Question about Outback moldings on lower part of door and sill

brianp10brianp10 Member Posts: 5
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A few months prior to buying my 2016 Outback, I saw an Outback which I'm guessing was a 2015 or 16 that had the same type of protective molding that is standard on Outbacks but this one extended about half way up the door. I asked the dealer about it and he said he has never hear of that or seen it. I liked the way this looked and the extra protection it provided. Anyone ever hear of this?


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    You mean like this? This is a 2009, Limited with 3.0 engine.

  • brianp10brianp10 Member Posts: 5
    No. with the one I saw the light grey molding in your picture was extended up to where the door molding strips are. I was thinking maybe the one I saw was a special edition model?
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