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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Some people seem to be threatened by the fact that Nissan has produced a first class mid size pickup truck and that it may very well be the overall best out there in that category. Toyota does make quality vehicles - I own one of them, but, that is not to say that another manufacturer cannot compete with that quality. In fact, if you check out the JD Powers initial quality rankings for the 05 year, you'll find Lexus at the top and Suzuki at the bottom with 81 and 151 respectively (problems per 100 vehicles). That translates to less than one problem per vehicle. And for Suzuki, only one and a half problems per vehicle. Everyone else is somewhere in between. That is indicative of the quality of toady's autos.
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    I think that 1/2 inch of clearance is going to make all the difference in the world when it comes to mud running and deep snow,What do you guys think?LOL....
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    About as much difference as approach/departure angles.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    lol.. yeah your right but approach and departure is a few more inches then the Nemo frontier not 1/2 an inch...

    approach and departure




    hmmm the gray truck doesnt even have TRD or suspension mods..

    as for nissan... lol you get the idea



  • Went to your link for the Insurance Institute to find out how much better the Tacoma was in their Offset Crash test and here are the summations;

    The Toyota Tacoma was redesigned for the 2005 model year.

    Restraints/dummy kinematics — Dummy movement was well controlled. During rebound, the dummy’s head hit the roof rail.

    Injury measures — Measures taken from the neck, chest, and legs indicate low risk of injuries to these body regions in a crash of this severity. A high head acceleration occurred when the dummy's head hit the steering wheel through the airbag, indicating that head injuries would be possible. Head acceleration from the roof rail hit was low.

    The Nissan Frontier was redesigned for the 2005 model year and is significantly larger and heavier than previous models.

    Restraints/dummy kinematics — Dummy movement was well controlled. After the dummy moved forward into the airbag, it rebounded into the seat without its head coming close to any stiff structure that could cause injury.

    Injury measures — Measures taken from the head, neck, and chest indicate low risk of injuries to these body regions in a crash of this severity. Forces on the left knee and both tibias indicate that knee and lower leg injuries would be possible.

    Both trucks held up very well. Just have to decide between possible leg injuries or a head shot.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Pretty pictures but just another biased view. These are 2 different trucks of different design, see what you will. And, what's a Nemo?

    By the way jmbakerak (post #646), well done!
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    Hows the Blue truck different from the Red one? both have a beefier suspension, 4x4, and are short bed crew cabs...
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    lol i guess you could call this another rag mag write up... ;)

    link title

    link title

    heres the video : tacoma kicks frontier A$$ with 1k in the bed accelerating & also posts a better slalom time then the frontier, the tacoma tested was also the long bed version.... sloppy handling takes corners better :P
    link title
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    Head acceleration from the roof rail hit was low.

    the shot on the head is softer and less likely to happen then a broken leg.

    side impact government crash tests show no head injury...
  • The pictures illustrate nothing. Show me the trucks going over the same trail, and that may be informative. Which one is your truck?
    I'd estimate that 99% of people who buy these trucks don't drive in those conditions, so approach and departure angle are irrelevent for most buyers. The difference is not great at all - a couple of degrees, I think. Get out your protractor and look at a couple of degrees. T'aint much. Ground clearance is more practical for many, and either vehicle has enough.
    BTW, suspensions are supposed to move, so a picture of a tire that moved up into a wheel well does nothing bu show a good range of motion and a suspension doing it's job to keep the wheels on the ground.
    I am glad you are exceedingly proud of your truck. I have the notion that if you had a Frontier (or do you?), you'd be running your mouth (or keyboard) in the same manner. Again, an example of someone convincing themself that they bought the better vehicle. Enjoy driving what you drive, but respect that others enjoy what they drive, as the decision between the two is largely an opinion, as there is not a lot of difference, ultimately, between the trucks.
    Have a good one.
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    i do respect what other people drive but this forum is called Tacoma vs. Frontier...

    so i'm here to piss off owners with facts... The frontier wheel articulation sucks... and ground clearance is well less then 1/2 inch off from the tacomas... nothing to brag about since the old Tacomas had 12" stock...
  • I disagree that you respect what others drive, especially given that your "here to piss off owners with facts."
    Which vehicle do you drive?
    I owned an "old Tacoma." Did or Do you? I own a new Frontier. Do you?

    You have the name of the forum correct, but Edmunds labels this a Discussion, not an argument.

    Maybe it would benefit you and others to alter your approach, or post somewhere else.
    We all appreciate meaningful/insigtful information from those who have experience and knowledge on the subject.

  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    My passion is Surf Fishing,I run sandy beaches, I only need enough clearance to
    air down tires to 15 to 20 lbs and not drag bottom. Tire size critical along with locking rear to move in lose sand when I need to. NISMO or TRD offroad package are an advantage for sure. I drove both 05 Nissan Nismo/Tacoma TRD and was impressed with both, they handle well and have plenty of power. NISMO seemed to
    a little edge in power,both were extended cab models. TOY seemed a little better
    ride,but no doubt either would work for me on the beaches. Now the difference is TRD costs 2 to $4000 more then Fronty NISMO. NISMO comes with more standard equipt. then TOY,they option you to death to get comparable truck. And in my past dealings with TOY dealers they just won't deal very much. So for me like some others is the extra cost for TOY worth it? If I go new will probably buy NISMO because I think bang for your buck is #1 to me. Others that don't care or just like the TOY that much better,well they will pay the difference for it. If I see them on the beach fishing I will know either truck is excellent choice, it's just they paid more cause they like the TOY better. Apples & Oranges or old Chevy & Ford arguments they just keep going. If I buy late model probably go with Tacoma TRD EXT 4X4 03/04 year. Consumer Reports rates reliability very high for them. It's all about researching your Truck purchase.

    Surf! Fish'in Critter
  • I had an '04 Tacoma. I was quite fond of it, and would gladly be driving it today, had I not rolled it into a ditch on an icy road.
    Yes, it is a bit more simple as compared to the newer mid-sized offerings, but it was a well balanced truck. RIP 2004 Tacoma.
    Mine was a white TRD x-cab with a manual and V6. Perfect small truck.
    If you get one, I hope you enjoy it.

    In some ways though, I like the newer mid-sized offerings, as they are more powerful, as efficient, and a bit roomier.

    Good luck
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    You're joking right? The blue truck is a Tacoma, the red truck is a Frontier. They each have their own attributes! As far as the Inside Line review/road test goes, any one of the top 3 trucks could have placed 1st overall. Read what Brian Moody or John DiPietro wrote in Second Opinions. It is all subjective! What is important to me might not be important to you. What you think is significant might be insignificant to myself. I for one do not prefer the cushy car like ride of the Tacoma, or the look, or the composite bed. But, I can appreciate others that do. The Frontier seemed brawnier, more agile, and more potent to me when I compared them. And I preferred the overall look,inside and out, of the Nissan. Consequently, I would rate the Frontier #1 Best Buy. With that said, I do believe that the Tacoma is a good buy, but for the money......Nissan wins.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Well said woodshop28. I, for one, appreciate a good debate.

    Peace to you
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    I wonder what would happen if if you hooked up a log chain to a Frontier and a Tacome and had a pulling contest? I'd think the Tacoma would go for a backwards ride! Actually, we all know that would be the case, don't we.

    More power and a tougher frame and bed are more important to truck owners than "slalom runs." Slalom runs sound so nancyboy. Hmmm.... a truck with known "mushy" handling wins the nancyboy slolom race. Yippy skippy!

    Let's hook up the log chain!

    Frontier is the prime choice in the mid-sized truck arena. 2nd place is a tie between the Ridgeline and Tacoma.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Why can't You all grow the Freak up allready and yes I own a Nissan cc-le 4WD and yes I love it ,and so do THE TOY ownerS love their truckS ,!!


    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I imagine the Frontier would win the tug-o-war contest, but that would, for me, be as important as winning the slalom, or the 1000lb. 0-60 hauling drag race.
    I use my vehicles mainly for utility purposes, a yearly long distance road trip, and an occasional Sunday drive.
    As long as my vehicle is reliable, dependable, fairly efficient, safe, looks half decent, and does'nt break the Bank, I'm happy.
    The Tacoma or the Frontier would fulfill those needs. That's the bottom line.
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    The Frontier is better! Remember, Toykik keeps insisting that this is a "who's better" forum, so let's get the truth on the table.

    Just for the record, I also own a Toyota car. It is a 96 Tercel DX. It has been flawless! Great little car that gets 40+ mpg. 180K and no problems.

    BUT, the Frontier is still the finest midsized truck on the market!

    See, I'm as balanced and fair as anyone! :)
  • toykicktoykick Posts: 104
    Your right the Frontier is more bang for your buck...

    as for the tug o war... ram weight 5k+ the bronco lol 3k+

    imageClick to see Video
  • ctrlctrl Posts: 4
    See? Now tell me how many Nissan’s same small car class as your Tercel on the road with no problems and 180k on it? Even F150 not too bad while it new. Lets talk 10 years from now.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Man, this is entertaining!
    I also own a Toyota van, a 98 , and except for a few electrical glitches, it has been worry free, but not an ounce of fun to drive. I owned a Volvo sedan previously and that thing had soul! I miss that. When I took out the 05 Frontier for the first time I had that feeling. Is it just me, or are Toyota's lacking in that department? When I drove the Tacoma, it certainly performed well, but seemed ho hum. Almost like it was so refined that all the "oh what a feeling" was sucked out of it. This morning I pulled up along side a guy driving his new Tacoma and asked him what he thought. He exclaimed that he loved it, it drove just like a car! Exactly! I drove away from the light thinking, yea, but it's a truck! That's what I like about trucks.They ride like trucks!
    I don't want to buy a Porsche, I need a utility type vehicle for my business, but I also want to be able to feel the road, so to speak, and enjoy the ride.
    Again, maybe the Frontier is better. Better for me.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    My Dad has a 92 Nissan Access wagon ( Stanza wagon in the U.S. I think) that he bought new and has not had to repair a thing. Just regular scheduled maintenance. He does baby it though and it runs like a top. But it's not quite up to the 180K mark yet.
  • boone88rrboone88rr Posts: 194
    Yeah, well my dad is better than your dad! He weighs more and is more agile! :P

    Just checking in. I refuse to post anything more on the topic at hand. It's good to see you guys are still squabbling about the same crap.

    You guys really need to attend to your Nissan Frontier 2005+ forum. Talk about lack of feeling!
    "I just got a new key fob off of eBay! Check it out!" Zzzzzzzzzzzz.....
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    You are silly.
  • time2time2 Posts: 25
    ctrl, see what? This is about trucks, not little cars. I just wanted others to know that I do own, like, and respect Toyotas in general. I just traded my 13 year old 93 Nissn Pickup for my 05 Frontier. It had 215K and was still running strong with zip for problems. Nissan can and does build long lasting trucks. I know from firsthand experience.

    I just strongly believe that if you go through many of these testamonials on this Tacoma vs. Frontier discussion, there is a strong and common thread of people who actuallly test drove and compared these two truck in person and came to choose the Frontier based on their own observations and perceptions of what seems to be a better truck. I, like many seriously contemplated going with the Tacoma. I know the Toyotas generally have great quality. I own a great Toyota car. Why not go with a proven and perceived "winner?" Well, the Frontier stole the show for me like many others who actually drove and compared both. That's it! That's all! Nothing complicated. The Frontier just seems to be a better, and more desireable truck to me. Again, I AM a Toyota owner who was going to buy a Tacoma this time around. Didn't happen.

    Booner, the reason the Frontier board is so boring is because our trucks have not had the scope of major type problems that, uh um, other new mid-sized truck have been experiencing. My truck came with factory keyfobs (2). Some of the early Nissan 05's didn't get them. That's now been changed.

    Moving forward!
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I concur. My belief is that certain loyalists do not want to share the stage.Nissan obviously builds high quality vehicles. My family owns 3 Nissans, including an early model Frontier and have enjoyed many trouble free years. Again, they are well maintained, which in my mind is the single most important factor in keeping your vehicle running as they should. That applies to all vehicles.
    You want your truck to be reliable? Look after it!
    As far as performance goes.....well, that's a state of mind.
    Toyota doesn't have a monopoly on either quality or performance any more than Ferrari does on speed.
    And regarding automobile magazine write ups, one big entertaining, money generating business. Don't take it too seriously folks.
  • I've been studying these two trucks for a year now and watching the forums and waiting. I was stalling for my son-in-law to get back from Iraq so I could give him my F-150 (I know what you're thinking, but I really do like him) and have an excuse to get a new truck. I was also stalling for the 06s to come out. Hopefully the new model bugs are mostly solved.

    I drove the Frontier. Man that thing ran and drove good. I really liked the Frontier A LOT!

    I drove the Tacoma. Man that thing ran and drove good. I really liked the Tacoma A LOT!

    There were things I loved about the Frontier and some I didn't. The same held true for the Tacoma. The one deciding factor for me was getting a 6' bed with a Crew Cab. The two trucks were so close that I went with the Tacoma so I could get the bed length I wanted.

    I'm betting I'll love my Tacoma (when it gets here in a week or so) and every time I pass someone in a Frontier I'm probably gonna think, "I'll bet they love their truck". Each person has that "thing" that sways them one way or the other. Mine was the length of the bed. For others it is something else. I say "Happy Trucking To All, And To All a Good Night". :shades:
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I to have been studying for a full year now and waiting, cause I'm not quite ready or willing to give up my current vehicle as of yet. I'd be in the market for a King or Access cab, but am still leaning towards a Nissan at this point. I am keeping my options open though and biding my time. The 06's will both be on our local lots by November I think and I'll be testing them both out again ( a highlight of the year ). The first year bugs should be worked out and both trucks will be all the better for it. I wish there were more colour choices though - a minor detail. The new Majestic Blue might do it for me. The Silver suits both though.
    Good luck to both you and your son-in-law and enjoy your new Tacoma.
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