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Elio Motors Sets Up Test Shop, Plans to Start Production Next Year | Edmunds.com

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Elio Motors Sets Up Test Shop, Plans to Start Production Next Year | Edmunds.com

Elio Motors has established a test facility and says it plans to begin production next year.

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    kokomojoekokomojoe Member Posts: 150
    Seems every article has different info the last thing I read is they did not have a plant....Hope they get their vehicle on the road and prove the nay sayers wrong
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    azequalizerazequalizer Member Posts: 1
    Man you haven't read anything relevant in a long time Elio Motors has had the plant in Shreveport since 2013... The big thing is that Roush Engineering is taking the lead on developing the E models, preproduction and production vehicles and will assist in testing and validation. With Camau they will set up the line and the production facility... This is happening Roush does not team with losers.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Elio's main product seems to be press releases and unsubstantiated claims. As for Roush, they are an engineering company for hire. If the money's good, they'll take on any challenge. Whether they can make a diamond out of a rhinestone, remains to be seen.

    The history of 3 wheel cars has been rather grim.
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    roger_wroger_w Member Posts: 1
    In their latest 'Press Release' this week Elio Motors said; "“The build team currently is studying the E-Series vehicles' systems and processes, prior to build launch. “ Well last month at the NY Auto Show, Paul Elio said; ““We are CURRENTLY BUILDING the “E” Series.” This follows other statements; 1) (Sep 6, 2013); “Founder Paul Elio told Red River Radio that 25 prototypes are – under construction -- in Detroit as the company enters into the product testing phase.  “ and 2) Branden Carey of Elio motors " We got a lot of the automation equipment in the deal as well. You know, we actually hired the plant manager that was there before. Currently we are building 25 pre-production prototypes there.(Shreveport)"- 10/16/2013 So WHO should you BELIEVE; NOT Elio Motors looking at their 'track record'! Also their current 'Press Release' does NOT even mention ROUSH or their involvement in the "E" Series builds.
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    yamfanyamfan Member Posts: 1
    I went to the address they give as their Phoenix showroom last month in hopes of sitting in a prototype. There is no dealer, no showroom, nothing. Its a rundown office park where I was given a phone number to call by the office park's manager's secretary. Why hasn't anyone in the automotive press discovered this obvious fact? Surely, one of them visits or lives in Phoenix.
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    mikegaymikegay Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone gone to Michigan Plant?
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    scotty1949scotty1949 Member Posts: 2
    Elio just notified me (1/12/17) after I contacted them about production promises that were to begin this month, that once again ELIO has changed the target date. This is the THIRD TIME they have changed the target date since I've been a $1000 all inner. Last year (the second time for me) they were suppose to start productions in the third quarter of 2016. It was later changed to the beginning of 2017. Now it's been changed to 2018 with no notices or apologies to those who have waited for years now. I'm a little over 5,000 in line to get one. I was 64 when I put my idiotic NON-DEPOSIT payment down. I'm now 67. I'll probably be dead and gone before production begins. What a waste of my hard earned money! I'm going to start searching for another gas saver made overseas as bad as I hate to. As far as my deposit...guess I'm like all the other idiots who trusted them.
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