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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • hi when you installed the fold a cover how did you intall the drainage tubes?
  • Ooooh? Did I hit a nerve??? Why so defensive??? I'm happy for you and your Frontier. Now is that better? :)
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145

    The Fold-A-Cover does not come with drainage tubing. I have had it installed for over a year now and only have gotten a little water in it. That was in Arkansas on a trip during a gully washer.

    The seals on the cover have deflected the majority of the water so far. I usually put a sheet of plastic over anything I don't want to get wet and so far it has worked for me.

    If the seal on the cover ever wears out then I can foresee a problem, but so far so good.

  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Just a little counter punching, no worries.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    has anyone on the east coast noticed that your buring alot more gas then the Norm. ?

    I'm buring it to fast and I don't speed at all I keep it at 2000Rpms to keep MPGS good.
  • No I haven't noticed any difference.
    But aren't the blends different between summer and winter?
    Not sure which one is the better one to be burning. :confuse:
  • I spent a lot of time laboring over which to get, a Tacoma or a Frontier. I'll apologize in advance for what will be a very long message, but I'm a slightly different type of buyer and thought I'd share all of my thoughts for those with similar needs as they generally are not otherwise addressed.

    I needed to replace my 1999 regular cab base Chevy S10. I've cared for it well and it has treated me equally well for 130,000 miles. I think it has a lot more left, but I am passing it to my son who is beginning college. Understand that I also own a BMW Z4; a spectacularly fun car to drive . . . but not in the snow. Also know that I commute about 80 miles round trip each day. A truck for my purpose is essentially a commuter vehicle that offers the utility of a bed (a lot of projects around the house and garden, plus hauling to support some hobbies). The goal is cheap and reliable transportation. The S10 was a 4cyl 5spd. Bought it new for $10k, only option is A/C; crank windows, no tape/CD, etc. Got ~29 mpg mixed driving and, other than replacing a fuel pump, it has been flawless. It was cheap to buy and cheap to keep. The goal is to get something just like it, but the domestics didn't look like they'd fit the bill. It was down to Toyota or Nissan.

    I just bought my wife a new Camry a few months ago. Not exactly a driver's car, but it's pretty handsome, comfortable, and if you buy the base model with few options, it's pretty inexpensive (I think we paid $18k + tax/tags). This, along with their top-drawer reputation for quality had me leaning towards the Tacoma. The target was a Tacoma regular cab Prerunner with the SR5 package.

    Here's the problem. As you may have noted, other than the Z4 which was a once-in-a-lifetime indulgence, I like my cars simple and cheap. The base Tacoma has 215 sized tires inside of wheel wells shaped for something much larger. The standard wheels look silly. Okay, the Prerunner gets me appropriately sized tires and doesn't add that much to the cost. Now I find that I can't order a/c, it's part of a $1k package. And even after that thousand, I still don't get intermittent wipers (wipers dragging across the windshield more frequently than they have to is a personal bug of mine) so I speced the SR5 package which comes along with that and other goodies. The dealer wouldn't move from MSRP on the price so with assorted rebates, the Tacoma finished out at around $16,800 + tax/tags.

    The Frontier XE's stock tires look appropriately sized to the vehicle and adding only the "preferred" package to get A/C and other essentials brings the Nissan to $16,500.

    Here's how the two trucks compared for me:

    EXTERIOR STYLE: Equal. I like the look of the Frontier, but the Tacoma regular cab as a Prerunner looks pretty good, too.

    INTERIOR STYLE: The Tacoma by a mile. The Fronty's interior looks dated; like it came straight from 1980. Oddly, I think the Frontier interior from the previous generation (2002 - 2004) looked better than the current version. The Tacoma's interior is very handsome; car-like.

    BED: I know Toyota's composite bed is criticized. I've heard tales of it being punctured or the tailgate breaking off. I'm not hauling concrete and don't expect to damage it. That said, I would rather have plastic over steel instead of just plastic. However, to my surprise, the XE included only a steel bed, not the coated trak bed available on all other Nissans. I think Toyota has to get the nod here.

    ENGINE: I'm giving this to the Toyota, too. The specs indicate only a modest difference in horsepower, but between only being a regular cab and having the plastic bed, the Tacoma is quite a bit lighter and definitely feels like it has more pull and acceleration. The Frontier's is fine, but by comparison, it seems like seems a little underpowered. I also feel the more positive feedback from the Tacoma's shifter. Lastly, though the official numbers are similar, I suspect the Toyota will get better mileage.

    HANDLING: Pretty close. I think they're both pretty agile for midsized trucks. The Nissan might be a little more nimble, but it also jumps around more over bumps.

    BREAKING: Hands down, the Frontier. I know there's a lot of criticism about the Tacoma's rear drums. I think the Toyota stopped fine, but the Nissan was definitely better.

    RELIABILITY: Ya' never know. Toyota has the better reputation, but I've been hearing that reliability has suffered as the company has grown in size. Nissan definitely doesn't have Toyota/Honda grade reliability, but they are known for solid 4cyl engines. I'd give a small advantage to Toyota here.

    So you'd think I'd have picked the Toyota, right? I do think it is the better truck, but here are the problems:

    I live in NJ and Toyota does not ship Prerunners to the Northeast. I had to call on four dealers to find one willing to order it (8-12 weeks). Toyota's $500 rebate would no longer be in effect and I'd have to gamble on whatever deal might be in effect (or not) months from now. My wife earned her degree last May which is good for another $400 rebate, but that would also longer be good by the time the truck came in because she would have graduated more than a year ago by then. Without those, the Toyota is $17,700, more than a grand higher than the Nissan. And remember, this is for a REGULAR CAB! The same Tacoma as a regular cab would have been north of $19k. To seal the deal, Nissan offered to put in a Rhino spray-on liner and bed rails at no cost to me.

    Yeah, the Tacoma is generally a better driving truck and the interior is MUCH nicer, but for about a thousand less, I'm getting an extended cab for free and a composite-over-steel bed. And the truck exactly as I want it right down to color was immediately available.

    If this was a working vehicle for me, or my only vehicle, I might have coughed up the money for the Tacoma; maybe even the extended cab version. But for me, I think the Frontier will serve the need very nicely. I struggled a lot over this decision. I hope my sharing these thoughts helps others who are likewise laboring over a similar choice.
  • No appology needed at least in my reading your thoughts on the two trucks. You bring up some good valed points.
    I also replaced an S-10/Sonoma for a Frontier.
    I went for the Frontier because of the Engine/transmission roots. The VQ6 4.0 has a better linage of where it came from and that is the VQ3.5 which is a World Class Engine.
    True the interior of Frontier is dated but it's a truck not a car.
    I did not like the composite bed of the Tacoma because my logic is the [non-permissible content removed] end of a truck is light enough without making it 'lighter'.
    The Frontier frame comes from the Titan which is a FULL SIZE TRUCK unlike the Tacoma is a combo of 'C' Channel and box frame to save weight......that all.....weight.
    If the VQ6 was in the Tacoma it would be a 'ROCKET' because of the weight difference.
    Conversley if the Tacoma engine was put in the Frontier it would be a SLUG.
    I rest my case and hope ya enjoy your Frontier as much as I enjoy mine.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I couldn't agree more Rocketman. I test drove both trucks back to back more than once and found that the Nissan not only suited me more, but that I preferred practically everything about it. I had already researched both trucks to death, dating back to the Fall of 2004, and after multiple test drives chose the Frontier. I prefer the ride, size, handling, look (interior and exterior) of the Nissan. The VQ is second to none. The build quality, fit and finish, ergonomics, materials, are all top notch. It's actually fun to drive, which I found from the get-go, and is very well equipped (bang for the buck). On and off-road it's very capable, very confident and I haven't a single beef with it thus far. I use it for my work and play, is our only vehicle, and also fits nicely in the garage.
    Enjoy all!
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Having owned both Tacoma and Frontier in the past I preferred Tacoma until the 05's arrived. I was very biased toward Toyota until I was able to spend time driving both the 05 Tacoma and Frontier and I decided that the Frontier was the better truck so I purchased an 06.
    Not one problem and it is a very satisfying truck.
    Changes I would request is for the truck to be lighter and to offer a higher mileage engine option such as a diesel.
    If either the Tacoma or Frontier offers a diesel I will buy one, otherwise I will own my 06 for a long time.
  • I agree re: lighter and better mileage. The only other improvements I'd like to see are all minor:

    - raise the center console so that it's even with the door's arm rest; also, move it more forward
    - More substantial storage under the rear seats
    - A more direct feel to the shifter
    - The dash isn't bad, but it could/should definitely be nicer
  • I agree re: lighter and better mileage. The only other improvements I'd like to see are all minor:

    - raise the center console so that it's even with the door's arm rest; also, move it more forward
    - More substantial storage under the rear seats
    - A more direct feel to the shifter
    - The dash isn't bad, but it could/should definitely be nicer
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I was never overly smitten with the older compact trucks, even though I'm a mid-sized guy, the trucks always felt too small to me and also unstable. Really, I was anxiously waiting for new mid-sized trucks to hit the market, and when that happened for the 05 model year I went shopping. The Dakota, for one thing, wouldn't have fit in my garage. And of course, I like the wider track of these mid-sizers, can barely imagine tipping one of these over.
    I'd like to see Nissan or Toyota offer a diesel for the North American market. That would definitely be of interest to me for my next purchase.
  • Ok here I go:
    Test drove the Frontier, Tacoma, Dakota,GMC Canyon and Ford Ranger. Considering price, mpg, size ,towing capability and ride it came down to a choice of Tacoma or Frontier.

    As a lot of you have done before buying, I followed the forums on Tacoma and Frontier ever since the new design trucks came out. It seems that overall the Tacoma owners were not as happy as the Frontier owners, so chose the frontier.

    I Bought a 07 Charcoal LWB 2WD Crew with the V6 and automatic. As soon as I saw this truck I loved it, it even looks better now since I added the splash guards all the way around.

    I originally test drove the Nissan Frontier crew cabs with the 5' bed and V6, when they first came out and really liked the ride, power and the handling ,but when I test drove my new 07 with the longer 6' bed and longer wheel base I could tell that it was even better.

    This truck rides smooth and has a quite cab , handles like a sports car on turns and during rain holds the curves like the pavement is dry.

    I am also very happy with the gas milage, my truck averages
    about 19 to 20 mpg city, hwy and does about 21 to 23 mpg on straight hwy. driving. I never use premium gas, I always put the cheapest gas I can find in it and have not heard one ping, even under heavy acceleration.

    No leaks, no rattles, no pings no vibrations. The truck has more than enough power. It's not a hot rod, it has a heavier feel like a well made larger truck, but it can really move when you want to get on the free way, best acceleration seems to be from 3500 to 4500 rpms, when you get to that band of torque, you feel it push you back in the seat.

    I have the automatic and I am also very happy on the way that it's geared, my rpms run low in town and on the hwy. In town engine runs around 1200 to 1400rpm going 40 to 50 and at 70 it is about 2k, so my mpgs are always good. In fact my mpgs in the 265hp frontier are about the same as my 2000 Ranger at 140hp V6 and it's cheaper to run because the only way I could keep the Ranger from pinging was to put super unleaded in it.

    Down falls, there are only 2 things that I do not care about in the design of my truck. It is kind of hard to park because of it's long turning radius, plus the back seats are kind of crampy for full size adults. Althoug the back seats are kind of small for sitting to make up for it when I fold them down they give me a lot of extra cargo room in the cab, and I sure like that.

    Overall all the great things about the truck far out weigh a few design problems that it has. I would buy it again in a heart beat.

    Bottom line ,very happy with truck at 2500 miles. Oh yeah forgot to say, I love the track anchoring system in the bed. It's so cool. :)
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    My wife insisted on a crew cab when it came time to purchase a new truck, so we have an 07 Frontier Nismo 4x4 crew cab. The 5 foot box is sufficient for my painting supplies and the roof rack works well for my ladders. The disadvantage of the short bed is offset by the advantage of having a truck that is 14 inches shorter - a little easier to maneuver and park. We rarely use the back seating as such, so it is generally folded flat, and used for groceries etc.
    The turning radius is equal to my last vehicle, a Toyota van, so consequently am used to that.
    Thus far I have not a quibble against this vehicle. Everything is what I had wished for and more. I actually enjoy driving again, cause this truck is fun to drive.
    I agree, the anchoring system works well, and is a must for us.
    Drive safe, enjoy your truck.
  • My wife insisted on a crew cab when it came time to purchase a new truck, so we have an 07 Frontier Nismo 4x4 crew cab.

    That's why when it came time to buy 'MY' truck I left the wife home..... :)
    With what I sold my '95 Sonoma & some play money I had enough to not have her name on the bank loan..... :)
    Long term it worked out better because we have since parted ways... :shades:
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Actually, the 07 Nismo crew cab (being a short wheel base) was the only crew we could fit in our garage. And it's our only vehicle, so henceforth the want of a 4 door vehicle.
    When my mate insisted on a crew cab, I wasn't at first wild about the idea, but am now happy with that choice.
    Sorry to hear about the marital parting, but hey, you have your truck! All you need now is a good dog.
  • Yeah like I said the back seats are crampy but my wife is happy because my mother in law still fits back there as she is under 5'. That's all I can say about that :cry: ..........just joking , she's cool.
  • colin6969colin6969 Posts: 1
    I'm wondering if the Frontier is going to get an ext/int facelift like several other Nissans have gotten for 2008. The interiors of the new Titans, etc., are fantastic. Slight ext facelift is appreciated too.

    The Tacoma got a tiny interior upgrade with 07 -- a bit bigger seats and a slightly different center console style, not much though.

    If the Frontier got an interior like some of these upgraded Nissans....I don't think this comparison would be as close as it is right now.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 131
    I like both Toyota and Nissan, but have owned 2 Toy. pickups in the past and have been happy with them. My question is about the Toy.'s composite bed - - what is it made of and how durable is it? I would think the Nissan's coated bed would be much more durable and give a little more weight in the back for snowy conditions. :confuse:

    What are anyone's thoughts concerning the talk I've heard, and you perhaps, of a deisel engine in either of these two trucks? Do you really think it will happen and what do you think the cost difference will be compared to a gasoline engine? Thanks to all!
  • rocketman67rocketman67 Posts: 82
    You are right on the money about the Nissan bed being more durable and with the added weight in the back for slippery conditions be it snow, mud or rain.
    Pickup trucks are light enough in the rear without compounding the problem by using a composite bed.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I also like both trucks, but I found that the Taco seemed a little light in the rear, not a great thing with an unloaded bed. The truck seemed to hop around more than the Frontier, the Fronty felt more sure-footed to me and that is one reason I went with the Nissan. I like the factory spray-on on my Frontier, so far, so good, appears to be very durable. I think the Taco's composite bed should be fine for most uses.
    I'd be interested if Toy or Nissan puts a diesel into either for the N.A. market. I imagine the price increase would be fairly significant though. I really can't say if one could truly justify paying the extra premium to save a few bucks on fuel, or for the increased torque. Perhaps if you figure on keeping the truck for a long while?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I think they need to update the center arm rest it sucks ,its not long enough,like ford center arm rest,and the toys,come on NISSIAN get Done right!
    I have an 2005 CC,V6 it except the center arm rest,easy as pie to clean the inside,but it scatches real easy the sunroof and wish they put a sliding rear window like ford did,I thinking about having one put in.
  • carnut21carnut21 Posts: 38
    I have had my 05 Frontier crew cab SE,4x2, 6 speeed for 2.25 years now and I have to say it ROCKS! The mileage is good (19-23), inside may look less car-like but with 2 boys (10 & 6) the thick skin holds up well, the tie-down racks and spray-in bed liner is hands down the best in the industry. The engine is STELLAR! I have read a few posts about the "weak" but they must have been smoking something when they tried the truck. The stock General tires are great (30K on them with half tread left). Should be able to get at least 42k on them.

    As far as problems, the heater fan motor started making a noise (I thought) but turned out to be fine. Also had a squeaking fan belt/idler pulley and Nissan took care of this under warranty. Dealer was exceptional and gave me no problems.

    Trucks are expensive and I can not understand anyone that would buy the Toyota and get less truck for more money. From reviews I have read, the Frontier 4.0 has been the most durable engine Nissan has ever built.

    Mark another one up to the Nissan, sorry Toyota.
  • ocrealtorocrealtor Posts: 5
    I have been going back and forth between purchasing an '07 Tacoma Double-cab, or the '07 Frontier Crew-cab for a few months now. I visited numerous Toyota and Nissan dealers for extensive test drives. Wore out my welcome.

    Finally pulled the trigger and got the Frontier a couple weeks ago. :)

    I got it for these reasons.

    1) The Frontier gives you more features for less $$.

    2) I think the Frontier has a better, smoother ride. The Tacoma was a bit choppier.

    3) I like the spray-on bedliner much better than the composite bedliner in the Tacoma. Much more durable.

    4) My wife, myself, and just about everyone I talked to thought the Frontier just looked better than the Taco. I know that is a matter of taste, and some here prefer the Toyota's looks no doubt, but I just think the Frontier looks meaner, and more rugged like a truck should look.

    5) The Frontier has a more powerful engine. It has that 261 HP V6 power, compared to the Toyota's 232 HP engine.

    6) I think the Frontier handles better than the Tacoma as well, when you are cornering, the Nissan almost feels like a car, although I hear the Toyota X-Runner is probably the best handling truck on the market. (and expensive too!)

    I will admit I liked the Toyota's dashboard better than my Nissan, that is the only drawback I see. The Toyota's dash looks like a luxury car, very modern, but my dash looks very utility-like, although I do have the chrome accent upgrade.

    However, you don't buy a truck because you like the dashboard, so I got the Frontier, and I am quite pleased.

    Toyota fans, this may sound like I am knocking the Tacoma, but I'm not. I came very close to getting one, but the Nissan came out on top in too many categories.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Another Nissan Frontier owner here.
    I agree with all you say except, I actually prefer the interior of the Nissan. It appears more fitting to my eyes.
    The Tacoma's looks out of place to me, more suitable in a sedan perhaps (camry?). Nice materials, layout, fit and finish though.
    I had no problem at all deciding on the Frontier. The Nismo Crew Cab fits nicely in my garage - important to me.
    Rock solid truck, fun to drive (rare), safe, well built, good looking, functional, good handling (on road and off road), well priced, what more can one say.
    I could sell these babies!
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    If you get the Tacoma Off-rd or Sport edition
    It comes with a Bed electic plug for your equipments that would need electricity!!! That's a cool feature!!
    I do like the Nissan because it is CHEAPER!!! I haven't test drover either of the trucks. I have been saying my money to put a HUGE down. Gas isn'ty help either. I did driver my friend's parents' xterra and it was very nice.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Nothing wrong with having the power outlet in the box, it's a nice touch. I carry a power box around with me 24/7, keep it either in the box, or plugged into a power outlet in the cab. You can buy them up here in Canada for less than a $100
    (mine is 400 watt-600amp), and truly portable. Mine came with jumper cables, air compressor, and lighting.
    Regardless, that built-in feature wasn't a necessary option in my case.
    Up here, the two trucks are similar in price, but the Nissan comes very well equipped and the dealers will deal (Toyota has set prices in most provinces unfortunately and called, of all things, Access Toyota).
    I test drove both vehicles,in the style I was interested in,
    multiple times before I decided. That's a must!
    Pick the one that suits you best.
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    Nissan is 500lbs heavier than a tacoma thou!
  • True but that is because it has a FULL BOX FRAME unlike the Taco which is mostly 'C' channel.
    In theory the composite bed is a good idea but the rear end of a pickup truck is light enough without making it lighter.
    Less weight less traction.
  • ocrealtorocrealtor Posts: 5
    The Toyota dealers I visited sure didn't help their cause.

    Nissan had, (or still has?) either 2.9% financing, or $1,750 cash back. I had a large down payment, so took the $1,750 cash back, and then negotiated another $1,800 off that! That's over $3,500 off the retail price! I think I could have even gone lower, but I was tired of visiting so many dealers.

    The Toyota guys were not willing to negotiate at all. One guy in fact, took a look at my junky car, and told me if I bought a Tacoma, people would respect me. (Great way to build good relations w/customers. :confuse:)

    Anyways, I think Toyota still has the brand name advantage over Nissan at this time. I think that may change over time. I got my wife an 07 Altima, over the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, and I think a lot of other people are starting to do that too. Again, more bang for the buck.
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    less weight definitely less traction.
    but it wont goes the same for the nissan.

    does the say on the brochsure on the tacoma has c-frame?

    I like the tacoma looks cause its beefier.
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    where did you go for the Nissan and toyota dealers?
    If that toyota dealer said that to me, I woulda been like go f yourself!! PEACE!! you tell him i guess ur wont get a commission check!
  • ocrealtorocrealtor Posts: 5
    It was one of the Toyota dealers in the Inland Empire, Southern California. Off the 91 Fwy.

    I WAS driving a 10 year old Nissan that I keep around because it keeps running fine. The paint is coming off, and there is a huge dent in the drivers side door.

    But the Toyota guy told me at least two times that once I started driving the Tacoma, people would definitely respect and notice me. He was a really young guy, so I let him slide, but I guess he thought I was scraping my pennies together to get that Tacoma.

    Pretty sad.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    That's comical! The same thing happened to my young nephew when he drove into our local Toy lot in his 03 Mazda B-Series. The sales guy (a slickster according to him) approached him and immediately started throwing barbs about his truck. Totally classless! What some might do to sell a car.
    By the way, the Nephew is still driving his Mazda.
    And I? An 07 Frontier.

  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    if anyone talk crap to me... I'll do the same back to him right there... see how he likes it.
    Tacoma is not flying off the lots... they are even offering 0.0% financing to the tundra... gas is killing them.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    My young Nephew gets his fair share of that kind of thing.
    He's very mild mannered and quiet.
    With trucks supposedly not flying off the lots, it would be a good time to purchase. Too bad I don't need one.
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    I wouldn't let them belittle me of what i have that i worked hard and paid for!! I would say to the salesman face... *hey, obvious you want to make the sale... so I want a another sales guy*.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    One might be doing the dealer a good service to report such abuse to management.
    I would, under most circumstance, just turn away never to return. Good riddance to that organization!
  • vhreb123vhreb123 Posts: 83
    I used to own an 06 Accord. Now I am considering a truck. I don't know what would be considered a good price for trucks but I do know about sedans. So please help! I am interested in either a 07 Frontier Crew Cab SE with SE Value Power Package and side airbags or a 07 Tacoma Double Cab with side airbags. Side airbags are preferable only if available.
    I am also planning to buy within a month.
    P.S. Doesn't the Frontier cost much less?
    P.P.S. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, so anybody that has bought either a Frontier or Tacoma around here who wants to help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • ocrealtorocrealtor Posts: 5
    Well, like I mentioned earlier, I just bought an 07 Frontier Crew Cab SE, and it also has the value truck package. Out here in Los Angeles, I got it for $20,900, including manufacturer's destination charge. Sticker price was $24,300. That is not including taxes, and registration. It is an automatic, otherwise it would have been cheaper still.

    A similar equipped Tacoma would have been almost two grand more. I don't know about you, but I don't think the Tacoma is a better truck. They do have the Toyota name, which makes some people think it is better.

    It's not. Like I said, the only thing better in my opinion is the Toyota dashboard. Other than that, the Frontier performs better, looks better, and has more features for less $$$.

    It is best to do your research first. I'll bet out in Birmingham, you can get a better deal than I got in L.A.

    Don't forget, dealers WILL sell you a truck for under invoice price. They still make a lot of money because of dealer incentives and holdback (the rent they get from Nissan to put the truck on the lot.)
  • I like the new Tundras,they look tough and have crazy power but I was surprised to find out that the doors and tail gate was a lot lighter made than my 07 Frontier, check it out. I guess that is why they can still get 16 to 20 mpg with all of that power which I wouldn't ever need anyway.
    6500 lbs Towing works for me. :)
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I thought exactly the same regarding the Tacoma's doors/tailgate. I like a solid thunk when I close a car door, and you get that with the Frontier. Very solid. Some people have complained(?) about the HEAVY Frontier tailgate, but I like it heavy. What's the beef? It's a very solidly built truck.
    The new Tundra, I know little about. I've seen a couple in town, decent looking, too, too big for my want or needs. If I was in to towing anything substantial, I'd get a 3/4 ton.
    I know that the Frontier/Tacoma with the V-6 will tow 2 and a half tons like a breeze.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I have an '05 LE KC Frontier and I love the truck, but I am one who complains about the weight of the tailgate. I have had 3 Datsun/Nissan pickups and have had more trouble with this heavy tailgate than I did with both of the other tailgates combined.

    I had a 1977 KC 5 speed that I kept for 24 years and 175,00 miles and never had a bit of problem with the tailgate and it was a real work truck that carried my dirtbikes for most of those years along with a lot of heavier items.

    With this heavy tailgate one of the hinges is bent and the lower right hand corner has a slight kink in it from falling down when the latch did not catch good.

    I tried the tailgate on the '07 Frontier when I was looking at the revised tailgate liner and found they have lightened the tailgate considerably. I am pretty sure that it has been lightened because I could not see any sort of tailgate assist attached to it.

    I might add that I am almost 70 years old, 5' 7" tall, and weigh about 120 pounds. The tailgate is definitely a two handed proposition for me and I use it fairly frequently.

    As soon as I have the money I am considering buying an '07 tailgate to replace mine if it isn't cost prohibitive.

  • dmo09dmo09 Posts: 1
    After two years of researching, test driving and almost signing a deal on a Tacoma...twice...I went with an 07 Frontier King Cab. The tacoma's are just to expensive and the dealers to arrogant. Two different dealers wouldn't make me the right deal and advised me they dont have to discount, the trucks will sell regardless. So I walked out on both of them...jerks. The Frontier was the right choice as it turned out. Got more truck for less money and after driving for three months I would recommend a Nissan to anyone looking at either truck. Simply love it!
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Sounds like a carbon copy of my own experience. The two trucks are close in price (Msrp) here in Canada, but very few, if any, of the Toyota dealers will dicker. They told me on the Toy lots that the price was already cut. I found, as many others have here, that our local Toyota sales people are quite smug. Nissan will deal (love it), so consequently I ended up with a better equipped truck for about 4 grand less. It's a hoot to drive, love every minute I'm in it.

    Enjoy your truck and safe driving to you!
  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    so what do you gusy think about the Nismo crew cab?
    with the rockforsget package... I can get it for $25000??
  • uncalumnusuncalumnus Posts: 11
    I just bought my Tacoma. Here in NC (USA) Toyota trucks are far more popular(atleast in my area) There are more Toyota dealers here, and they do bargain with you. I have really enjoyed my truck. It is a double cab prerunner with the SR5 and towing packages. I will not say anything bad about Nissan, but I have known Toyota trucks that have gone on for a LONG time. My brother in law had one for 450,000 miles. This is my second Toyota truck, and I have loved them both.
    To everyone that prefers Nissan or Toyota, I hope you like your choice as much as I do. Good Luck to you all.
  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    I am planning to tow a 17' travel trailer or Scamp or Escape fifth wheel (both which are specially designed for compact trucks, so don't freak out on me and tell me it can't be done...these have a GVWR of under 5,000 lbs. and are often paired with Tacoma SR5s). Plan to take it on backroads, up hills, etc. (but I do not want a Titan or Tundra or other large truck...I just need to tow about 6-8 times a year, not all the time and like the compacts).

    Test drove a Nissan Frontier NISMO 4 x 4 (AT) with a max tow rating of 6,100 lbs. and a Tacoma SR5 4 x 4 (AT) with a max tow rating of 6,300 lbs. I can tell that the Tacoma is a great truck, but strongly prefer the ride and smoother engine performance of the Frontier. However, the Tacoma can be ordered with a tow package which includes: 130 AMP alternator, transmission oil cooler, engine oil cooler, heavy duty battery, and a 7 pin hardwired hitch receiver with converter.
    The Frontier doesn't offer this option. Only two Nissan salespeople have bothered to note down what the Tacoma offers to see if the Frontier can be similarly spec'd. What I have been told is that the Nissan dealership can install all the same options EXCEPT the 130 AMP alternator. They said the only option with that would be to install an aftermarket 130 AMP alternator, which they do NOT recommend because it might create electrical problems.

    I have two questions:

    1. Are the Nissan dealerships telling me the truth about being able to install the engine oil cooler and transmission oil cooler?
    2. How crucial is having a 130 AMP alternator for the towing use I have detailed above? Will it hurt me to not have it? Would having a heavy-duty battery paired with a non-130 AMP alternator create any problems?
    3. Why would an aftermarket 130 AMP alternator possibly cause electrical problems?

    Thanks to anyone out there who can explain this... I am anxious to buy, but want to be sure I know what I am getting (or not getting)!
  • carnut21carnut21 Posts: 38
    I have an 05 CC, 6spd 2x4, Frontier and have towed 6500 pounds with this truck (tandem axle trailer and Kubota tractor with front end loader and 6 foot tiller). The truck was GREAT pulling but if I were going to be towing on a consistent basis I reconsider using the mid-size truck and go for the full size (with this much weight). I am not sure anyone sells a 5th wheel hitch for either truck but sounds like potential disaster. The key to trailers in not necessarily pulling but getting stopped and that is the reason larger trucks are best for this (larger trucks=larger brakes).

    Also, the RV trailers are not that heavy but when you start loading them down is where you will get into trouble. my BIL has a 4,800 GVW trailer but by the time you get 4 bicycles, groceries, water, food, clothes, etc. you will approach or exceed the GVW of either truck unless you travel lighter than most of us.

    The Titan has some EXCELLENT reviews for towing trailers and while they are rated for 9300 +/- pounds, they are capable of much more. Read in a RV or boat magazine where a guy in Florida was towing a 13,000 +/- cigarette boat with no problems.

    I would think long in hard of a 5th wheel in either, especially the Toyota since it has less power.
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