We can't seem to connect ac to new alternator ?

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Trying to do some fact finding before buying a new alternator. I have searched this site and can't find any relevant info about this. My husband disconnected the ac from our 1998 cavalier for reasons we can't remember, but it was working well at the time but there was a reason, sorry, neither of us recall. Then sometime after that we ended up having to replace the alternator and now some time has passed and i want my ac back lol Problem is, the new alternator doesn't seem to have a connection for the ac. So my question is, can we get an alternator that will connect with the ac or can this one connect but he just can't find it or ? Hope this is enough info, thanks!

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    I have tried finding wiring diagrams with no luck! BUT, dare i say, hahahaha, the wife, me, yes, found that connector, with this picture! Yes, i shall gloat, just a little :) Thank you for your help, i shall now try and get it to connect before my husband comes home :) Will let you know how it worked out! :)
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