First time buyer: should I get the beige interior?

concretevitaconcretevita Member Posts: 15
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Debating between Beige vs Black interior for the 2016 Jetta. I've heard that a lighter-colored interior makes it easier to attract dusts and spots; is that true? Is this a significant downside?

I just feel like the all-black interior is slightly depressing to sit in :)


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,337
    Spots and dirt are worse on light interior. Dust is worse on black.

    Personally, I don't like beige carpets. Some cars that have light seats still have black carpets and that's a good, practical thing.

    I think black/gray work best, but that's just a personal opinion. If you live in Texas or Florida, you might disagree.

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  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

    So what if it gets a bit dirty over the years? A good detailer can work wonders.

    And spotlessly clean cars have this magic way of attracting fender benders. :)

    (yeah, I just made that up, but life is short and a bit of dirt isn't going to hurt anything).
  • thebeanthebean Parts UnknownMember Posts: 1,176
    A good set of floor mats (I have the Weather-Tech ones) make a world of difference.  In Texas, a black interior is torture in the summer.  A treatment of Scotchgard on the seats every year or so helps a lot also.  I've had beige or gray interiors forever and wouldn't have anything else.  
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  • guido65guido65 Member Posts: 25
    I just bought a 2016 Jetta SEL black with beige interior. Personally I like the beige against the black. The contrast is appealing. I think it makes the car look more expensive. I have not kids or pets. I also have my cars detailed 2x a year. So there is going to be little wear or stain issues.
  • carboy21carboy21 Member Posts: 760
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    I like redish/orange interiors with rally racing head rests .
  • zandorzandor Member Posts: 67
    I prefer beige since it's more comfortable in the summer and I just think it looks better than gray. Gray would be my second choice out of the normal colors. Mostly I just want seats that aren't black so i don't roast my backside if the car has been sitting in the sun. My current car has a black interior with tan leather. That works out pretty well. Ideally though I'd like a 2-tone beige and dark brown interior. Beige leather, dark brown carpets, mix the rest of it up and maybe throw in a little black.

    I've had 2 beige interiors and one gray one, and all of them got fairly old (12, 9, and 14 years). I never had any trouble with the interiors looking dirty in any of those cars, and all I really did with the interiors was vacuuming and applying leather conditioner. There are a lot of Toyota taxi cabs rolling around Chicago with light gray interiors. They all have vinyl seats, so those are fine. Usually the dingiest part of the cab is the headliner. So if you're tall and fond of using temporary hair color get black.
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