Audi doesn't offer one in the A6.

    But, as I may have related, the largest BMW dealer in Ohio is here in Cincinnati and he has NONE, ZERO, ZIP, NADDA 5 series manuals (other than special order ones). The head buyer in fact told us "period. . .there will be no 5x's [and no 525 or 530's either] in inventory with stick shifts; they just sit and sit and sit on the lot."

    When we first went down the path of looking at BMW's we found it almost impossible to find the then current 3x's in anything other than automatics.

    I'm trying to remember, in fact, if we EVER were able to test a 3x car other than automatics.

    My wife's almost first choice was the A4 3.2, which for 2005.5 could ONLY be had in auto also.

    I am (and my wife is) in such a small minority, I do understand.

    Yet, I tested my wife's X3 3.0 yesterday and it is completely comfortable in 2nd gear from speeds of 8 mph to 42 mph -- what is the difference if you are "always stuck in second gear" (the Rembrandt's) if it is in a stick or an auto. The frustration of put putting along in a wonderful German car would be the same, I assume, with either transmission.

    I have transmission envy and I just wonder if automatics have not been foisted upon us by our public education systems that seem to offer driver's education ONLY in automatics.

    When I was growing up and walking uphill both ways to school, the cop cars were sticks, my parent's had a Plymouth Valiant stick shift and a VW bug (ditto), my dad did have a 1953 automatic Hudson Hornet but the main car I got to use (legally) was the VW bug (for insurance reasons); 36 hp and a stick shift WOO WOO!

    Today, my wife cannot use a full service car wash unless she drives the car, none of the high school kids (mostly boys) can figure out how to drive a stick.

    More's the pity, I say.

    For, stick shifts are fun, improve performance and control and other than perhaps some hairy hills in San Francisco, seem to be no more work than an auto in 10 - 35 mile an hour traffic, since you would literally always be in 2nd gear (my A6, 6spd auto, seems hell bent to remain in second gear unless I get to a full-stop.)

    I need someone to remind me that I am a screaming voice in the wilderness.

    I just wish I were king of the car world for a day and could entice every single auto buyer to take a test drive of a stick shift.

    Frankly, I think many folks might find them delightful -- even if their first reaction would be doubt.

    Drive it like you live.

  • anthonypanthonyp Member Posts: 1,860
    I gather from your posts that you could add stick if you wanted it in a bmw, but not an audi 6? I too enjoyed the vw...You just drove and drove, never thinking of fuel, and then ran out---threw the little lever and looked for a station on the last reserve gallon...A simpler time....Further it would not go the speed limit up a hill on the I...Tony
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    I drove exclusively stick for the 1st 12 years of my driving life, so I do know what the other side is like. But I think stick is more fun to drive on a small, light car. And in general cars have gotten bigger and heavier in the last dozen years or so, hence the trend to automatics. Also, with automatics getting more and more sophisticated, and engines increasingly more powerful, the advantage of a stick over an automatic has been much diminished. IMO.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    you mentioned in an earlier post that you would have gotten the 530xi over the Audi if the 530xi was available. What I was wondering is would you have gotten the 530xi over the X3? Even though they are completely different vehicle types with a sizable price difference, I find myself leaning towards one, then the other, then back again, and so on and so forth. Make no mistake, I think the X3 has the proper pedigree on the spec sheet, and is probably more practical than the 5, but somehow, it doesn't have that upscale and hunky look that all BMW's have. It almost could pass for something the Japanese would produce. Whereas the much-maligned styling of the 5 series keeps growing on me. Everytime I see one on the road now, I find myself staring and salivating. (I guess maybe it should be more desireable given the price difference). Still, I wish the X3 would have inherited more of the X5's hunky, and upscale looks.

    As an aside, I find it amazing that the 530xi is actually lighter than the 325xi Touring by a good 30kg, and is only 15 kg heavier than a 330xi.
  • anthonypanthonyp Member Posts: 1,860
    It is a very nice driving car, and gets pretty good fuel economy 26 + at or above eighty....I really don`t care for the idrive as it involves so many steps just to change stations, and further is intrusive to the driving experience....Maybe this is the future, but it could surely be refined....I found the seats for a long trip to be way superior to my ls430 seats..Tony
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    My wife's 2005 X3 3.0 with almost every option available at the time on it IS darn near a Lux vehicle.

    Indeed in terms of being engaging, the X3 in gloss black with Premium, Sport and the Terracotta leather interior, is IMHO, hunkier than the stoic 5. The Audi A6 interior in Amaretto, however bests both.

    The 5, despite my comments, is a true LPS vehicle and the X3 lacks some of the lux treatment I wanted.

    However, at this point, if someone gave me a 2006 X3 equipped just like my wife's, I would miss but ONE thing -- voice control, but I might be OK without it if I bothered to program my phone with all the numbers I have in my head.

    The X3 even with ONLY 225HP but with the 6spd manual is pretty peppy and it sure is a blast to drive.

    A trip from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh is, mostly, easy and enjoyable -- the upgraded sound system and Sirius sure help this.

    The only 530xi I have driven had the automatic and it was, almost anemic -- my tubby A6 3.2 seems peppier even with its auto trans.

    In the heat of the momemnt, I would say, go with a $47K X3 over a $57K (similarly equipped) 530xi and pocket the diff.

    I may change my mind but that is the emotion du jour.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    "The only 530xi I have driven had the automatic and it was, almost anemic"

    That is surprising, since the 530xi has a 30hp advantage over the X3, and weighs a few hundred pounds less, and is more aerodynamic. Granted it is an automatic, but still, you wouldn't expect it to have that big of a factor in performance.
  • yurygyuryg Member Posts: 15
    I'm about to purchase 530xi, and have a question to which no dealer has been able to provide a definite answer - does the car have a speed sensitive stereo volume? Some of the answers I got were "No", "Only with moonroof open", "I think so".
    While we're on the stereo topic, is there much difference in sound quality between stock stereo and optional logic7?
  • dsilver2dsilver2 Member Posts: 12
    I have a 530xi, and yes it does have the
    speed sensitive stereo volume
  • rockypaulrockypaul Member Posts: 104
    I would first try the all seasons.
    I have a 2002 330XI and have been just fine with the oem tires and they have 35k on them.
    You can always get snows if needed.
  • freddybbfreddybb Member Posts: 95
    I got the software recall/update on my 2006 530xi last week and it has the following benefits:

    1. Got rid of the annoying "High Battery Drain" message that a number of us got used to seeing every morning! Now I hope that it was not really a battery drain problem that is simply being ignored :-)

    2. RDS on the radio works fine now, even with Navigation, premium CD changer, etc. I really had no idea what RDS was until now -- shows the call signs, station name, and in some cases even the song or program title and song lyrics (or am I misreading the lyrics?).

    3. Before the update two "@" symbols were showing up on my Bluetooth phone list after each and ever entry (e.g., John [email protected]@ are gone now (at least I haven't seen them yet!).

    I also had them put in an AUX audio input in the glovebox for my iPod. Not ideal, because the tracks don't show up on the iDrive display, but it will have to do for now until they bring out full iPod integration for the new 5 series.
  • anthonypanthonyp Member Posts: 1,860
    Somehow the 530xi got two small dents n it`s hood, so wife took in over yesterday for the body man to try and take out...I swear you now can`t even tell where they were..Somehow they can punch them back out and not didturb the paint or anything.....It cost a hundred fifty dollars, and one dent was a sort of crease around three and a half inches long, and the other was a sort of round dimple of a couple of inches and very shallow....Tony
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    Yeah, it's called Paintless Dent Removal. There are a number of companies that perform the service from roving vans. If you call them directly some of them will even show up at your home or office and fix your car on the spot.

    Here is just one of many that will suck your dents out:

    Best Regards,
  • bdr127bdr127 Member Posts: 950
    Isn't that crazy how they can do that? Some of the companies won't even let you watch how they do it, I guess to keep it a "trade secret"... ;)
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Member Posts: 292

    Any update on the MP3 issue? Did BMWNA ever get back to you?

    >"...until they bring out full iPod integration for the new 5 series."

    What new 5 series? Have I missed something?
  • freddybbfreddybb Member Posts: 95
    Yes, after weeks of "research" they finally told me that my 2006 530xi with Premium Sound CANNOT play MP3 CDs. So I had the dealership put in an AUX audio input and bought an iPod. Not elegant, but the best option available right now (unless you want to use one of those FM transmitter thingys).
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Member Posts: 292
    When I was comparing cars (BMW, Lexus, and Infiniti) I remember reading in a manual for one of them that MP3's can be played by the navigation DVD reader, but not the CD player. I'm not sure which one it was, but since the Infiniti CD could play MP3's, and the Lexus can't play them anywhere, it was probably the BMW. I'm sure you've read and re-read the manual, but it may be worth another look.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    I'm sure to be drummed out of the hi-fi sweater club, but our BMW has Sirius radio -- and while this is NOT the same as brewing your own a la iPod, I no longer have a need for anything other than my trusty CD burner and Sirius.
  • csdeecsdee Member Posts: 1
    looking to buy a 530xiT in a month. now that these have been out for a half a year, are the dealers discounting them? what price can i expect? invoice or $1000 over invoice?

    anyone know if any dramatic changes are coming for the 530xiT model year 07?


  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    We have Sirius on our BMW X3 and our Audi A6 -- rarely, very rarely, do I feel the need for some home brew. My Audi has a 6CD changer and if for some outrageous reason I can't get my music fix from Sirius, I have 6 CD's ripe and ready as a backup.

    I know this has been the year of the iPod -- but I think the "next" is Sat Radio. Nothing against XM (indeed XM now comes courtesy of DirecTV) but we love Sirius. In my A6, which has the Premium Surround Sound system, I just set it for Rear Surround and hone in on "The Vault," "Jazz Cafe," or "Pops" and I am rarely disappointed.

    According to my wife, Sat Radio will "kill" broadcast radio (other than for "local" talk, news and weather.)

    She may be onto something. :shades:
  • btranbtran Member Posts: 2
    I am looking into buying a 530xi. I was quote $53,559 with sports pk, 18" wheels, premium pk, steptronic AT, cold weather pk. I asked for $52,000. I am paying using one time payment not finance.

    Is this seem okay? I'm not paying too much am I?

    Please let me know.
  • mikerochmikeroch Member Posts: 69

    My wife and I are almost signing the deal for a 530xi and are now being told by the dealer (we're in Canada) that the 2007 model year production run is going to start in March so that we could have an '07 by the end of April....i.e. that BMW is starting the new model year run now instead of in the fall. She is also saying that there won't be any changes from the '06....

    Any comments?

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Historically, the cut off is in month 5 or 6 and new production starts the month after. Recently there seems to be less regimentation. But perhaps that is importation schedules not production schedules.

    Moreover it would seem that the 07 model year lack of change is accurate. BMW seems to embark upon a run of X years with each year offering minor changes, options, colors, etc. The 5 series with the new engine and now AWD is, relatively speaking young or perhaps at worst middle aged.

    Is the 5's run about 6 or 7 years historically? If so, the next major change would be when? A couple more years perhaps?

    The competition up the road from Munich, in Ingolstadt, produced their middle child last, from 1998MY through 2004MY -- 7 years? BMW seems to be on a similar schedule.

    But telling you there will be insignificant changes also sounds like a way to encourage a purchase NOW rather than later.
  • mikerochmikeroch Member Posts: 69
    Are any of the climate, radio, navigation functions able to be voice controlled by the driver (with iDrive)? (Or, is it only via the iDrive controller and/or using the steering wheel buttons...?). (With Bluetooth "prep" I assume the telephone functions are handsfree, but what about these other items?).

    Also, anyone have pictures of the comfort seats in beige (with ventilation)? (preferable with the dark poplar high gloss wood, if possible.....thanks).

  • dsilver2dsilver2 Member Posts: 12
    All of them can be voice activated.
  • jcl4jcl4 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I am in the market of leasing a new 2006 BMW 530XI wagon. What is the going lease quote for these, and what is the best price you've heard?
    I was quoted with a $1850 down, $599/month on a premium package 530XI wagon, 10,000 miles/year - is this a good lease?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Yes, MINUS the "down" part.
  • ownerof525xiownerof525xi Member Posts: 12
    My advice is, wait until 07 Model year comes out and buy 06 one. That way you save at least $3-5000. As you know the moment you take the new car out of the show room, there will be thousands of dollars depreciation.
  • ownerof525xiownerof525xi Member Posts: 12
    I tried n numer of times but couldn't get them activated. You know is there any specific procedure to follow. Appreciate your reply
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    When leasing, the odd fact of the matter is that it can be less expensive on a monthly basis to lease the new car rather than the new car that is on model year old due to the greater residual of the newer model.

    Which may lead to a conclusion -- if the leasing companies feel that a new car three years from now is worth more than a new car that is last year's model will be three years hence, wouldn't this same logic merit YOUR consideration too?

    Of course with enough of a discount this becomes moot.

    If you a plunking down 100% cash up front and plan to keep the car beyond 60 months, well, the one year old new car with a discount MAY be a better bargain but only if you consider that you will keep the car so long that it will have a very low residual of its MSRP remaining at the time you dispose of it.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    . . .any additional data points surface.

    Background: Cincinnati Ohio. We have winter, but other than a rare snow day or two, our winters are moderate and road conditions are rarely, if ever, an issue of any consequence.

    The largest BMW dealer in Ohio is here in our fair city. We have two BMW dealers and just north of us in Dayton, Ohio there is a third -- somewhat further away, in miles (~ 100) are the cities of Columbus, Louisville and Indianapolis. Each city, of course has Bimmer dealer or dealers.

    According to the dealer where we purchased our 2005 X3, over 40% of the 5's sold since third quarter 2005 are "X" drive equipped and virtually all Steptronics (late February 2006 is the most recent time stamp on this info, BTW.)

    Moreover, the reason the percentage is 40%+ is "inventory."

    There isn't enough of it to satisfy the demand. Of course they don't know how many more X drives they would sell had they access to more, but the purchasing manager of our local store did make the claim.

    Now, to repeat, AWD (which is nice in low traction events, like snow, to be sure) for the sake of getting going in the snow is really not necessary here in Cincinnati. You would think, wouldn't you?, that Chicago (some 250 miles from our fair city) and Cleveland (ditto miles) and Pittsburgh (again ditto) would be keen or even more keen than we here in SW Ohio on AWD, that is.

    The point: the last posting here on this forum before this one was Feb 2, 2006. It is as I write this Mar 1, 2006.

    Conclusion/question: if the sales performance of the 5 series (not to mention the sales of X3's and X5's and of course the 3 series themselves) is as noted by my local dealer here in River City, why are there so few posts on this particular tributary? Could it be that "a 5 series is a 5 series is a 5 series and this 5X blog is not needed?

    One would think -- if my numbers are anywhere else representative -- that at least 1/3 of the posts would be here. On the other hand, one reason cited for the popularity of the 5X's is that they are imperceptibly different from the RWD 5's -- so a 5 is a 5 is a 5 after all.

    The 5's already have set the world on fire sales wise (at least in North America) so perhaps this is understandable. It just seems, according to one dealer, the X drive has brought more than a statistically irrelevant number of people into BMW's showrooms -- people who would have first considered Audi A6's, Infiniti M35X's and Mercedes E-classes w/4Matic.

    Have we actually progressed to the point where AWD is simply considered standard, normal, expected on the option list and now that BMW's middle child offers it, game over?
  • yatzeyatze Member Posts: 33
    Dealer called to say he was getting a 2006 530xit with 6000+ miles. MSRP $57,870.00

    Ran CARFAX on the VIN. Looks ok. Car was registered commercial--one owner. Registered 6 months ago.

    What would a "good" lease number with little or no money down be for 36 months, 15,000 a year for this car.

    What would be a "good" purchase price for this vehicle?

    It has the cold weather package; premium package, auto trans, navigation system.

    Never leased a car before, or bought used.
  • namdariusnamdarius Member Posts: 1
    I have a BMW 530xit that I just purchased and had the deal put in the Aux audio input, but mine doesn't seem to work. What kind of cable are you using? Just like a headphone end to headphone end cable?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    What are the pros and cons of the AWD models of the 3-Series as compared to the 5-Series? Check it out: BMW 3-Series AWD vs. BMW 5-Series AWD.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Member Posts: 106
    Sorry to hear about your problems Freddy.
    I too was looking at the BMX 530Xi. I actually looked at a number of cars in the same class (Audi A6, Mercedes Benz E350, Lexus GS300, BMW 530Xi and the Infiniti M35x).
    Without any doubt, the BMW as my favorite car to drive. But the horsepower and lack of luxurious features really turned me off. In my opinion, the Germans have a lot to learn from the Japanese automakers. As much as I enjoyed driving it, I was VERY fearful of having problems like yours in the future. All my associates drive either a BMW or Mercedes, yet I see them driving loaners more often than not.
    The thing that really impressed me about the M35x was the ultra luxurious interior and the comfort of the seats. I’m a pretty tall guy, so I felt as if I was cramped in all the cars I drove except for the M35x. What really surprised me was that you can lease a 530xi for less than a M35x (at least here in NJ). As much fun as the BMW may be to drive, what good is it if the car is stuck at the dealership for repairs? There is no doubt that the 530xi looks great (especially with the 18 in wheels), but I must get asked about the M35x almost EVERYWHERE I go. It’s gotten to the point that it’s almost annoying, yet makes you feel as if you’re in a very exclusive league. Either way, just wanted to share my experience with you. Trust me, after horror stories like yours; you wouldn’t have ever had any regrets.
  • mmoreno1978mmoreno1978 Member Posts: 106
    It sounds pretty steep. For $100 more a month, you could find dealers that will offer you 18,000 miles a year for a 530xi with the premium package. Thats also with the basic inception fees.
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