Dealer dropped my truck off lift

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What are some long term things I need to look for "if" this truck is repairable? Truck had a recall on a bolt on the brake and we took it in and had the truck a few months and wanted to get our first free oil change, even if the truck only has 2,500 miles figured while its there. Well they dropped it off the lift. And now Pine Belt of Lakewood wants me to pay 7500 if I want a new truck because they have 2016 now. But it has been over a week and have no idea what they are doing!


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    The way a lot if truck frames are made, racking them securely can be a real challenge and its one of the biggest fears that most techs have to deal with on a daily basis. It's almost as if they intentionally design them to make them unsafe to put on a hoist, they definitely don't do much to make sure they are safe to put on the lifts.

    As far as what to do, its on their insurance that's what it's for. Ask your insurance company to step in for you if necessary. The truck can be repaired/replaced. The greatest concern is that hopefully no one got hurt.
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    Sounds like the dealer doesn't want to make an insurance claim but in that case he's going to either have to make you a better. offer. You can of course have the truck fixed but it sounds like there may be a substantial amount of damage, in which case even though your truck gets fixed it will be worth less when you sell it. This is called "diminished value" and you should file a diminished value claim after the truck is repaired.

    If the dealer could cut you a better deal on the 2016, that might be the way to go. Ask him what he'd sell YOUR truck for, pre-accident. I bet it would be more like $3000 less than a new one.

    Dropping a car off a lift is inexcusable carelessness, and life-threatening.
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