Engine Power Reduced P Code 2135

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Get thise code several times every day to/from work, but I have a code reader where I keep it plugged in and erase the code every time it comes on so it returns to normal for a bit. I can still tell it lacks power when pressing on the gas pedal, but don't want to go through the money trying to find the right solution, as I've heard there can be many different problems causing this problem. I replaced the entire gas pedal w/ new sensor and the wiring from that to the next connector, that did nothing and actually caused about 2 GPM worse in gas mileage.

I am thinking of going to a salvage yard and getting a used throttle body for less than $100 vs. buying a new one for $3-400, especially since I don't even know if that is causing the issue. I've saw on some forums that the guy just cleaned the wiring connectors and that solved his problem. He said Chevy has a crappy connecting setup. I want to try cleaning the wires first.

Does anyone have any other solutions to fix the problem? While viewing forums on the power engine reduced message I haven't really seen this P code brought up, so I want to make sure there isn't any other easier solution instead of guessing at whats causing the problem. I just drive this car to work and that's about it, but it is a 20 minute drive both ways on hi-way/interstate, so reduced power on the interstate sucks. Thanks for any help in advance!


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    Here's some more data on the P 2135 code. There's really no substitute for methodical diagnosis, and you generally have to pay an expert to do that for you. However, after reading over this material in the link, you might choose to take your best guess, or explore some of the other possibilities offered.

    P2135--Causes and Possible Solutions

    Good luck with it!
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