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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • As if the dealer would actually tell you what he paid for the car by printing it out as Invoice. Or how many they need to sell yet that month for there volume discount. Listed invoice is about as real as the salesmans opening offer, it's a mirrored floor.


     Not to mention they can drop that front end price through the floor if they make up the cash on the back end or trade in. More than one way to make money in the car business.


    Like you said your never going to find one selling under "actual" cost. But selling under listed invoice is another matter. I seriously doubt you can find one on lot for that price but ordering one in that's another matter completely.
  • luggyluggy Posts: 3
    Went back and forth between two dealerships here in N.E. Wisconsin..Bergstrom in Neenah and Dorsch in Green Bay. Both were eager to get my business, however Dorsch came up with the best deal. I ordered the Premium package, V-8 5-speed manual tranny, with side air bags and upgraded interior and anti-theft system. Color is Legend Lime Metallic with Medium Parchment interior, white racing stripes. Dorsch discounted my car $200.00, dropped the stripe job from $799.00 down to $729.00 and threw in a 2 year/26 month maintenance free (drive and go) package. Before taxes I'm paying $27,206.00. This will be a cash deal. Car is not expected to arrive until middle of April/early May, which is fine because this car will NEVER see snow/salt. Dealer did say there was a delay in the manufacturing of the 'Stangs with the upgraded interior, they think it's a commodity problem Ford is having. Overall I was very impressed with the deal I received, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Bergstom in Neenah if the occassion ever arises again.
  • I've looked at ford's own site at various dealers' prices, and the odd thing is that some identical cars at the same dealerships have a base MSRP for the 2005 V6 of 19,370, while another has an MSRP at 19,770. Same cars, same features, $400 difference.

    Any ideas why? I called Ford' "customer car" line and they said it's all up to the dealer, even though it's clearly the "MANUFACTURER'S" suggested price.
  • I can't say for what other have reported from paying 1500 under msrp to 2500 over msrp, but in so. calif., these cars are not going for under msrp. I was lucky to get one $550 under because it was a promotion(one at this price stuff) other than that, I tried to get one not on promotion. The best I could do was sticker price. I guess it depends on where you live
  • I'm in NJ and if dealers here (Ace Ford, Woodbury) are not marking up above sticker, no one should be paying above and you can always order one as well. Remember all the dummies who paid thousands over invoice for VW Bugs when they came back out? They could have 3 now for the price they paid for one. However, if you want one now, you will pay sticker for it, or simply not get it.
  • Horrible. I was looking for a GT. I visited Autoway in St Petersburg. They didn’t have one. I went to Brandon Ford, close to 35 miles away, they didn’t have an automatic (white or yellow) in stock. Brandon Ford wants a driver’s license and insurance certificate to take a test drive. Some dealers require a driver’s license. This is the first time I had to prove insurance. Yesterday I drove to Freedom, which is about 20 miles from my home. The grouchy, tired, old salesman who I met getting out of my car,told me “We don’t let anyone test drive the Mustang GT. We’re selling them for sticker”. He was grouse, so I left him standing there, went inside and met a younger, more pleasant salesman. He confirmed, “Management does not allow test drives on the Mustang GT”. He asked me “How serious a buyer are you”? This question put me off, but I told him, I’ve narrowed it down to the Mustang, but I was so serious, my five year old and I were headed to the Detroit Auto Show in a few days to decide for certain I wanted the Mustang. I asked him, “How do you expect to sell one if you won’t allow a test drive? He body language revealed he agreed with me and remarked “tell me about it”. I left in a disappointed huff and he followed me out and as I was in backing my car out, he stopped me and said, “Please, let me speak to management”. I told him I was turned off and I would go to another Ford dealer. I told him there were a lot of them. Next I went to Walker Ford, saw a few sales people standing around outside smoking (a real negative) and talking to each other, so I went inside. I walked around, looking at two Mustangs, none of the GT’s. I went to what I would describe as the sales booth in the corner, stood around outside of it and waited for someone to talk to. They were all in a discussion. No one asked me, so I went looking for a sales person in the various offices on the floor and hallways and saw no one. I returned to the parking lot, got in my car, and drove the parking lot, noticing they had no GT in stock, so I left.


    This was my first visit to a Ford dealership in over 15 years. It is no wonder they have fallen so behind in sales. I told myself, I didn’t want a Mustang any longer. If this was an example of sales, what could service be like, I wondered. I sent a letter to Ford's HQ's (mail) and to the individual dealerships (via email). No response. Sad. I hope they choke on their inventory.
  • rcb1rcb1 Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2001 Bullitt a COLLECTOR CAR as FORD sold it. I ended up paying about 4K over msrp due to the limited available so I thought. I was orginally told by the local dealers that no more than 2500 would be sold which ended up more around 6500. And within in weeks the veh was making regular trips to Ford. It spent the entire first summer I owned it in the shop. And they still could not fix the problems. And once they decided that they couldnt fix the veh after the 10th try that it was now my problem. So just think about this after shelling out almost 30K and spending over 1 1/2 years in court fighting over the repairs a sold the car now 2 years old for 50% of what was paid. The whole Ford Motor Company is unbelievable no matter how much I like the new Mustangs the reliability, dealer scams, and price gouging should not be ignored. Also if you do buy one make the dealer put in writing that your veh is not a FLEET CAR! Since according to Ford a $30,000 Mustang is considered a FLEET VEH which means that warrantee repair quality needs to be that of only a cab or rental car company!
  • I'm not sure where you got that idea, but Mustangs are treated the same as any other Ford vehicle when it comes to warranty work. I think it all depends on the dealership you deal with. Maybe I've been lucky, but my dealership is fantastic! I've never had an issue. They even wash and vac it when it goes in for oil changes.
  • jprojpro Posts: 1
    Just ordered an almost loaded V6(everything except leather and automatic)from Murphy Ford in Chester, PA. Sticker was 22k and some change, dealer discounted 1200 off MSRP. Very happy with my experience. First dealer I went to marked it up 2500 over sticker. I'd expect a car dealer to earn my money, not rob me of it. Looking at 4-6 week wait for the V6 models, they were telling me there is at least a 3 month wait for the GTs.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    It's always nice to hear of good experience. I stopped at a Ford store a week ago and was astonished that the V6 had a supplemental price sticker (adding $2000) due to "limited availability." It sure didn't seem like it - there was one inside and 4 right outside the door but no GTs.


    Was in the showroom for about 20 minutes and never approached. Hard to figure - I'm 49 and there was a decided paucity of customers.


    Went to another store that had a GT inside. Same story - $2000 mark-up. At least the salesman was anxious to show me the car.


    While I understand supply and demand, it is hard to understand why dealers don't do more to promote positive customer relations - it's not as though the Mustang is a limited production vehicle.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Unfortunately, those who want to be the first on the block to own anything always end up paying more it seems. Be it a new video game system or a new model of a car, if you want to be the first on in your circle of friends to get it expect to get your pocket picked. Not so smart as far as I am concerned but a very established practice at many dealerships. I guess their idea is to get them while they can but ask the guys who did that with Mazda Miata, VW New Bugs, and PT Cruisers if it made them any friends in the car buying world. And they wonder why car salesman are thought so highly of!
  • tango3tango3 Posts: 2
    I think the Dealer made his profit on the stripes! $729 for $10 worth of tape-what a deal.
  • I went into Power Ford in Huntington Beach because the 2005 Ford Mustang GT was top on my list for test drives to help determine my new car. I'm seriously buying a new car within the next few weeks and I wanted to narrow my decision down to one car. It is no longer between the '05 Mustang GT and Honda Accord EX V6. Let me explain.


    I went into the dealership for a test drive and spoke with the salesperson. He said that I had to sign a contract binding me to a purchase before I could test drive. That pissed me off and I walked off the lot. After I calmed down, I came back and asked to speak to the General Sales Manager. He gave me the same (as well as additional) BS, and I quote: "We don't have any GTs in stock and if I did I wouldn't let you test drive it because customers want their cars at zero when they buy them."


    I learned shortly later that he was lying through his teeth as the Ford web site shows this particular dealer has THREE Mustang GTs in stock!


    Anyway, needless to say I will not give my money to Ford after that treatment. On the other hand, Honda World of Westminster has been incredible and has allowed me to test drive Civics and Accord V6s in order to help me make my decision. I can't wait to get my new Honda Accord EX V6 w/leather!


    EDIT: I spoke to Customer Relations department (they were very helpful) and if this situation can be resolved, I'll be more than happy to get a Mustang GT once I'm able to test drive it.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Just because the Ford website says they have some in stock doesn't mean it's accurate. Mustang GTs are literally selling faster than Ford can make them right now. One of my local dealers told me that the lot life of a new Mustang GT is about 1 hour! They're practically being bought right off the trucks! And most often the car is sold before it even reaches the dealer. I still have yet to see a GT on that dealer's lot or showroom. I had to drive twenty-some-odd miles away just to see a GT. (On a side note, this dealer has two actual GTs, as in GT40, on it's floor. One belongs to NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth(sp?). It's a black one with silver stripes. The other one is a "corporate car," whatever that means. It's silver with black stripes. And there's $100K markup in it and people are buying. I would too, if I had the money.)


    I took mine straight off the dealer's showroom floor! It hadn't even been fully prepped yet. Only had 4 miles on the odometer. They had another one on the lot that was a demo and selling at a $1K discount, but I still chose the one off the floor at sticker since it had never been test driven before (and cost me about $2K more [and that was without a dealer markup, thank God]). So he is telling the truth that we don't want any miles on them when we buy them. Though somebody did by that demo the following week with nearly 300 miles on it.


    However, if the Accord EXV6 is your first choice, you will be happier having that even if you did get a chance to drive the Mustang GT. It's slightly less to buy and much less to insure. You will also be happier in not having to make as many trips to the gas pump. I would imagine that if you're even considering a V6 versus a V8, you don't really want the Mustang GT. You just want to drive one for kicks, because there is literally no comparison performance wise. When I was in my, seemingly endless, quest for another car, I didn't even consider anything less than a V8 (except the new RL which turned out to be a bit disappointing). I was tossing around the idea of trading my '02 300M Special for a V8 luxury car or keeping it and buying a Mustang GT (still wanted my luxury, but wanted some V8 guts and noise, too). I tested the Mercedes E500, E55 AMG (I know, right! But it's just ever so slightly out of reach at this time.), Audi A6 4.2, Acura RL, BMW 540i Sport (previous gen), and was going to test some others, but never got around to it. All offer V6s, but I didn't even entertain the thought of getting another V6. If that were the case, I could keep what I have, which sounds much better than those other V6s anyway. I had settled on the new Audi A6 4.2 (loaded). I had done all the negotiating, got an agreed upon selling price, and was all set to order it (for the second time, long story). I was going to be making the deposit on Monday (it was New Year's day), but I wanted to just go and hear the new Mustang GT. My mind was already made up and set that I was getting the A6. I turned the key on the Mustang GT and took one home that night!


    It met exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't wanting smooth and refined, which is some of the reason I decided on the A6 4.2 vs. the E500. It is a little louder and a tad more rough. I wanted rough and loud. By "rough," I mean neck-snapping acceleration, not the smooth whoosh that the E500/E55 and A6 provide; though first gear in the A6 4.2 will throw you out the back of the car, spilling you onto the street if you're not holding on! =) Those cars do have some nice exhaust notes, but not like a Mustang GT. Another vehicle that sounds good is the VW Touareg V8 (another story). That thing sounds freakin' SWEET when you get on it!! And, boy, is it nice inside! But anyway...


    2005 Mustang GT

    Torch Red

    Every option except auto tranny and spoiler delete.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Three weeks ago here in Columbus, OH, a local dealer was adding $2000 to the price of a V6 due to "limited availability."


    Last weekend, a suburban store advertised them at $100 over invoice.
  • i thought you couldnt get A-plan on a brand new mustang 2005???
  • I bought my stang about 6 months ago and I love it. No regrets.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    My Windveil Blue V6 Premium is scheduled for build next week. I ordered the first week in Oct and have had lengthy material holds for the 5spd stick and the IUP option. My cost is at invoice price (after $500 rebate from AQHA). Hopefully it will arrive by end of March!
  • A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Legend Lime V6 Mustang. I was able to buy it on the XPlan after checking with a couple of different dealers in Northern Virginia. The downside was limited availability primarily due to Ford underestimating the demand for the Interior Upgrade Package. Originally it was projected only 20% of the buyers would want it but the real demand was more like 80%. Ford had to work with the supplier to get more capability.

    The dealers I talked to would not deal on the GT, some not on the V6 either.

    I love the car. It is a steal even at list price. Not only do I enjoy the car but everywhere I go people come over to look at it and talk about Mustangs they used to have or wish they had. I've worked in product development for Ford Motor Company and as a car salesman at different times in my life. In both cases I drove a lot of different cars, some even prototypes. Few if any of these cars have created the excitment that the new Mustang generates. I'd certainly recommend one over any other sporty car.

    The convertible is in extremely short supply and nearly impossible to find on at a dealer.

    I think it will be enjoyable for a lot time to come!
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Carprof1 - Congrats to you on that Legend Lime coupe! It's a great color. Did you get the IUP?? or the Interior Sport Appearance package that doesnt have the Mycolor or the metal dash applique?? Or just the standard dash?? What color interior??
  • We are buying an 04 stang from another state. I am able to purchase it on a D-plan. (Daddy works for Ford). $15,400 for an automatic silver coupe deluxe with leather seats, moon roof, tinted windows, sport appearance package, interior upgrade package. We haven't even seen the car. We will get the car Monday.
  • Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me what a A-plan is.
  • The A Plan is a unique purchase program allowing Ford Motor Company employees and their families tremendous savings on the purchase of a new Ford vehicle! As an employee, you not only receive a great deal on your new vehicle purchase or lease, but you also benefit with special services, discounts, and rebates available to you.

    There are also a few other plans, D plan, X plan and Z plan. If you are interested in finding out more about these plans. Just try a search for Ford A plan and see what you find.

    Hope this helped
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    This weekend my brother and I visited a local "high-volume" Ford dealer in Maryland to see the new Mustang up-close. Had about 16 in-stock and one black GT already purchased by one of their salesman. Mark-ups on standard models are 2K and 4K for the GT if you can find one. They did deliver one convertible that morning I was hoping to see but, it was already off the lot. I believe it is quite a mark-up for a regular production vehicle. Saleswoman told me there is no problem obtaining a test drive from their dealership but she was not having a stampede for these non-GT models with their 2K mark-ups. I can see why many potential Ford customers are opting to purchase other manufacturers vehicles who provide your choice of options ready to go on the lot vehicle and actual rebates. Although we both like the new Mustang and were seriously considering a purchase soon, we are not willing to pay these premium mark-up prices for a non-exclusive, production model. Too bad, I guess Ford does not need our 55K-plus combined business.
  • "Too bad, I guess Ford does not need our 55K-plus combined business."

    I understand your concern but as hot as the Mustang is now why would they want to sell it to you for less than the next person (which will probably be in the same day).
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    JB, in reponse to your message, my coments were targeted at what I characterize as a "fool-hardy" approach in servicing an interested customer. In my visit to the dealer as noted in my earlier message, the saleswoman informed me that no customers were beating her door to purchase the standard model Mustang as noted by the number on the lot. She said those customers who visit and are interested in the basic models soon leave after seeing the mark-up. It didn't help her reach her monthly quota. In my opinion, a mark-up is certainly justified for a "Bullet" or Roush model that is provided in limited numbers but not justified for the basic model relegating a salesperson to yawning in a chair on a Saturday morning. It is a poor marketing strategy on the manufacturers part that may well be reflected to their bottom line. Customers today are more aware of what is available in the marketplace. A new model "craze" is brief and forgotten by the public at the next model year. Ford's competitors are providing an array of vehicles that are more advanced than the Mustang at comparable prices made less expensive still by manufacturers incentives. Ford should follow their 1965 game-book by flooding the market with Mustangs at a good price. At this late date, the new Mustang should be all over the roads and not relegated to the one or two you spy at a distance. Unfortunately, the present marketing strategy appears to aid the individual dealership at the expense to the company. The line of thought in creating product shortages, and justifying mark-ups on the basic models is in my opinion a marketing 101 failing grade. The new Mustang is a product with a nostalgic angle for us baby boomers but not a limited "gotta-have" choice for today's consumers.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well, unless people have really short memories, they can recall the ads for Stangs in the $15k to $17k range for brand new '04 V6 models. Fair value for the '05 should then be somewhere in the $18k to $20 range no doubt. You can buy an all wheel drive Subaru Legacy for around $22k, so how can the price a Mustang V6 at the same or higher? It is a fine car in many ways, with basic technology, fun to drive, and good looks, but a solid axle car with an OK basic V6 engine and is worth what they normally have sold it for-that is to say retail, less a couple to three thousand. I would wait for the discounts to start a few months down the road, or just buy one used. I am thinking of possibly getting an '03 V8. You can save a bundle over paying $25k to $29k for the new ones.
  • 1panky1panky Posts: 34
    Yes, I have to agree with you m1miata. My wife purchased a new 2004 GT premium last October for well below the sticker including rebates. It is a shame that Ford finally has a mass-produced vehicle that produces some excitement for the average Joe who remembers the 65 experience and then reverts to the mark-up mania usually reserved for truly "got-to-have" vehicles like the Ford GT. There are few of us who can see one of these beauties much less sit in one. Oh well, maybe in the spring or during the 06 model year the market may return the base Mustang to a more realistic price structure. Hopefully, customers who were turned-off by the current price mania may still be in the market for a new vehicle.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    If you wish to discuss other cars, please use the pull-down menu on the left to locate discussions about various make/models.

    This discussion is ONLY about Prices Paid & Buying Experiences of the Mustang.

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    The manufacturer has nothing to do with the dealers' price gouging. I've learned in the past that dealers can basically run their businesses however they want since it's a franchise. They only have to adhere to some very loose and unpoliced guidelines set by the manufacturer. Outside of applying rebates and servicing the cars, it's a free-for-all in how they do their business. The domestic manufacturers need to pull in the reigns a bit, like the Japanese manufacturers.

    The other thing is that price is also ruled by demand. Right now, the supply is nowhere near able to keep up with the demand (for GTs, at least). That's why most dealers aren't willing to move off MSRP or higher. It's also why there's so much gouging going on, though I can't understand why there would be a markup on a V6 Mustang. Then again, it could be because the V6 has closed in on the GT in everything except power. Before, the V6 was as different from the GT as the GT was from the Cobra. Now, the V6 has the same suspension, interior treatments, etc. as the GT. Only thing missing is the snarly V8 and some exterior appointments.

    At the risk of sounding selfish since I already have mine, I hope the pricing stays that way for a good, long while. It helps keep the value of my GT up. As soon as the market gets flooded with these cars, we are going to take a depreciation hit like crazy! I was one of the "lucky" ones who was able to get one "simply" at MSRP. Normally, I would've run right out the door. But in this case, it is loaded with every option, except automatic and spoiler delete, and it had never even been driven other than at the shipping yard and for PDI; she only had 4 miles on the odometer when I bought her. The peace of mind in knowing that I truly am the "only" one to have driven it was worth paying MSRP to me. I don't have to worry about how badly it was abused on test drives, how many people have been touching all over it, etc. If a problem crops up, I know that it is either a manufacturing defect or something that I did. I don't have to wonder what somebody else could've done to cause it or how much abuse it was put through to get to that point.

    Peace of mind is a valuable thing.
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