Chevrolet Uplander Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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    I purchased a 2005 Chevrolet Uplander LS FWD with the 'PDF-LS Easy Order Package'. The MSRP for this vehicle was $28,185 and the Invoice was $26,174.98. I copied the following from the dealer invoice.

                               MSRP INVOICE

    TOTAL MODEL & OPTIONS 27470.00 24841.90

    DESTINATION CHARGE 715.00 715.00



    TOTAL 28185.00 26174.98

    Knowing the vehicle and options I wanted, I contacted all the Chevrolet Dealerships within a 3-hour radius. I initiated this contact through email or the dealership's websites. In each email I was very specific with the model and options that I wanted. I also told each of them that I was contacting other dealers in the area. I asked each of them to reply with their best offer. I used the information from Edmunds to ensure the salesmen were quoting accurate MSRP & Invoice prices.

    I contacted approximately 15 dealerships and about 1/2 of them responded within 12 hours. I replied individually to each responder and told them what my best offer was. Only one offered to match, but not beat, my best offer. I called my best offer and finalized everything over the phone. Ultimately, I got the following deal:

    INVOICE $26,175


    1/2 DEALER HOLDBACK (423)

    2 GM CERTIFICATES (1000)


    SUBTOTAL $23,352


    TOTAL PAID $26,025

    When I went to pick up the vehicle I spent a little over an hour at the dealership signing paperwork, finalizing the financing, and doing a vehicle orientation. All together, it was less than 36 hours from the time of the first email until I drove home with my vehicle. It would have taken less time, but the dealer had to get the exact vehicle I wanted from another lot.
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    2005 Chevy Uplander LS (1SB package) RWB

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    1SB package: Cruise, Roof rack, Floor mats, Cargo nets, Deep tinted rear glass, color-keyed side panels and door handles, integrated child seat in middle row bucket seat.

    Additional Options: Remote Start, Mid-row center storage console

    Came with:
    One year OnStar Safe and Sound
    $500 free gas ($0.20/litre off for 2500 litres)
    2.9% financing
    $24,230 (employee pricing) + admin fee ($399) + sales tax (15%)
    Plus, I got $1000 for my 14-year-old Saturn with 370,000km through the Car Heaven program. Used that as a down payment. (Probably would have had to pay someone to take it away otherwise.)

    = $490/month for 60 months

    The employee price was supposed to be $24,291 (no center console), but I got them to $24,000, then got the center console for "cost" ($230).

    All numbers are in CAD. Today's rate is $1.00 CAD = 0.821USD
    So, $24,230 CAD = $19.893 USD. $490/month CAD = $402/month USD.

    Took delivery yesterday. A couple of little issues:

    - Compass indicator always says "N", no matter which direction you are going
    - Rear split folding seats don't quite line up, either when upright or folded flat.

    I will get these things looked at when I go to have the center console installed (it had to be ordered in).

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    My wife and I are pretty well stuck on the Uplander after driving the BIG 3 in test drives. I like the looks and feel and the price is pretty good as well. I have a question before heading out to the dealer. My question involves this employee pricing program they have going. We would like to know if they are going to extend it beyond the 30th of September here in Canada because I don't want to feel rushed about it .. that only leaves me 5 working days to buy a car and thats really rushing things. If this is the true deadline for it should I opt to wait and pick up a 2006 or reap the savings of a 2005 ... or is there savings?
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    I'm shopping for a new Uplander and have a 93 Cavalier i'll be wanting to trade-in for the deal but I am unsure at what point is the smartest time to tell the salesperson re: the trade-in?
    Will I get more for it after we have agreed on a price for the new vehicle and than lay it on them or walk in the dealership and telling them right off the bat?
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    A couple of opinions regarding your questions...

    1) If you know you want an '05 Uplander, then I wouldn't wait... Some makes, once they put buying incentives on a car, leave them there until the car is sold... But, the domestic makes seem to be schizophrenic about things like this, and many times a vehicle may cost $1000 more, if you miss the special program... End of the month and end of the quarter are coming up.. That is always a good time to buy.. Don't feel rushed, or feel like you have to buy.. but, get out there and see what you can do..

    2) You didn't describe your '93 Cavalier, but in reality, any 13 year-old car is going to be worth less than $500 on trade.. So, it isn't going to materially affect your final number, no matter when you bring it up.. If the car is in nice shape, you'd probably do much better selling it in the private market..

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    I found review 5294681 (My first new van). He said he got his 2007 Uplander for $22,000.

    Isthere anyway I can know who and where did he buy his uplander and what was the options he got for that price?

    I bought a new van last Feb 3, 2007 and the salesman told to me that I got the best price thoughout Canada, The Price was $22,800 + Tax.

    Please advise $800 is a big money for me considering we have triplets.

    If I know him, I may contact him and ask the options he got then I can come back to my dealer and will try to ask something. A $800 is almost 1 year of gas already.

    Please help
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    Hi, I am new to this forum and just came across this discussion.

    We just bought a 2007 Uplander LS with remote start option for $20305 all in.
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    can anyone explain why gm does not offer any factory incentives for a 2008 chevy uplander (as on jan 08)...?? it also baffles me that i cannot find any new 2007 leftover uplanders (regular wheelbase) in my area (nyc),..
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    i visited a chevy dealer and from what i gather from the salesman, gm is going out of the minivan business...oh well...guess i'll have to start looking at japanese or korean minivans..
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    I am sure a GM dealer is willing to deal if you really want one, even without the incentives. A local GM dealer (Mississippi) still has an unsold 2006 model! These vans are not highly rated and are problematic; most dealers want to get them off their lots ASAP.
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    Love my 2008 Uplander who else sells a mini van with ground clearance that these vans have? 2007 thru 2009 they were raised 6.5 inches. While the trend to buy crossover vehicles i still love a van. 240hp + 240lb torque with 90% of it from 1500 RPM on Variable cam timing which makes it so clean running that it doesn't even require a EGR valve. Ford Chrysler are left behind in Engine design. Yes some of the older Uplanders had problems! GM saved the best for last. :)
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