BMW 530xi - 2006

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When will the 530i receive the new 3.0L Inline six that's appearing in the new 3 series? Or even IF it will be put into the 530i.


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    is my opinion.
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    Frankly, I don't care. I own one of the first E39's (built 05/96) with 110K on the clock - a truly great car - and which I had hoped to trade on a new E60. I was so utterly turned off by both the exterior and interior styling, let alone the I-drive debacle, that I am holding on to my E39 waiting for the upcoming launch of many new luxo/sport models for 05/06 (Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Cadillac, Audi, etc). As Car and Driver so aptly put it during their test of the E60/530: "BMW is drifting off mission". Amen.
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    I could not possibly agree with you more.

    I just got done driving an 04' BMW 530 for a week. The car possessed two desirable qualities - a solid structure and a nice stereo. Beyond that, the car was a complete disaster area. I would cling to the previous generation 5 series like grim death until BMW "finds its way".
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    Well, I owned a 97 e39 stick for 7 years, just bought a e60 530i stick with the sport package. The new car is light years ahead of the old car in handling. You have to try the active steering and suspension. Drives better than my 86 911.

    About the I drive. My car has nav and heads up. The whole car works off of voice activation. Use the I drive to set the car up. Most drivers don't read the manual. Dealers don't turn the voice activation on as buyers don't know to ask.
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    How does the nav compare to the nav systems of the Toyota/Lexus systems if you've tried them?
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    I have no doubt that the new E60 is a tremendous car in any performance is a BMW. My complaint (and apparently that of MANY BMW owners/lovers/fans) is that we hate the new style both inside and outside and think that BMW went totally overboard on techno-gadgets at the expense of ensuring that they focused on a superior driving experience. I wish BMW no ill, and pray that they will again make cars that I want to buy. They have been the standard for sports sedans for 50 years. They just need to ensure that they stay focused on "their mission".
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    The E39 dedsign is timeless and still holds its own very well with current competition, E60 included. I'm in the market for my first 5 series and with the introduction of the ugly E60 I happy not to buy new and appreciate the current market of well loved E39's with attractive pricing that beset a 8 year run.


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    I bought the 2003 e39 and could not be more pleased. Figured that it would take BMW some time to come to grips with the new design and over-the-top electronics. If you can find a 2003 530 w/ SP, jump on it... I'm keeping mine for a long time!
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    In about 30 years the car will rot and idrive will get you!!!!
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    actually like the new 5's style (exterior)!


      Is there a 3.5 coming? 535?


      If the 2.5 is 210Hp, and the 3.0 is 255HP, then the 3.5 should be?


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    Yep an 02 or 03 model year is my target. Would love to get a 540i but with my commute fuel cost would get ugly so a 530i is a nice and welcomed compromise.


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    You will love the performance and balance of the 530, especially with SP option. I have Steptronic due to traffic in Atlanta. Would enjoy a manual if traffic/commuting wasn't such a hassle while in my primary vehicle.


    There isn't any car out there that will get me to work any faster through traffic, so don't miss the 540 ;-) Acceleration, braking and steering are 1st-rate and the 530 is the car my German friends recommend... and they should know!


    If you can find an '03, the last year of the e39 platform, you'll have a car that will retain value well and deliver enjoyment to you for years.
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    Is there a big difference in highway fuel consumption between the 530 and the 545? the car sticker values are usually over-inflated.
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    Having owned both an E39 530 and currently a 545, both with automatics, I can report the following:

    The 530 was amazingly frugal considering the weight of the car, and performance. I was getting 25-26 mpg, with about 60% city driving.


    The 545, although with only 3k miles on it, is returning about 17-18 mpg. Keep in mind the 545 is an improvement over the 540, at least as far as fuel economy goes.


    The 545 will return 23-24 on the highway, especially on cruise control, but is a guzzler when you get aggresive.


    The upcomming 2005 530, (no change in displacement), will have about 250 horses, and is reported to be 10% better in fuel economy.


    Bottom line.... Take the 530 stick.
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    Hmmm, I don't share your concern, to me it would seem that the new engine would be even more robust than the current mill of which I have now had two versions (which were rock solid), one in my 1999 328i and one in my 2002 530i. Regarding the "New" technology, well, it depends upon how you look at it. Said new technology is really only new to the production engine arena, if I am not mistaken, the magnesium/aluminum composite block had been used in racing for some time and has proven to be both strong and durable. As far as I am concerned regarding the new engine, "Bring it on."


    Best Regards,

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    Thanks for the info. I am looking either at a 2004 545 or the 2006 530, which comes out this april.


    The 2004 545 has sport package, prem sound, navigation, cold weather package, and 12000 miles for $50000. It is pre-owned with 2 year extended bmw warranty.


    My concern is what will happen to the 2004 545 value when the 2006 550 comes out?


    Also, your 545 actually gets 23-24 mpg on the highway?


    Is there a huge difference in power between the 530 and the 545?


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    I just bought a 530i in January. I'm pleased overall, but like you, I'm intrigued by the new R6 engine. However, BMW, like many other makers, have a history of first year or so horror stories when dealing with new technology. And this new engine and related components have new techologies galore. We'll see, I guess.
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    Any body know when the new 525/530 wagons are due in the NJ area?
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    It's great to hear that BMW is finally coming out with a more powerful engine and all wheel drive. Unfortunately, like most folks I'm not a Chris Bangle fan and would hope a new design would finally emerge. I'm all for change and growth and technology advances, but the design is still something less then desirable. As an owner of several Bmws since 1984, I welcome the arrival of the 530xi. However, I will have some reservations until I actually see what the vehicle is like. For now, I'll stick to the old e28 that has served me so well.
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    I am patiently awaiting getting a 2006 530xi.


    Does anyone know what changes (even the minor ones!) that will be coming for 2006. At this point all I know about is the new engines and the AWD option.


    Hearing about these little details has a wait of soothing my impatience waiting for the car...
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    Congrats on your 530i purchase.


    After driving a number of 2005 530is with various options, was able to dial in exactly what I wanted. Felt uneasy about the new composite (aluminum-magnesium) engine in the 2006, so I decided to go ahead and order the 2005 only to learn that the factory is not accepting any new orders. They will fill existing orders and then tool up for 2006. Bummer!


    Best of luck with your new wheels.


    Martin T.
  • argeliusargelius Member Posts: 64
    I just spoke to a salesman who notified me that they are now taking orders for the 2006 530xi (May production, June delivery).

    WHile he didn't yet have the exact figures yet, the increase in price (for the non-xi) will be smaller than it was between 2004 and 2005.

    He said for the 2006 530xi, they are offering MSRP - $2000. Another dealer I spoke to said he doubted they'd discount the 530xi's much at all since they will be in high demand...)

    My question: is the offer of MSRP - $2K a "good" deal for this car? (I know there is always room for some negotiation, but just curious if they are starting out relatively "aggressively"...)

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    You may be able to due better. I was refered to the Sales Mgr. in the San Francisco Bay Area and got $1000 over invoice. Don't have the invoice price yet, but the car is on order for a end of May delivery.

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    Dunno where this article came from it has been out since last year yId=1
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    I am about to become a new BMW owner.
    LOOKING at the 5's.
    Pretty focused on the 535i. Although the 545i is tempting, the power is more than I need. Can't believe I said that considering I use to always go for the BIGGEST horsepower. I am no doubt slowing down in my old age.

    Anyway, I've read the concerns here and elsewhere about the bad reviews of the "New Design" vs the "Old Design". Since I am a new BMW owner, I guess I can ignore those reviews.

    Anyway, I am a bit confused about the pricing power the dealers seem to have or are projecting to me anyway that they have.

    Is offering $1000 over invoice an insult?

    I am trying to put a deal together for a 2005-535i and since no new orders are being taken by the factory, I am pretty much stuck with inventory.

    I am also a bit excited about the new 5's with the AWD. The 255HP is what I really want. The AWD is confusing. If I like the 535 for its rear wheel handling, will the AWD make the drive less appealing? AWD is great for snow but if your not concerned about driving in the snow why the AWD? Am I missing something?

    If I wait until they begin taking '06 orders, will $1000 over invoice still be an insult. I am guessing that the '06 will be initially hot because of the AWD and the added horses and perhaps the $1000 over invoice might not get it done until after the initial excitement wears off.

    What is a good offer for a 2005 535i with a MSRP of $54K and an invoice obviously lower?

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    I had a test drive on the 545 and I was blown away. This car is fast and I mean fast.
    Just wish that i could afford one.
  • argeliusargelius Member Posts: 64
    I am patiently waiting for a call from myt dealer saying they are taking orders for the 2005.5/2006 530xi.

    Has anyone heard any more specifics when dealers will be notified of their allotments and hence orderability? (I know some dealers are taking pre-preorders, but that's not the same as actually ordering one...)
  • motowneermotowneer Member Posts: 25
    There is no 535i. It's the 530i.
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    I ordered a 530i in December but told the dealer I wanted to wait until the 255hp engine went into production. He advised that the introduction of the new engine would coincide with the introduction of the AWD option. My car was produced on March 2 as a 2006 model and is in the process of being shipped to the US. There is no question that the 2006 cars are in production; I don't know if that means the AWD option can be ordered now, though.
  • iceman2iceman2 Member Posts: 23
    The 2006 255hp 530 is NOT in production yet. I have a 530 coming over on a ship set to dock March 12th, but am considering taking another vehicle on the ship - a 545 - because of the power difference and the mental block about having a 225hp car when the 255 comes out...

    The '06 won't hit the states until May at earliest... when i contacted regarding a european delivery, BMW told me they wouldn't have it ready until this timeframe....
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    Hmm I just today looked at a production sheet and they have a 2006 model in the paint shop, due for delivery April 15th. Having said all that I see you were referring to XI models..o well

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    My suggestion to anyone considering a car with the 4.5L V8 is to keep away -- tho it's rocket with fabulous power & torque, there are a small % since its introduction in the 7-series that have some very dangerous defects in throttle by wire system. BMW bought back my 545 for price paid after my experiences with car lunging forward & often refusing to return to 500rpm idle. Engrs inspected & several times, reloaded software, then admitted its known defect they've been working on in Germany but have no idea when resolve. My advice: Get a 530i or xi, even with the upgraded engine. Shld be a great vehicle -- that's what I'm getting!
  • ram3ram3 Member Posts: 7
    My dealer began taking orders for 2006 wagons (i and ix versions) 2 weeks ago in Chicago.
  • billyperksbillyperks Member Posts: 449
    Elaborate more on the lunging forward, because when I start my current car (acura tls) on cold days it lunges forward a little.

    My pocket is saying 530 but the speed in me says 545.

    I really dont like been pushed around on the highway, so any car I have should be able to rocket away from the everyday pedestrian cars.

    I know- its a sickness.
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    I just purchased a 2002 530i with all the toys. I just have one concern since driving it today. The temp gauge actually goes toward the cold side as i pick up speed and back to normal (upright) when in idle or slow speeds. Whats going on with it? Any ideas,suggestions? Is it normal?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 216,191
    The faster you drive.. more airflow to the cooling system.. Plus, even though you might be going faster, the engine might actually be running slower, due to the higher gear....

    I used to have an air-cooled car.. You can really see it then... The faster you are moving, the cooler the engine temperature..

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  • ram3ram3 Member Posts: 7
    Lunging somewhat when engine's cold is quite common & normal since the fuel mix is richer when first start cold. With my particular 545 (I was told mine wasn't typical which I believe is true)I got erratic lunging at various times unpredictably after fully warmed up. On occasion, it'd lunge if I just lightly touched gas pedal to creep ahead & tach would show it "stuck" at anywhere from 1200 to 750rpm instead of instantly coming back to std 500. And there was no way to return it, like kicking gas pedal which'd have no effect in such cases - just had to shift to neutral until ready to move again. Usually driving another few minutes or miles got it idling right again. There's no doubt that it's a rocket & sounds like what you want! I was told that it's programmed to learn your driving patterns so if you like to jump on the gas, it'll become even more responsive for you. You'll definitely be happy with a 545.
  • mikarmikar Member Posts: 6
    No this isn't normal. If you live in an area that's been getting very cold temperatures I'd start by checking out your thermostat, it could be stuck open.
  • jlbljlbl Member Posts: 1,333
    kydfx, I know this is BMW 530i Update forum but…

    I'm curious to know the brand, model and year of that air-cooled car. Could you please let me know?

    I drove air-cooled Citroëns in the 60-80's (2CVs and GSs) and I have good memories… of both, the cars and the time. Regarding the cars, their engines never became over heated—of course, they had fans to cool them when at idle or low speed.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 216,191
    '84 Porsche 911 Targa...

    The cooling system was pretty efficient... But, you could really see the gauge rise, when stuck in a long traffic jam.. Not to mention the leg cramps from holding that monster clutch in..

    I never had any overheating problems, though..


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  • hpia4v2hpia4v2 Member Posts: 62
    "The temp gauge actually goes toward the cold side as i pick up speed and back to normal (upright) when in idle or slow speeds. Whats going on with it? Any ideas,suggestions? Is it normal?"

    If the temp drop rather significant(like toward the 1/4 mark, usually the normal is at half point) then there amy be a problem with thermostat. The 2005 MY I believe still using the conservative water pump (not electric) so the coolant presure may be higher at higher speed. If the thermostat is a little defective, like the spring is weak or something then it maybe wide open at this speed. It happened to my audi, changed the thermostat and the problem go away.
    Just bring it to the dealer they can hook up ODBC to the computer and tell the coolant temp log for sure.

    Hope this helps.
  • dgfdgf Member Posts: 1
    I recently drove a pre-production 2006 530xi at a dealer event in Canada - AWESOME experience. I drove the new X-drive 530 on a frozen lake - what extraordinary handling! Anyone looking to buy the 5-series, please wait for the xi models to hit your dealership - the 530xi Touring is also quite unbelievable.
  • scoutlab1scoutlab1 Member Posts: 8
    The 525 and 530 sedans built beginning with week 9 production are 2006 vehicles with the new engines. I have written confirmation from my dealer that the 530 I ordered in December and which was built last week is a 2006 model with the 255 hp engine. If you go on the BMW website (, the 530 is designated a 2006 vehicle, not a 2005. Interestingly, though, the AWD option is not listed. My dealer said that although my car will be in the US before the end of the month, he likely will not be able to deliver it, because it is a 2006 model, until April 1.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 216,191
    You'd think they would get tired of switching it back and forth... '06 5-series are back on the website, tonight...

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  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    Learned my lesson... printed all the info this time....

  • jlbljlbl Member Posts: 1,333
    Thanks. We cannot compare driving experiences between a 84 Porsche 911 Targa and a Citroën 2CV, can we? (If only, I wished at that time that something like the active anti-roll system would be in my car.)


  • islandhooislandhoo Member Posts: 1
    I drove the 2005 of the 530i followed immediately by the 545i. The front end of the latter really felt heavy and bit uncomfortable. I guess I would not have noticed had I not done it in that order. Ordered the 530i couple weeks ago for late May delivery. The website seems to have the 06 engine with 05 options. For ex., I wanted beige leather with Titanium Silver. Site does not show rear air bag option. Also, since I'm in florida I really wanted a ventilated seat option (I call it butt fans) which I had seen on Mer.B and I was able to order that and comfort seats
  • gkrochmalgkrochmal Member Posts: 12
    It is getting the 258 HP in line "6"
  • virtualbmwvirtualbmw Member Posts: 86
    Any early word on discounts for the new 530's?
  • elevatorshaftelevatorshaft Member Posts: 5
    How much are these going for base and with major options? When will it be available in the states? I am about to pull the trigger on an Infiniti does this car compare.
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