Acceleration Hesitation

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I have a 2016 Touareg Lux model with just 600 miles. On multiple occasions, when accelerating out of a slow rolling stop, the car bogs down and almost dies.....until I let off the pedal and gradually ease back on it. I was nearly rear ended recently as a result of the acceleration hesitation. It's almost as if the engine shuts down and is starved of fuel. I'm wondering if I've made a $50k mistake. Anyone else experience the same??


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    Not much you can do here except take it back to the dealer and have them hook the car up and start logging all the data from the ECU. If your "throttle by wire" is misbehaving, the scan tool will show that. As to WHY it's misbehaving, that would require further digging. The dealer might have a TSB for this. I've heard of this issue on much older Touaregs, but not this one. I'll keep looking around for you. Right now I'm not showing anything.

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    I have a 2016 Touareg with hesitation problems. If I am driving, and slow down, I can not trust the car if I try to then accelerate. It just freezes for several seconds then bolts. This is a dangerous situation as I can not trust the car's engine. The Diagnostics says the car is fine.. it is NOT. Don't know what to do next
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    Keep taking it to the dealer and keep harping on it not being safe. Put it in writing to VW ("open a case") and cc the dealer. File a complaint at and with your local consumer protection agency or AG's office. Ask the service writer to drive it for a few days - they may be able to put a scanner on it during that time too.

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