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Chevrolet Cobalt Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I don't understand GM's pricing. They seem to think they can charge a premium price, just because their costs are high. Here in Kansas City, you can buy a Toyota Corolla for about the same price as a similar Cobalt. For that price, the Corolla provides better MPG and much better resale value. A Focus is much less than a Cobalt, and in my opinion, is at least as good a car, even after all these years on the market. For their premium price, you might think they would offer a best in class warranty (like Hyundai's), but instead they offer one of the worst warranties. Wake up, GM, it's not the 1960's and you do NOT control pricing in the USA.
  • nyguy1nyguy1 Posts: 23
    I had a similar experience with a 2004 Vibe a while back. The correct move is to leave just like you did. I was told not to worry about the extra fee since they add it to all cars. I walked....they called me back and eliminated the fee. Dealers wonder why they have such a poor reputation? It is dealings such at this that give it to them. Has anyone tried to actually read the fine print in some car ads and see the huge downpayments or balloon payment writen in print 1/10th the size as the monthly payment?
    Remember when you walk into the dealership it is war. The dealer has many bullets in their guns and the customer has only one. The ability to walk out. Use it when the dealer starts to shoot at you. The dealer will try to get every last dollar they can from you.....your job is to prevent this. If they think you are quibbling about a small about tell them that so are they, the same small amount you don't want to pay is the small amount they are demanding. Same coin different side. Do your homework and DONOT let them pull the wool over your eyes. Most will try.
  • The huge fees and deceptive practices are what you find when you go to the BIG CITY to buy. Most people think that if you buy in the BIG CITY vs. the little dealer that they will get a better deal in the city. WRONG!!! All dealers pay the same price TO THE PENNY for an exact identical vehicle as far as what in on the vehicle. The city dealers mark the vehicles up which is called (adjusted market value). Some thousands of $$$. Then they lure you down there, with an extra 3000 dollars off what your local dealer will discount it. It is deceptive and it is dishonest, and it gets most people. Whos is really pulling the wool over you eyes, the big city dealers is who. You think you have done your homework, you have put up a fight, you have WON, not at all, you have still got suckered into a bad deal. I've found that most bad experiences come from those of us that say....we will go to the big city dealer, where they are cheaper, and then you get burnt, and think all dealers are like that, and they aren't. Your best bet is to stay with your local dealer, small town dealer, etc. It has nothing to do with city dealers moving more volume at all. They all pay the same price, to the penny, the cent. So stop going to the fancy , slicked back hair, and leather chair dealers in the huge cities, and you wont have to worry about putting up your defenses, and you WILL get a better deal.
  • You might be overlooking one big plus - by cutting $1,000 off of the sticker in lieu of a rebate, you can qualify for the lower financing rate, which is sure to follow. As of now, you can only pick and choose one or the other. This can make a big difference in the cost during the life of the loan. Believe me, rebates and 0% financing will be back, and you have already saved a grand.
  • Saw an ad in today's local newspaper selling a new 06 cobalt sedan, LS auto, CD, for $11,995. Plus they take your trade-in for @ least $3,000 no matter what. Called after lunch and was told it was sold. :cry:
  • Or GM is the only one to offer the 5% redeemable credits for buying a new car?
  • dwormsbedwormsbe Posts: 6
    So, I jumped in. After alot of research and looking I bought a 2006 Cobalt LS for $10,999. This is the most basic 5-speed, unit I could find. I figured the less toys the less to break down or fail. Drives well and seems very capable, so far like it much better than my '04 Focus zx5. My six year old is impressed that you can crank up the windows without the car running.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Congratulations! Sedan or coupe? My Coupe, LS with stick shift, is much faster than most of my former Focus ZX3's - the only one that came close was a 2003 ZX3 with the 2.3 liter PZEV engine (Ford briefly used the 2.3's instead of the 2.0's in California).

    It's also a lot quieter.

    And you're gonna love the DIC (driver information center, trip computer) and automatic headlamps.

    Isn't the price great?
  • dwormsbedwormsbe Posts: 6
    Thanks, I got the sedan. So far it's been great and you're right, this car would dust the Focus. Too early to tell but I think it's going to get better mileage.
  • Just thought I'd add my experience (new here by the way :)). I previously drove a '99 Cavalier Coupe (leased and buy option at end of the lease) and after much research decided I wanted to get a 2006 Cobalt LS Coupe. I went to the dealer where I got my Cav but the particular guy I got the Cav from now works at another dealership. Anyway my father and I got stuck with some 1950's holdover salesman who was very enthusiastic to get me into the car, fill out the papers, get a co-signer blah blah blah. All this after he offered me no money down, drive it off the lot. I returned the forms and regretttably told him I couldn't have a co-signer because the only person I could consider was my mom however she and my father are in bankruptcy so that isn't reliable. Immediately his attitude changed to sour and said "well we'll get you a used Cavalier". Well I was driving a used Cavalier, my own! The finance guy told me there was no chance I was going to get my '06 Cobalt. He told me to try other places to see if I could get something else. I understand the game but was a bit frustrated that no one would help me out. Needless to say there was 1 guy who worked at the dealership who got my paperwork and pushed and pushed to get me financing. GMAC wouldn't touch me at all. He called me a few days later and said "I can get you approved for an '05 Cavalier". I said "No thanks, I'm not interested" and hung up the phone. Lo and behold 1hr later he calls back and tells me I'm approved for my '06 Cobalt. The very same one I test drove. I met with him and he told me he called at least a dozen different financial institutions to get me the $$. My credit isn't go great and what saved me was I never missed a payment on my Cav from day 1. I am truly indebted to him. My only regret is that the stodgy old "you're gettin' nuthin'" salesman got the credit for the sale :mad:
    I didn't get any extras save an automatic transmission and a rear spoiler. Paid approx $16,500 and at the end of 6 years it's all mine. I could only get a straight buy, no lease of which I'm glad. For as many years I had the Cav it could've been mine 3 years earlier had I not leased it.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    How about a 2006 Cobalt LS Sedan with Cruise Control for 12,500 including the 750 rebate?
  • For a bare bones vehicle (this is the same LS Cobalt and mine has automatic transmission) that is what I paid for here in South Texas. OTD total was $13175. I had my parents help me purchase this as my first new vehicle. This doesn't have any other dealer added options, and no power anything (not even floormats). Not to confuse "Luxury Sedan" of the former Cavalier LS, there's nothing fancy about the Cobalt LS (it is the lowest series of the Cobalts).

    I think I got a good deal. My parents have dealt with the same guy before in the past so the experience wasn't uncomfortable. We even haggled him to get the windows tinted after quite a few "I cannot do that" responses =)
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    Well - now as of today (08/29/06), there's now another $500 cash back for a total of $1250 back in the Cobalt. So that makes the price $12,000 even. Then I applied my $2700 of GM Card Earnings for a final price of $9300. You gotta love that for a brand new car. :)
  • I don't see how you were able apply $2700 of GM Card Earnings towards a 2006 Cobalt. The latest I saw in print was up to $1000 on a 2007 Cobalt. Am I missing something?
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    I had the Original GM Card, and never "upgraded" to the newer card they offered. Under the agreement of the original card, there was never any limitation on the amount of money that could be applied up to the $3500. Someone else in my office used her full $3000 on a new Pontiac G6, and shortly after, they sent her the new card, with the new limits. So, I may be getting a new card shortly, but so far, I haven't.
  • I also have the original GM card and have never upgraded. Although I used my accrued earnings at the time to purchase my 1988 Grand Prix, my earnings were under the amount ($1500) I thought was allocated for the car at that time. I currently have a little over $1700 built up since then and am looking to replace my wife's 1991 Pontiac Grand Am. Are you saying that I can use all of my $1700 on, let's say, a 2007 Cobalt? I'm sure I saw recently where earnings only up to $1000 is allowed on a 2007 Cobalt. Any information would be helpful.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    If you call the 1-800-847-1000 on the back of your card, you can ask them if you're eligible to use the full amount of your earnings on the Cobalt. Let them know that you still have the original card. They told me over the phone that I was eligible to use the full amount. :)
  • I took your advice (the number is 947) and you were right. Now, instead of the $1000 I thought I was only going to be able to use, I'm good for nearly $1800. Thank you for that info.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    Sorry about the typo. Glad to hear you can use your full amount. Hope you get a good deal. I now have about 3,500 miles on my '06 Cobalt LS sedan, and I haven't had any problems. Getting about 33 mph with the 5-speed.
  • Am currently in negoiations with dealer. Being offered $13,600 for 2007 Cobalt Sedan LT with only option automatic transmission (no trade). I still think this is high. Any other opinions out there?
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    According to Edmunds, that would seem to be a good price:
    2007 Chevrolet Cobalt
    LT 4dr Sedan (2.2L 4cyl 5M)

    Total with Options (Automatic Transmission)
    MSRP-------Invoice------What Others Are Paying

  • I'm sorry, I goofed. I'm being offered $14,600 (no trade) not $13,600. $14,200 with trade ( a 1991 Grand Am w/129,000 and at least a half dozen other problems that I don't want to put money into). They gave me $100 more than I thought I would receive. I think sometimes it's really hard to even believe Edmunds numbers. I want to counter offer them something below their $14,200 as the two numbers that I mentioned were their first numbers. I say that about Edmunds because I find it hard to believe that the MSRP is $15,635 and the dealer invoice is only $881 below that.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    Kelly Blue Book Claims:
    What people are actually paying (16,248.00)
    Invoice (15,365.25)
    MSRP (16,330.00)

    Seems like $14,600 might not be too bad. I'm not sure where you live, but you could try e-mailing a couple of other dealers to see if they can beat it.
  • I did request quotes from 2 other dealer in the area (I live in the Allentown, PA area). One responded but not with a number, the other quoted me $14,800. So right now, the first dealer has given me the best offer of $14,265 w/trade but that was his first offer. I think he should be able to knock off a few hundred from that especially since I am trying to make this a cash deal.
  • I finally made my deal and have the 2007 Cobalt LT for nearly a month. The MSRP for the car with only automatic transmission is $15,635 before taxes. Of course I was not going to pay that. I had a trade-in that was worth only $400. The first offer was $14,265 with trade. I didn't like the number and I told the dealer. A few days later I made an offer of $13,600. General manager asked if I could come up to $13,750. I think I was being squeezed but I said yes. I then had $1700 in GM card earnings to take off from that $13,750. My out the door price including destination charge, tax, tags, license came to $12,888 or somewhere close to that as I do not have the paperwork in front of me. And I also received a $100 gift card to Target. So a new Chevy Cobalt LT for under $13,000. So glad I didn't upgrade my GM Mastercard when they were trying to get cardholders to do so. Upgrading would have turned my $1700 into $350. So those of you looking to find what others are paying, this is my story.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You got a great deal but, uh "first offer was $14,265 with trade. I didn't like the number and I told the dealer. A few days later I made an offer of $13,600. General manager asked if I could come up to $13,750. I think I was being squeezed but I said yes."

    Good grief it sounds like YOU were doing the squeezing - $2,035 off the list price on an "economy" car. Many dealers' coupon specials around here only offer $1,000 off....

    Anyway congrats on a great deal.
  • My gut tells me that car prices are over-inflated just like many other items we purchase in our lives. Businesses try to make us pay what they want us to pay (why would I pay $50 for a pair of jeans, for example). My job is to get the best deal I can dispite the dealer fighting against that goal. Although I treat him/her with respect, he is not my friend who is trying to do me a favor. I look at this strictly as a business deal. He's trying to make me pay as much as possible, I'm trying not to. I don't get all excited about the new car smell and wide eyed over a brand new object. This is alot of money to me that took a long time to save. I'm not giving away thousands in profits. One dealer's offer was only $381 off the MSRP, although it was his first offer. I believe I could have talked with him, about price, if I persued that dealship. If someone else wants to pay that that's their business but I feel sorry for them that they then can't use what they could have saved (by doing a little homework and dealing). And even from this experience I have learned something that will help me the next time. Anyway, thank you for your comments. If a fellow consumer thinks I got a great deal that makes me feel all the better. I think only another car dealer will truly know if the deal was a good deal.
  • I'm wondering if I got a good deal. Back in August 2006 I bought a Chevy Cobalt LS, Automatic, with Cruise Control for $13,750 drive off price, I wrote them a check.
  • Here is the deal that I received. A 2007 Cobalt LT (one level up from an LS) with only option being automatic. Air, power windows, and power locks were included in the LT model. This particular car was listed @ $15,635. The dealer offered $14,366 including my $800 trade. I sat on the offer for a few days and then called the dealer and made my offer of $13,600. We went back and forth a few times and he accepted $13,750 (which I thought was a little ironic because you paid that price for a 2006 LS). But my deal got a little sweeter. I had the GM Mastercard and was able to knock of $1700 from that price because my GM earnings had accrued that much over the last 6 years. So my final cost was approx. $12,800 including tax, destination charge, dealer fees. And also, I received a $100 gift card to Target. The $1700 really helped out big time. I, personally, would have tried to get something knocked off your $13,750 only because, apparently, you paid upfront (I assume when you say you wrote a check)and now, in hindsight, they were willing to take $13,750 for a 2007 LT vs a 2006 LS. I have not had any problems with the car so far.
  • a brand new 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged with sunroof. I took delivery of this car from David Chevrolet in Niagara Falls, NY yesterday. $500 were added to the price above because I opted for the GMAC $17,000 4.9% five year loan.
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