Porsche Cayenne Prices Paid



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    ">Rome -- which roof box did you order (small - grey, or large - black)? I got the black one and it looks sharp with the Black exterior.
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    Thinking2-- Actually did not get the roof "box", just the carrying system, which consists of the two rails, which can be moved around in different positions. The roof box, or other specialized systems (for e.g. bike, surfboard etc.) I believe connect to that, as I understand it. It is option reference #3S8 in the Cayenne Option Manuel, and it's silver.
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    Billy2g or others who have order a Cay recently-- Is there a way to track the progress of the building and shipping of the car. I have heard that for Mercedes there is a way to follow the building of your car by tracking an order/serial number. It would be pretty cool if Porsche had something similar.
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    rome, guess we can call porsche of north america or in our case
    porsche of nashua. as of right now the factory is closed for ther entire
    month of august. my car will be built once they open up in sept & is
    scheduled anytime in oct. yep can't wait. already have my 2nd set
    of brand new turbo rims lying in the basement for a set of winters!
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    Did you get those rims from dealer or third party? Price? You are going to change both rims and tires for the winter?

    I was thinking I would go through the all weathers that come standard (probably about 20K miles) and then decide what to do. If those worked out well all yr. around would probably get a fresh set, otherwise I would get 2 sets, one 19 inch for summer and put weather tires on the 18's.

    I've e mailed dealer about tracking the manufacture. I'll let you know what they say.
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    Billyg2-- Dealer tells me they track manufacture and keep customer posted along the way.
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    rome, eventually ended up calling the parts dept @ champion porsche
    in pompano beach fl., the largest porsche dealer in the usa. they told
    me to call southwestern exchange in deerfield beach who they do business
    with. i ended up getting a brand new set of authentic porsche cay 18" turbo
    rims for $1000 plus $80 fed ground shipping. the rims had less than 20 miles
    on them & i can tell you they are in fact brand spanking new. they came off
    of a new cay s bought @ champion. i payed for them with the mc. yesterday
    after doing some homework i bought 4 255 55 r 18's perilli scorpion ice & snows
    for $839.96 from sullivan tire in burlington which they will run through today to
    take advantage of the ma non-tax weekend. the concencus from reading other
    sites, is balancing/vibration problems are more apt to be avoided when dealing
    with a shop that has the hunter road force balancing machine. sullivan matched direct tires pricing which by far in a way was the cheapest i could find anywhere. i felt more comfortable going to direct tire but the closest shop for me given that i live in carlisle is natick. the price included mounting & balancing. also they agreed to change the rims each season for no charge. sullivan was $90 plus more so i ended up calling their corporate offices in norward & they called back & matched the price. sullivan also has the corghi touchless tire machine that protects the rims. the manager assured me that they would put their "best" on the vehicle come this nov for the change over. porsche nashua wanted $3500(i think) for their winter package of 4 18" rims plus dunlap winter's. i can't remember which dunlaps & i can't remember if the rims are the turbo's or the regular 18's. i also was leaning towards nokian hakka's instead of the perelli's until direct tire told me they would more apt to cause vibration @ higher speeds. plus, the parts dept @ porsche nashua didn't have nokian's spected out as a winter tire alternative for the cay.
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    I just took delivery of a previously untitled 2004 CT with ~ 500 mi. The warranty started when I received the car so it is essentially new. The MSRP was $98,215. The invoice was $84,926. The car has the following options:
    20" Sport Design Wheels
    Off road design package
    Thermally insulated glass
    Compass display
    Wheel hub colored crest
    6 disc CD changer
    Tire pressure monitoring system

    The car was offered at $79,000. I offered $75,000 over the phone and in about 20min the offer was accepted. The dealership was Park Place in Dallas.
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    Looks like you got a good deal. I'm guessing the retail value is closer to the $79k figure (maybe slightly above). Probably great timing by you -- they have 06 models coming in -- the last thing they want is to have an 04 model sitting on the lot.

    Congrats on the car.
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    I have decided not to bother with '05 & '06 models. I want to have a '07 model next year. Any suggestion on the best way to order one? I am in San Diego California.
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    If I can give any feedback to the prospective buyers out there, get the panorama roof. It is ridiculously expensive at $3900, but you now have a Cayenne Targa.
    This is my second "S", an 06, with:
    20' sport techno wheels
    Sirius Satellite
    and a bunch of other goodies
    Get the roof and you will not regret it.
    They are nearly impossible to come by and will help the resale as well.
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    Does anyone have a handle on the Cayenne 2007 intro date.

    One Greater Boston dealer told me by Late January- February of 2006. Another dealer siad next summer.

    Any clues??

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    looking for a CS. Nearby dealer has a used 05 13K w/options listed at 59995 and a similar new 05 that adds w wood pkg and steering wheel @ 69165. SO questios are (1) what should the used sell for and (2) what sort of discount is a target for the new 05 seeing as how it is a leftover and already a year old. Of course there is then the issue of ordering new. Any commnets welcomed.
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    Hi, New Cayenn 05 with lightcomfort option only, listed as $51.630. Just got off the phone with sales person he said he'll take $46.500.
    What do you think? I know this car has been on the dealers lot for at least 6months and they also have another exact same color one for $52.972 which also has been on the lot for 6months.
    Any advice helpful,thanks
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    what style are you talking about? base starts at 44.1k, s starts at 56.3k -- so not sure how you get 51.6k as list price.
  • encinoomnia1encinoomnia1 Member Posts: 12
    It is base vs with tiptronicS . light comfort.only option came with
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    Check the Edmunds site for new car pricing for the config you are looking at -- the pricing you gave doesn't synch. A base v6 with Tiptronic has an MSRP of only 44.1k.
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    Thinking2, I did check and there were more option like moon roof etc(I forgott to mention before) and When I added all the options at edmunds, total came same as What dealer told me.
    So,My question is $51.630 MSRP discounted to $46.500, 05model is this a good deal or should I get it for better price?
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    Looking at a cayenne Turbo 2004 listed by dealer at 79K. Is 2004 a save buy? What discount should I seek?
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    sorry -- thought your only option was light comfort.

    just about 10% off msrp at this time of year is probably not that great a deal. i got my v6 05 model 2 months ago for almost 11% off msrp (with $5k less in options than your car).

    if you're not concerned about which options you get you may want to wait a month for clearance pricing to hit -- chatter here was that some folks were getting 10k off msrp last year.

    i'd shoot for 14% off msrp with no doc fees or other bs charges. they do get dealer holdback on these cars, so dont let them bs you that at 14% off they wouldnt make money.

    if their month end is next tuesday, wait till then (unless they call you), offer that as final price -- worstr case you start again next month when they are really hurting to sell all 05 models)

    i bought mine when i did as i did not want alot of options and was concerned my choice of color (black/black) would not be easy to find in an 05 model.
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    What are the leasing prices on Cayenne in September? Are they better then before? What is the money factor? res value? What would a 53K or a 67K S lease for in NJ? So many questions. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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    thinking2: Thanks for good advice! Sounds like there may be posibility to get it even better price if I take chance and wait. I actually don't want a moonroof, but it's so hard to find one without.(unless custom order and wait) My State only have two porsche dealers and one is in same town as me and the other is 4hours away. But 06 coming in, still hoping to get 05 with better price. ... Unless I win powerball this weekend!
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    I hear you -- I didn't want a moonroof (had it before, never used it) and wanted the right color scheme -- so I bought earlier. Otherwise I would wait for clearance sale to occur.

    In the end I would buy from dealer near you -- will make it easier in future to get the level of customer service you deserve for buying such an expensive car.

    Maybe in a couple weeks try one of the internet sites to get a car quote and see what comes out from that -- even if you would never buy from a dealer in another state, they could provide leverage with you local dealer.
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    Another question, We have 2 dealers in my State. One in my town and the other 3-4hours away. Far away dealer have a 05 model I want, and on the phone (I didn't tell him where I live) he gave me 10% off MSRP(46.5K). But now I'm thinking that I should go to my local dealer and tell them the color I want(which they don't have on their lot) and I'm pretty sure they can call around find either this one or some other similer one , and I can may be get better discount or at least same discount?
    What you think?
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    Well, I don't know if I should go for black or white?
    What you think? Right now I have ML in white, it's been great easy color, but never owned black car before, so I'm not sure if black is easy maintenance or not...
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    I guess I'm partial to black, as that is what I bought (black interior as well). I really like the look. It does show dirt more than other colors -- though I would have thought white would have the same issue. For resale value I think you get more for black as well.

    If you are anxious to get a car now (not waiting for more clearance sales), I'd go to your local dealer and tell them that you have an offer of 12% off MSRP from another dealer, but you would prefer to buy from the local dealer and would buy if they match that offer (also tell them there were no document fees, advertising fees with that offer -- try only to pay dest charge and a small liscence fee).

    Keep in mind that Porsche doesn't sell alot of cars, so the likelihood is they will have 05 cars for you to look at again next month. Plus with gas prices where they are at, SUVs are not exactly flying off the lots.
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    What is the milage? If it has any miles at all you should insist on a large discount. I recently got a well equiped 2004 CT which had never been titled for 75K even (see post above for more detail). Good luck!
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    Went to local dealer today just to see, seems like they can get anything if it's available within few States. Came home and again searching the web, found one for 05 v6 model for MSRP $45,315.00 USD

    Hardry amy option but I don't need much anyway( I hardry drive , my ML 5years have 37.000miles )
    G0R - Tiptronic S
    1N3 - Variable Assist Power Steering
    C02 - U.S. Standard/Emissions
    0TD - Front and Rear Floor Mats
    H9E - All Season Tires - 17"

    I wonder if I should go for this bare bone car? But may not be able to get much discount? or may be I can get it around 40K which will be great saving for me!
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    The only real option on the car is the floor mats (Tiptronic is almost on every car a dealer has -- the other stuff is all standard)

    The MSRP on the car I bought 2 months ago was 46,910 and I got 10.96% off.

    I still say push for 12% off MSRP (39,875 for the car you mentioned) with no doc fees or other bogus fees -- make sure you specify that as part of your offer (tell them your offer includes everything except tax and tags period). $40k could be your fall back offer.

    Keep in mind that most people who buy the Cayenne go for alot of options, so that car (if at the dealer site -- not sure where you saw it at on the web) may have been sitting there awhile so they should be really anxious to sell it, even if they at first dont say so.

    Play them for the month end pressure.

    I still think if you wait a month you can get a car for invoice price (which is almost 15% off MSRP). Will be just a question of if you can live with the color and options.
  • encinoomnia1encinoomnia1 Member Posts: 12
    Thinking2: thank you sooo much ! You have been so kind.(single woman who have no knowledge of auto without man need a big help on this forum)
    I was worried that if I offer 40K , they might laugh at my face.... But now I feel like I should follow your advice.Hope my dealer is not keeping eye on this forum. Since I may be the only one who is looking for such a low price. This car is in the next State to me, not at the local dealer. My local dealer don't have any color I want.
    My dealer did tell me that they have to charge me $500-1000 for the deliverly if it was at other dealer's lot, they'll send a big flat bed and trade one of theirs to mine so no milage will be added on to the new car.
    If I can get this new car for under 40K, I'll be happy camper !!
    Thanks again for great advices!!
    Dealer already laughed at me when I mentioned I do put stud tire in the winter...well... I did that on my ML too...
    OK, you can laugh too....
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    No problem -- glad to help.

    A couple things -- I have no experience in dealing with a situation where the dealer has to trade cars with another and you get hit with a transportation expense; however, I would suggest you tell them you won't pay more than $250 to have the car brought in (negotiate on this price as well -- I wouldn't go any higher than $400, though I'm not sure of the distance you are talking about -- but there is no way I would ever pay anything even close to the $500-1000 range they are bs-ing you with -- this sounds like a clear stereotyping and thinking they can take advantage of you).
    Second, go in offering the price I mentioned earlier and go no higher than $40k during negotiation (again no other charges except taxes and title -- make that point clear as well). If they say they can't do that deal..... then walk out!!! Either they will call you back, or you can start the process again next month and get a better deal (and go in asking for 14% off MSRP). Do not present yourself as being in a rush to buy a car. Do you have a trade in as well?
  • encinoomnia1encinoomnia1 Member Posts: 12
    I have Mercedes ML320 2001, 38.000miles. blue book suggested around $19,000.
    I think I might just put it in newspaper? I don't know how much I can get at the dealer. It's low miles but I have some dog hairs I need to vaccum...( what about Cayenne?, well...... in 4 years, it will have low miles and dog hairs too.....)
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    You could put it in the paper and get a higher price -- but the hassle of having to show it to people turns me off. Plus, remember that the value of your trade-in reduces the taxable amount of your purchase -- ex. you buy the car for $40k and your trade-in gets you $17,500 -- the amount of the purchase you pay taxes on is only 22,500, which depending on your state sales tax situation could be worth over $1000 to you. Blue book can tend to be a little high, but you never know. Also keep in mind they will likely make $1-2000 clear on reselling your trade-in, so that also says you should stand firm with your offer.
  • encinoomnia1encinoomnia1 Member Posts: 12
    I map quested the distance from my dealer to the dealer who have the car I want.
    It's about 9& half hours.....
  • thinking2thinking2 Member Posts: 25
    That is a long ride -- $500 may be reasonable. Start with offering $250, then let them negotiate it up to the $500 amount.
  • encinoomnia1encinoomnia1 Member Posts: 12
    This is the E mail I got from my dealer today.
    I decided to get one with panorama because of my dogs headroom.

    " I just went on the computer and there are no Cayanne 6 cylinders with
    panorama sunroofs available. My Porsche manager says if we were to find one
    it would be loaded with equipment. Also the best I could do on a 2005
    cayanne is 6 or 7 % off. We just got an 2006 Black on Black Cayanne 6
    cylinder in if you would like to look at it come on in I think I could get a
    2 or 3% discount on that for you."

    I think this sounds bad to me.
  • thinking2thinking2 Member Posts: 25
    that offer is a joke.

    I'd respond with "Thanks for your information, however that pricing range is not in line with what I was expecting, especially given that the 05 model Cayenne is practically one year into depreciation. Perhaps we can re-engage next month as you move closer to year-end close outs. FYI -- from what I can see from researching on the internet, most folks have been getting at least 10% MSRP for at over 5 months now on the 05 Cayennes, so in my view pricing around Invoice (14% below MSRP) is more realistic -- perhaps next month or the month after your pricing will be more in line with the market. thank you for your help in this matter
    With this type of response from the dealer I would say they are in no urgent rush to get your sale this month (perhaps they already hit their targets for the month). I think you will have to wait another month until they are more desperate to do a deal.

    If you can have patience you should be able to get a good deal.
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    alex 15, did you get any replies to your msg? I am looking to lease a '06 Cayenne base model. The quotes that I have received thus for an 06 model at $52k MSRP - 2.8 money factor; 65% residual at $750 monthly for a 30 month lease. Inception fee is $1800. Can you tell me if this a good deal? Is the MSRP negotiable in a leasing scenario? Appreciate a response. Tks
  • lup11lup11 Member Posts: 9
    I have a quote for an 06' base for 685/month 62% residual with 685 due at signing including all taxes from concours motors, milwaukee WI. I believe the msrp was at 49K however.
  • encinoomniaencinoomnia Member Posts: 48
    Thank you sooo much for your help again!
    Yes, I am very patient, since I have been eyeing this car for almost a year, there are no point in hurrying. I'd rather save.

  • greg21greg21 Member Posts: 4
    lup11: for the quote on the 06 you got, what was the lease term? How many miles? Did you have any luck negotiating down the MSRP on the car as initial cap cost reduction? Let me know..thanks
  • alex15alex15 Member Posts: 11
    How many miles? 12,000/30 month? . Doesn't sound bad to me. 30 month lease is always more expensive then 36 month.
  • greg21greg21 Member Posts: 4
    Yes, 12k miles and 30 months. You mentioned you were leasing in NJ. Which dealers have you spoken to?
  • encinoomniaencinoomnia Member Posts: 48
    Hi, I put an offer by E mail to a dealer
    Here is a detail.

    New 05 / V6
    MSRP $51,270

    I made offer $43,000.

    Here is a mail I got from the dealer

    "We would sell you this Porsche at $46,000 which is $311.68 over our
    dealer cost. I get
    paid based on commission percentage and net profit and I have to admit
    this is the
    lowest percentage commission I would be taking.

    We appreciate your offer which at 16% discount and far below our net

    Please let me know if you have any questions."

    What do you think?
    According to the Edmunds 05 Invoice ,
    OptionsMSRP: $6,355(couldn't get invoice$)
    So, I still don't believe his invoice price quote,
    Afterall this is just about 10% off.
  • thinking2thinking2 Member Posts: 25
    I agree -- he is full of it.

    Email back that you are "confused" by his pricing logic, as you have investigated on the internet and know that the invoice price on the Cayennes are roughly 13-15% below MSRP (depending on the number of options added, which provide larger margins to the dealers than the base vehicle itself). In fact, the base model alone has an invoice price which is 12.85% below MSRP. His offer is only 10.28% below MSRP. Ask him for a breakdown of his numbers.

    And given that the 2005 models are already depreciating (with 06 models on the market), you think its extremely fair to "only" ask for an additional 1-3% off invoice price to compensate you for that depreciation.

    Have fun!!
  • alex15alex15 Member Posts: 11
    Englewood and Nanuet. Where did you go? No one offered me 30 month, that's what I want. I don't know whether to buy 2005 or lease 2006.
  • droptopdroptop Member Posts: 1
    looking at an 05 cayenne S, dealership has 2, one with 250 miles on it, has convenience package and tow package, and nav, but not the pasm suspension.

    second one has pasm, but not nav, and has 3k miles (considered a "demo").

    first one lists at 68k, second one at 66, was offered 61.5 on first and 58.5 on the second.

    thoughts anyone? still agonizing over the cayenne in general, have been a toyota man for most of my life, with a miata for fun. do a tonne of driving in my work, and the toyota tundra just is alot of truck for 1k mile drives at the drop of a hat. OTOH, consultants showing up in expensive cars is pretty much a no no, the cayenne attracted me because it is often mistaken for many other suvs. worried about longevity and the large price and maintenance worries.

    thanks for all thoughts

  • greg21greg21 Member Posts: 4
    I went to Edison - Ray Catena. I specifically asked for 30 months. I am only considering leasing an '06 so haven't really explored buying an '05 model. Let me know if you make any comparisons.
  • alex15alex15 Member Posts: 11
    The prices for 2005 are discounted 7 - 10 %. I thought, I would be free to trade it in for the new model in 2 years
    But that's to much headacke, and maybe to expensive. Now I am going to lease, I had an offer today for 59,000 fully loaded for $ 900, for 42month /12,000 miles
    Not that good. But when the truck is that loaded, doesn't make it sence to get the
    the S? I am confused.
  • encinoomniaencinoomnia Member Posts: 48
    Here is the update

    My local dealer( 5minutes away)
    MSRP:$49680 Discounted to $43811about 11% off MSRP( $500 above invoices according to the dealer)
    V6 / 05 / Titanium metalic/ black interior
    3FE - Moonroof
    0TD - Front and Rear Floor Mats
    9AD - Automatic Climate Control
    342H - Front Seat Htr Incl. Strng Whl
    3X1 - Ski Bag
    C02 - U.S. Standard/Emissions
    N7F - Soft Look Leather Seats
    CJ6 - 18" Cayenne Turbo Wheel
    G0R - Tiptronic S
    1NP - Wheel Hub Covers Colored Crest

    3 hour away dealer
    MSRP:$51270 Discounted to $45907 about 11% off MSRP( $312above invoices according to the dealer)
    V6 / 05 / White / black interior
    PO4 - Light Comfort Package/Memory
    9AD - Automatic Climate Control
    342H - Front Seat Htr Incl. Strng Whl
    3X1 - Ski Bag
    3FE - Moonroof
    1NP - Wheel Hub Covers Colored Crest
    1D6 - Trailer Hitch w/o Hitch Ball
    G0R - Tiptronic S
    PG1 - Driver Seat Memory
    PC3 - Bi-Xenon Headlights w/ Washers
    H9M - All-Season Tires on 18" Rims
    CJ6 - 18" Cayenne Turbo Wheel
    C02 - U.S. Standard/Emissions
    0TD - Front and Rear Floor Mats

    Now , the problem is my first pick color this moment is White one.
    Never thought about Titanium metalic .....
    At least both of them are coming down to 11% off but My local deale said, if they have to get the white one from this 3hours away dealer, they wont give 11% off at all, they are only doing this to get rid of their own 05 inventory off their lot and acted like they don't even want to get the white one for me at all.(But they finally are calling the other dealer to see if they can even get it and let me know tomorow)

    Dilemma is... I do like white one the best but since that one was more$ to begin with, Titanium one under$44000 sounds very attractive $saving to me.
    And only way to get it 11% off of white one is to drive 3hours away since my local place won't give me 11off of dealer trade.
    What should I do?
    And what do you think of Titanium Metalic?
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