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Volkswagen Passat 2006+

Evolutionary design changes should improve the Passat's performance and refinement while maintaining the likable character that has made it so popular. eview.html?*


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  • Edmunds future cars section states the '06 Passat will resemble the Pheaton in styling.

    It seems logical to me that the 2006 Passat is actually the short V6 Phaeton sold in Europe now but not in the USA. I could'nt understand why VW didn't sell the short Phaeton here since it's front wheel drive and much much cheaper. Now, I think I know the answer. It's b/c it will be the new Passat here.If so, VW is going to have a tough time keeping the price tag under 40K.Maybe VW wants the Passat to compete w/ the upscale cars here.(only a quess)
    I have to decide if it's worth the wait for the 2006 Passat which is coming out in fall 2005, or buy a Acura TL now. The other possibility is waiting for the 2006 Toyota Avalon which is coming out in early 2005. Why don't these guys introduce their new models at the same time so the decision would be quicker and easier?
  • chidorochidoro Posts: 125
    It actually reminds me of the current Altima more than the Phaeton, especially the rear.
  • When you say the Passat reminds you of the Altima, I think you're referring to the 2005 Passat, not the 2006 which is'nt out yet, and is due in the fall of 2005.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "It seems logical to me that the 2006 Passat is actually the short V6 Phaeton sold in Europe now but not in the USA."

    VW has succeeded in covering up this un-Audi-ish new Passat by disguising it as an Audi-based Phaeton.

    But you can't hide, 'cause this FWD car actually followed the more-intelligent Focus design w/ Control Blade 4-link rear suspension & transversely mounted engine. VW really hired the Focus engineers to do the new Passat's rear suspension.

    BMW almost adopted the RWD-ready Focus platform in the late '90's for its future entry-level car, but decided not to risk its upscale snob reputation & therefore changed its mind. In order to excel, BMW had to apply a 5-link rear-suspension design in the new 1-series.
  • Interesting!

    I remember reading once that Focus hired VW engineers to do the Focus suspensions

    I wish to know more on suspension, what type of multi-link suspension does current Passat have ? What is the difference between 5 link and Control Blade 4-link suspension ? Any website where we can get more info with some pictures ?

    Thank you.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "I remember reading once that Focus hired VW engineers to do the Focus suspensions"

    Are you serious? I've heard of VW/Audi people did the styling, either the interior or the exterior, of the new '05 Focus II, but the suspension?

    The Control Blade 4-link rear suspension is the cost cutting way to reproduce the old Mondeo wagon's 4-link, which is pretty similar to the Mazda6's 4-link.

    The current FWD Passat's rear suspension is shared w/ the '96 A4, but a couple years ago the redesigned A4 upgraded it into the AWD model's multi-link, which I'm not sure exactly what it is. So whatever the current Passat rides on, it's either the semi-independent trailing-arm similar to the Golf/Jetta I, II, III & IV, or worse, the non-independent from the old Audi 100, 90 & 80, Fox, etc. Can some one answer this question?

    "I wish to know more on suspension, what type of multi-link suspension does current Passat have ?"

    So the current Passat is the only member in the "Audi" family left w/o the multi-link rear, unless it's an AWD model.
  • Thanks Crekid1, may be it's the styling and not the suspention on Focus, I'll post the link to the article if I find it.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    200hp standard 280hp in V6 model


  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    Big thumbs up from me.
  • The new styling is interesting, but it seems a little out of proportion to me--like the wheelbase is too short. The car would look better with shorter front and rear overhangs, and it would probably ride better with a longer wheelbase also.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Partially agree...I think it would look a little better if it had a shorter front overhang, but I don't think it looks "out of proportion".


    The reason it may look long is because we're looking at pictures, as opposed to the real thing.


    I think maybe the front end looks long because of the "snout" on it. It appears that the front starts to curve in right where the headlight starts; so if we look at if from a side view it appears that the very front bumper is farther from the wheels than it should be.


    I think a top view of the front may better show what’s going on.


    Either way…looks gorgeous.

  • Yeah but it's a VW and worst it's german. Last time I checked they were building such quality cars the Japanese were running scared. Better sell my poor quality G35 to get this one. Hopefully they integrated the tow hooks under the front for easy access.
  • You are right. It may look better in person than it does in photos. Overall, I think VW did a nice job with the exterior styling. The previous generation Passat has been copied by the Altima and the Ford 500/Mercury Montego, and it is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. I would have liked another 3 inches or so in wheelbase, however.


    How does one respond to sapparo's post (#15)? Yes, the G35 has higher reliability ratings than the Passat. But the Passat did get a recommended rating by Consumer reports (except 4 motion I believe). All cars are more reliable than they used to be. A rating of average is now good. Better than average is excellent. I would avoid buying a vehicle that was significantly below average. VW knows they have quality problems especially with the Golf/Jetta, and they are working to correct this. Assuming that the new Passat will regularly need tow hooks is a little premature at this point IMO.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    If it was that bad VW would have been bankrupt twenty years ago. If it was that bad VW would not have such a loyal following. If it was that bad everybody owning a VW would be in financial difficulty by paying hefty maintenance fees.


    G35(yawn) is good but does not come close to performance- handling of most German sport sedans as the BMW 3 series and the new and upcoming Audi A4.


    I recommend you do sell the G35 soon for the upcoming 6 cyl Passat, Audi A4 or Bmw 3 series. It is no coincidence that Japanese companies try so hard to mimic German sport sedans but never really achieve success.


    Better luck Sapporo with your purchase of the new Passat. I guarantee you will love it!
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    Yeah VW is having problems because of many vehicles late in the product cycle. This has been obvious for quite a while.


    The G35 is 10 percent short of a BMW and merely a pretentious Altima. Not much of a boast is it.


    Regarding quality differeces---this is not the 80s when the market had problematic Yugos, Jags, and Hyundai's.


    Also to buy a car solely based on reliability stats to me indicates someone who views his cars with little passion.


    If reliability is your sole aim, buy a Hyundai. Have you seen the reliability stats on them, it is quite impressive.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251 - ?cnn=yes


    As you probably know, retained values of used cars are closely linked to reliability. No used car buyer wants to end up with a lemon? Right! I mean most resales are not even covered by warranty.


    Well if you refer to the link above, notorious unreliable VW is #4 in retained values. Higher than Subarus or Mazdas.


    If VW was as bad as Sappora and Bobcat claims, retained values of VW would be close to the bottom not Number 4.


    Oh and by the way did you notice the luxury car company with the highest retained value. Sorry Sapporo it is not Infiniti or Lexus, but BMW(another notoriously unreliable German car)
  • . . .fully loaded this thing should come in south of $40,000! It is bigger than the current Passat, smaller than the new A6, AWD, smart key, DVD navi system -- more HP than the new Audi 3.2 engine variant (note: I'll bet Audi will crank up the HP of the 3.2, just like it has done with prior iterations of its engine family) -- shazam! An A5 by any other name. Indeed, this would seem to come in about on par with the last gen A6 (in terms of size, etc.)


    Now, who knows for sure, but it seems to me that the new upcoming in March, 2005, A4 3.2 with all options will be north of $42,000. Yea, I know it (the Audi) is in the Premium segment and I suspect this will be in the "near-Premium" class.


    But, this Passat is sure a sweetie and looks to be another up market move for VW. There seems to be an attempt to differentiate this from the Audis, too -- different engine, different engine orientation, different AWD drive.


    It would seem this is a real step toward making VW be much more than an Audi-lite, as the Passat, particularly has been of late.


    I will be out of the market when this comes to our shores, but based on the press release, this would be a contender. This certainly reads like it would be at $38,000 a potential rival for the A6, comparably equipped at $52,000 (yea, I know the new A6 has a longer wheelbase and is "more car" -- but this certainly is coming in at a "slow down and look me over" price even for us died in the wool Audi fans!)


    Bravo VW, Bravo!
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    This is getting to be a delightful dialogue, Sapporo.


    I guess that means you do not understand the concept of platform sharing! Nothing wrong with that Sapporo. No need to get angry.


    "Smarter product planning, execution with more intelligent design and much better reliability"


    Yes and you forgot one thing. Nissan makes big profits with platform sharing. This save a lot money in r&d.
    As Altima, Maxima and G35 share the same platform(this is not a clue it is a fact)


    Anyway it appears we are getting out of topic here. Why dont you check the following Edmunds site. You will notice there are quite a few Happy campers owning German cars. They are certainly more happy than you are.


    randomguy11111, "Reliability and long-term costs of ownership - MB, BMW, VW/AUDI compared" #, 12 Mar 2003 1:18 pm


  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Back to the passat.


    To me, the interior looks like a refined 5 if they could do it all over again this is what they would have created. Would be nice to see one in wood.


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