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Scion Care and Maintenance



  • jamesgangjamesgang Posts: 47
    This may be no great revelation to most of you, but quite by accident I discovered a new use for old wiper blades. Being the xB is such a bug-catcher, and it has all these little creases and cavities, I was searching for a way to get them clean. Well, I had just changed wiper blades on a couple of vehicles and hadn't thrown them away yet. These are great! They're rubber coated - so paint safe. They're sharply 'V' shaped - so perfect for all the creases. You get the picture.
    Allways one to conserve and reuse ;)
    Crooked Chris Camo
  • geekaygeekay Posts: 51
    Hi, Just changed oil at 8K, can any one tell me how to switch off/reset that Maint Reqd light. Thanks in Advance
  • jamesgangjamesgang Posts: 47
    It is very simple - but I can't tell you how!!!! ;) However, it is detailed in your owner's manual. It'll take you longer to look up the procedure than it will to reset it. After having mine changed at the dealer, they did not bother to reset. I watched it go from flashing - to steady on - to OFF when I did the second change myself.
    I'm not one for reading manuals, but learned a lot about this car by skimming through it.
    -- solved a 'vibration type noise'
    -- discovered the 'black-box'
    -- break-in driving suggestions
    -- when not to use the traction control
    Little things along these lines.
    Usually my 'used car' purchases do NOT even have the manual included. :sick:
  • geekaygeekay Posts: 51
    Thanks, shoulda done that to begin with but did not, so thanks again for pointing the way.Have a good un, Geekay
  • mjd39mjd39 Posts: 2
    I have an 04 XB and I have a scraping noise when I decelerate and turn the wheel left. I am waiting on the dealer to call me back but I wanted to know if anybody else has had this problem?
  • I did the same exact thing. Mine was taking a long time to fade so i just took a paper towel with some water on it and wiped all of it off. Wasn't too hard and it should work for you. Worst case scenario, you'll have to just wait. With time, it will all come off.

    tccowboy :shades:
  • If you read the manual you will see that the recomended milege to oil change is 5000 miles... 5w 30w... standard oil... not synthetic... believe it... Although IMO I don't think synthetics are bad... just saying you don't need to change your oil at 3000miles... you would be wasting money... :)
  • one common misconception is that the manufactures use break in oil... Not true... In the past some cars did use break in oil but now days almost all cars use just regular oil... I'm not sure why the dealer said to bring in at 1k... the warrenty states every 5k... my dealer said 5k and the manual says 5k... good enough for me. :) :) :)
  • read the manual... you turn off your car... then hold down the odometer reset button then start your car while still holing the button and hold for about 5-10 seconds... worked for me... but read the manual tha is in your glove box! :)
  • rubleruble Posts: 2
    Hi crazed I was in the autoparts biz for 25 years before I retired the purolator are good so are hastings but the best are WIX filters hands down!! :)
  • I have used Mobil 1 in all my vehicles since 1994, and have NEVER had an oil burning vehicle, even though I keep them for 200,000+ miles. Additional advantages are slightly better mileage, easier starting in cold weather, and CHEAPER TO MAINTAIN. I myself change the Mobil 1 oil every 10,000 miles, with an oil filter change every 5,000 miles. This regimen is actually less work and cheaper than petroleum based oil and a filter change every 3,000 miles.

    My son's new Scion xB had it's oil changed to Mobil 1 (and a new filter) on the first day he brought it home.

    Take those "free" oil change coupons to the Scion dealer and ask him to give you a free filter for each one. Then:

    1. If you have an automatic trans, ask for 2 or 3 quarts of Toyota Type T-IV auto trans fluid for each coupon also. Then drain and replace the trans fluid when you change the oil (10,000 mile intervals). There is a drain plug on the trans pan that loosens with a 10mm Allen wrench. You will need less than 3 quarts of T-IV fluid to replace the amount that drains, since the torque converter doesn't drain. I ALSO HAVE NEVER HAD A TRANS PROBLEM WITH ANY VEHICLE I HAVE MAINTAINED WITH THIS REGIMEN.

    2. If you have a manual trans, ask for something else, like a set of wiper inserts, or two filters for each coupon. DON'T FORGET TO PUT IN MOBIL 1 SYNTHETIC GEAR OIL IN YOUR MANUAL TRANS. It's easy to do yourself, but if you lack the confidence, bring both synthetic oils to the dealer and instruct him to install both for you.
  • If you are worried about metal fragments in the oil pan, why not install a trans pan plug with a neodymium magnet in it when you switch to Mobil 1??? You can get them on ebay, or make them yourself by purchasing the magnets on ebay and a spare drain plug from Toyota.
  • Try buying the oil filters from Toyota by the case. If sold by the case, the price should be around $4.00 each. I suggest purchasing the "long" version of the filter since it can be used on other Toyota 4 cylinder vehicles (Corolla, Matrix, Rav4, ECHO).
  • Order the correct color touch up paint from any Toyota dealer parts department.
  • I strongly recommend inflating the tires to the maximum pressure stated on the tire itself (yes, there is a statement on the tire in small letters in the maximum load statement). This will give you better gas mileage (less rolling resistance), better handling, longer tire life (since you tires will run cooler from less sidewall flexion), better traction on wet roads (smaller tire "footprint"). The max tire pressure as stated on the tires on a Scion xB is 44 PSIG.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    actually I was thinking about the first oil change being at 1,000 miles in order to get rid of any fragments inside the block and oil pan that may have sprung loose during the break-in period. You may only get rid of the fragments that actually drip down to the pan...some gunk probably stays, but that's the theory behind that one. Along with driving only 55-60 mph max during the first 1,000 mile break-in period it has been suggested that you get your oil changed at the 1,000 mile mark. Then you can go to your 3,000 or 5,000 or 7,500 standard mileage interval from there on out.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I am thinking about getting the xB primarily as a commuting car. Hows is the mileage on this car. Is it similar to the Honda Civic or the Corrola. I really like the utility of the xB over the Civic and the Corrola, but am not so sure how good of a mileage it gets, especailly compared to the Civic and Corrola. Am i better off just sticking to those two conventional cars?
  • fosman77fosman77 Posts: 13
    I have a new Xb, I drive 70 miles a day round trip, I only have 600 miles on it. On my last fill up my mpg was 32, this is mostly freeway driving, I really like this vehicle.
  • Can I change the lp tires to "regular tires" want a smoother ride but wondering if tire pressure gauge would be affected?
  • What are LP tires?
  • I bought A high Performance Spark Plug Wire Kit for my xB and it only came with 2 wires. I e-mailed the people that sent it to me and they said that it was all ym car required. I look under the hood and it is a distributerless setup. How the heck do you install high performance spark plug wires on these things?
  • What did you hope to achieve by changing the spark plug wires?
    What do you find wrong with the factory wires?
  • Oil change is easy. Filter is under right side of car near the front wheel on the left side of the engine. The drain plug for the oil pan is easy to reach even if you are laying on the floor without any height added by a jack. I removed the oil filter and drained the oil in about 7 minutes. I replaced the oil filter with a K&N because it has a nut on it for the use of a crescent wrench. I use Mobil 1 synthetic oil 5w-30 in the engine because I like Mobil One and I have used it for over 30 years, it leaves no residue, no foam, and it flows when it is cold, I have never had engine problems when it was hot nor cold or inbetween.
  • I use Mobil 1 5W-30 with a K&N oil filter.
  • Hi,

    Is it true there is no buzzer working with the security on Scion tC?

    I have security installed, but I don't hear any sound when I lock or unlock my tC.

  • calgalcalgal Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 xb- great car! The brakes squeak while reversing out of my driveway in the morning. Anyone have this problem?
  • pnxbpnxb Posts: 1
    Has anyone replaced the air filter on their xB?
    I bought the filter but have not a clue as to where to look.image
  • square plastic black box to the right of engine, has a black rubber (big) acordian looking hose going to it. :shades:
  • mikki1mikki1 Posts: 1
    I have an xb and LOVE it!!! However, I am wondering what I can use to clean the interior that won't damage it other than water--the black interior gets dusty and looks gross and I what to keep it looking nice. Any tips???? :)
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