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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    when your grow up what do you want to be ,and adult!!!!
  • The only #1 for Frontier is price, you get what you pay for. You mention fully boxed
    frame yet towing and payload are less for the frontier. You mention 4 wheel disk brakes but the tacoma will stop quicker. You mention tighter and firmer handling for the frontier but the tacoma has faster slalom times. It looks to me like the heavy frame on the frontier has hurt performance not helped.

    I have a 1998 frontier good truck tacomas are better
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    theres two things on the Tacoma Manual... Suggested & recommended

    All of Toyotas vehicles have these two in their manuals...

    Suggested 87

    recommended 91

    Read any toyota manual and you will realize why a lot of people think the tacoma should only run on 91... its so damn retarded but people like C&D always find ways to screw things up.

    the manual basically says 87 is ok but for better performance and longitivity use 91 or above... The tundras manual says the same thing... and so does the rest of the toyota and lexus line up...
  • It has always been my understanding that drum brakes work just fine as long as they do not get hot nor wet. It is in these two areas that the disc brakes excel.

    With my type of driving I'll probably rarely face these situations, but I am glad for the disc brakes never the less.

  • To me longevity would be the key word in your post. That would be the thing that I would
    question. The Tacoma has plenty of power for me no matter what octane fuel used. I
    would only wonder how the different grades of fuel would affect the longevity of the Tacoma.

    I do not own a Tacoma, but I probably would be driving one instead of my Frontier if the
    dealer had not been so hard to deal with.

    Well, I have to admit that inspite of some people saying how ugly my Frontier is I actual-
    ly prefer its looks to the Tacoma. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    My mother once told me when I was dating a girl in my younger years, "love goes where
    it is sent even if it is up a horses behind". She did not like the girl and no I did not marry that girl.

  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    I imagine the faster stopping, quicker slalom, quicker 0-60 have something to do with the lighter overall weight of the Taco. I suppose that plactic bed in the Taco and lighter partially boxed framed reduces the weight.

    As a matter of principle, I'd still choose four wheel disk brakes over rear drums every time. I'd still prefer a heavier more powerful truck with a steel bed and fully boxed frame if given the choice. After test driving both I found the handling of the Frontier to be much more predictable, firm, and pleasureable than the Taco.

    As for magazine articles, I've found with most products, they tend to just follow the established trends. In the case of the new Frontier vs. Tacoma, you need to do your own thinking. Faster 0-60 and slalom times are less important to me than the build quality and real-world handling of the truck. Your list of priorities may be different.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    Who said the bed is plastic ? lol well as for built quality, Time will only tell. Keep in mind the Frontier is also small in other places and lacks the options the tacoma has...

    so heres a few things the tacoma does a bit better then the frontier( proven )

    1. Acceleration
    2. MPG
    3. Offroading ( better Approach and departure Angle)
    4 Higher towing Cap(without 4.10+ gears)
    5. Bigger inside and out( wider and longer then the Frontier)
    6. Better Government crash test results

    To keep in perspective how big the tacoma is (C&D tested)... The Double Cab long bed tacoma has a 140.+ wheelbase The Crew Cab Nissan Titan has a 139.+ wheelbase.. :surprise:

    C&D tested the long bed version of the tacoma... Its kinda logical your going to get sloppy handling from a truck that is so long... whats also funny is the Acceleration time... 7.1 for the longbed tacoma and best average MPG

    lol kinda makes you think what kinda times an Access Cab can get
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    lol dont know if any of you guys have checked out toyotas website, They revealed the new 06 rav 4 v6 which has 268hp lol and yep thats not SAE ratings... talk about a big HP gain...

    consider this thread hijacked.... :mad:
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    oops last post in wrong forum...
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    The acceleration is really a moot point, unless you're a 16 year old street racing your 16 year old buddies. Everyone who dives a VQ4.0 Frontier has been more than impressed with the acceleration.

    MPG? On regular or Toyota's recommended 91 octane? I'm getting 21 with my Frontier CC auto transmission. I doubt if the Tacomas are getting enough better to brag about. Then there's the less horsepoewr and 91 octane issue. Hmmmm.

    Offroading. Well I'l take the better ground clearance og the Frontier, I'm not an "off roader" in the pure sense, but I like to drive through dirt roads when hunting or in our big snowfalls to get to work here in the north country. Scaling boulders I don't need those numbers. Higher ground clearance is a real-world measurement from which I benefit.

    Higher towing? My Frontier has more than enough towing for my 2500 pound boat. Really, who among use with these truck tows 5000+ pounds anyway. Moot point again. . Truthfully, when I have a steep boat landing I enjoy my Frontier's greater horsepower for pulling my boat out. That's more important type of towing power for my needs.

    Bigger inside and out? Hmmm. When we test drove the Taco we both seemed to sense less leg and head room than the Frontier. The Frontier just felt roomier and the seats were designed better with a better sitting position. The Frontier has great seats!

    Government crash tests? OK, you can have that one. Maybe the lighter Tacoma with the plastic bed and partially boxed frame just crashes softer than the Frontier.

    But, long bed or not, the Taco we test drove felt very sloopy and mushy handling. It actually felt like we were going to tip over when we took sharp turns.

    I am totally happy and impressed with my Frontier EVERY time I see it or step inside. As long as you guys like your Tacos, well, who cares. We're all happy. Right?
  • I just love to read all trolls & B.S about Tacoma. I'm glad I bough my 2.7 four cylinder 05 Prerunner and comparable Nissan Frontier XE nothing but piece of junk against my Toy!
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    lol - ok if you say so... but these are #s which the tacoma does better... all of which you mention and added an opinion to... i get a kick out of people making up crap... these are facts... not opinions...

    plus this thread is called Tacoma vs. Frontier...
    If you dont care about it. Dont post.
  • I really like my Frontier, but there is one thing I'd add; a telescoping steering wheel. If the Tacoma has one, that may be something a potential buyer should consider.
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    Toykid, my opinions are real-world vs. your rag magazine write up. I prefer to base decisions on real world adavantages. You can have the 0-60 time type "facts" to go with the plastic bed and drum brake facts.

    Face it, the Frontier kicks the Tacoma's butt, and you know it. You might want to trade up to a Frontier before your Taco has too many miles.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    Rag magazine? lol last time i checked i didnt know The government made mags nor JD powers, which is a bench mark for car manufacturers. Plus the tacomas bed isnt just "plastic" it has a inner layer of steel inside... lets see sheet metal vs. steel? ( oh yeah what you call plastic is actually stronger & lighter then sheet metal & steel)... Plus if i would trade in i would be down grading... since nissan has a worst resale value vs. honda and toyota...

    so much for built quality...
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    ok so your truck is better because its heavier? hmmm 15mpg city 21 hwy isnt much better then most V8 1/2 ton trucks out there... plus the Frontier did worst then the tacoma in government crash tests... i'll rather take the truck with the best power to weight ratio... It out performs the frontier in almost every category.

    plus the Engine doesnt rattle at 2k rpms like the frontier and doesnt have any issues with the bed... like the frontier :P

    oh yeah if you think your bed can withstand more then the tacomas...then you should

    get one of these

    Go to a 05 tacomas bed hit it your hardest with this sledge hammer... see how much damage you've done...

    Then do the same with your Frontiers bed and tell us what happens :surprise:
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    Everyone blabs about how rear discs are better than rear drums on a daily driver vehicle that is not. Can anyone tell me why REAR discs are better? I know why they are better for me. I can charge more to change them out because they have the e-brake integrated into the caliper, which can be a real pain sometimes to work on depending on the model. I do know the benefit, I just want to see the crazy answers out there.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    their are both good trucks but!!
    why did the Toy. have to be so dame money hungry ,look at Nissan Toy REPS. and learn,give you buyers more for their buck like Nissan did.I hate Toy Reps, Ex >well Mr. John Doe this cost that and this cost that and weren't giving you much but you have to buy that,Come on Toy Jump on the Nissan wagon and give your Costmer more for thier $$$I feel bad for Toy. owners they deserve to be treated better,give them deals allready.Or just tell them to Nissan dealer down the street!They will be treated better.....
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    their are both good trucks but!!
    why did the Toy. have to be so dame money hungry ,look at Nissan Toy REPS. and learn,give you buyers more for their buck like Nissan did.I hate Toy Reps, Ex >well Mr. John Doe this cost that and this cost that and we aren't giving you much, but you have to buy that,Come on Toy Jump on the Nissan wagon and give your Costmer more for thier $$$I feel bad for Toy. owners they deserve to be treated better,give them deals allready.Or just tell them to go too the Nissan dealer down the street!They will be treated better.....

    Go Yanks! :)
  • The Taco does have a telescoping steering column, but it's there more for a gimmic than actual function. The Fronteir, especially with the power seats that you get from the leather package, has A LOT more room "under" the wheel for you knees & legs.

    I've joined this discussion late but have been following it quite a bit. I'm in the market for a midsize truck and have really done a lot of test drives of the Tacoma (05 & 06 models) and the Frontier (05 model).

    Here's what I think is a fairly objective break down of the pro/cons of each vehicle -

    Tacoma -

    1) LONG BED OPTION!!!! Nissan seriously screwed up by not carrying over this option that the previous Fronty's had.

    2) Slightly more comfortable back seats in the quad cab model

    3) Power outlet option in the bed is very cool

    4) More upscale interior with better quality materials in use

    5) Bed appeared to be better and easier to clean for *modest* uses...picking up bags of mulch from Home Depot, grabbing some paving stones for around the garden, grabbing plants from the greeen house, ect.

    6) A *slight* gas milage edge of the least with the now lower powered '06 models. 21MPG vs 20MPG in the Fronty's.

    Tacoma Cons:

    1) Expensive. Expensive. Expensive. And the option bundles are terrible. You have to spend $1500 just to get cruise control. Shouldn't that be standard on a $25,000 vehicle? Nissan makes you buy a $1000 package to get it, but the Frontier still has a $1000 price advatange comparing an Automatic 4WD Quad Cab Frontier SE with the power package to an Automatic 4WD Quad Cab short bed Tacoma with the SR5 Option package #2.

    2) No where the options available - Frontier offers leather, heated & power seats. Sun roof. A very nice rail system built into the floor of the bed. MP3 capability, ect.

    3) Back seat fold up in the frontier is better thought out. Flips up and out of the way easier than the Tacoma does.

    4) Front seat space is much worse in the Tacoma - the steering wheel doesn't tilt up and out of the way of my knees well enough and I feel a little cramped. The seats also lack the manual adjustment of the Frontier and it is completely outlcassed when the power seats on the Fronty LE w/ the leather package are brought into the game. The lack of a dead pedal is also a is Toyota's insistance in putting the parking brake so low and right above where the dead pedal *should* be. I wear a size 13 and find my foot getting caught up in the parking brake at times.

    5) Road noise was much worse on the Tacoma. The '05 I drove was almost deafening at 65MPH. The '06 Model seemed to be quite a bit better. It has nothing on the near vault like quietness of the Fronty cabin.

    6) The "butt dyno" says that the Tacoma comes up lame in power compared to the Fronty. You can spout 0-60 times all you want and maybe things would be a bit different if the thing had more than 15 miles on the clock and I could wind it up a bit more...but the Tacoma just felt much, much slower than the Frontier. From a stop, at highway speeds, whenever...the Frontier just seemed to pull so much better than the Tacoma.


    Frontier Pro's:

    1) Cheaper (can get basic options for less)

    2) More leg & head room

    3) Very handy bed rail system with a *true* steel frame box bed that probably can bear more heavy weight than the Tacoma

    4) Butt dyno says the Frontier is quicker in most driving situations

    5) Better ride comfort - road noise is much lower and the overall ride is smoother (Granted I was test driving a TRD packaged Taco)

    6) Slightly more function flip up back seat


    1) Lack of long bed...and this is really the *ONLY* thing stopping me from buying a Frontier. I just feel I'm going to regret getting a 5' bed instead of a 6' one.

    2) Lower quality of materials and cheaper feeling interior

    3) More gas hungry...but not by much

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -------------------

    By all accounts, I think the Frontier is the better vehicle assuming you have no interest/need for the longer bed that is available with the Tacoma. There are obviously some subjective things like styling and brand bias that come into play. And some not so subjective things that will just take a bit to show up - long term reliablity and resale values.

    The Fronty is more comfortable, felt more powerful, was more pleasant at highway speeds, and ultimately is cheaper for the options I want. Just without a long bed :(

    But, I've got a Toyota Highlander parked in my garage right now, and had a Camry before that and Toyota has never wronged I have an obvious pull to the Taco for those reasons. I think ultimately the resale value on the Toyota will remain higher over the years...but it's also more expensive up front.

    I have zero intents of taking the vehicles off road for anything more than a dirt trail or a bit of open pasture to get to some fishing holes or to some camp ultimate off road worthiness isn't a big issue to me. Ride comfort and functionality are.
  • jdunne: nice write-up, pretty much matches my observations. I ended up with the Frontier for its off-road ability and better back seat. Since you concluded your post by saying you're not much of an off-roader, I'd suggest a Ridgeline, which has almost as much interior room as the Titan but still gets mid-size mileage numbers. The Ridgeline isn't as powerful as the Frontier, but it's the best driving truck, either mid-size or full-size, that I've ever driven. Most dealers are selling Ridgelines at invoice right now.
  • Dan,

    I've read quite a bit on the Ridgeline, and I certainly appreciate the vehicle and do believe that it would probabably be a better fit for my useage than the "true" trucks like the Tacoma and the Fronteir. But I must admit, the long term test drive that Edmunds is running on it does have me a bit scared. The gas milage is pretty abysmall and it seems to have quite a glass jaw when asked to do anything even remotely off the road.

    Of course they are just one reviewer and I haven't ventured into the Ridgeline owners groups yet, so I haven't really seen any further validation for or against Edmunds findings.

    I just looked at your profile and saw that you were from Mesa. I used to live down that way and loved going up to Sedona and hiking the trails around the area as well as messing around in Flagstaff. I'd almost be scared taking the Ridgeline on some of the access roads you have to drive down to get to the trail heads. They don't require serious off road ability, but they can get pretty washed out and rough. I'd hate to drive 1800 miles to go to Sedona and then blow out all four struts and have them fixed before returning home.

    I'm kind of half hanging around with hopes that Nissan will introduce a long bed crew cab...but I'm not going to hold my breath for it.
  • bill55bill55 Posts: 25
    Don't forget the real LSD in the Sport Taco, and the 130 Amp alternator, the tranny cooler and engine oil cooler in the tow package.
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    Nice write up jdunne78!

    I agree, the Frontier is a better truck!

    We also have a Toyota. Nice car, and I'm sure my wife will replace it with another. Nothing wrong with staying with your brand if the brand has been good to you.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    Heres a few things to think about... The tacoma didnt drop in power... Toyota just changed from the OLD SAE power ratings,dont know where you got 20 from maybe thats manufacturer rating for hwy... as for rebates... its just something to push sales up higher... just look at the chevy colorado... and canyon... if it wasnt for rebates they would be under last years sales...

    look at nissan frontier sales vs. the tacoma... the tacoma sales are nearly double... I like the Frontier but i just dont trust Nissan, its almost near Ford quality...

    As for cabin quietness... DBA #s are out there... and the frontier isnt quieter...

    plus dont know what kinda butt dyno you have maybe the rough tranny on the frontier tricked ya.

    Dont care about nissan either since they take over other peoples businesses


    just cold hearted
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    If the Tacoma is indeed the best truck, why in the world are you so insecure about it and have to be defending your position so aggressively? Hmmm. Makes me wonder if deep down you realize you should have got the Frontier like the rest of us who took the time to objectively compare the trucks, and not just read magazines. Tsk tsk.

    #1 Frontier #2 tie Honda Ridgeline/Toyota Tacoma #3 the rest
  • Sorry I *swear* I saw 20MPG on the 2005 stickers. *shrugs*

    Anyway, simply put, I felt like the Nissan pulled away much harder with a lot less drama. And you can say it didn't drop in power...because it never had that much to begin with. Has Nissan had to (or going to) retest their numbers?

    And with the cabin noise, have you spent any time at highway speeds in a new Frontier and a Tacoma back to back? The Fronteir is like a vault at 65MPH. The Toyota was very loud. I don't know if it was wind coming over the side mirrors or what, but it was unpleasant if I had the radio off. I don't need a decibel meter to tell me which is louder or quieter.

    And I have no beef against Toyota. I have an '05 Highlander in my garage right now and had a Camry with 135,000 miles on it before that. I *REALLY* wanted to like the new Taco's, but aside from the long bed option they have absolutely nothing on the Nissan.

    They got one upped plain and simple. As for reliability, we'll just see what happens. There have been quite a few complaints about a bunch of nagging problems from 'Taco owners. Nissan isn' without it's faults either(brake rotors being the primary problem). But the VQ engine is a very solid engine with years of reliability behind it. Nissan as a company is also pretty good. Something that I'd certainly not be scared of.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I have researched both trucks extensively and test driven both as well and realized that the two are fairly equal in performance and quality. However, after test driving them both, I find myself leaning towards the Frontier. I preferred the ride, the handling, and the look. And after talking to more than one saleman on our local Toyota lot, I was left with the strong impression that they were unwilling to dicker - pay the m.s.r.p. or do without. The Nissan dealer I talked to was, to say the least, less smug. I'm starting to believe that Toyota is getting too big and mighty. Come time to buy my next vehicle ( to replace the 98 Sienna ) the Frontier is definitely the front runner. Thankyou Mr. Ghosn!
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145

    First let me say that I think the Tacoma is a very nice truck and I considered one when
    I bought my Frontier. That being said I take issue with you on the quality being much
    less in the Frontier than in the Tacoma.

    I am not sure what your definition of quality is, but I did not see that much difference in the two trucks when I was looking at them. When the interior is considered there are
    quite a few that think the Tacome is far superior. Maybe it is just my poor taste but I
    actually prefer the Frontier interior.

    When I look at reliability Consumer Reports does not show that much difference in the two. In 2004 Tacoma was much better than average right down the list. In 2004 the
    Frontier was rated better than average in only 4 areas; electrical,suspension,brakes, and body integrity.

    In 2003 Tacoma again had much better than average in all categories, but body in-
    tegrity where it rated an average. The Frontier had a better than average rating in
    body integrity and body hardware. I would call that a wash.

    Since reliability is one of the most important things to me I don't see much difference in the two. These figures are on an average so as close as they are you could get a good one or bad one from either manufacturer just by the luck of the draw.

    I have had 8 Datsuns/Nissans over the years and I have never had a bad one. I have had 2 Toyotas, a 2000 Solara which my wife is currently driving and a 1969 Crown which I bought new.

    The Solara is one of the best cars I have owned and we have done only normal maintenance on it in the 5 years we have been driving it. On the other hand I kept
    the Crown less than a year and it spent more time in then shop than on the road.

    Like I said, you can get a bad car from any manufacturer just as you can an excellent car. I think that when two trucks are as good as these, they are both worth taking a chance on.

  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I am another driver that prefers the Frontier interior to the Tacoma's. The centre console in the Toyota looks out of place- almost as if though it was borrowed from a sedan. As far as " quality " is concerned, the Tacoma may be one step up with some of the interior materials used, but not significantly.
    Keep in mind that these two trucks are of new design for 05 and should not necassarily be compared with past vehicles as far as reliability goes.
    I have faith in both these companies.
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    Maybe there are regional differences, but the local Toyota dealership gave me an initial quote which was right about where I thought they would end up. They were very nice but not high pressure. I was happier with the experience than I was with the one getting my wife her Baja.

    I bought a 2005 Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 long bed. The length does take some getting used to for someone coming from a B3000 regular cab for sure.

    I hope in 6, 7 years, I think of it as a good purchase, and I certainly hope the same holds true for the Frontier buyers as well. May we all be happy with our trucks!

  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    No doubt there are regional differences....our local dealership just may have attitude. I'm glad you had a pleasant experience and may we all.
    The Tacoma is quite a big step up from the B3000 in many ways so enjoy.
    Time will be the best judge of the choices we make. Enjoy your new purchase!

  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    lol read back when i told you what this forum is called...

    Well like you guys said time will tell... Nissan improved a lot this year on JD powers but so did other manufacturers... Whats really weird to me is how Hondas luxury brand is having more issues then HONDA... :confuse:
  • Just to let you guys know answer me this who won the motor trend truck of the year? And Wat do u see more out on the streets? Yeah the early model tacomas have issues but hey no one is perfect. I perfer drum brakes over disc for one reason only drum last longer. The tacoma in my opinon looks better, but the frontier looks nice. Interior wise have you guys seen a tacoma with the trd seat cover looks slick. I own a 05' tacoma pre runner v6 trd package.And i love the truck. One issue i had was the windshield was not installed right i got alot of road noise even humming. Got it replaced truck is quiet. So probably that guy that compared both froniter and tacoma and said frontier was quieter was probably cuz the tacoma wasnt built right. As in power wise i feel the tacoma is punchy off the start and in passing on hwy is exellent. As far as mpg i get 325 on regular 89 octane and 335 on 91 oct. And i have a heavy foot. i love to push it. My tacoma has 14k miles no porblems at all. From a toyota owner i give the tacoma the edge. But it all comes down to what the buyer likes more. Both trucks are awesome. Great job on both companies.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Albeit professional, Motor Trend's opinion is just that. Many other professionals have their opinions and they never agree all the time. So what is it? Keep an open mind and educate yourself and then make your own. You've got to love the competition Nissan and Toyota have created ; two solid companies producing good quality vehicles. This alone can do nothing but good for us all. That said, I believe Ford, G.M., Chrysler have decent products to offer. The bar has been raised!
  • Photographic evidence of the fuel Octane requirements for the Tacoma V6 powerplant, straight from the pages of my owners manual (in reply to post #541 and #543):

    Click for larger image.

    The only statement anywhere about why to run 91 octane fuel is in regards to improved performance. Nothing about longevity being affected by running higher octane levels. For the average person driving a V6 Tacoma, 87 octane is fine.
  • I don't think it is uncommon to recommend premium for optimum performance. I think the Toyota 4.0 may be a bit more sensitive to the use of regular vs. premium than the Nissan 4.0, in terms of the difference in power if using 87 vs 91.
    However, how much power does a pickup this size need to do its job? Even if the tacoma had 210 HP instead of its 240, or whatever it is by the new standards, it'd still do just fine in almost any situation it'd be asked to handle.
    In reality, neither the tacoma or Frontier need as much power as they do, but it is nice to have.
    I don't know if it is true, but some say using premium will get you better gas mileage in the tacoma, so it may be better to use it, despite the addition cost of gas.
    With modern technology, power is up, while economy is not being lost, which is great.
    The whole tacoma vs frontier power debate is over-hyped. Either is more than powerful enough for its size.
  • ". And after talking to more than one saleman on our local Toyota lot, I was left with the strong impression that they were unwilling to dicker - pay the m.s.r.p. or do without. The Nissan dealer I talked to was, to say the least, less smug."

    A few years back, I bought a Nissan over a Toyota for this EXACT reason.

    My next truck was a Toyota. :D The Nissan was the first vehicle I EVER dumped after four years. :cry: If you do any self-maintenance at all, pay close attention to filter / drain locations, o-rings vs. goop, you'll see what I mean.

    Enjoy whatever you get! Either are a cut about the rest.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    In my 05 Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 V6 Auto, I went on a 2800 mile road trip and tried all different octanes from 93 to 87. Between the octanes I never noticed any difference in power, sound, or MPG. I drove 70 MPH and got 22 MPG. I have a K&N air filter, and 33 psi in the tires. I had about 700 lbs of passengers and gear in the truck.

    I'm very happy with the performance and MPG of my 05 Tacoma. Just take it easy on the accelerator. At 70mph the engine runs at gas sipping 2k rpms.

    I used to use Premium, but now I use regular. Can't tell a difference.

    Read this article.
  • That's great gas mileage. Under the same conditions I only get about 20 with my Frontier. Most of the time I cruise around 80 and only get 19. Best I ever got was 24, but that was doing 50.
  • Some folks here seem to have buyer’s remorse or questioning decision as they seem really defensive. Particularly some of the Taco owners but that may be just when I hit thread. I am sure you can find same w/ Frontier owners.

    As for me, I think “jdunne” pretty much nailed it in his earlier post. Well done.

    I’ve been in buying mode for a couple of months and have looked very hard at both of these trucks. Both seemed to be best two options. Did research. Both solid.

    I have owned both Nissans and Toyotas exclusively. Both great quality. When I was first looking, before any test drives, I was pretty confident I was getting a Taco. I like the overall looks better, still do. Somewhat sleeker. Moreover, interior seems more refined -- two tones, etc. As for sunroof, don’t care. Leather – could always do after-market. Tacoma had edge and I was already pricing them w/ options. Not too concerned with the whole 87 vs 91 octane. Plus Tacoma got slightly better mpg.

    But then I took test drive of Tacoma; also Frontier and Dakota just for kicks and make sure covered all bases. Had to be sure you know. OUCH. Dakota was fine but throwaway. But the Frontier seemed much better on road than Tacoma. Tried to talk myself out of it and drove both Taco and Frontier again. Same story yet even more profound. Took someone else with me for third trips. Complete agreement.

    Now I have major dilemma on my hands. Priced Tacoma, like the looks and reputation, ready to go … but gut and brain telling me to stop.

    I will not rehash jdunne’s post but the most critical differences were handling and noise. Tacoma just plain sloppier in handling department. It’s fine and I would have less problem if was on our Camry but this is an off-road truck. And it is actually sloppier than our Camry.

    Second, the Noise. I don’t care what the tests say as some others have cited. Tacoma “roared” when compared to the Frontier. It gets you there but just seems to struggle more and you can really hear it when punch engine. Loud.

    Front seating seemed better laid out and more comfortable on Frontier. Tacoma clearly better in rear seating in double cab as less incline in back bench.

    Now leaning toward Frontier even though I really like the look of the Taco much better. Never labored over car buying decision like this one. Sat on decision for months and just put off. Time to fish.
  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    My advice is, having done your homework, buy what you really want. Sure, you could get unlucky with any vehicle, but the odds say, which ever one you pick will serve you well.

    Make yourself happy.


    p.s. I didn't drive the Dodge, but I did drive a Chevy - a Colorado - it did not feel as good or tight as my 1999 B3000 with 117,000 miles on it.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    let me point out a few more... Edmunds did a comparison test not to long ago on midsized trucks... same out come as others... tacoma first frontier second... Motor trend threw in the frontier for Truck of the year and lost vs. the tacoma :P ...
    Intellichoice ranks the tacoma a better buy then the frontier due to less depreciation... Last gen tacoma was on KBB top 10 vehicles with best resale value.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    lol dont know if you guys care much but thats JD powers new quality survey... in the past 4-5 years Nissan has been below industry average...does nissan still use ford parts like they did a few years ago? :confuse:
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    The last J D Powers appeal survey I looked at showed the 05 Frontier slightly ahead of the 05 Tacoma. I believe that the Tacoma is simply more popular than the Frontier, and in some peoples eyes that translates to being better. The Tacoma is the current "champ" and it may take more than the Frontier to knock it off its throne, even though I feel the Frontier just may be a superior truck.
    Waiting anxiously for the 06 's.

  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I like my Nissan alot and I'm glad alot of people don't have A Frontier ,beging that every corner you see a Toy and I like knowing that we stand out more for that reason,and when you see us in our Nissans you can WOW .

    But we owners say oh another Toy big deal.

    Hey Driver, go on
    they have some new colors pretty nice,
    I got the CC-LE-S/b 4*4 the V-6 ROcks! I thing were the Superior truck 2.
    The nissan is way fast!!
    Goodluck with buying one.

  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    So looks are more important then reliability?

    As for looks well we all have different tastes... The frontier does look smaller from the outside then the tacoma in my opinion... The nismo frontier with the 10.1 ground clearance doesnt have a higher stance then the tacoma... The prerunner tacoma has 9+ ground clearance... and sits higher then the frontier... thats measured from roof to floor...
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    Looks are not more important to me than reliability, but from my experience the Datsun/
    Nissans have been more reliable than the Toyotas over-all.

    I have had 8 Datsun/Nissans and never had a bad one yet. I kept one of them for 24 years. I have had 2 Toyotas and have had one lemon and one very wonderful car
    that my wife is currently driving.

    Looks are purely a matter of personal taste and to me the Frontier is the better looking of the two, but my taste does not count to anyone but me.

    I would have thought this thread would have died by now, but some people just can't
    turn it loose. Why can't we agree to disagree and admit both trucks are very good trucks?

  • dockeendockeen Posts: 68
    Its the sort of thing, a rivalry, that pops up eternally - like Mustang versus Camera. As long as peope have fun with things, it OK. When the day is over, I hope that everyone has a great truck, including me.

    And yes, there is always that fear that "I bought the wrong one" ;)

  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    What a difference 30 years does. Now we have Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans and Mitsubishis fighting that battle. The Mustang and Camaro still live, but the majority of "hot rods" have 4 bangers. Wow! As for the fear of buying the wrong vehicle, I didn't even look at anything but the Tacoma because I had a Tundra (that I will regret parting with for the rest of my days) and I was a true believer in the Toyota name (and still am). After purchasing it, I read about the Honda Ridgeline and quite frankly they had me second guessing my decision to not check their product out. On the Tacoma vs Ridgeline forum, 4 out 5 writers had good things to say about the Ridgeline and/or bad things to say about the Tacoma. So I went down and checked out the Ridge. Now I know why all the Ridge owners and very few of the Tacoma followers post comments. The Tacoma owners are out enjoying their new truck and the Ridge owners can't stand to spend any more time than necessary in their ride. Figure that if they say enough good things, it will come true. As for the Nissan, I may not even try that. I think it could impress me. If I am half as happy with my Tacoma as I was with my Tundra, I will have a smile on my face that will never leave.
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