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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mrq0529mrq0529 Posts: 5
    fidothedog I ran into the same thing some dealers wanted as much $6000 above sticker.Stay away from the salespeople, go on line or talk to the fleet sales. I ordered a Mustang GT convertible from North County Ford in Vista Ca. on 1-28-05 and took delivery 3-23-05 and paid $1500 over dealer invoice which is still less than MSRP.Total $31853.51 plus tax and license.Extras included: automatic trans, interior upgrade pkg, 17" brt machined wheels, whl locking kit, convert boot, plus they tacked on advertizing fee. They stopped taking orders on 05's 4-8-05 so if you didn't get ordered before then, order a 06
  • peebeepeebee Posts: 1
    It took about 5 weeks for me.
  • huck1huck1 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know whether any of the audio systems currently available for the 05's are ipod connectable or have a "line in"?

    Many thanks.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,133
    There is a line in, but I don't think it's activated yet.
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  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,133 did your buyback work? Did they refund the $2K above MSRP you paid?

    While I don't know what your situation was with your dealer, but it sounds line they've got a poor service dept. Shakers have been fixed. Slow fuel fill has been fixed.

    My Mustang is as solid as a squeaks, no rattles....just great American muscle.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • huck1huck1 Posts: 9
    Thanks again graphicguy, but i'm afraid you've lost me. Activated yet? Could you elaborate please. Do you know which system has the line in - the standard package or do i have to go the shaker route?


  • spletzer1spletzer1 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to buy a 2005 Gt Convert Premium very soon. I have A-Plan access. What experieces have people in my situation had? Could I get one at or around invoice at one of our "31 Metro-Detroit Ford Dealers", or should I not waste my time? I'm willing to go to INDIANA, ILLINOIS or OHIO (yuck) if I have to.

    Go Blue.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Now why would a dealer want to sell a very high demand car for for an A-Plan price when they can get MUCH more otherwise? You will not find a dealer that will discount a 2005 Mustang GT... let alone a convertable. Dont waist your time expect to pay at least 3k over MSRP on a good day.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,133
    huck....just posting what Ford customer service told me. I have an I-Pod, too. They said that there is a connector on back of the Shaker system for this, but it's not activated, yet. They didn't give me a time frame. Some folks have been using an FM modulator to use their I-Pod in with the Mustang stereo, though. I believe only the shaker has the line-in, but I've not looked at the standard stereo to know for certain.
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  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,133
    Hey....I live in OH....;-)

    Mustangs, especially GTs (both convertibles and coupes) are totally done for '05. Whatever units are coming out of the factory now, either have a buyer who special ordered, or they are spoken for by someone at the dealership's customer level.

    So, while you may find a 'vert on a lot here or there, most dealerships won't touch "A" plan pricing. You might want to try to order an '06 'vert to see if they bite on A plan, though.
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  • stelapstelap Posts: 1
    I am in Detroit and ordered April 21 with a 10 priority from my dealer. And it was ordered Z Plan. The dealer has a high allocation and didn't flinch when I said the Z word.
  • huck1huck1 Posts: 9
    graphicguy.....many thanks once again for taking the time.
    Much appreciated.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,133 are very welcome.

    I've seen a trickle of 'vert GTs every once in a while at SW OH dealers. They are usually gone the next day, however. Same with coupe GTs.

    If you can find a 'vert GT on a dealer's lot, there's no harm in trying to see if you can buy on "Z" plan. Just be prepared for that not happening.

    Personally, I'd try for an '06. Order one exactly the way you want it. You might have better luck with Z plan on an '06.

    In my scenario, I ordered my coupe GT in the middle of a snow storm. Dealer wasn't quite sure how sales were going to be so he didn't balk at X plan pricing. I wouldn't even attempt an X plan deal today given the Spring weather and the obvious wild popularity that has been the '05 Mustang.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Hey graphicguy...have a question for's been a few weeks since I checked the boards here....are you affiliated with a dealer or work for Ford? Just curious...
    I did specifically call my dealership regarding roll over from 2005 to 2006, asked if I'd have to re-order if my 2005 isn't made. I've been waiting since NOVEMBER 2004 and still have not got a build date for the car. They told me that mine would roll over into a 2006, no re-order necessary. Said it would just totally tick the customers off who have already ordered and have been waiting for months for their GT....and have to wait in line again. I have called Ford direct several times, have sent emails direct to Ford, I get everything from they are short on the V8 engines to short on the "my color" option, etc....the last phone call to ford I was told that the COMPUTER hadn't picked my car for production yet. Give me a break! Ford is hurting themselves by putting those of us who ordered in 2004 on the back burner, going through this hassle just once leaves a really bad taste in a persons mouth. I bought from a small dealership in Wisconsin, again, dealer allocation problem. I got a phone call today from my salesman, he's moved to a bigger dealership and offered me to order from them now as they have a bigger allocation. So what is the TRUE story here? I'm getting a total run around. I got what I thought was an excellent price on my GT...$26,040 with 500 shaker stereo, my color option, premium wheels and automatic transmission. MSRP is showing $28,500 on line for these options, so know if I go elsewhere now, I'm screwed price-wise. So if I want one, I continue to wait. But really would like the true story on having to re-order if I don't get my 2005......Thanks for listening..... :confuse:
  • shannieshannie Posts: 1
    Luggy, did u get your GT yet?? Just curious
  • spletzer1spletzer1 Posts: 2
    Here's my correspondence with a Ford Dealer in Metro Detroit. I'm going to try and find a higher volume dealer. thank you everyone for the response.

    Thank you for your inquiry on the all new 2005 Ford Mustang. Due to an overwhelming response to the new Mustang, Ford is currently backed up on all GT Coupe and Convertible orders at this time. This means currently we are receiving approximately one Mustang per month of current orders that are in our bank at this time. Therefore, quoting a payment on a Mustang GT at this time is unrealistic since we may not have any GTs available for stock for approximately 6-9 months. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however if you are interested in the general price of a Mustang, I will be happy to provide that for you. Also, if you are interested in ordering a new Mustang and are willing to wait several months for your order to be complete I will also be happy to sit down with you and work out the specific details for your new Mustang. Please note there is a $500 deposit on all Mustang orders, paid at the time the order is placed.
    Thank you, Christine for the prompt response. If I were to order a Mustang and place a $500 deposit, would I be paying MSRP, MSRP plus a premium, Invoice Price or A-Plan (I am A-Plan eligible)?

    Thanks again-
    If you are A plan eligible, you will only pay A plan price, plus tax and plates. At this time anything ordered will be a 2006 model. However, you are welcome to come in and place and order with a deposit (which will go towards the selling price of your car) and if there are any changes for the 2006 model year we will notify you and give you the opportunity to make the changes accordingly. If y ou would like to schedule an appointment to order a Mustang GT please feel free to contact me by email or directly at XXX.
  • gt9gt9 Posts: 6
    i ordered my GT premium on jan 20 and i picked it up on apr 21 of this year and paid sticker price. i have heard of dealers adding any where from 1,000 to as much as 10,000 for the GT coupe. good luck on finding a stang GT coupe or convertible.
  • gtluvrgtluvr Posts: 10
    :D I had a Mustang GT back in 1996 with side pipes and quite a beauty. I had to part with it later due to situations.
    For all these years I wanted another and when the new 2005 came out and as soon as I saw the new look, I started looking around.
    I wanted a GT but of course that was hard to find so after 5 good hours of wrestling a decent price and a trade in, I drove off the lot with a beautiful Windivel Blue with the appearance package, V6, automatic. That was in Feb.
    I loved my car but I REALLY wanted that GT and there were none to be found.
    I live in Tucson, AZ and local ford dealer, Jim Click, saved my day. I was contacted by a rep. that a deal had fallen through and they had a GT. I got there in no time and it was a beauty. I would have ordered myself, but some unlucky guy lost out.
    I DID get to take a test drive in it and what a thrill that was. Even the rep. was having fun because they can not test drive the GT's or the Thunderbirds.
    After some talking I traded my V6 in for the GT. My V6 had only 1400 miles and I lost very little from what I paid for it.
    He is a Sonic Blue, coupe, manual white med graph. interior and My Color select for night driving is a cool blue. It has the upgrade interior and is a premium model. It sounds incredible and the drive in it is awesome.
    So, I feel real lucky with this and to a great ford dealership Jim Click has here. Good,attentive salesmen AND they had a special. A $100.00 gas card and a 3 day 2 night expenses paid trip to my choice destination in the U.S.
    I am not surprised these cars and the V6's are hard to find!! GITYUP!
  • gtluvrgtluvr Posts: 10
    Hey gt9,speaking of luck, check out my story. Enjoy your auto!!
  • waitingjoewaitingjoe Posts: 4
    I need a new vehicle. Love the look of the 05 Stang, but couldn't justify the price (local dealer had 2.5k mark-up). I checked with the Credit Union United Buying Service (UBS gets you $100 over invoice) and they said no dealers would honor that deal on the 05 Stang. So I resigned myself to just getting a new truck (need to have some kind of truck). UBS sent me to Len Stoller in Maryland for a UBS deal on a truck. As I was talking to the UBS sales woman, I mentioned how much I liked the Mustangs. "why don't you get one?" "Because I can't get UBS pricing on them" "I'll give you UBS Pricing on it" ......... " !!!!!!!!!! "
    So I put a deposit on a Mineral Gray with all options but leather, 1000, spoiler delete, upgrade rims and Auto trans for roughly $26.6k on the road.
    That was Feb 14th 2005.... I am still waiting for my order to be picked up from the dealership. Almost 15 weeks so far. After reading a lot of post, I have grown suspicious. Why would they sell me a Mustang for a few thousand less then they could sell it to someone else? Then again, she did offer the UBS pricing on the Mustang when I went in for a truck!
    I have been calling her every Friday for 14 weeks now. She told me that Ford only picks up orders on Thursdays. This past week she wasn't there but the guy on the phone checked, still not picked up. He did however saying something bout checking every day, indicating that maybe Ford doesn't just check for orders one day a week.
    Anyone got info on that? I am starting to feel like I am probably being used somehow.. ie. my order probably came in but they sold it to a walk in for a $$ mark up and then resubmitted my order or something like that.
    Has anyone else had to wait more then 14 weeks? 15 weeks once I call her this Friday.
    My AC is gone on my S-10. It needs tie-rods, ball joints, a muffler (too name a few things) and it's getting more difficult to get it in gear every day. I don't want to put money into it when I have a new Mustang on order, but dread the thought of driving around with no AC for another 2 months only to be told my order never got "picked up"... thats assuming my S-10 lasts another 2 months as a daily commuter.
  • scramberscramber Posts: 2
    I ordered an 05 GT w/ upgrades and the retail was 26855, we are paying 24846
  • scramberscramber Posts: 2
    I ordered my car on January 28th. We are at 15 weeks+ now. My car just started being built YESTERDAY and the dealer said that it SHOULD be here by June 8th. It probably wouldn't be so bad if the people at the dealership had a clue.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    A quote is worth a can of beans. What metters is if the car comes in and the final price you pay OTD. If it sounds to good to be true is sure is.
    Now why would a dealer quote you a price lower than what they can sell a high demand car like a Muistang GT for?.... go figure.
  • gt9gt9 Posts: 6
    congrats. enjoy your GT i just love mine.
  • gt9gt9 Posts: 6
    the dealer i dealt with told me that ford gives each dealer an allotment. they probably used up the 05 allotment. they are waiting on the 06's. call and ask them.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,133
    purpleGT....sorry it's taken awhile to get back to you. I've been travelling for work.

    I bought my GT under a friend's X plan deal. He works for Ford. The deal was $25,600 for my Mustang which had an MSRP of $28,100....just a little under invoice since Ford raised the price of the Mustang while mine was being built. Under X plan rules, I was price protected, however. Thus, an under invoice deal.

    I got lucky. Once I made up my mind I wanted the Mustang GT, I began shopping. This was in Feb. In OH, we were coming off one of the worst winters in recent memory. They was still a lot of snow on the ground when I started visiting dealerships. Stock was almost non-existent (as it is now) when I started looking around. I probably visited 6 or so Ford dealerships within a 50 mile radius of me. I only found two in stock within all the dealerships I visited at the time. One wanted MSRP for their Mustang GT. The other one that had stock wanted over MSRP. Neither was willing to negotiate. No matter, neither one had the color/equipment I wanted.

    During yet another snow storm, I went to two dealerships close to my home. None of them had stock of GTs and neither had any customers in the showroom as the weather was going from bad to worse. Both said they'd order one for me on X plan pricing, however. I ordered exactly what I wanted at the dealership closest to me. Fortunately, I had a "straight up" dealer. They ordered what I wanted at their highest priority number and kept me apprised of it's build status. I got mine in 7 weeks from the date of my order. Others, who have waited for months, have had their dealerships sell their ordered cars to customers who were willing to pay more, or they just didn't give a high enough priority number to get the car built in a timely manner.

    Today, I doubt I could have made that same deal as the Mustang's popularity has gone up exponentially since then.

    If you haven't received your '05 GT on an order placed in November, I wouldn't hold out any hope of getting it. The dealer probably put their stock vehicles ahead of your ordered car since they make more money on them.

    It's true. You can't order an '05 GT today since all dealer allotment is spoken for at this point. You should be able to order an '06 by now, though. I would imagine, with a priority # 10, that build should begin sometime in late July....early August for a Sept delivery. Honoring X, D, Z, A, etc plans is totally up to the dealer as it's voluntary.

    Allocation is totally dealer dependent. While a bigger dealer will have more allotment, they will also have more customers in line waiting to order.

    Fact is, you have to start the order process all over again to get an '06 GT.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • gtforme2gtforme2 Posts: 23
    Your's is the old story of "Right Place @ the Right Time"....

    I drive a 96 Taurus (bought new) with 296K on it as of 5/18/05. Knew I needed to start looking for car. Almost got a Chrysler 300 Hemi last year. However, given the relatively poor reliability of the past 2 Chry T&C's (98 & 01) we've owned and my brothers multiple issues with his 99 300M, I started to think that Chrysler quality still isn't there. So, started really looking @ family sedans, and more I looked realized that really wanted something different. So for kicks looked @ Sport Sedans and then just kept clicking away and came upon the Mustang. Obviously, impressed by the looks. Started me thinking back to High School days and guy in town (every one knew him by name because of his car) had a 69 Mustang Shelby 500GT convertible. I loved that car. I've have always remembered it (like your first girlfriend). That started me looking more into mustangs and reading about them and from there I got bitten, decided I'd go try one.

    Well on March 28th, stopped in little NH, home town Ford dealer, saw GT convert on the lot, said couldn't drive it, said fine, tell me what the cost is....kid in business 3 months....left me waiting for 15 minutes and then comes back and starts the crap of let's build you a configuration to price out....we do that...another 15 minutes goes by....I say OK, look, all's I want is the list price of this car (as we configured it)....another 5 minutes goes by (I thought he was trying out for the wizard of OZ, guy keeps disappearing behind the curtain) while back/forth to talk with manager. Finally, he comes back and says working on it, I say you got exactly 1 minute to give me a price or I'm gone...

    March 29th go out for lunch @ work (50 miles away from hometown) visit big city (Manch, NH) dealer, tell guy (very relaxed approach) just want price on Mustang. He sits me down @ desk, fires up computer, has me sit right next to him and details everything out, shows me dealer cost and retail. I ask about discounts, says will only accept retail. I order Stang then,there (never driven, started or sat in one).

    That day and next, I called 10 other ford dealers (including 4 in metropolitan Boston) nobody taking anything less than MSRP for GT Convert (couple wanted 2K +, one other in Portsmouth, NH wanted 5K over MSRP for an ordered!!!.....) and everybody indicates any dealer order/allocated, spoken for....Today rec'd the call, my car is now built and waiting transportation to dealership. Expected on the ground @ dealership on June 11th. Can't wait....

    By the way, thanks a ton on the tip about the Order Priority of 10. Turned out key for me....when looked @ order detail, my order originally had a 99 (called my sales guy, he indicated that's code use when building quote in computer and assign new # once live order, said good thing I caught it, said 99 would never get built). :D
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Hey there, thx for the reply...I just went through another week of game playing, emailed Ford Direct about my situation, got a standard customer service letter back with nothing but bull roar. They said "The Computer" has yet to pick my car to be built. And that although they will be more than happy to keep me apprised of my build date via their toll free number, I should have my dealer rep contact Ford to provide further information. Been there, done that, sorry. I tried to find my priority number on my sales receipt, but was all hand written, no priorty number to be found. Mine must have been a 99...

    Another funny thing happened, my sales rep called me, he has now left the dealer I purchased from and is working for another Ford dealer down the road. Said he had an 05 Torch Red with all the options I ordered on his lot, with 1000 miles on it. The guy who owned it traded it for a corvette. Am I interested? I had a leap of hope, thinking, cool, here's my chance. Asked the sticker price, he hesitates, kind of chuckles and says $35,000....but said I know, I know, that's not what it's going to sell for...(it's NOT a convertible)....says to bring my paperwork over and we'll talk a deal. The more I thought about it, the more it made me mad, I'm not paying $10,000 over the price I ordered mine for...NOT. I'm not paying a price game and I'm not paying over MSRP, period, I'll wait.

    So I emailed my dealer and kind of got a bit nasty due to the whole 7 month wait situation, and mentioned the above conversation, and that this is the 3rd vehicle we have bought new from them and hoped that they would have more consideration to my situation, what is the real deal, etc....and I'm now dealing with the owner since my salesman is gone. After talking to his rep, he seems to think I may have a chance of getting it by late June. Says he'll have details on ordering the 2006 model in a couple of weeks. If my 05 comes in and I decide I still want it, fine....if not, he'll put it on the lot to sell and order me a 2006 at the same pricing and I'd have first allotment. Woo...big deal at this point. If my 05 manages to get here by end of June, sorry, I'm taking it as I need to sell my 96 Mustang before winter's just all become a big joke.

    When I started the process in November, I played the internet game, emailed all the dealers in my area and basically did internet bids for ordering to get the price I you, the weather was turning bad here, cars weren't selling. I had the bigger dealers in larger cities not wanting to budge at all, it came down to 3 smaller dealers that were willing to play with me. And since I had already bought my first Mustang through my current dealer they wanted my business and gave me the best price. I had done a lot of research on pricing and was not about to pay MSRP. Knew there were ways around it. But now that is pretty much history as we all know, it's spring, and they aren't going to budge.

    I'll keep in touch and let you know how this all plays out, it's definitely been a learning experience, one I don't want to attempt again. And it's been great reading everyone else's experiences here, it's given me much insight. PLUS, reading the other boards of those having problems with the first one's off the lines, gas tank difficulties, stereo difficulties, etc, etc, I'm glad I didn't get one of the first few months made, hoping the bugs will all be worked out of them by now!

    Wish me luck......... :P :confuse:
  • scottymomscottymom Posts: 1
    Are you thinking of selling the 96? I had one and sold it 5 yrs. ago and have regretted it ever since. Prettiest mustang on the road.
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