Idle moving while on brake / parked. Other computer issues?

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Firstly, here's a video of what's going on.

This doesn't happen all the time, but occasionally when I'm sitting parked or on the brake somewhere that will start acting up and the motor feels like it wants to go and stop constantly. Sometimes it even feels like it may shut off, but hasn't yet. There's also been one or two occasions where I've been stopped and I have gotten numerous different lights show up, battery, oil etc. I was at a redlight and I tried accelerating when it turned green - but she wouldn't move forward. So I ended up throwing it in park and shutting her off and starting it back up and she works fine again.

Engine light stays on. I've brought it to a dealership and two mechanics and they can't fix the issue. I've been told they think it's a computer issue and it keeps misfiring. I'm worried this may get expensive to get to the bottom of.

Anybody have any advice?


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    That's pretty sad, that even with an engine light on, nobody can fix this car. Can't tell much from the video, but it looks like the idle is surging quite a bit.

    What trouble codes have been retrieved? If you can post those codes we can talk more about this.
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