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I currently drive a BMW 328D, but don't have 4 wheel drive and may be moving to a snowy city where I will need it. My lease isn't due to be turned in until next March. My car is very low on mileage since I only live 2 miles from work. I'm wondering if I could turn my lease in early to get a 4 wheel drive vehicle (probably want to lease or buy a Subaru). I've heard BMW will sometimes take cars back in early, or that places such as CarMax may buy out the remainder of my lease (especially if I have low mileage and will deal with BMW Financial directly). Does anyone have any experience with this, and/or advice? Thanks!


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    Take your lease statement to your nearest CarMax and tell them you want to sell it, and get as much money back as you can out of it. Then, see what they come up with. You can certainly do that, but there is no guarantee that it is worth more than the payoff.

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