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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • goofballgoofball Posts: 20
    I understand that the Nissan Frontier V6 doesn't require anything other than 87 octane for it to make full power. I never meant to imply that in my original posting although after re-reading it it does come out that way. This is what I get for reading and posting at 2am...

    As far as I can remember from early this morning the only point I was trying to make was that the vast majority of standard vehicles will see zero performance gains from running anything over 87 octane exactly like the reply to me from boone88rr stated. Like I said, it was late (early) and I was obviously tired and not comprehending things properly. No more posting after 12AM for me.

    For the record I now own a '05 Tacoma V6 and have no qualms with having to use 91+ octane when I feel like getting on it hard. Day-to-day I will be using either 87 or 89 depending on what mileage compared one to the other looks like after a few thousand miles.

    When buying I looked heavily at both the Tacoma and Frontier and up until actually contacting dealerships for info they were neck and neck. Frontier had better HP/TQ numbers and the cost was around 1500$ less comparably configured. The Frontier had a DIN style stereo mount making for a easier replacement and had options for upgraded sound including XM, Sirius and MP3 capabilities. The Frontier also had better stock equipment without having to add option packages. The Tacoma had much better interior and exterior quality and looks (personal opinion), slightly more room in the back bench area and wife approval. The Tacoma had better availability from what I could find on dealer websites with the options I wanted in this area of the country. The Toyota had the expected reliability I have experienced in several other Toyota vehicles owned by myself, family and friends (not to bag on Nissan, I also had a '86 720 Nissan pickup that ran well into the 180,000mi area, was traded in due to no A/C and several minor problems that would have totaled 3-4000$ to repair). The Toyota had slightly better historical resale.

    The final clincher that split the 50-50 in my mind was the response from Toyota dealerships in this area versus Nissan. Several of the Toyota dealerships responded to the e-mails I sent out that specified exactly what I wanted in a Tacoma with EXACT configuration sheets, including VIN, stock numbers and price offers of vehicles available at the dealer or on the ground and shipping to the state that matched or were close to what I wanted. The only responses I got from all of the Nissan dealers, keeping in mind that I sent them exact specs of what I wanted in a Frontier, same as the Toyota dealers, were requests to call them to discuss what options I wanted and to come down and look at what they had. That was unacceptable to me as I had already provided them with that information and didn't want to deal with any high pressure phone or in person sales techniques. I had already made up my mind on what I wanted from both vehicles, I just wanted prices and contact info should I wish to speak with them. Toyota in this area did that for me several times over. Nissan in the Phoenix, AZ Metro area fell extremely short in that respect.
  • Yep..that's why I had to wait a long time to get'll be interesting to see how well all this electronic stuff works over time. I remember when hill assist/control was a 4 speed with a granny low and a 205 transfer case.
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    Ok, I looked at the dyno tests. Very nice, I wish I could see the same tests done on a Tacoma.

    Let me just ask you. What rpm range are you usually driving in? 5000? 4000? I'm guessing it's probably around the 3000 range or lower, mostly for the sake of gas mileage. But do let me know what range you're usually driving in, consider me interested. Let's go to the charts:

    Dyno test: Difference in HP using regular and premium fuel

    Now you're still going to tell me that the Frontier doesn't benefit from premium gas? If anything this chart proves my point. In the range of 3500 to 3750 rpms (it's a shame he didn't get any readings lower) the horsepower range is anywhere from 10 to 25 hp difference between using 87 and 93. That's a pretty big difference to me. I'm guessing it is to a lot of people on this board who are quick to point out that same difference in HP between the Frontier and the Tacoma.

    Like I said before, driving at 5600 rpms gets the max horses out of your truck but I'm sure you don't do that. When you're running at 4000 rpms or higher the octane doesn't matter because it doesn't get a chance to combust early, that's probably all that chart is good at showing. I don't even use premium, I use 89 in my Tacoma. But I think it's absolutely ridiculous that you think a higher octane will have no advantages in your Frontier. I guess I'm still not convinced.
  • danielacostadanielacosta Posts: 132
    Excellent write-up and analysis of how dealer info helped you choose the Tacoma. Interesting that I am in Mesa and my experience was the opposite: I had more cooperation from Nissan dealers, especilly the one I ended up buying from, than from the Toyota dealers. Aside from the dealers, the deciding factors for me were the low-hanging central exhaust crossmember on Tacoma (bad for off-roading) and having to remove the headrests to fold the rear seat on Tacoma (I use the rear seat for cargo almost daily).

    Next truck I'm looking for is with some sort of hybrid/VCM that will deliver mileage in the mid-20's along with about 300 hp. Toyota's upcoming Tundra replacement looks interesting, too.
  • danielacostadanielacosta Posts: 132
    Most of the time I'm running in the 2-3000 rpm range, as you suspected. I don't have the smarts to know why there is a difference in the lower rpm ranges of the graphs, but I suspect he didn't plot data that low because it wasn't valid for the dyno he used. You are correct that there were some gains in the lower rpm ranges, but by and large the graphs are almost an identical overlay. His written summary, quoted below, pretty much sums it up: premium doesn't buy anything with the Frontier.

    "You can see the results on the graphs below--allowing for the machine's margin of error, there was almost no difference in the two. The test conducted with premium fuel showed 219 horsepower and 229 ft/lbs torque, both numbers actually slightly below the numbers posted on 87-octane fuel. There were some gains in the lower RPM ranges, but peak power numbers were essentially the same. I have been very careful to keep possible variables at a minimum, so I am at a loss to explain why there was no increase in performance with the premium fuel. Even accounting for margin of error on the dyno machine itself the differences would have been small, certainly not enough to justify paying for the more expensive premium fuel. You may draw your own conclusions from this test, but mine are clear; my truck runs very well on 87-octane fuel and no better on the high-priced stuff. With gas prices high and getting higher I'm only too happy to fill 'er up with regular, thank you."
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    now that sums it up for anyone and my self. what a great info site to know about if anyone needs to know more info on the nissan,
  • woodshop28woodshop28 Posts: 74
  • dennwialldennwiall Posts: 11
    Anyone can give honest opinion on Toyota Taco Access 4 cylinders and similar 4cl Nissan Frontier XE. I’ve heard Toyota engine slightly better but Nissan better in the body department.. Anyone did test drive to compare..? Again, I’m interested in 4 cylinders models only.
  • qwert13qwert13 Posts: 24
    Thanks for the responses about truck color, guys...I've got the blue...the reason is that I opened a case with Nissan complaining about the excessive chipping and questioning the paints. They told me to go to the Nissan dealer who opened a ticket accessing the vehicle does has excessive chipping on the rear overfenders and rocker panels due to gravel roads and entering the mileage...3841. They also referenced the Nissan case number. I just wanted to start a paper trail on this. For the "off-roading" I have done, this chipping is truly rediculous. Paints exposed to the elements should be a bit more forgiving. I pity Frontier owners in Northern States where they use salt. It would be nice if Frontier owners would check the overfenders/rocker panels after a good wash and note the chipping they are seeing compared to "off-pavement" travel and mileage, and then post what they see along with the vehicle color. Thanks in advance.
    As a final note...I got my Leer R100 camper shell on Friday 7/29. Total cost of 1500 with the Yakama rails. The inside liner and fold down sliding window were free since it was a new releaase. Damn good looking topper and excellent color match...except the topper doesn't have matching chips...

    For all those wanting toppers...
  • I test drove the auto 4cyl Taco and Fronty, and bought the Fronty. Both had good overall build quality. I thought both engines were fairly refined (unlike the Chevy Colorado - ugh).

    Advantages of each:

    10 more hp, very smooth ride for a truck, carbon fiber bed, lots of extras on the 4 cyls on the lot (only two though), maybe a bit more room in the back.
    Base 4 cyl has silly looking wheels. The truck body is styled well for pre-runner/4x4 kit, but the small, plain wheels on the base model look like an after- thought. A bit pricey, although well equipped.

    Price was roughly $2K better with rebate in July,
    base vehicle looks very good. Ride good but stiff.
    Side airbags an option. Others have complained about the hard plastic interior, but I actually prefer the "less busy" interior of the Fronty to the Taco.
    Four wheel disc brakes. More base models on the lot than the Taco.

    negatives: Side airbags about impossible to find. Extras limited on 4 cyl, no power windows, locks. This is my biggest complaint about the Fronty. Rated mileage a few mpg less than the Taco, maybe due to higher profile.

    Basically, the apparent bit of extra power in the Taco didn't really matter to me. The overall quality I felt was similar, so the choice was 1) more goodies at a higher price for the Taco, or 2) better looks at a lower price w/o some amenities I would have liked on the Fronty. I chose #2 and have been happy so far.

    Nissan needs to make more options available on the 4 cyl models, as I think a significant fraction of "small" PU buyers don't need 265 hp. It also wouldn't hurt to squeeze a few more hp out of the 4 cyl, but this might be tough to do w/o hurting the gas mileage.
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    I have 94 Nissan XE 4x4 reg cab 4 cyl 5 speed, I have driven 133,000 miles.has been good to me with few exceptions.speedometer 80,000, front breaks a little trouble. It's pretty good little truck,rides rough no power (4 banger). I'm in market for what maybe my last new truck,retiring in 2 years. For me it's tough choice Nissan has been decent,can't kick much. I want extended 4x4 Nismo or Toy TRD.
    I'm avid Surffisherman and run VA & NC beaches alot. My little XE 4 banger bogs
    bad in loose sand at times got to get revs up often.
    Toy has rep for durability & reliability is plus but NISSAN has held up for me,so I'm
    kinda hedging. Nissan Nismo is 1500 to 2000 better in price then TRD is the Toy
    worth the extra $$$$ vs NISMO. Drove a Nismo it has plenty of power,haven't driven
    TRD yet, plan to do so soon. One thing with Toy dealers I'm always put off by thier
    take it or leave approach, thats why I have 94 Nissan TOY dealer pissed me off.
    Anyway given the info I provided I want some feedback from who ever want too!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I hope you go the for the Nissan,I to would of bought a TOy in 89,93 but toy wanted budged a little bit so I gave money to Nissan,I paid 14.500 for my first Nissan in in 1989 it was as se V6(Hardbody)( loaded and it was gear and the (93 Hardboday)was a se V6 and paid 18.500 Toy still wouldn't come down and I'm on the verge of buying my 3rd Frontty since they rock and and look Aewsome!!

    Look out Toy their is a new sherffic in Town!!
  • hweaverhweaver Posts: 33
    We are trying to decide too...
    My hubby is an active duty officer currently in Iraq till Dec; I want a good deal on a truck for him. He LOVED his 2003 Toyota Tundra w/ SR5 and TRD sport. We bought it for cost minus a $2,500 rebate, we paid $24k. He had 18k miles on it, PERFECT. I'd just added the wheel wells and a line X liner. :(
    But we had a lot of equidy and such, so we sold it and my odyssey to pay cash for my car. So we want a CHEAP payment.
    He loved the drive of the tundra, it was SO smooth, but V8 SUCKS the heck out of gas...15mpg. :(
    The insurance is $$ too...He NEVER off roaded....
    The tacoma has nice features. We are considering a pre runner V4 with SR5. They are $15,200 invoice sticker 16,700. Most dealers are being terrible about anything below sticker; via e-mail that is. I am a TFS customer too (from the tundra). but that only gets .25% lower apr. :(
    0% for 60 mths on a tundra and good leases; but they are doing that for a reason; toyota is LOOSING money on promoting camary as the "best seller" plus GAS HOGG sequioa's and tundras make their fuel effeciant ratings LOW..!! They are probably NOT going to do any specail APR or rebates. I've called TFS and dealers. They said maybe sept; labor day..but don't count on it....
    I see the SAME features out of a nissan frontier PLUS the BIG thing for us; the nissan has the access cab "king" cab!!! That is 4k MORE on a pre runner!
    I see that the nissan is cheaper too...especially the deal below... what do you all think??
    I am thining of running by on sun when they are closed to snap digital shots for hubby to look at.. I got him the brouchures and they've made it to Iraq...

    My mom saw an add in a Conway, Arkansas paper for Superior Nissan for $12,570 for an XE king cab with perfered pkg, floor mats, and bedliner with rails.
    The msrp is $18,200.
    - $3,500 dealer cash
    - $1,000 rebate
    - $1,000 if you trade a nissan in (I don't have)
    so for me it's $13,570 "26 at this price"
    So my mom goes to the dealer (I'm in NC near fort bragg), and it's the same salesman who sold her FIVE honda's!!! :)
    He said it's for
    8k off msrp for "any" titan...
    not a bad deal??
    I tried to e-mail several dealers here in NC, and one wrote back like I was dumb saying was it a "used 04' ".. Please, I'm not stupid.. ofcourse it's NOT!
    It's a NEW 05 not used, not a dealer, etc...
    This is a good deal...does ANYone know how I'd get a truck from Ark to NC??
    When people buy on e-bay and such, don't places ship for you for like $300??
    that way no miles are on it???
    I have 3 small kids ages 6,5 and 2.5 so I can't go get it...
    Any suggestions??
    And is this not a rockin' deal?? I think so...
    My hubby also likes the tacoma pre runner. but they are NOT bending well on price...even for a TFS customer...
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    You can talk Nissan down,they're good people compared to Toy. ,
    Goodluck thoe.
  • catch42catch42 Posts: 2
    i don't know much about the frontier, since i was pretty much set on a tacoma from the start, so i'll just give some feedback on the taco ;)

    i recently drove my new tacoma cross-country from atlanta to seattle.
    i was particularly impressed with the fuel economy of a vehicle this size.
    also the look and road presence of the taco is dominating.

    as i was driving through south dakota and montana, there was a point when i saw about 5 tacomas of varying years/models on the road in succession. i sped ahead to pass them, and it seemed like they all sped up just to get another look at the redesigned style of this 05 model.

    i also received 2 compliments from random people on the drive up, one at a gas station in tenn, and the other at a hotel lobby in spokane, wa. also, my friend who's an avid truck person absolutely loved the truck when i showed it to him and was complaining to me that even older t1000s are still out of his price range, so i gather the resale value of these vehicles are quite excellent.

    the thing i'm hoping for the most is reliability, with minimal servicing.
    i've heard of toyota's reaching the 300k mark, but seldom have heard of nissans doing the same.

    one other thing is the comfort factor. I drove 5 days continuously, with 1 passenger, and a bed full of stuff (glad i didn't have to rent a uhaul) ;), and neither my passenger nor i experienced any pain or discomfort on the long trip.

    all in all, i would prefer dependability and reliability over extras such as leather seats and moonroofs.
  • So you drove your taco around, saw some other tacos, and heard about some long lived tacos. Very convincing.
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    So Badness you say go for the Nissan, Thanks for feedback. That NISMO really has my eye. Lot of truck for good price.

  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    I'm about to buy an 05 Frontier SE Crew 4x4. Why? Because the Nissan Pickup I bought new in 93 is still going strong without a hiccup (215,000 miles). I'm sure the Tacoma is also a great truck, but Nissan has earned my loyalty.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Goodluck man,My 93 had 260.000, in change when I sold if for my chevy,dumb I know, you can't kill these's Nissan truck as for Toys I don't know never bought one ,wish I never bought my 01chevy. ITs for sale if anyone is looking,99.587Mi. on it great shape its all Highway Mi, that what hurts me the most.drop me a line is anyone more info on this reply.
    Ps,I live on the east(NJ) coast,30min. from NYC,and 21/2 Hrs. from Atlantic city,,NJ
  • catch42catch42 Posts: 2
    If you consider driving from atlanta to seattle just "driving around," then i guess i did.

    you must have something against tacomas or toyotas in general.

    and who's trying to convince? just giving my experience with the taco thus far.
  • hweaverhweaver Posts: 33
    Need to drive them both, I am looking at either for my hubby. He had an 03 tundra that he LOVED LOVED LOVED! We ONLY sold it due to equidy and high resale, I used it and my 04 honda osdyssey (which held value AMAZING, to put NOTHING down and 15 mths later have almost 3k to put into another car!)..I'm a LOYAL honda fan..too bad they don't make a nice small truck; HATE the ridgline,and who the **** has 36k for a stupid truck?! Not me, nor would I spend it.. another story.
    I paid cash for my 05 honda civic. Now my hubby needs something. reliable and cheap.. The dealers are not very flexable w/ toyota, but I have time to wait; dec before he has to have a vehicle, he's stomping on the Iraq desert now. :cry:
    I like the tacoma pre runner reg cab, he likes access cab..
    we'll see. I should drive them both and go from there.
    Nissan frontier is selling for $13,570 for an XE king cab w/ perfered pkg, floor mats, and bedliner/rails. Which is a great deal, but interst is high. I have PERFECT credit and they quoted 8.44% ! I nearly fell over!
    That is not as good of a deal as it "seemed" at first..
    Again, I have time for toyota to do rebates and or apr's.
    Which they say they "probably will not", but I bet they WILL. Even the wall street Journal quotes that with the sell of camary, they pushed to be "top seller" thus toyota is LOOSING money.. BUT they are selling tundra and GAS hogging sequioa's so they HAVE to sell more vehicles w/ better mpg or they will loose ratings for mpg averages on the vehicles they sell.
    So they have to sell more that get better mpg, long story short... so even though they are already loosing their profit margins, they have to get the 05's out...
    unfortuantely, tacoma is a good seller, so that does not help those of us wanting a good deal.. ; :mad:
    We'll see time will tell.....
    Some things I like about one, I dislike about the other.....
    it's not an easy choice...

    rates..apr and incentives will prob be my push...
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    Yahoo! We picked up our 05 Frontier SE CC yesterday, and I am in awe. Every so often I'm opening the door to the garage just to stare at it some more. What a difference going from our 93 Nissan Pickup to this one! It is a brute. It seems Nissan is taking the Frontier to a more "SUV" comfort level with the raw power and build quality of a truck.

    To many things to list here, but one little thing I like is that chrome front with a nice big Nissan emblem. For that matter the chrome front and rear bumpers look classy with the "Super Black" paint. I just hope we have the long term durability with this one as we did with our 93. That's what brought me back to Nissan.
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    FYI: Toyota has sold 2x as many Tacomas as Nissan has Frontiers.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Then that must mean the Canyon/Colorado is the best midsize truck? :)
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    Your snide remark doesn't even make sense. First off, it's two separate trucks, neither of which sold more than the Tacoma. Second, GM had to resort to "employee pricing" just to sell off their '05 inventory. Third, we all know they are cheap pieces of crap but if nobody bought them, they wouldn't make them. Fourth, read the forum title. Nobody wants to talk about the Canyon/Colorado, not even Canyon/Colorado owners.

    If you want to be so smart and sarcastic then yes, the Canyon/Colorado is the "best" followed by the Tacoma, then the Ranger/B Series (another high quality truck :surprise: ), then the Dakota and guess who's last. Yup, your precious Frontier.
    (I know you want to count the S10/Sonoma and Isuzu, don't you? :blush:)

    It sucks when you open your mouth and your foot doesn't fit. :cry:
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Not real sure what the heck your initial post means if not to say that sales are not directly related to "most desirable". You think that GMC and Chevy are different trucks? Don't even know what to say. Even leaving that off, the sales show that the Canyon has about 3% less sales for the year compared to the Taco. The "employee pricing" has only been around for a couple of months if that.

    You are the one who posted the sales. As far as precious Frontier, I will get a different truck in a minute if I have problems, but no problems, same good truck.

    A wise man once said "It is better to appear ignorant and remain silent than to speak and remove all doubt" :D
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Did you order your Fronty? If so, how long did it take from order date to delivery? I'll be ordering an '06 (SE CC 6-Speed 4x2, Limted Slip, Canteen Green, etc.). I've never found one of this configuration anywhere, so figure I'll probably have to order my '06. Thanks.
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    I didn't order it, but I searched three area dealerships (about 80 miles apart) and this one was scheduled to arrive shortly at my nearest dealer. (I had to wait a week) It was really configured the way I wanted it, so I lucked out.

    Good luck with your search or 06 order!
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    Yes, the Tacoma is more desirable. Since this is a "New 2005 Toyota Tacoma vs 2005 Nissan Frontier" forum I am comparing Tacoma sales vs. Frontier sales. That was my point and the original reason for the post.

    For whatever reason the Colorado got brought into this. They are cheap, period. People who don't do research buy cheap, replaceable things. We here in this forum have obviously done our research and we know that the Frontier and Tacoma are superior trucks in almost every category.

    Yes, the Canyon and Colorado are the same "truck", different brand, but same truck. Ray Charles could see that. Mazda and Ford don't usually post their sales of the Ranger and B Series together, same truck though :confuse: , which was my point. If you actually look at the numbers (I'll post it again for you: Here), see how many Canyon/Colorado's that GM sold in 2004? They didn't change anything on the truck for '05. Please explain how this sales jump is not attributed to the "employee pricing"?!? GM posted record numbers in June and July, again, my point misconstrued because you didn't actually read the post. You were just trying to be cute.

    It's hard to remain silent on a message board. You've already proven belligerent and ignorant. :) :D :P ;)
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    I find it funny how angry you seem to be, I am just pointing out sales don't equal quality. You keep pointing to Taco outselling Frontier= better truck. Well if that wisdom holds true, then you have to look at who else is selling a lot of trucks (which includes Chevy/GMC/Ford). I actually made the mistake of reading your post and actually thinking it had a point, my mistake.

    How to remain silent (I guess a mystery to you) is reading, not posting messages.

    I have to commend you though, when the experts said that the kid from the short bus couldn't learn to use the internet, you proved them wrong. Congrats kid, you made it :D
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