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Volkswagen Passat 2006+



  • VWoA had a live broadcast last night for their Alpha Drivers program participants. Here are the highlights.. I'm sure there will be comments, remember I'm only the messenger:

    1.) The new VR6 3.6 Passat will be here in October.

    2.) The 2.0T w/ the Manual Transmission will be here in November.

    3.) There are no current plans for a TDI version of the new Passat.

    4.) Most Passat option packages will be limited and predetermined based on current ownership trends. I.E.. No special orders at this time. (However, this may change).

    5.) Discussion about the low customer satisfaction that has plagued VW for the last few years. (I'll finally put my 2 cents in here.. Can't sugarcoat this, they know there is a problem and hope to address it. I would have liked to hear a plan, a DEFINED plan of action to get the dealer networks and VWoA on right path. Only time will tell. )

    6.) Upcoming new cars: More plans for "R" models outside the GTI. Concept C, now known as EOS should be here by late summer 06. Concept R however, was terminated.

    Hope you find this stuff helpful. ;)
  • Thanks for your perspective, I think that the TSX is a tremendous bang-for-the buck. With the Passat you give up amenities for driving dynamics. As you mentioned, that to get the kind of equipment that comes standard with the TSX an equivalent Passat would cost thousands more. I've already mentioned the things that lure more towards the Passat, but TSX appeals to me because:

    1) It's reliable
    2) The bugs have been worked out, Passat is brand new.
    3) It's safe, the Passat will probably be safer, but no crash tests yet
    4) Acura service is way better than VW.
    5) A lot more luxury features for the price.

    Both great cars no doubt, it doesn't make it any easier. :confuse:
  • A couple of other things worth considering: the new Passat is a very nice car on the highway due to low engine RPMs thanks to the six speed transmission (it still has lots of power at low RPMs) and is also very quiet when cruising down the road. You do hear some tire rumble but that's because there is so little wind and engine noise thus making the rumble a bit noticeable. I also like having the satellite radio.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    You do hear some tire rumble but that's because there is so little wind and engine noise thus making the rumble a bit noticeable.

    I have test-driven three new Passats. All three had noticeable wind noise at highway speeds. Haven't driven the TSX so can't compare it but the Acura TL is substantially more quiet as regards wind noise than the Passat.
  • Perhaps I'm reading the manual wrong for my new Passat 2.0T but it sounds like I should be able to close any open windows and the sunroof using the remote control or driver side door controls...anyone know if this is true and if so...HOW???
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,516
    I know you'll never convince the faithful, but lets try with those who still grasp concept of data and numbers. Both JD Power and Consumer Reports agree on putting VW and some MB models at the bottom of their charts. Now, Toyota fixing steering problem will probably show up in their next review, but I doubts it will be enough to put them at the bottom, as some of the VW faithful would like to. They would probably have to have ten more across-the-board recalls to match long lasting record. But what do I know...

    From what I read about VW/Audi the biggest chunk of reliability problems comes from widely defined electrical system (similar with MB). I know some VW owners and they all reported many so-called small troupbles with switches, wiring, etc. showing up within first couple of years of their ownership. Basically many people end up getting this wonderful machine and after couple of months they have to visit dealerships to fix CD player, power window switch, trip computer, Nav system, etc. (MB). Definitely a lot fewer of them get actually stranded somewhere in a rain, but it happens, too. No big deal, you may say - the problem is those boring no-soul Japanese or now even those lame domestics do not exhibit those things in numbers that are even close.

    These problems cannot be prevented by good maintenance, they are embeded in the manufacturing process by poor quality of the supplied parts, (e.g. too fragile) or poorly assembled by a lazy and rude German union worker (Detroit teamsters are labor ants compared to those guys) who could not care less or worse - poorly qualified barely literate Mexican/Brazillian villager after two-month course and who doesn't know any better.

    2018 330i Gran Coupe

  • My 2003 Audi A4 is one of the best and worst cars I've ever owned. Here's what I've experienced. A lot of the plastic around the stereo is flaking off or bubbling. The center console just broke. The leather is already cracking and the car is 2 YEARS OLD. One of the bearings on the front axle went bad. The car's traction control system went haywire and it beeps like crazy everytime I make a sharp turn. As I've said, I've never had a car with so many problems since I've been driving. The scary part, Audis are supposed to be built better than VWs. Having said all that, I still love driving it.

    PS-- I service the car religiously, so all of these problems are not because of neglect.
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,516
    You probably reflect sentiment of many owners - the best and the worst at the same time... I guess that's why they're still in the business - some people don't want to give up on them and give them a chance one after another...

    2018 330i Gran Coupe

  • bzackbzack Posts: 12
    What's your point? You've been carping about VW's reliability and shilling for Japanese cars in the same time. This is a Passat fans forum. You are in a wrong place.
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,516
    Oh, my bad, I didn't know this is "cool kids" only forum :blush: .

    Well, in some way I consider myself a fan, just not a blind one, who pretend things are not there. I like a lot about VWs, even used to own one. The point is I am hoping and hoping that there will be a day I will run to a VW dealer and scream: "Give me one - I will pay you MSRP plus ADP, load all rustproofing and coating you want, just please, please sell me one because I want it so badly and can't wait anymore".

    Then of course new Passat comes. I got really excited and was looking forward to it. Read couple of good reiews, saw some nice pictures. Impressive. Of course, the pricing came later. Although I expected a raise, I got stunned. When you add reliability record on top of it - I make a pass. In few years, when data comes in and confirms claimed improvements (everybody claims improvements - I need real data), I may come in again. Because I LIKE IT (except that hideus chrome on the nose, but that's a separate issue). I just don't like it enough, not today...

    Now, if you want to throw me out for what you see as pooping the party, go ahead...

    2018 330i Gran Coupe

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The personal comments are out of line.

    Members do not have to be a fan of any particular vehicle to express opinions in a discussion about that vehicle. We are all free to disregard any post we don't wish to read and should choose to do just that instead of posting personally directed comments.

    Also, no one throws anyone out of here but me. :D :shades:
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,516
    Sorry, got to personal. Stopping now. :blush:

    2018 330i Gran Coupe

  • New Audis -- and I HOPE VW's -- offer the buyer the choice of tires summer UHP or all season HP -- even if you opt for the HP wheels (18" alloys), it is possible to designate 18" 245 x 40 x 18" HP A/S tires. I know, I did this, because I hate Audis choice of UHP Summer only tires (they are noisy and have really short tread life.)

    Ultimately, I will probably go ahead and get summer only UHP tires (Z or better rated.)

    Tire/wheel changovers due to the season just don't fit here in the US -- which I find odd, since I grew up in central/western Ohio and every winter my dad used to put "snow tires" on the Chrysler.

    It is so rare to see summer and winter tires here in SW Ohio that those who do use "winter tires" stand out by virtue of the fact that so few folks use them.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    3.) There are no current plans for a TDI version of the new Passat.

    HUGE MISTAKE enough said.

  • Man, there are times I hate being 6'4"! The Passat is one of the few cars I can fit comfortable in - the TSX isn't an option. I might end up with a Passat Wagon next year. But for the reset of the car-crazed true Drivers -

    Another option has just become available. For 2006, Honda's Accord has a new model - the EX-V6 with a 6-speed manual ! It's got all the safety stuff, heated leather, 30 mpg highway - for under $28k. For those who haven't driven an Accord, expect a level of suppleness and smoothness that is very satisfying. That, with top-shelf reliability. I almost bought an LX with the 4-cyl and manual trans, and still might.

    Sure wish I could fit into the EX - the dang sunroof is standard, and takes almost 2" out of the headroom!
  • I would like to share my mpg findings with my Passat 2.0T Automatic. I am getting 28mpg average when driving 15% city/traffic and 85% open freeway.

    Mileage definately starts to decrease above 70mph... though it is hard to maintain such a low speed with the Passat. The onboard computer can help getting better mileage. I tend to keep a distance from the car in front of me to avoid any breaking.

    If I can keep my foot from stepping on the gas too hard and drive 65-70 I should be able to get 30mpg or even more. Traffic/city driving really decreases the mileage quickly.
  • I am 6'6' and the new Passat and the new Jetta were the only cars I reasonable fit. I bought the Passat 2.0T Automatic. My right leg still hit the center console but at least not the steering wheel. I wish there was a bench seat version. But I guess that is a pipe dream.
  • zebezebe Posts: 2
    I agree with your comments dino001.
    It seems that VW has been trying for years to build a loyal group of owners, however, rather than doing that building a reliable product, they are spending money on marketing to create a “VW family”.
    I owned 5 VWs so far, still have one, 2003 Passat. I used to tell people that VWs are good cars they might squeak or make other noises, but they will never leave you in the middle of the road.
    Oh how wrong I was…, new VWs are not build the same way. Sure their engine will last, is just all that other “stuff” that will fail.
    In my case, I was already questioning VW quality, but I bought another one, because I needed a station wagon and I was not big fun of SUVs.
    Anyway, my, or rather my wife’s Passat, left her stranded last November; fuel pump and computer failed. We had to tow, less that 2-year-old car with 20K on it, and it took VW 3 days to fix it. During those 3 days local dealership in Devon, PA acted like they were doing us a favor by even looking at the car. I was never offered a loaner, nor anybody ever said sorry for the inconvenience.
    In the spring of this year I bought a new car for myself, and no it was not VW. I think I am done with them, reliability is one thing, and another is customer service, which “sucks”.
    Last comment, is it just me or the new Jetta looks like Toyota Corolla?
  • Posting in more than one forum isn't necessary - we got the message...
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Supercommuter, does your new Passat have a sunroof? I'm interested in how the headroom is with sunroof as it seems it will be tough to find a 2.0T without one. I'm about your size and have an '03 GL with no sunroof, which has plenty of headroom. I like to sit fairly upright w/o having to recline the seatback to avoid hitting the headliner. Can you do that in the new Passat?
  • hey nice to know that
    can u share how much did u paid for this vehicle.and in which state.


  • hi folks!

    was just wondering if any one know where i can get a resonable warranty on a passat 06,i am talking about the extended warranty,any websites or vendors

    plzz let me know!
  • I was interested in 06 Passat and wen to a VW dealer (Puente Hills VW of Los Angeles) to look at the car. I was really attracted to the car and wanted to have a test drive. I asked one salesman and he said he was busy (it was 10:00 o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday and there were very few customers at the dealership). He told a new salesman to show me the car. When I told the new salesman that I'd like to test-drive a new Passat. He looked at me and said that he needed to pick up a phone call and left me in the parking lot. I waited for 10 minutes in the parking lot. He never returned and no other salesman came to me. I was wearing T-shirt and jeans and probably didn't look wealthy enough to them, I guess. Perhaps the salesmen didn't think that I could afford a new Passat from my appearance. With this kind of sales attitude, how could I expect good after-sale service? I left Puente Hills VW and went to a Lexus dealer. The sales folks at the Lexus dealer were very helpful and treated me with dignity and good service. I bought a new Lexus.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Have you thought about contacting the VW dealer and speaking with the Sales manager and letting them know of your experience? I would hope they would be interested in learning that they possibly lost a sale due to their unprofessional sales staff..
  • bzackbzack Posts: 12
    That is totally different from what I experienced at my VW dealership (Calgary, Canada). I dropped by a local VW dealership durng a hot summer afternoon. I wore shorts and sandals. When I made the request to take a test drive, the store manager gladly complied and gave me the keys of a Passat TDI and a Jetta TDI to compare. He let me to drive myself and even did not ride with me. I was quite happy with the Passat TDI, and ended up brought one.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Sounds like you had an excellent experience and they earned your business.
  • dtd07dtd07 Posts: 19
    To think in this day and age, when other makers are discounting cars like hotcakes-here we have a person willing and wanting to put some dough down,
    these (two) salesmens walks off...WOW-- :surprise:
    In a commission paid position you (2005es330) are the person I would like to have around and to think we want them (salesmen) to leave us alone while we look around.

    To bad, so sad :cry: dealer is crying now...
  • rwatsonrwatson Posts: 144
    I said it before, andI'll say it again: VWoA is VW's worst enemy.
  • I live in Dallas area and I went to the Dealership in Lewisville with my wife and 2 cars to get their approval on the 2006 Passat. It was a Saturday afternoon at 3:30 pm, we seat in the Passat, the Jetta, messing around, went to the bathroom, go out to the Parking lot to look at different color, came back and grab 2 complimentary diet coke and water. We spent total of almost 30 mins and not one manager, saleman, reception, mechanic talk or even say hello to us. Needless to say, my wife give me the big "THUMB DOWN". :mad:
  • What type of fuel does the 2.0T require? I test drove a 2006 today and was told by the salesman that premium grade is what is recommended. Has anyone got real world fuel mileage numbers yet?
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