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Scion Care and Maintenance

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited July 2014 in Scion
Talk about how you maintain your Scion here.


  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    There is NOTHING better than the shine you get from using the Zaino set of products. These are for those willing to spend a couple of days producing the deepest and best gloss (show car quality) you can get. However, most owners of a tC are not this anal. If you read the manual (highly recommended) you will find a little item tucked away that "suggests" you wax your tC MONTHLY. Now, Meguiar's has a wonderful new product called NXT generation TECHWAX. It lists at $15 per bottle (Zaino will set you back 50-75 initially)and will do the car in less than 30 minutes - including some TLC buffing. Hey! every 3-4 weeks a thirty minute effort that is almost as glossy and slick as the Z product. If you don't like the product, Meguiar's will give you your money back!!!
  • What does everyone recommend for tire pressure on the Potenzas?

    Second question is: the dealer recommended first oil change and maintenece is at 5000 miles or 6 months. However, the tech who put the "change oil" sticker on the windshield when I first picked it up had it down for 3 months or 5000 miles. Which do you suppose is right?
  • I still go about every 3-4000 miles on my TC
  • Ive got an xB, just had the oil changed at 4200 miles. Then at about 5010 miles the "MAINT. REQ'D" light on the dash board started flashing every time I start the car. How do you reset this light? Is it going to go off every time I have an oil change ahead of schedule (at 3000 miles instead of 5000)? Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    If the xB is set up like the tC, there is a section in the manual that tells you how to: 1)set the display to ODOMETER; 2) turn the car off; and 3) while holding the read-out selector button turn the car on. It would be nice if you could select the interval rather than have it always to default to 5000 but at least you can easily reset it.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    My dealer has exactly ZERO selection for touch up paint for the Scions. I prefer a pen but can do with a toothpick and the bottle. But, it HAS to be the right color; not just a "near fit."

    Anyone else having this problem?
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    I just logged 1500 miles on my tC and had to add some oil to the little beast. Granted there was lots of rev up and back down against compression during "break in" but I was surprised at having to add so soon.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    I am seeing numbers getting close to 3000 on the odometer and am thinking about the first oil change. I know that Scion will give me a couple "free" but was wondering if anyone had switched to synthetic oil?
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Three dealers and still a perfect ZERO on Scion touch up paint - of course I have only asked for Black Cherry.
  • We switched to synthetic at 3500 miles, even though the oil looked beautifully clean still. The oil filter is so darn tiny that I would hate to stretch a change out to 5K like I often did in my other cars. I have read many posts about dealers sometimes using the wrong visocity oil and are often in the dark ages about what is the best oil to use, just like many act as if reading a TSB is magic, so I prefer to do my own changes. My time is too valuable to waste dropping a car off for a change. I'd rather watch TV and sip a beer while waiting for the oil to drain with our xA is sitting in my driveway.


    May also be gettng a tC real soon. Scion is a value that is hard to beat...
  • Is anyone changing oil and filter in their TC? Is it a hassle or is it fairly easy? Are filters avail. on the aftermarket or are they only avail. at the dealer? If I buy a TC I will be doing my own maintenance. Any other maintence items of concern???
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 31,799
    I don't change my own anymore (on any of my cars), but on the tC, the first three changes are freebies, so it makes sense to at least let the dealer do those!

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

  • So you must not have many miles on yours yet? Still I would like feedback on what is involved in changing the oil and filter and any other regular maintenance items. Are you having it changed every 5k or 3k or what? What grade oil is Scion using?? Any issues you have in the future please post. Many Thanks!!! I'll be test driving one after it gets 93 plus degrees outside this summer to see how well the ac really works because it gets down right broiling in HOT LANTA!!!
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 31,799
    I did mine at 4K (about 6 months). I'm up to just over 6K on it now, so no, I don't put on a ton of miles.

    I assume that the dealer puts in whatever grade the manual calls for, and an OEM filter, so it's pretty much like it comes from the factory. And, free is free!

    Just from lookin g under the hood, should be an easy change, assuming you have ramps of some kind, since it's a little low to squeeze under.

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

  • jbasconjbascon Posts: 1
    I got into an accident yesterday coming off of Route 17 at a stop sign, the guy in front of me stopped and went forward like he was gonna go and stopped again and that left my front bumper dented, deeply i might add, so there is some engine damage, but it is still drivable. If anyone knows where i can get a good and relaible estimate near by, or if you have expereienced anything similar, please let me know. I only got my xB a month ago :cry:
  • lalagimplalagimp Posts: 61
    You can always get an estimate through your insurance's claim center. That doesn't mean that you have to actually make the claim. You can have the estimate and refuse to use your insurance.
    I did that once to find out the value of damage when someone keyed the crap out of one of my cars. I didn't claim it with them because I didn't feel like having another $500 deductible to deal with when I wasn't going to keep that car.
  • I just changed mine at 3200 miles. I wanted to run it to the dealer for the freebie, but they told me I to make the appt. a week in advance. I bought 5 qts. of Castrol 5w-30 and a Fram extra-guard filter. The filter is more $$$ than a standard filter, but I want more protection for the car. It cost $17 for me to do the change. I did not use ramps but I plan on buying them soon, as it is very tight under there. The filter can be seen if you take out the front screws that hold the plastic shroud in place that is under the front end. I couldn't get a std. oil filter wrench on it(filter is too small), so I bought an end cap type that a socket wrench fits into, and it came right off.
  • gtwgtw Posts: 46
    Very easy oil change. I have done my daughters 3 times. About 20 minutes on average. Everything is reachable from the front. Ramps make it very easy.
  • artycatartycat Posts: 11
    Question: Are there any issues with dents in the sides of the XB? I look at them and think that they are going to look terrible in a couple of months from parking lot stays. Is this an issue? Can you put an after market rubber strip on the sides to protect them?? Thanks Arty :confuse:
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    I am taking BING (Black Cherry tC) in for number two free oil on Tuesday (6000 miles). I am tempted to have them put in synthetic and then set the service indicator for 5K instead of 3K. Anyone out there tried synthetic?
  • lalagimplalagimp Posts: 61

    Everything they said here is 5000 miles, not 3000
  • hal9001hal9001 Posts: 28
    Please do some Google research on Fram: they used to be my favorite filter, but after reading many filter comparisons on the web, I have come to the conclusion that they make junk filters :cry: . This may have happened after they were bought by Allied-Signal (they are now owned by Honeywell). From what I have read, Mobil 1 and Purolator Pure One are possibly the best filters commonly available.
  • pinkeshppinkeshp Posts: 2
    I just bought my xB last week. It's a great little car!
    My dealer suggest that I come back for my first oil change at 1000 miles! I looked in the manual and suggested oil change is at 5000 miles or 6 months. Has anyone gone for oil change @ 1000?
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 31,799
    they actually recommend not doing an early oil change. Supposedly there are some break-in additives in the factory oil, so it should stay in. You might want to go a little early (3-4K), but doing it at 1K is only going to pad the service guys wallet.

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    changes are free when you buy a new Scion, though. I've heard the argument before that you should change your oil after only 1,000 miles to rid the engine of any metal fragments that get hashed off and thrashed about inside your valves and pistons and inlets and outlets and so on. Get some other opinions if you want but it might be a good idea. I also saw someone post that you don't have to watch your speed when your car is brand new for 1,000 miles but for only the first 50 miles or so.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I can tell you that the tC sides dent easily. I was like that guy in the commercial that runs in front of the shopping cart before it crashes into the side door -- only in my version... I didn't make it to the door in time. Three nice little dents now visible on the passenger side door. :cry:
  • If anyone knows of where to get touch-up paint for my tC, please share! I was driving to work and a mower cutting grass along side the road threw a couple of rocks my way -- need to get the scratches touched up. :mad:
  • :( I just bought a tC a couple of weeks ago, and it got pretty dusty on the interior, so I used what i THOUGHT was armoral cleaning wipes, but were really just hte armoral protecting wipes. Now, there are huge streaks all over the interior..i mean EVERYWHERE. And they won't fade. Its been two weeks? What can i do??
  • aeroluvraeroluvr Posts: 42
    Hey..just wondering were you able to find any touchup paint? I asked in another thread about the chance of side/door dents without the protective strip and it sounds like the paint chips easily. Maybe email the scion site and ask them how to get the paint? I saw it on a website that someone here pointed me to.... but it looks like only 2005 colors so if you got one of the new 2006 colors...I would say email the main site and ask them?
  • don't know if you found your answer, but you can purchase touch-up paint at your local dealer for about 7.50. if that's not convenient, go to this website:

    good luck!
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