Can engine valves be replaced/reworked?

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I've done research and I figured I'd get another opinion on it. I've read that it can be done but, when my 2.2 Ecotec come up with a bent valve, the mechanic said that it couldn't be fixed. I forget the valve ms that he said were bent. Is there a type of valve that can't be replaced or fixed or is he just trying to milk as much money as he can?


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    Can you be specific? What is he recommending for the repair?
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    Depends on the damage. A bent valve can be replaced, sure, but if it chewed the top of the piston, or broke off and scarred the cylinder wall, or damaged the head, or cam towers, etc., you've got expensive repair on your hands.
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    He wasn't really specific on which valves are bent, he only said it would cost me a new engine. This is the third mechanic to look at the car and it's just a little small town shop (which is all I really have around me). The engine was rattling was the original reason I had it put in. I had replaced the timing tensioner from the "older design" to the "newer design" and it was still rattling. I couldn't figure out what it was. They replaced the timing chain and called to tell me I had bent valves.

    Would replacing the whole head fix that problem?
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    There isn't enough information to go on.

    How and why did the valves get bent? Was that before they tried to replace the timing chain, or afterwards? It's easy to make a mistake doing this chain and end up with damage. It's also possible depending on the age of the engine and wear that just replacing the chain and guides might not have resulted in a satisfactory repair.

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