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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wcammackwcammack Posts: 11
    I will try to make this brief, but I have been reading this forum for awhile now and, to some of you who have ordered Mustangs, please keep waiting and have hope! My son (16) has had the Mustang "want mode" every since he went to the State Fair in late 2004. I went to a local dealer (Park Cities Ford) in April and, of course, they had 1-a convertible with a stick. My kiddo, believe it or not, is very conservative and a better driver than I am (I'm 53--and I speed-a lot!), so I definitely wanted a GT (because I may drive it some) and I definitely wanted an automatic--my stick days went out with my '69 Corvette in urban traffic. Anyway, I ordered one in April, and I picked it up Tuesday, June 7th, exactly as ordered--black, automatic, shaker 1000, interior upgrade (black/red leather and my color instruments)--I also ordered a LoJack system and 60mo/60k mile warranty. I was already conditioned to pay sticker when I arrived, and I did so without hesitation. And, now some praise for you Fomoco guys from a GM guy--this is my first Ford ever, and the quality, fit, finish, and appearance is not just good--it is flawless. I think I may covert from the GM fold as the only thing close to the Mustang in price/performance is the Corvette at significantly more $$$. Also, if anyone is interested, Park Cities Ford has a gorgeous GT convertible (automatic) on the deaker's floor. So, to those of you waiting, don't give up--and congratulations to the new owners out there! Ford has hit one out of the park with this one.
  • fishskinzfishskinz Posts: 2
    Thanks for the heads up. I just got my order # today for my '06 Mustang GT. Actually, the dealer is giving me just MSRP with no markup as I was a VIP referrel. so, there is no complaints either way!!!!
  • ssgarssgar Posts: 1
    How did you find out about your priority code? Have you gotten your stang yet.. We have been led to believe that ours is in route... But it has been for several weeks??? Is there a way to check on our cars without going through the dealer?
  • " I went to the dealer right before (not knowing) that they stopped production on the '05's in April. "

    All info I have says they are continuing production of the 05's through July.
    I can only hope that I am right as I ordered my GT Feb 4, 05 and it is still in the dealer que. Obviously if they have already stopped production I am SOL. The dealer has not said anything about going for an 06 yet.. I call every Friday to check my status.
    One other question.... is there a higher 'priority code' then 10? Is 10 the best?
  • Purple, I hate to say this but you really need to go to a different dealer. Mine was upfront with me in March when I made the initial order, and in fact wouldn't even take a deposit until he could confirm it would be built within their quota. If your dealer gives you the runaround, Dump him! there are good and bad dealers out there, and the bad ones will only be driven out of business if they lose our business. It really irks me that a good product can be "damaged" by a shoddy retail outlet.
    BTW, Kelly blue book gives a retail sale price of about $6500 for your '96, assuming it's a GT, 5-spd, in excellent cond. you can probable do better if you shine it up and park it where a large number of teens- twenty-somethings can see it for a few hours every weekend. I'd post it for at least 9K and drop to 8 or 7.5 on negotiation. Lot said sight unseen. eh?
  • knowisdomknowisdom Posts: 5
    I ordered my Mustang in February, I have dreamed of this car since I saw it in automobile magazine. At first they were going to find me already made to my specs and have it shipped, but you see, I wanted the interior upgrade and anilock brakes and traction control, with the red leather interior, damn this car is hot! I was at the Javits center auto show last year, just to catch a glimpse of my dream car. But this waiting game is killing me, they didnt fing the car I wanted so we ordered. As far as I can tell, and my brother works at the dealership, suppossedly my car has been built, , but why is it taking so long to shiop. I want to strangle my salesman, I feel like I am getting the runaround all the time. They are confused, I am confused. I read the article and I am not so hopeful because, someone is waiting 6 months. the worst part, you think for all this aggrivation you get a discount....NO, there are people paying above sticker! I am still waiting, can't even get a test drive and this dealer I am with has better customer service than the rest on long island, they are having a hard time keeping one mustang for test drives or the dealer, man Ford, I love you, but get your act together! if they can't do it no one can. Can anyone enlighten me with how much longer I may have to wait? :confuse: :cry: :mad:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,141
    Production will go through the middle of July. The plant shuts down then in order to do '06 model changeover. The problem is, just about all of them are spoken for in the '05 MY.

    There is a higher priority number than 10. You can get a 2 from your dealer (as I did), but they reserve those for special circumstances and may not be willing to put that high a priority on your order. 10 is about the best you can hope for. Priority 1 is reserved only for the factory.

    If you ordered in Feb and still have no more info than "it's in the que" from your dealer, go somewhere else who'll be more upfront with you. You should have taken delivery already if your dealer ordered at a 10 priority and had allotment left. Something tells me there's something amiss with your dealer.

    Find out how many cars are ahead of yours at the dealership. The Dealers already have the order codes for '06s so you should be able to order one now, if you'd like.
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  • knowisdomknowisdom Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info. I really better get down there. I haven ben hounding my salesman and my brother, but I better go down there and get some real answers. Do you think it is possible, they will just say sorry we cannot get you your car? Or now you have to order an '06? :cry: :lemon:
  • caisoncaison Posts: 3
    I ordered a GT convertible in late march. Was serialized last week and have a build week of July 18. My dealer started with a priority 10 for the first person in line and then went with consecutive numbers. I think I started as a priority 17 and moved up over time. Good luck.
  • knowisdomknowisdom Posts: 5
    Thanks, all I can do is wait, call the dealer, cross my fingers and stare dreamingly at my '05 Mustang wallpaper on my macs. I just hope I have the car before the end of the summer, can't wait to feel the wind in my hair, driving my 'stang. :cry: ;)
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,141
    Anything is possible. If I'm in your shoes, and the dealer can't give you a credible time line on when to expect yours, I'd just go to another dealer and order an '06. If you order now, with a priority of 10, I'd say you could expect a late August delivery of the '06.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • kgreggkgregg Posts: 2
    FWIW, I got an email from local Ford dealer (Crystal Ford Silver Spring MD) saying they have a 5 speed GT Sonic Blue coupe at the dealer now. I asked him if all 2005 GTs were already spoken for or not. He said they were not already spoken for. Unsure how an 05 GT could get to a dealer and NOT already have a buyer but you never know. I told salesman that I prefer a convertible. Kevin
  • knowisdomknowisdom Posts: 5
    I got great news today from my brother (he works at the dealer I ordered my car from) my 2005 torch red mustany with the red leather interior is coming in on or about July 3rd, and my birthday is the 7th....Happy Birthday to me. But I also wanted to let everyone know that I also heard from my brother the are spitting out the 2005's so fast from the factory, they've had one on the lift for the past two could just be a fluke, but I hope the quantity and quality is not the issue. So don't give up, I was just about at the end ofmy rope and I am set for delivery! :shades: :)
  • esbrockesbrock Posts: 88
    It's official. I talked to my saleguys guy yesterday, who actually called me to see what I wanted to do, and changed my order to a 2006 GT. Titanium Grey 5-spd MTX with the Interior Upgrade Package and 18" wheels. He told me that it will be one of the first "06's they get in, which will be in late August to early September. Since that only adds about 6 - 7 weeks on my wait time, I didn't think it was that big a deal. The new color choice is exactly what I wanted and the 18" wheels are going to look sweet as soon as I get the Eibach springs installed. I am also hoping that the plant workers will be refreshed and ready to put my car together when they get back from their production break. Suppliers should be able to get Ford restocked with all parts they need to have a great MY '06 run.
  • purplegtpurplegt Posts: 22
    Hey, Graphicguy, if you're out there, got a good one for you. As you know, I've waited for my 05 GT since last Nov. 2004.....still no luck. As of this week, my dealer put an order in for me for a 2006. I haven't totally finalized pricing, etc., but am being told they will honor my 2005 price, however, they will have to add $500 to $700 to the price because it is a 2006 and it costs more to make it.

    My 2005 was priced out at $26,000 with the premium wheels, 500 shaker and interior upgrade. Am I being jerked around here with them wanting to raise my pricing or is this to be expected? What's your thought? I know I'm not going to get any better pricing at the $26,000 anywhere in my area. So do I just suck it up and pay it or give them a fight about it?

    They of course say, it's not their fault that Ford couldn't produce. I haven't seen it in writing, but supposedly my 05 had a priority of 10 put on it. Yeah, right. I have now also insisted that I receive a priority TWO on the 2006, he's said he will check and see if they can do that, he acted like he'd never heard you could request that low. He's supposedly talked to a Ford rep and begged that I get top priority on the 06 due to the 05 never being made. Am I at their mercy here? I'm actually dealing with the OWNER of the dealership since my original sales guy got canned. And he had promised me the same pricing for the 2006 if it came down to this, but of course since he's now gone.....

    I'm assuming when the 06's are produced I'm back to waiting for another 8 to 12 weeks......IF it ever gets made. I just need some helpful hints here on how to proceed before I go back to do the final paperwork on the 2006.

    Anyone hear if they are offering any new options/toys for the 2006?

    Thanks for listening, hope you can help me out a bit...
    Still waiting in Wisconsin........uugh! (Plus my 96 GT is another year older and worth less in trade)..... :mad:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,141 beans!!!!!

    Only changes in the '05 and '06 versions are colors and wheel/tire options. Everything else is the same.

    I don't have access to '06 pricing yet, but I'd say it's a safe bet that there will be a price increase.

    Unless you've got something from the dealership management in writing, anything is possible. I've heard some pretty crazy stories regarding the Mustang. For example, I talked to one guy who ordered a GT. Dealer got nim the VIN#. When it was supposed to arrive at the dealership, sales mgr didn't respond to the guy's "status request". The customer went to the dealership when they were closed, found his car via the Vin#. He then called the next day inquiring about his car only to have the dealership tell him they sold it to someone else (after he had waited 12 weeks).

    IF the dealership puts a priority of 10 and you are in the first ones in their allotment que, I'd say 8 weeks sounds about right for delivery.

    Dealers do indeed have access to priority 2 (since that's how mine was ordered). It's tough to get them to assess a priority of 2 since they reserve it for units that are "special circumstances" (read into that what you will). My dealer was surprised I knew about it. Since I ordered during one of the worst snow storms in recent memory, and the dealership was having a super slow month (Feb), the agreed to give me the #2 priority. It's a case of being in the right place at the right time.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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  • Carfreak, I ordered my V-6 Mustang Convertible here in the Northeast at the end of March. The dealer has not heard anything about a delivery date yet. Any word about your fathers car? Have you heard of a solid delivery date estimate?
  • Fishskinz, the A or Z plan basically gives you the car for approx. 2% below cost or alittle below the dealer's cost. For a GT, that could be as much as 4K in savings depending on accessories. Some dealers will honor, some will not, best to establish that before ordering or buying from the lot. Sure hope your wrong on the production schedule, my v-6 with Z plan was ordered at the end of march.
  • wildhorsewildhorse Posts: 10
    I didn't have to order my convertible, when we were car shopping around just a few weeks ago and the Ford dealer had a black v6 convertible come in the next day from his "holding place" we test drove it then asked if he could find us a Sonic blue one just like it but with automatic transmission.(We also test drove a used gt coupe he had on the lot and liked the feel of the v6 better). He got on the dealer internet and within minutes found us one in the next state and had a deal to trade the black one for it. We had it the very next day and took it home! It pays to ask a dealer to see if he can find what you want. I guess we got lucky because another dealer was looking for one for us too and he had gotten two states away and was still looking for what we wanted when we called and said we found one and bought it. Looking at what some of the dealers are doing to you guys with orders still not filled I really suggest you try and find one this way this late in the game. It was hard to find a 05 mustang to test drive as they are flying off the lots as fast as they get them in.

    I'm not surprised prices would go up, everything with steel in it went up this year with motorcycles as there is a shortage for it.
  • rthibrthib Posts: 1
    Looking at leasing a V6 Vert Auto for my daughter.
    I am A-Plan so I can easily see what price I will pay.
    Does anyone know what the multiplier/residual value is on the 05 Mustang, so I can figure out playments on a 3 year lease.
  • caballocaballo Posts: 6
    Wildhorse, I've had a similar experience to yours. Most of the dealers in Austin have plenty of V6 coupes and convertibles in stock. A couple have GT coupes as well even though the Ford site doesn't show them in inventory. Problem is that they all want MSRP on the GT's and most of these are standard transmission models.

    I'll probably wait until the 06's come out to see if the supply situation gets better and dealers are more willing to deal. I also think the longer we wait the more GT's we'll see on the used market.

    BTW- did you find your dealer more willing to negotiate on the V6 convertible? I would expect there's more flexibility on those in my area since the dealers have them on the lots right now in substantial numbers.
  • well i dont think the prices on a gt are gonna come down any time before next fall as the demand is still there; i just picked up a gt convert manual and was able to get it at msrp and feelfortunate; now i have never paid any where near msrp but being realistic i wanted this car now and not 12 months from now; i was able to find a car being built on jun 8 that was not allocated and picked all my own options so i have a car that i really want; just a matter of choice but i am in my late 50's and want to have a chance for fun before too old to crawl outl lol
  • caballocaballo Posts: 6

    totally understand. I'm 42 and I'm chomping at the bit myself (no pun intended). I really want the GT convertible and hope I can hold out.

    Enjoy your GT!
  • After reading all the post here I finally got fed up and went back to the dealership to ask WTH??? (I had been just calling in every Friday for the last 19 weeks to see if my order was picked up).
    Any ways, I spoke to a general manager and he told me all the same stuff that the sales person told me. Showed me the Orders List and everything. I explained my situation (current car falling apart) and asked to be moved to a higher priority so that I could have a chance at getting my 05. He indicated that he couldn't do that.... never actually said the words "I can't get you a higher priority" just kinda danced around it. He called me the next day and told me that the one person on the list in front of me (ordered 2 days before me) was willing to wait for an 06 so he put me on top.
    He also said that he got an allocation for 1 build and that it was mine. Said I would have a VIN within 2 weeks and should take delivery within 6 weeks. I asked him that if I called Ford Direct again, would it show that my car has been selected for production? He said something about it would have a code that it was selected but no VIN yet. SI or MI or something like that. Can't remember now.
    He also said that this was the LAST week that Ford was going to ping dealers for orders on the 05s. Looks like I snuck in under the wire )
    Bottom line is that I am happy to be at least one step further then "Unscheduled/Clean" on the dealers report although I am still expecting something to go wrong and I won't get my 05 GT.
    Thanks for all the info folks.
  • adam8gadam8g Posts: 4
    Hey there,

    Live in Northern CA - San Francisco bay area - san Jose.
    Local dealer has convertible V-6's on the lot with
    "LOOK - NO DEALER MARK UP" stickers on the window.

    As for V-6 hardtops - basic car with stick - invoice or one guy quoted 300 under.
    As for GT's - am ordering my convertible today - MSRP
  • adam8gadam8g Posts: 4
    Heard on the TV that FORD,in order to compete with GM, is going to offer employee pricing to friends' of employees.

    Anyone know details?
  • caballocaballo Posts: 6
    While employee pricing in general would be nice, I doubt that they would offer it for Mustangs. No upside for them on a car that can't keep up with demand.
  • cobra07cobra07 Posts: 3
    Well said.... Same thing going on in san diego,calif..Some of the dealers are going to msrp w/o mark- up...But thats it..GT's very rare...Same factory / dealership Scam / Perfect Storm they dream of....A model meets the desire or needs of the buyer and they continue to build the STANDARD model instead of the GT....AT WHAT 15 - 20 TO 1 ??? Supply and demand means $$$$$$$$$ to them.. Not a call to simply change the drivelines and options @ the build line...Their front line dept's /marketing/prevue shows and surveys probably gave them clear indication of demand....Paying over msrp is plain old gouging like gas stations or medicine co's.....Just like the Harleys, PT Cruisers, VW's and so on...Even @ so called invoice dealers get back 4 + % on the total..Plus other kicks ..Showing higher cost they even end up screwing the salesperson...Who'da thought ?...You guys and gals take care...........Thanks for listening.........To bad FORD doesn't !!!
  • adam8gadam8g Posts: 4
    Any feedback on if this is an OK deal?
    Loaded premium trim - everything but the Shaker 1000
    Tungsten / red trim sport

    btw - anyone know what the optional 18" wheels look like?


    San Jose california
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