Hot air from the passenger side air vents when conditioning

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I have a weird situation. I kept telling my husband who always drives (hence is never in the passenger seat) that when he puts on the air conditionning, hot (not warm - HOT) air comes out the vents on my side. He thought I was hallucinating. Last summer, the coolant ran out cue to a leak so I thought that was the reason. We just had it fixed and the passenger side vents still blow out hot air. The mechanic thought that it could be the cabin air filter and looked in the glove compartment for the filter but could not find it.

- Has anyone ever heard of or encounterd this problem?
- Does anyone know where the cabin air filter is on the 2010?

Thank you!!


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    The cabin air filter theory doesn't sound logical, since both driver's and passenger's air would filter through it. I'd say it's a "blend door" problem, or if you have dual temperature controls for driver and passenger, possibly a control module problem. In any event, a professional scan tool can access the HVAC system and perhaps pinpoint the problem. The scan tool, if the right type, can even "command" the HVAC system to activate its various functions, and detect what does not respond to command.
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    Thank you for the information. Do I have to go to the dealership to have it scanned $$$ or do regular garages have scanners as well?
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    A good independent shop should have the tool (and hopefully the skill) to do this, no problem.
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    Thank you!
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    I have a similar problem on a 2003 Suburban. The vehicle sat unused for a while and the battery ran down; when I charged the battery and got it running, the problem occurred. I restarted the car a couple times but the problem continued. Could this be related to the battery depletion?
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    So it occurred and never went away? If the car's charging system isn't operating up to snuff, the various computers and modules and sensors may begin to act strange; but once full voltage is restored to the car, things should begin to operate normally again.
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    My wives 2012 is doing the exact same thing.

    All drivers side vents blow hot air and passenger side blows cold air.

    How hard is the actuator to replace? Can you check it? Any other suggestions. I guess a good code reader would be the first place to start huh??
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    Just had the rear evaporator core changed under warranty on a 20-6 GMC Acadia.
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