Diminished Value

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Did you know that if your vehicle was damaged in an accident that wasn't your fault, you are entitled to recover the loss of value of your vehicle, even though your car was repaired to your satisfaction! In addition, you may have a claim for Loss of Use!


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    That's true, but there are caveats to this....one, you cannot sue your own insurance company for DV, like say if a tree fell on your car; two, insurance companies are under no legal obligation to honor a DV claim---some will, some will with great reluctance, some will fight you to the death about it; three, you should only use a certified appraiser to calculate DV--don't attempt to calculate it yourself.
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    You are absolutely correct! Each state has its own laws as to which insurance Company can be held responsible. Many states only allow you to pursue your DV Claim against the at fault parties carrier and not your own. Other states will allow you to make a claim against your own Carrier if the at fault party did not have coverage . Bottom line is you have to be very careful when initiating these types of claims.
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