Dual-Exhaust, 4-cylinder

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I'm looking to get some more opinions on this. I own a 97 Buick Skylark Custom, 2.4 Twin Cam motor. I was wondering if it possible to install dual exhaust on my vehicle, I'm not looking to increase performance, it would just be for looks and a different sound. Is this possible if installed by a professional? I currently have an aftermarket cat converter and muffler. I heard if given the right pipe size it is possible to install dual exhaust on a 4 cylinder, but not completely sure about the result on my car. Would it give me the results I'm looking for?


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    I would check a Borla exhaust Webb site. I purchased a dual setup for Scion xB and the fit was perfect and it did change the sound.
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    Hmmm....if you mean a TRUE dual exhaust, then you'd need two headers. Otherwise, you're referring to a "dual exit" exhaust, which is just a muffler splitting into two exhaust pipes back of the CAT. That might also be called a "cat-back" exhaust system, which is what I think the Borla is.

    If you wanted to run a true dual exhaust, you would have to decrease the diameter of the piping, yes--otherwise you'd probably end up slowing your car down.

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