Hard top vs. Soft top?

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I didn't realize they split the old 3 series convertible to the 2 series and the 4 series convertibles.

Always thought the retractable hardtop was cool.

But it sounds like the soft top has a similar mechanism, that it will close while moving? Will it latch automatically to the windshield or do you have to manually latch like the old convertibles?

Beyond that, how do the 2 and 4 series convertibles compare for:

1. Durability of the top.

2. Reliability of the mechanism or retracting/closing

3. Does the hardtop take more space in the trunk or vice versa? Can you put full size suitcase (one of those 28-inch or larger ones that you have to check in) in the trunk of either model?

Besides the tops, what other differences are there between the models? For instance, the engines appear to be the same between the 228/428 and the 235/435?

Is the 4-series larger cars than the 2-series?

Does the 4-series have options or equipment not available on the 2-series or vice versa?

Are both series of convertibles available for Euro Delivery?

Do both series of convertibles have similar leasing terms? I imagine the convertibles are in demand so maybe they don't offer as attractive leasing terms as other models like the 3-series sedans?


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