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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Here is a short summary of my experience:

    July 28: Order Premium GT
    Sept 8: Order entered into Ford system
    Oct 8: Car scheduled for production week of 10/24
    Oct 26: Car produced and put on carrier with expected delivery date of 11/3

    Looks like I'll get the car the end of next week or the beginning of the following week. Total time from when the order was entered to anticipated delivery: 8 weeks.

    I got my VIN number Thursday, 10/27. Arranged financing myself (72 mos., 5.2%) thru NetBank. I'll get the check next week and I'll bring that with the rest of my deposit and that should be it.

    Hang in there. If anything should go wrong, I would recommend my dealer, but it is in Northern NJ...not sure where you are from.
  • maxcat2maxcat2 Posts: 23
    The other day my neighbor mentioned a friends and family plan from Ford and I guess he was referring to the what I've read about in this forum as the X plan. Both him and his wife are retired Ford managers. He said a vehicle could be purchased at 1% below dealer cost. From reading previous posts it seems dealers do not have to sell cars through this plan and typically won't do it with Mustangs. Is this correct? If a car has an invoice price of $26,000 and an MSRP of $28,000 does the dealer not make any money or do they then essentially pay Ford $24,000 for the car and still make $2,000? Last, does this plan apply to the whole Ford family of vehicles (Mazda, Land Rover) etc.? Thanks for any replies.
  • Maxcat2,

    Ford and its family of companies (Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, etc.) offers several discount plans for employees, retirees, and other organizations where a partnership of some kind exists. Plan discounts vary. Ford offers several discount levels (i.e. Z plan, X plan, A plan, etc.) The best discounts are for direct employees and retirees...well below invoice and with the holdback going to the buyer rather than the dealer. The X plan (called S plan by Mazda) is available to partnership organizations. This is the most common plan because so many people belong to organizations with this qualifying designation. The Xplan is just about at invoice, but the dealer gets to keep the 2-3% holdback for the car and some additional support. Ford dealers DO NOT have to participate and most will not for hot cars. Myself and others on this forum qualified for the program and also found a nice dealership who would accept the Xplan for a GT. Slower selling models, like the V6, can easily be purchased with an Xplan because the allocation is plentiful.

    I hope this helps...and hopefully you qualify for a plan.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092 skiu said, it's up to the dealership whether they'll accept X plan on the Mustang. As best I can tell, if you hit a dealership on a slow month, they're more likely to do so. That's how I got my x plan deal. It was a very slow month in February in the middle of a snow storm to get my x plan deal.

    If my dealer is to be believed, they said my Mustang was the only one they've sold on x plan. They also won't honor x plans on the Escape hybrid.

    While I enjoyed my ownership experience with my Mustang over the last several months, I finally broke down and sold it for way more than I paid for it. I had several offers over the months, but since winter is coming, I finally broke down and took the last offer.

    The GTs are still hot cars and tough to get. They're still bringing MSRP and above around here for a new one.

    I expect that will change come the first snow fall, though.
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  • nogtyetnogtyet Posts: 11
    Graphic, I'm shocked, shocked that you sold! Was it the fuel tank problem, trans, compressor, noise, water leakage, steering or all the above that wore you down. My build date is next week, after ordering July 1 on a plan much lower down the alphabet than yours (thus my wait). I live in the NE and I doubt I'll get to drive it 10 or 12 times over the next few months when it's BRAND NEW and tempting me. (That car will not experience road salt.) Anyway, if that car has the issues that I'm reading about on this board it will be SOLD FAST. Are you reading this FoMoCo? I'm not sure I did the right thing ordering the car and putting myself through the waiting anxiety. OK, fire away.
  • maxcat2maxcat2 Posts: 23
    Thanks for the replies. One clarification please. Does the dealer not make any money other than hold back? Is it the dealer, not Ford, that takes the monetary hit to sell under this plan? Thanks again.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    Nope....had absolutely no problems with mine. I drove it for 9 months. I turned around and sold it for more than I paid for it. Originally, I thought I'd order another one to replace mine. But, it became clear, I wouldn't get as good a deal as I got on my first one. But, with winter just around the corner, I knew that even if I could get another one on X plan, it would be sitting in the garage for the next few months. Even my (one and only) oil change was comped by my dealer. They only thing I did was put gas in it.

    --no flow fuel fill issues
    --I only had one disk that wouldn't play in my "Shaker" (and it was a "burned disk")
    --tranny was fine (manual)
    --no issues with my compressor (although, it did cycle on and off when I was using the A/C....but so has any car I've ever owned).
    --mine didn't leak
    --steering worked just fine

    Please, don't drive yourself crazy. I've told other people that this is an out and out muscle car. It makes no pretentions that it's anything other than that. If you're going to be afraid of it, maybe it's not for you.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • I believe the dealer does receive some additional funding, but I'm not sure what the exact amount is...I know they don't make as much as they would if sold at MSRP...and that's what the Mustang GT's are getting and more.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    Yes, Ford does compensate the dealer and (I think) the sales person on X,A, etc plan deals. I don't know what the amount is either, but I don't get the impression it's anywhere near what they make on one that sells for MSRP. IF that were the case, then dealers would be selling any vehicle on one of the plans with no pushback whatsoever.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,385
    I'm not sure on Fords, but when GM was offering employee pricing, I was looking at a Saab 9-2X, and the dealer showed me the invoice... On a $30K MSRP car, the "dealer reserve", which is what GM would pay the dealer, if sold on an employee price deal, was around $1500.... or close to 5%..

    Certainly not anywhere close to what they make selling at MSRP, but it isn't like a giveaway for the dealers...

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  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    ky.....probably true. I think Ford is the same. However, I think (not certain) that figure also included the holdback money. Which, as you know, dealers rarely, if ever, part with.

    So, in the case with the Saab, with a $30K MSRP, the holdback portion would be about $900 (or 3%). That means that GM pays the SAAB dealer $600 for the transaction over and above the holdback amount.

    Probably not a bad deal if it's on a vehicle that isn't selling. But, on a Mustang GT, dealers are making around $2,500 profit per transaction (PLUS 3% holdback on top of that). That's why many dealerships don't/won't honor the employee pricing plans on Mustang GTs.

    On an F150, the dealerships will sell them all day long on employee plans, however.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • Hey guys, me again....I actually got a phone call last night from my dealer, and was told there is a VIN and is going into production! Should arrive in 2 to 3 weeks!
    So that'll make it just a little over a year since I originally ordered, Nov. 16, 2004...
    Now the process of seeing what I can get for a trade, 1996 V8 with 46,000 miles on it. If it's not what I want, it may just sit in my driveway till I sell it myself. I've had 3 people show interest. It's pretty much loaded, which should help with resale, and has been taken care of. After I got the phone call, I told my husband, geez, you know I was SO excited to get this car a year ago, and it feels like the excitement wore off.....but am sure it'll return when I see it. I'm really bummed that I have to sell my 96, has been a fun, fun car and have got SO many compliments, although I KNOW I'll probably get more than I want with the 2006. The high school kids in my area really like the color - purple - both high schools sport the purple color....maybe I should put my for sale sign on it across the street at the high school...LOL. I'll let you know how I come out in the end here, wish me luck! At least I'll get to drive it a few weeks and get used to it before the Wisconsin snow starts to fall. Yes, it'll get snow action. My 96 got me through 10 years, although there were a few times I had to hitch a ride to work...and be pushed out of parking lots cause the snow was too deep!
    OH, and Graphicguy......I'm sold your stang??? Wow, you're brave, but I'm sure you made someone smile......what kind of ride did you go to??
    Happily awaiting my Torch Red in WI...... :shades:
  • kbtkbt Posts: 27
    If it's not what I want, it may just sit in my driveway till I sell it myself. I've had 3 people show interest.

    My husband's convertible needed $2-$3K in engine repairs when I was pregnant with our third child. I told him he could drive my Explorer and it was time to use that money as down payment on a minivan. However, he hoped that one day he'd be able to fix up that car, so it stayed in our driveway for four or five years. And without fail, every spring people would start ringing my front doorbell: "Is that car for sale?" Total strangers. Lawn guys who'd seen it there forever. People who'd just been driving by. I even had people stop by after it was gone, wanting to know who I'd sold it to and how much I'd sold it for and boy they wish they'd known I was gonna sell it... lol.

    There is an '03 black GT convertible at a Ford dealer very close to our home that I'll be going to see. It has 18K on it, about the same price. The carfax is linked and it appears to have had one local owner. I have a mechanic who's checked out all our used cars prior to purchase, so I'm not excited 'til he sees it, but I want to make sure it looks good in person before I pay him to go over.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092

    It may take a little longer than 3 weeks after getting a VIN#, but I hope your dealer is right. They'll probably get it into production within 2 weeks, though. Then they have to ship it to you.

    You may want to wander over to the REAL WORLD TRADE IN VALUES in the Smart Shopper threads. Post the details of your '96 and get a "knowledgeable" value for it from Terry (rroyce).

    Only reason I sold my '05 GT was I made money on it. The Mustang GTs are still in short supply. Most people don't have your patience. They want one "NOW" and are willing to pay for the privilege. I'm sure it helped that mine looked better than when I drove it off the dealer's lot, too. Not a ding or scratch on it. Plus, I had about 10 coats of wax (Zaino) on it. Even the interior still smelled new.

    The fact that I wasn't going to drive it during the winter months kind of sealed the deal for me in my mind.

    As far as what I'm looking for now, I'm in no hurry. I've got a 4Runner I'm using now and it will do "winter duty". But, I've test driven an RX8 (had one prior to the Mustang but some yahoo totalled it). I've also tes driven an Audi A4 Quattro....not bad but really not my cup 'o tea. I drive the new Lexus IS (almost as cramped in the rear as the, Lexi dealers want over $40K for the IS350, which is the only one I'd be interested in. Last night, I drove an Acura TL. It's about as fast as my previous RX8 and is silky smooth....tons of features....great build and good looking. But, it's FWD. Although, I didn't notice the FWD during my test drive, I know that it will show itself once I live with it for awhile. Still, Acura did a fine job with the suspension.

    I'll also look at an Infiniti M series and maybe the G series (looked at them before but was really turned off by the interior).

    As I said, I'm not in any hurry. Since I'm test driving, I've got dealers calling me everyday wanting me to come in to "make a deal". We'll see which car and deal grabs me on which day.

    Right now, the Acura TL is the front runner.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • ray22ray22 Posts: 1
    Ford actually sells the cars to the dealer or a middle man, usually a bank. That's called flooring. Anyway, the dealer will make hold backs, plus a bonus depending on the number of cars of that type it sells. The dealer also makes money on the back side, ie with providing insurance, loans, and maintenance contracts on the vehicle.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092 conditions also determine what the selling price will be. Right now (as it's been since the Mustang was introduced), the GTs are still tough to come by.

    That's why it's so hard to find one....and once you do, why it's so hard to get any discount on them. My original dealer says that anyone ordering now, shouldn't expect their GT until next Spring. He won't even place an order unless MSRP is the agreed upon price. He's got a couple of slightly used ones he got at auction and won't part with them for less than $200 under the original MSRP. They're snapped up as quickly as the new ones.

    I got lucky with my x-plan. The dealer didn't know how well the new model would be received and it was in the dead of winter for me to get the deal I got.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • A local dealer has accepted the following offer:

    2006 Ford Mustang V6 Premium Coupe
    Auto tranny
    Pony Pkg
    Interior Upgrade Pkg
    Side Airbags
    Leather Seats

    MSRP 24,515
    Invoice 22,838 (includes 312 manufacturer advertising fee)
    Offer accepted: 22,838 + TTL

    This was all done by email - I haven't yet been to the dealer. The sales guy (and myself for that matter) are out of town this weekend, so I've got a few days to sleep on this before going in for a test drive. Oh - I will be factory ordering the car(haven't decided on the color).

    So, what do you think?

    (BTW, the best I could do on a GT was $800 over invoice - I'm still considering that. But, $4000 more than the V6 - what would you do? V6 owners - are you happy?)
  • Seems pretty good to me,thats about $700 less than I just paid for a similiar V6.
  • I put a deposit down on '06 GT Premium coupe -- was told it would take 8-12 weeks. Only way, I was told, to get one at MSRP. Two weeks later I'm driving by another local dealer and there's a GT sitting out front that looks just like the one I ordered. I stop, and yup it's exactly the car I ordered (solid aluminum wheels, interior upgrade, side airbags, silver w/ charcoal interior, active anti-theft). Within seconds, out pops a slippery salesman and asks me if I'm ready to buy it today. I tell him yes, but only for MSRP ($28,325). We sit down, he goes to his boss, he puts a price in front of me that's $1700 over MSRP, I tell him no, he goes back to his boss, yaddy yadda ... I end up driving the car home at MSRP.

    My advice: Do your dealing in person, stick to your guns, be ready to walk away, and put one on order as a backup plan (it's easy to get your deposit back -- these things sell themselves, dealers aren't worried about unloading the car you ordered).
  • artgartg Posts: 7
    I know these beauties are popular, but I have never bargained to pay FOR MSRP on any car, and that's what I told the salesperson. They knew I wanted to drive off in a new 06 GT premium coupe, and that afternoon I did--for $800 less than MSRP.
    I guess it depends on the dealership.
  • Lucky dog. Dealer I went to wouldn't even discuss selling at MSRP unless I ordered a vehicle and was willing to wait 8-12 weeks. They told me the GT Premium is under limited production, with dealers allocated only one or two a month.
  • I'm planning to order a GT Premium Convertible w/ manual transmission, loaded. I expect I will end up paying MSRP or close. I've seen some references to "DORA," "VOC," VIN#'s, "Priority 10," etc. but still I am not very clear on the ordering process. I've ordered new cars before, but never one in such short supply. Would someone briefly summarize for me what the correct steps are if the dealer is being straight? I want to be sure that I am well informed so that I do not experience the runaround which some have described here. Thanks much!!
  • kbtkbt Posts: 27
    Where I'm gonna keep this thing for the next seven weeks, I'm not really sure yet. '03 GT convertible, triple black, 15750K miles, all the good GT stuff.

    Found it online at a dealership really close to home. I took it on a short test-drive yesterday, then had the mechanic look at it today. I ducked out of work to meet him there and his only really comment was flaking paint on the hood, so I'll have that redone. (Anything to have someone else keep it over the next few weeks. LOL!) They were asking $18,500K, which was around $20,400 OTD, and I signed off on it at $20,100. The auto guy had a suggested retail at about that before fees, and all my research for that car/miles said the same, so I was mostly negotiating for the heck of it; I'd have taken it where it was.

    Left them a deposit so I could run back to work and will go sign off on the remaining paperwork tonight. It's a gorgeous day, approaching a record-high, I now own a convertible and I can't even be seen driving it. Boo hiss.
  • "Where I'm gonna keep this thing for the next seven weeks, I'm not really sure yet."

    I say rent a garage for a month if you can't find a family member or friend to help you out.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    david.....let's see if I can answer everything in one post.

    First of all, VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number (or serial number). VOC is Vehicle Order Confirmation. DORA is Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgement.

    Now that we've got the acronyms out of the way, we need to talk about priority codes and allotments. Priority codes are the numbers given BY YOUR DEALER to the Ford factory that stipulates how quickly they want the order built. The priorities range from a best of 10 (built within 8-10 weeks) to 99 (no way on this earth it will ever get built...usually given to someone who the dealer doesn't think is seriously going to buy).

    Allotment is the dealer's allowance for Mustangs in a given period. Dealers are only allowed to have X amount of Mustangs based on many factors.

    You need a 10 priority number and to make sure the dealer has current allotment in order for you to receive your car within the 8-12 week period it usually takes to get your car built and shipped.

    VOC tells you exactly what you've ordered with your priority number. It will also tell you what the MSRP of your order is. Some dealers will actually let you see what the employee discount plan prices are on the VOC. Don't build up your hopes that you can buy one for anything less than MSRP, though. It happens, but rarely. These cars are in high demand and the factory is running full tilt just to keep up (at least for the GT models....V6 models are more plentiful).

    DORA adds to the VOC the terms of your deal (what the dealer is selling the car for, terms of delivery, what happens if you or the dealer can't meet the terms, etc). The dealer signs it as do you. The DORA is more iron clad than the VOC. But, most dealers usually include some terms stipulating a certain amount of money you have to give them (usually the security deposit) if you default on taking the car.

    Hope this helps.
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  • Picked up the Mustang last night...8 weeks to the day from when the order was entered into Ford's

    This car is beautiful. It is pretty much the nicest, most powerful car I've ever had. I got compliments on it before I even drove off the lot. The dealer I went to is in a small town and most of the passers-by just stood there and looked at it while I was taking delivery. Never had that kind of experience with any other car. Wife and kids LOVE the car, too (my wife jumped in the car as soon as she saw it).

    Here is what I got:

    GT Premium
    Silver w/ Red Leather (this combo is NICE)
    Side Air Bags
    TOTAL PRICE (incl tax, tags, title) = $28,259 (used X-plan)

    Plates were on the car when I got there...looked as if the dealership's whole day revolved around my delivery. The whole experience was very positive (I also got my own financing which made the delivery go a lot quicker).

    I look forward to many thrilling miles in this ultimate machine.

    I guess I'll have to change my Edmunds ID to jagzGT!!
  • whskvswhskvs Posts: 28
    black with black top
    18" 64Es
    premium package

    Got it for $1200 under MSRP. Used's "Let us find your car", and did it all via email until the hour I picked it up. Since it had to be driven from another state, dealer took another $200 off for mileage (300 miles on the odometer) without me asking. Heard that dealer had a terrible month last month, so not sure if that had anything to do with it, but it was the easiest car experience I've ever had.
  • Graphicguy, thank you for your very helpful post. Although winter is perfect convertible weather here in So. Florida, I am planning to hit the local dealerships right around the holidays when business will probably be slow. Maybe I can walk away with a Priority 10 for a bit under MSRP on my DORA......
  • I read a post of yours awhile back where you mentioned possbly being able to "hook up" someone with an X-Plan Pin #. Are you still able and willing to do that? I'd be most grateful. :)
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,092
    Sorry...that opportunity has flown by the wayside.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
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