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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • on the speed channel they said that the B9 is the best suv they've seen. It is kind of good because its made by a good quality car manufactur
  • Overall i think the B9 is a great suv
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    What program? Sounds cool...

    I think that in its price range, it's the most fun-to-drive 7 seater for sure, and that's my first criteria. All the goodies you can get are icing on the cake.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    My biggest gripe about the lawyer's screen is that even after we agree with the warning - we still are not allowed to use use the full system while driving.

    If you are entering data into your NAV and hit me, I'm going to look to you and the NAV company for damages. So the limitation on use of the full system is probably intended to protect all drivers not just the NAV owners. And it helps protect the NAV company a bit too I suppose.

    I guess you missed the recent studies that show driving while talking on a hand's free cell phone isn't safe either? (CNN)

    We did the McDonald's thing a couple of years ago - some of us think they got everything they deserved in that hot coffee suit. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • OK, we test drove a Tribeca 7 seater with Nav. We liked it (have a 2001 Outback right now). We am looking for very honest opinions of current owners with the car. Have you had any regrets buying it? Whats good and whats bad?
  • robotb9robotb9 Posts: 82
    I kinda wish I'd gotten NAV. Even though it would have meant the additional cost of a 7 passenger ltd over our 5 passenger ltd, plus the cost of the NAV. Otherwise, no regrets.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    Yes you should. I've driven over 5,000 miles in my 7pass NAV/DVD puddle lights and other goodies... I have no, zip, zero regrets. In fact I like the vehicle more and more. I'm used to the small back window and it's limited vision. I love the NAV and find it more useful that I thought I would. Can you save money with a Garmin of something similar? Sure, but I like the integrated system that mutes the radio as it gives you directions. It is fun to drive and comfortable even for a 6'6" guy like me. I think the 3rd row is quite useless unless you have small children but it does not concern me as I will never use it. In fact I bought the 5 pass rear cargo tray. Fuel economy is reasonable for what it is... I drive a lot of miles and have gotten very close to 24 mpg on highway trips.

    It is a very solid, quiet, comfortable vehicle made by a company known for its safety and quality. Buy one and be prepared for some fun! :D
  • papahawkpapahawk Posts: 24
    I agree with photoguy. I highly recommend this vehicle. Nothing compares to the value of this vehicle in the SUV world. I have a black/tan 7-passenger limited fully loaded Tribeca, and I now have 5000 mile on it. No regrets! I have "hard-wired" my satellite radio and the kids playstation 2 to the vehicle, and everyone is in heaven. We have been looking to buy another vehicle for my wife since we took delivery of our Subaru, and we cannot pull the trigger on anything else. NOTHING ELSE WILL DO! My mom drove mine and ordered one six days later.... and she did not need a new car. The Subaru B9 Tribeca is something special. Anyone who tells you differently is not being straight with you.

  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    Good Stuff Randy!

    You say you hard wired the satellite radio... Karen and I would love to know if you then got behind the dash and have personally seen the back of the radio. We desperately want to "hard wire our Ipod" as do many others I'm sure. Any info you have on your hard wire would be very appreciated on this forum.

  • popa_sezpopa_sez Posts: 16
    What is good: Very comfortable to drive.
    Short Front end, easy to pull up and park.
    Lay out of controls are very easy to get to.
    Handling of vehicle is easy to deal with.

    What is bad: I have to gas up every 250 miles costing $30.00
    The back window is very small and it is hard to see.
    If something is placed behind you like a shopping cart
    or bicycle, you will not be able to see it, because the
    back window is to high.
    I had a police officer pull behind me on a quad runner at
    Virginia Beach, and I couldn't see him. He was sitting
    to low.
    Some of the gauges are hard to see when driving, because
    of the placement of them, and your hands on the wheel while
    driving will block the view.
    The RPM's will run high before shifting when running in automatic
    Overall: I love the the new piece Subaru. I would recommend to wait and buy this vehicle after the new changes are implemented. Needs a bigger engine, and having some of the extras, like automatic hatch lift and having a back up sensor and monitor for the navigation would make this ride much more appealing. I own the 7 Passenger with Nav and DVD. So I do appreciate you asking to hear from actual owners.

  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    I am wondering if this adapter would work. I have tried for two weeks to get an answer out of Dension, but they have ignored me. This works with an 8-pin CD changer port. Is this compatible with the P-136 system we?

    -Karen in AZ-
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Also, Kenwood makes an iPod adapter that seems compatible with the nav display, and possibly with the Nav system. Would this work in conjunction with the Panasonic audio modules? Any thoughts?

    -Karen in AZ-
  • papahawkpapahawk Posts: 24
    I did not disassemble anything to connect my satellite radio and PlayStation to my Tribeca, and I have not seen the back of the factory radio. I am sorry for the confusion. I simply used aftermarket wiring to connect the toys to the jacks in the back of the vehicle. Everything is concealed, and everything works like a charm. The satellite radio is the slick portable Delphi unit that I received as my free gift from Subaru, and it is VERY nice. Having it connected directly to the vehicle, instead of using an FM modulator, makes all the difference in the world. The PlayStation 2 adaptation has allowed our four children to have more fun than anyone should have in a moving vehicle :D As Daniel, one of our five-year-old triplet boys says... "Dad, this is one sweet ride!"

  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    One inexpensive option for the rearward visability issue is to install sonar sensors in the bumper. My dealer's accesory shop quoted $250.00 and I am going to install them.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    Both interesting Karen. Did you write Kenwood? Do we know what model number our unit is?
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Dension adapters will not work on the Leg/Outback HU because it does not have an external CD changer jack, and I doubt the Tribeca is any different. I have seen DIN CD-changer ports, and the only Subaru radios that used them were a few model years ago (when CD changers were normally add-ons "external" to the head unit). I believe there's an example of this on an older head unit (Forester I think) over on nabisco forums.

    As for the Kenwood adapter, Alpine and several other aftermarket HU manufacturers also sell one, but it only works on their aftermarket radios that can control same-brand CD changers or have some sort of bus-link standard. I really doubt these would work with an OEM factory radio even if made by the same company. Again, it's the lack of a CD changer jack on the factory radio that is the main problem.

    Until someone looks at the back of the radio (HINT HINT!!), we really won't know anything. The one thing in the Tribeca head unit's favor is that is can accomodate both DVD and Nav, suggesting it has some sort of aux-in port. But I would not expect a CD changer port.

  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    have had my silver 7 ltd with Nav/GPS, puddle lights, dimming mirror (soon to be tow pkg, hood protector, mudflaps, aero bar)...

    a few things I miss from my Pacifica. power rear lift gate, driver side outside dimming mirror, the ability to load 6 DVDs in the changer from the driver seat! (the cd changer is also the DVD player). my Bluetooth handsfree system. ability to change stations from preset to preset on the steering wheel and adjustable peddle height. oh and also miss the HID lighting that I had on the Pac.

    things I thought were issues but are not: Viewing Gauges = the steering wheel when adjusted you can see 99% of the gauges. Acceleration = pickup from a stop. it has a bit of very low end torque to get you going then runs out of steam as you start accelerating. but if your going to have medium acceleration all the way vs fast accel in the beginning and slower from there. the latter is the way to go for passing or getting on the highway from a stop.

    the rear window viewability = you guys need to drive a Pacifica. the blind spot on the Becca is about 25% the size of the Pacifica. I had to put fisheye mirrors on the Pacifica to see the rear corner panel area. and forget about viewing low stuff out the rear window! I can easily maneuver the B9.

    Questions I have -
    1. can you get the outside temp to always appear on the display when in Navigation MAP mode?
    2. is there a break in period for the B9s? ie first 600 miles keep under 50 mph?
    3. does the engine share any of the parts from the Outback same size engine? ie. Air Filter? would love to switch to a K&N reusable air filter.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Those Pacifica features you listed were indeed good ones!

    What motivated you to trade for a Tribeca?

    Normal Subaru break-in is 1000 miles. The main thing to avoid is cruising at a fixed RPM for any length of time (ie, a long highway trip with cruise on). It's good to vary speed/RPM during break-in, which you can do just by driving around town or by varying speed on the highway every few miles. It's actually good to workout the engine moderately, but stay out of high RPM (anything higher than about 4500).

    As far as I know, the H6 is identical with the Outback. I expect the air filter to be the same, but honestly, intakes are one of those things that are often custom to each installation of an engine, so that's a gray area for sure!

    I have read good and bad things about the K&N, and overall I have been sticking with the factory filters. Subarus use an intake resonator to tune the standing wave pattern in the intake, and anything you do to change the intake could potentially have a negative effect. Even if the K&N results in lower losses and free-er (sp?) flow, that may throw the intake charge out of whack and negate the effect or make it worse. I can't tell you how many people mess with Subaru intakes, but dyno data consistently shows stock is the best. I really think the Subaru engineers optimized the intake as-is, even if it's using a dumb old paper filter.

  • robotb9robotb9 Posts: 82
    It's fairly easy to pop off the trim panel below the console, on the passenger side. Then, if you are something of a contortionist, you can see part of the back of the radio. I spent about an hour trying to get a good look, in hope of discovering a port awaiting a connector. No luck. If I try again, I'll probably use a mirror in hope of seeing the upper part of the back panel.
  • rmjonesrmjones Posts: 1
    Hi, did you install the auto dimming mirror on the Tribeca. I just tried to and could not find the pre wired harness after taking the roof lights console off. Any clues? For example which side is it on? Drivers or Passengers?
  • How do you get the front map light assembly off? I want to get in there so I can tap in and wire up my radar detector.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    It's fairly easy to pop off the trim panel below the console, on the passenger side.

    Been there, did that, same results...can't see much. Haven't had time to do the whole disassmble thing. I do have the instructions and most of the wiring diagrams, now...DL'd 'em from the web site a few weeks ago. Still, can't make out all the details until I see a couple of things for myself.

    -Karen in AZ-
  • efinchefinch Posts: 13
    No regrets. Absolutely love it. Previous vehicles Outback Sedan and Outback limited wagon. This is a real luxury SUV. More luxurious than i thought yet very sporty feeling as far as the drive goes. Quiet, peppy, smooth.

    Pros: decent gas mileage for its size/weight, smooth solid engine and feel.

    Cons: none really. I probably would have liked memory seats but not complaining for the price.
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    Nicest car I've ever owned. Quite, smooth, fun and comfortable. We bought the 5 passenger model and installed a better DVD system and the car is PERFECT. NAV system is slick, but not worth 2K plus being forced into unusable seats. Since we'll trade in two years I'm happy to wait for an even better Tribeca...while driving this one. are my nits. I have far more for competing cars.
    Just completed 500 mile drive to Ohio and drove FAST making 21MPG on the way there and drove NORMAL coming back doing 24 MPG. Excellent!
    Things to be improved:
    1) Car needs more power, about 30 HP would do, but it's about average as is and quite sporty at higher speeds.
    2) Stock DVD system is a mistake. Avoid it even if you go with NAV.
    3) Rearward view is not great.
    4) Backup lights are rather weak.
    5) Telescoping wheel and memory seats need to be added.
    6) No easy Sat. radio provision for non DVD versions.
    7) 3rd row seats in 7 pass model are bordering on silly.
    8) 2nd Row seats should have another 3 inches of legroom.
    9) Rear cargo cover was probably taken from leftover Yugo parts.
    10) Trip reset button in VERY silly spot.
    11) No Auto up on drivers window!
    12) Dark leather looks cheap, but breathes better. Nicer tan leather doesn't breathe.
    13) Interior plastic a bit too plasticky.
    14) Good stereo, but stock subwoofer is weak.
    15) Radio controls on wheel are still to easy to hit.
    16) Radio tuner on wheel won't work the presets!
    17) No easy power socket for a radar's a long reach.
    18) bad segmented storage tray design aft.

    There's probably more, but go drive a RX330 or BMW X5, Murano or even the fat VW and tell me how the Tribeca stacks up. Subaru has made their first SUV look more evolved than all of the others combined. The Lexus is certainly very nice, but they took several models to get there. The Tribeca is as good or better on the try and for less money.
    And in my humble opinion the Tribeca, along with the Murano are the only SUVs with any style at all.

    Robert B
  • Hi
    we have import the new subaru b9 tribeca to the switzerland and we will switch the temperatur display from US (F) to Canada (C)

  • bt2bt2 Posts: 11

    If you use your new Garmin Street Pilot c320 in your tribeca, where will you mount/place it?

    Also, how did you decide on the Garmin c320? There's lots to choose from.
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    After logging a steady 22.3 MPG on the way to Ohio from NY I was curious how well I could do by driving at more reasonable speeds. I opted for manual mode amd simply left the car in 5th. Even on long grades going through PA, 5th gear could still handle 80 mph easily. I averaged 75 MPH back to NY and recorded a whopping 25.3 MPG.
    I'm really pleased with the Tribeca's compromises between power and economy. More power would be welcome, but it would probably have a MPG penalty. 25.3 MPG is great for a 4000 LB car with 2 people, a baby and a weekend's worth of luggage. Frankly, driving at MUCH higher speeds and averaging 21-22 MPG is pretty good as well.

    Robert B
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Can you tell us what brand/model of sonar sensors you have insalled? Let us know if you like them, 'cuz I have been looking into the same idea.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Robert: don't get arrested! :P

    popa_sez: you sure that tank is empty? Where do you get a full tank of gas for just $30 nowadays? That is *CHEAP*!

    My NAV, and reasoning behind my purchase: ateixeira, "Navigation / GPS Systems" #259, 4 Aug 2005 4:08 pm

    Basically we don't have the budget for a new vehicle right now. This bridges the gap until we do, or until a used Tribeca comes within our budget.

  • lilbluewgn02lilbluewgn02 PAPosts: 1,089
    Robert B,
    I've read with interest all your posts regarding the B9 and they are well written, entertaining, and informative, the type of posts that do belong on Edmunds Subaru crew boards; HOWEVER (and this is a HUGE HOWEVER), I find that the speeds you constantly mention driving at are not just illegal, but do not belong on a public road. I like speed as much as any Subie driver here (we are all enthusiasts, after all), but what you are doing is dangerous not just to yourself, but to other drivers on the roads with you. I noticed one part of your bio said "raising my son"; well, speaking as a father of a 15 year-old boy, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SLOW DOWN for his sake. I'm sure he would tell you the same thing...he should.
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