Mazda CX 5 2016.5 Grand Touring FWD or AWD?

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Looking to buy mazda cx 5 2016.5 GT model. Buying my first car. Definitely need GT model as it includes moonroof and bose package. Kind of confused to go with FWD or AWD. I stay in northwest suburbs Of Chicago IL. Read a lot about the difference between those two variants but unable to make up my mind.


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    Resale will be a bit better for an AWD and it'll sell faster up in your area. If you drive them forever, that won't matter so much.

    I dunno, I've had both in snow country and good winter tires really makes all the difference.

    First new car? If you are also a relatively new driver, you may like having the extra assurance that the AWD can give you. If you are an experienced driver, then you know that AWD just helps you get moving a bit easier but if you drive too fast for conditions, it won't help you stop or keep you out of the ditch in the snow.
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    Check out the dealer's inventory. I'll guess that in Chicago, it will be 90% AWD. Especially for the higher trim models. Don't buy what no one else buys in your area. That will kill resale. Get the AWD

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    Thank you. Buying a new car for the first time in states. Was driving a corolla for a year.
    I have seen AWD models for CX5 here but since it is costly and gives low mileage as compared to FWD I am hesitant to buy it. But I understand your point.

    Is there a guide which I can refer for first time new car buyers?

    Also, what should be the best negotiable price for this model before TTL? Should I reach out to Credit unions or national banks for loans?

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    Looks like 26/33 mpg for the FWD, 24/30 for the AWD so I understand your mpg concern.

    This will get you started with some of your buying questions:

    Guide for First-Time New-Car Buyers

    True Market Value is running about $200 below invoice for a random zip code. You can find TMV numbers for your zip and the styles/trims that you are interested in by using the Make | Model dropdown menus above and click on the Build and Price link.

    Your goal is to beat TMV, since that's the average price paid.
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    Thank you.

    I was offered $29,300 including destination for CX 5 GT 2016.5 with AWD for soul red. TMV shows around $29,600 for zip 60016. How should I negotiate to get more discounts? Looking for some tips. Thanks.
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    Get multiple quotes from dealers near you. Tell them you are ready to buy today and the dealer with the best deal will get your business. Cross-check the quote with our Price Promise (or any buying service you may qualify for, like AAA or Costco or USAA, etc.)

    If you are financing, get prequalified for the loan and then invite the dealer to beat it.

    Be willing to walk out. Maybe more than one (be sure the dealer has your phone number).

    Push hard this weekend - it's the end of the month and a big sales weekend with probably more manufacturer hood money for the dealers than we know about.

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