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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,079
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  • mlmmlm Posts: 2
    I currently have a 05 GT on order, it was ordered back on June 4th. The dealership reports that the status shows the car build and released to convoy for over two weeks. I have heard two stories; one is that there was a problem with the V-8s and they had to hold them up; the other is that some dealers are receiving the GT V-8s. So which is correct?
  • rkelonrkelon Posts: 17
    Received 1k off msrp. Bought from Garnet Ford in Chadds Ford, PA. Very nice people, easy deal, no weird fees or surprises. Give them a call and help dealerships that want your business succeed.
  • In Oakland, CA, I just bought a beautiful mineral grey gt with interior upgrade, side airbags, shaker 500. I probably paid a little too much,(it was an impluse buy). I went in to order one and saw this one sitting there, someone had just back out of the deal. I paid 1,500 over dealer invoice and didn't look back. It is a wonderful car!
  • Gt V-8's on the lot in Louisville, Ky.....
    Gt with a $27,650 sticker selling for $26,050..a-plan $24,458
    V-6 with a $22,365 sticker selling for $21,286..a-plan $19853
  • uv4meuv4me Posts: 22
    Nice to see some a-plan prices. I'm waiting for the ragtop GT to show up. We have A-plan and look forward to seeing the new convertible in the spring.
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Through my employer, we are eligible for x-plan pricing. What type of discount can on expect?
  • Sorry if this question is to obvious, but what is A-plan pricing?
  • whats the best price anyone found for an 05 gt deluxe in pa, nj, or de???
  • I'm looking to buy a 2004 V6 coupe. So far I have not found a great deal on one. One dealer is still charging $600 over invoice, abd they have a lot of '04s in stock. Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting a good deal?
  • 600 over invoice is not bad....if it was 600 over MSRP, thats a different story.

    Here in the NW Milwaukee WI area there are plenty of 04s still left as well including the dealership 2 miles from me that has 3 Roush GTs

    Has anyone bought a 05 GT in the SE Wisconsin or NE Illinois area? If so what did you pay?

    I WILL be getting one (redfire Premium GT), but I will never pay MSRP or over!
  • A-plan is what employee's and their families can buy new vehicles for although I have heard of dealers selling aplan to the public at years end. Don't really know how they do it though as you need a pin number.
  • and xplan is roughly 4% above aplan
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Thanks Trucker50. What kind of discount is the A-plan?
  • Anyone lease a GT 5spd w/ Interior Upgrade pkg.? If so, what are your monthly payments?
  • sticker $31470.00
    invoice $27931.35
    x-plan $27865.32
    a-plan $26649.32....a-plan is I think 4% under invoice though I've never done the math, also tax and license is typically all you have to add as doc. fee's etc are waived. On certain vehicles you can sometimes get some of the holdback money back too but don't expect any off the Mustang,at least for a while
  • I just came from the dealer where I pulled the trigger and ordered my premium redfire 5 speed GT. Got the interior upgrade package, side airbags, antitheft, and upgraded rims. Paid $1550 under MSRP. Very pleased overall.

    Overall the experience was really good. They were pretty down to earth and were flexible on price. I would imagine though it helps that winter is fast approaching and I am located in the Milwaukee area.

    They told me that I should be taking delivery in January...nothing more specific than that.
  • Hello. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences in buying an 05 GT in the DC Metro area, and could you recommend the dealership? I'm considering a GT, but after such a great experiance at Carmax, I'm dreading buying a car through a traditional dealer.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Try Koons Ford in Falls Church...I get my servicing done there on my Mustang, and they've always treated me right. Excellent customer service, though I haven't actually bought a car from them, so that might be different.
  • Thanks, I'll check them out.
  • Today I went shopping for a new '04 Mustang to see what deals are out there. I went to one dealer in the Orlando, FL area that had a gigantic clearance event with up to 50% off. As soon as I pull in and park, a salesman was right in my face. He almost opened the door for me. I don't know about everyone here, but when I go to a dealership, I would like to look around first and get a feel of what they have, then be approached.

    So I find the car I like, and notice that they had an add on sticker, marking up the price by $900 over msrp. This is on the old '04 style Mustang. (BTW they wanted $3000 over msrp on the '05s)

    The salesman gets the key, and the car has a dead battery. I mean this one would not turn over when they tried jumping it. The engine compartment was fact I saw an '03 used one at another dealership that looked a lot cleaner.

    So I find another Mustang that started up, and went for a test drive. That car drove ok and had no problems.

    Now before they would talk price, they had to enter my info (they even wanted my social sec. #, which I did not give them) into their computer system as a tracking guide. And they had problem with that. So finaly after wasting a lot of time, they ushered me into a office and started pressuring me into buying the car using that old saying "What will it take you to but this car today?" I felt real uncomfortable at this point. So I gave them a real low price, and they laughed at me. It was still above their 50% off price. So I walked.

    No wonder why they still have a large inventory of '04s left.
  • There are some selling on ebay upwards of $35,000. What a rip off!! People are actually bidding on them too. I went to the dealership last Fri. to check them out,went back on Mon. with the intentions of driving off in my new GT and the dealer put a new sticker on saying "Adjusted Market Value"(as they wrote it)of $3,000. That brought a fully loaded GT up to $32,000 from the MSRP sticker of $29,000. Sounds like price gouging to me,but look at it as you will. I also noticed a sweet 2004 Roush stang they had on the lot. Test drove it. Liked it. Decided I wanted it and offered the dealer the MSRP sticker of $25,500 on the spot. He checked with the management and they wouldn't do it. On top of all of that the car also had 700 miles on it. He wouldn't go below $28,000 and said that price would stand firm until it's sold. Needless to say,I'm in negotiations with another dealer at the time.
  • To find X-plan pricing on any Ford vehicle simply go to amp;PlanType=X&ReferrerURL=FordVehiclePrograms


    You can search dealer inventory and get the price over the web. It's a fair price and eliminates haggling IF the dealer choses to honor the X-plan. Good luck.
  • x-plan is determined by the ford motor company, not the dealer. it is usually about $100 below invoice. the dealer then receives a small kick back from ford for doing it. if theres a dealer out there that will take xplan, dplan, aplan, or zplan at this point, they're pretty freekin desperate. the dealer is never required to honor it.
  • For example on a Premium V-8 with an MSRP of $28,075 the X-plan price is $25,969.69.
  • How does one go about getting an x-plan pin# and using it?
  • Just orderd my 05 GT for about 350 under invoice. Spent 2 weeks shopping every dealer S. of Eau Claire. Standard consumer rate, no X-plan available. You'll be fairly happy to note a dealer in West Bend had the best price I could find.


    Dealer had a great internet office and was basically willing to meet/beat any dealer in the state for internet customers. I'd email before I walked in off the street.
  • Why are you people so "quick" to buy one of these cars? WAIT until next year when the 18" tire setup is available. It's absolutely ludicrous NOT to wait until this option is available. Who ever heard of a 17" tires on a sports car? Hell even my mothers Seville Cadillac has 17" tires. Ford is just playing games. Their new "teaser" (part 11) plan is forthcoming after the novelty in this car wears off. And the 18" tires setup will be just one of many new options available in the near future. PATIENCE is a virtue here.
  • You're going to see alot of the mustangs picked up as daily drivers. With alot of DD purchases the ability to "wait" a year isn't there. If they're going to buy now anyway why not a mustang ?
  • The calculation for the X plan is A plan plus 4% plus $150. I am looking at a '05 coupe for my daughter with a $23,240 MSRP, invoice of $21,580 and X plan price of approximately $21,500. Is it worth looking much further in hopes of saving anything more? This dealer it 2 miles from our house and thats worth something. From what I have seen, I might as well go ahead and pull the trigger rather than shop for a month and save $100.
  • lets see.....buying the hottest selling car on the planet for below invoice..... i'm sure theres a dealer out there somewhere just waiting for the opportunity to take a loss on one, so go ahead and shop around.
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