Loud engine knock

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I had an exhaust leak repaired. When I got the car home it started making a very loud engine knock that same day. Mechanic said it sounded like it was about to sling a rod. Makes no sense that it wasn't making this noise before the exhaust repair. Any wild ideas?


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    That should have said engine KNOCK. Sorry for that.
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    Fixed (most everyone is fluent in chat typo these days anyway). You can also edit your posts for 4 hours after posting - look for the gear to the right of your post.

    Sorry, no idea on your engine noise unless it's something silly like a heat shield rattling after the exhaust work.
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    Can't say without hearing it. Maybe you should get a second opinion---but don't let anyone touch anything, just in case mechanic #1 has to correct his own work. Hopefully he didn't drop something in the engine if he had the manifolds off.
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