How to get a Zero % APR + Opinions on i-activesense package

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Hi folks, I'm planning to purchase a 2016.5 CX-5 this month in the Los Angeles area.

I've started some email negotiations with nearby dealers, and although I see a 60 month zero % APR deal on the Mazda website, the dealers are saying this deal can't be combined with their offers, which include "dealer cash" discounts. Is this true?

I'll be doing a lot of driving so I'm planning to get the iactivesense package which has adaptive cruise control and lane departure, etc. Does anyone have experience with this tech? Is it worth it? Anything to make my horrid commute better will be good for me.

Thanks for your help!


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    We aren't showing the current CX-5 incentives and the incentives page at may be one of the worst I've ever seen.

    I don't even see the $1,000 off incentive at Mazda although there's a $500 loyalty offer than looks stackable with most other offers.

    Generally though, you either the cash or the low APR and not both. Note that the headline at Mazda's incentive page says $1,000 customer cash OR 0.0% financing.

    No experience with the tech but I'd love adaptive cruise. It may not work all that well for heavy commuting traffic though.

    I have some test drive experience with lane control and none of the implementations seem all that useful - good for highway trips perhaps but just an annoyance around town.

    IMO, the one to get, if offered, is blind spot monitoring.
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    Thanks so much Stever!

    It looks like the best APR I've been able to rustle up has been 0.9% for 60 months, which is still quite good. I've gotten a couple of dealers to confirm that this can be done in combination with the dealer cash discount.

    Now I have to see what we can do on the price.

    The technology package must be obtained also if you want the iactivesense (adaptive cruise control), and that tech package has the blind spot monitoring standard. I agree this is a great feature.

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    My wife's Outback has the adaptive cruise, and it's a godsend on road trips. Set the cruise to, say, 80MPH (I live out West where the interstates have 75MPH limits), and if you encounter a slower vehicle, the car slows down to maintain a set distance (can be adjusted to account for urban or rural traffic). When they move out of the way, the car automatically resumes the original set speed.

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