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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46

    Thanks for your response--great to hear that it tows well. We loved the ride and power of the 4 x 2 we test drove... have you ever pulled anything through mud, sand or snow with your 2WD? We'd rather get a 2WD, but are likely to take some backroads that may be muddy, sandy and rocky, so thought we might need that 4WD, though the 2WD felt very capable.

    I am sure the Titan is a great truck for hauling, but we wanted the Frontier because we will only be towing 6-8 times a year to go on vacation, and wanted a smaller truck as our second car for around town and Home Depot runs. We are factoring the weight of all cargo, water, occupants and additional options onto the dry weight of all trailers and fifth wheels being considered so that the total amount being towed never exceeds 5,500 lbs. This allows for a 600 lb. margin between the maximum weight being towed and the max tow rating for a 4 x 4 NISMO Frontier or a 800 lb. margin with a 4 x 2 NISMO. What do you think--is that adequate?
  • chris512chris512 Posts: 6
    Here in Austin the Toyota and Nissan dealerships are next to each other. Just got home from driving both. Each was access cab, 4cyl, auto, base units.

    The Tacoma had a smoother engine, smoother ride, but bad driving position.

    The Frontier had a nicer driving position and tighter handling, but the engine seemed stressed, the ride was firmer. I also experiences blind spots in the Nissan.

    I think if the Tacoma's steering wheel was positioned out towards the driver, it would win hands down. So now, I'm still confused!
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    If you garage your truck, you might want to consider exterior dimensions too. I have an '06 Frontier SE Crew Cab 4x2 6-Speed and it's dimensions are an inch or two shorter and narrower than the Tacoma, which helps me greatly in my garage. I too agree that Tacoma's seating position is peculiar. My knees hit the steering wheel when I got in; I just couldn't get comfortable during my ride. They're both fine trucks though; I don't think you'd go wrong with either.
  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    We just drove home our new NISMO 4 x 4, fosgate, sunrf, traction package. We had driven 3 other 4 x 4 's, 2 without traction pkg, 1 with. We also drove two 4 x 2's. The ride of the 4 x 2's was by far the best and most powerful, and they get better gas mileage and have more tow capacity, but we were leaning to the 4 x 4 to have the option to really go off-road in some of the areas that a 4 x 2 could not--i.e. rugged backroads of Utah and AZ.

    However, after the first 3 test drives in 4 x 4s, we thought for sure we'd have to go with a 4 x 2 after all, because the 4 x 4's felt sluggish and not nearly as nimble--in fact, the first 4 x 4 was definitely the runt of that day's assembly line litter, because the engine was noisy and anything but smooth and the traction control was doing weird things. The last 4 x 4 we test drove we bought a little below invoice at 2.9% financing and took home with us last night--its engine feels almost as powerful as the 4 x 2, it's ride almost as smooth.

    Considering that the 4 x 4 components add 200 lbs. of weight, that is quite an accomplishment. I have a Nissan Altima 2000 and I can say that nearly every time I have had it serviced, the mechanics have made some comment about what an unusually zippy engine it has--so not every car is created equal. After 7 years and 79,000 miles, my Altima feels just like it did driving's going to be really hard to let it go, but we only need one commuter car and we are keeping the one with the very best gas mileage to offset the loss in gas mileage on the truck (my Altima gets 27 mpg, my wife's Echo gets 37-39).

    Point is, each one is unique. Test drive several of the same model with the same features to find the one whose ride fits you to a T. It's a lot easier to stomach the immediate depreciation of the vehicle (and in our case, the lower gas mileage that the 4 x4 gets) when you really love the ride.

    Before this purchase, I hadn't realized to what extent an individual vehicle's performance could vary. The same day we bought our new truck, we had test driven an identical one (exactly same features and options and miles on it...only 17) that was actually in the color we really wanted (white) but we were completely unimpressed with the drive. With how few of these 4 x 4 there are within reasonable distance from us, we felt good about getting one that drives like a dream.

    Now, does anyone know what aftermarket add-ons GENUINELY increase the gas mileage? We got 16.9 mpg on the freeway coming home--it started out much lower than that, but increased as we kept driving. Didn't think gas engines really had a "break-in" period in terms of gas mileage increases.

    Note that we will not be blazing any new off-road trails because we will not destroy pristine areas or contribute to new erosion problems. Our other car is a Toyota Echo and we are planning to get the plug-in Prius when it's available to help balance out having this truck.

    Happy Shopping and Happy Trails!
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Congrats! I noticed little difference at all between the 4x2 and any of the 4x4's, except I felt the Nismo actually handled a tad better. Ride quality, performance levels, etc., were not really noticeable to me. I began test driving these trucks in Jan. 05, and purchased an 07 Nismo 4x4 Crew Cab just this year. The V-6 is a fine power plant, the VQ engine is an ace.
    I drive quite conservatively 90% of the time, so consequently, get decent gas mileage. I'm not at all concerned about fuel prices, because for one, I average 9000 miles per year including a yearly long road trip. And this truck is my wife's and I only vehicle.

  • My wife and I had to downsize due to my health..We moved into a 55+ MH park..We have a 98 Tracker that has served us well but we can't haul any remodeling supplies...We would like to get a small pick up with extended cab and 4wd for the winter..The neighbor would also let us use his small tent camper on occasion..We would like either a tacoma that has 70/80 thou on it to fit into our price range...Would the 4 cyls. pull a small tent camper or would it be best to have the v6...Would the higher miles be harder on a 4 vrs a v6 if it was well cared for..We can afford to spend 10- 12 k...Comments, thoughts or ideas..
    God Bless...K
  • toadmantoadman Posts: 39
    With the recent $2K rebate for '07 model year close outs that Nissan has been advertising, I was basically sold on the Frontier. It was a no brainer to get the Nissan when a comparably equiped Tacoma was $4,500 more with fewer options. Previously I had an '01 Taco D-Cab 4x4 SR5. It was a great truck but a bit under powered and tight in the rear seats. I didn't like the way the seat was positioned and the limited head room but otherwise I loved my Taco. It never failed me in the mtns during ski season or those few sudden winter storms that came up in the PNW.

    The new '07 Frontier is roomier, and with a much bigger engine. It has a great ride that is much less truck like on the highways and much more quiet than my '01 Tacoma. I would say that the interior on the Tacoma is better. I liked the white gauges on the Toyota. The interior plastic and fabric door trim was nice too. The Frontier interior with the hard plastic and the small traditional gauges is not as nice IMHO. I do like the gauge that tells you what gear you are in and the 4WD indicator though. The extra nooks and water bottle storage compartments in the front door are nice features too. The flip up rear seats with storage compartments are also clever. I like the locking rear tail gate and the standard spray in bed liner and rail system that comes with the SE package.

    My previous truck to the Tacoma was a 4x2 Nissan hardbody that I had for 10 years. The only thing I replaced on that truck was the battery, oil and a starter motor. After 90K miles the rear brake padsfinally wore out, and the clutch started to stick at 130k miles. Consumer Reports has some very favorable ratings on the Nissan Frontier reliability, and my own past experience with Nissan has been nothing but great.

    I think both trucks are great vehicles but for me it came down to price, and I just couldn't justify spending the extra dough on a Tacoma.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    they were the same price could I justify buying the Tacoma.
  • Btw, don't forget that the Frontier has a TIMING CHAIN!! I can't tell you how happy that makes me. My 1998 Nissan Maxima has a timing chain, and it now has 227,000 miles, without ever having to worry about replacing a timing belt. All I have done is oil changes and basic maintenance.

    Does the Tacoma have that? I think not.

    Also, if you read the Feb. 2007 issue of Car and Driver, they have a 40,000 mile report on the Toyota Tacoma Double-Cab. The title of the article is "Growing Pains."

    I quote: ". . . All of us noted that the Tacoma's structure lacked adequate rigidity. By the truck's 40,000 mile mark, tranversing a large bump would cause the body to quiver and the door seals to squeak. That, combined with the floppy suspension, made the Tacoma an unpopular choice for the drive home after work. . ." End quote.

    Anyways, if you want to buy a Tacoma, more power to you, but I for one LOVE my Frontier. ;)

    In comparison, the Frontier has a full, ladder box frame, so you will not have those problems. A guy at the Toyota dealer told me that Toyota is working on making the welds stronger on the Tacoma for next year, because the squeaking has been a problem on Tacoma's.
  • My 05 Frontier crew cab 4x4 NISMO was a fabulous truck, but the suspension creaked horribly. By comparison, my 01 Silverado I traded for the 05 Frontier never had a squeak or creak. The interior of the Frontier was tight, and it was very solid over bumps, but the aqueaks and creaks from the hood and rear leafs were embarassing. For a hard-core off-roader, the off-road package with DAC, HSA, and rear locker was tough to beat.
    I ended up trading the 05 Frontier for an 07 Tundra. Gave up some off-road ability (Tundra is much wider and longer), gained full size comfort and hauling ability, 5.7 V-8 is a hoot, lost 1 mpg (15 in the Tundra vs 16 in the Frontier). BTW, the Frontier engine is an incredible V6, probably one of the truck's best features just like the Tundra 5.7 is one of its best features. The Frontier automatic was smooth, but lacked the grade logic the new Tundra has.
  • I researched this purchase until I wore myself out and not to mention a few sales reps. Tacoma vs. Frontier - and to some degree the Dakota and the Chevy mid-size. I did not look at the Ford Ranger simply because Ford dealerships were rarely in my path of travel, and its the only brand of vehicle I never owned in my 43 years. I had owned a 95 Nissan Pickup that has 320k and still runs (just sold it), but I did not let this impact my quest for the best new mid size pickup. My wife has an 2004 Tacoma that is reliable and rock solid. Even though my old Nissan was tough and lasted a long time, it really did not perform as well as its Toyota peers (I drove friends Toys of that same era and they were better, yet both brands did run forever with few repairs compared to the domestics).

    I share the same experience with others here in that Toyota dealerships seem to have taken on a smug attitude and will not deal as easily. The brand sells itself and this in my opinion has lead to some laziness in both inovation and on the show room floor. Also the Toys are more expensive flat out. No denying that the Toyotas hold value longer than anything out there (Tacoma holds 3 spots in the top ten in resalse value, each spot a Tacoma with different trim). The Tacoma outsells everything, including the Frontier by about 4 to 1. (I think that actually has cost quality and inovation). And after all my test drives and research, resale is the only thing Toyota has left standing in regards to Tacoma vs. Frontier. Without getting into any styling debates, which I will leave up to your tastes, Nissan now makes a better truck. They are still the best two choices. Nissan always made good working trucks that came just short of Toyota quality and performance. No more. Nissan engines are better, the ride is better, the build quality is better, even the interior quality has finally surpassed the Tacoma. I would not be saying this if I had not beat myself to a pulp trying to find the truth. If it were 2004, it might have been a deadlock. But after 2005, Nissan had caught and moved ahead of its rival. Then there is price and deal-ability (if you will). Now its really a no brainer. I am convinced the Nissan Frontier with a V6 is the finest mid sized truck on the planet. Tacoma is still a fine truck and would take over any of the others, but if you buy a newer Frontier you are getting the highest quality of truck now made. A couple final words related to the topic to consider. Frame, tailgate, worldclass V6, towing, timing CHAIN.
  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    We just got back from driving 3500 miles in our 2007 Frontier NISMO 4 x 4 Crew Cab. We drove that far to purchase a used 19 foot travel trailer that weighs less than 3400 lbs. fully loaded. The comfort and performance during the drive over was great, with the following exceptions:
    1. The gas mileage not towing anything on the freeway, but with the truck loaded full of stuff, was about 16.8 mpg. The best we have gotten so far on the freeway is 17.4 mpg. Towing was weird... first, we were very happy because it was 16, then 15.8 mpg. But then it went down to 14 and finally hit a low of 12.3 mpg. The weird part was that we were doing some long slopes while it was getting the better mileage and then we were on mostly flat stretches when it was getting the worst mileage. That was totally confusing. We were able to pull the trailer without straining the engine--the RPMS stayed at around 3,000 or under, except when we passed another vehicle on an incline, then they went to between 3 and 4,000 for a short period. Anybody have any comments about this gas mileage? It seemed dismal to us, but we realize that we may be unrealistic about towing mpg, but it would have been easier to understand if the mpg was 12 when going up the slopes and then got better on the flat stretches, rather than going from good to worse.

    Note that we have the heaviest combination one can buy in the Frontier--the NISMO, the 4 x 4 , roof rack, traction package and Crew Cab. Still, I would love to hear from anyone who has been able to increase their mpg with any aftermarket products. We are planning on buying a rigid two or three panel locking tonneau cover--have heard mixed reviews on whether or not that helps the mpg. We are getting it because we want to be able to store and lock things in the truck bed. But we saw an advertisement for an entire exhaust and intake system that claims to increase gas mileage by up to 15%. Not sure if the cost of such a system would ever be offset by the improvement in the gas mileage though.

    2. Several times we had trouble shifting from P into D or D into R when stopped on a flat or very slight incline. We had the brake pedal depressed, but the shifter was stiff like it was stuck and when it finally did shift it made a loud clunking sound which sounded terrible and scared us! Anybody have a clue what that could be? I am taking it in to the dealer tomorrow to check on this and get its first oil change.

    3. We stopped to gas up, and found when we turned the truck back on, the stereo speakers had stopped working. The CD player and radio display showed that it was playing and tuned, but the volume control did nothing--there was total silence. We tried changing stations, going from CD to radio to aux then back--nothing worked, so we turned off the stereo. The next time we turned the truck engine off and on again, we tried turning the radio on and the speakers worked just fine... haven't acted up since. What the?

    We still love this truck and know that we would still not want to be driving a Toyota Tacoma because the ride was so bouncy and the engine seemed much less smooth-shifting.
  • tell us what changes if any were made for towing in regards to wiring. respond back after you here from the dealer. curious.
  • dmuttdmutt Posts: 48
    For those of you who do not know, the 4.0 litre engine in any of the Toyota's models is a timing chain. Not a belt. Goes for Tacoma, Tundra, and 4-Runner.
  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    Just an update:

    I took the car in to the dealer today to check out some of the above. In terms of the gas mileage--we didn't realize that the "MPG calculator" has to be RE-SET each time you fill up the tank or it just goes on calculating the mpg based on the mileage it was getting before you filled up the gas. So, the worst gas mileage we got towing was 12.3 mpg when we were towing 3,200 lbs. of travel trailer up a 6% grade at 50 miles per hour (it could have gone faster, but the towing guide said to not tow at greater than 50 mph for the first 500 miles). Good to know!
  • joezeejoezee Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Frontier NISMO 4x4 with ABLS, Sunfroof, and roof rack, with tow package. I have a 19' travel trailer that weighs about 3500 pounds with the fresh water tank full. With the weight of the passengers and the truck and trailer loaded with supplies, the weight is around 4300 pounds. I use a weight distribution hitch and brake controller while towing. The truck pulls the trailer like a dream. I was a little nervous about how well the truck would perform the first time I pulled the trailer on a 3 hour trip that had so many hills through the mountains. It didn't hesitate to get up the hills or keep up with traffic. I've made the same trip about 5 times this summer and I'm ipressed by my truck each time I do. The gas mileage is pretty much the same that you're getting, about 12-13 mpg while I'm towing, not bad. I love this truck, it is the best all around mid size truck out there. It's awesome off road and comfortable in town. Nissan hit one out of the ball park with this baby.
  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    Thanks for sharing your experience... I feel even better hearing from others who are towing similar weights and have had good experiences. I was afraid we'd strain the tranny because people have said that the truck manufacturers totally lie about the tow capacities and that we should get a deisel or at least a Titan or Tundra for towing anything. But since we aren't towing all the time and wanted the best gas mileage we could get when not towing too, we went for the Frontier. It does seem to be very well-built and had no trouble towing whatsoever.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I have an '05 Frontier KC LE with an automatic transmission. I have added a Fold-A-Cover 4 panel bed cover, a Volant CAI, and a Flo-Pro dual in dual out exhaust system.

    To tell you the truth the best mileage I ever got was when the truck was a few months old and I was driving it down to Bedford, TX to have the exhaust installed.

    The trip computer registered a little over 27 mpg when I pulled into the parking lot at the muffler shop. The truck was completely stock and I drove between 65 mph and 70 mph.

    I should have left well enough alone. I drove back to Oklahoma City on the same tank of gasoline and by the time I arrived back in OKC it was only registering a little over 21 mpg.

    I did have a very stiff headwind on the way home and the trip is more of an uphill drive.

    I recently took my Volant off since I had my engine covers painted and I like the look of it better with the stock intake system.

    I drive my truck like the little old man that I am so I never really used the Volant's capability anyway.

    I was averaging a little over 19 mpg with the Volant and now I am averaging about 20 mpg with the stock intake back on it.

    This is mostly suburban driving with maybe 10% freeway driving. I also walk to most of the business that are within a mile of my house so that cuts out a lot of the short trips I would normally make.

    From my experience I don't think any of the add ons will help your mileage enough to ever pay for themselves. It is the way that you drive that will be the largest factor in what mileage you get.

    Drive easy and plan ahead and that will help you the most.

  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    Thanks very much. Didn't want to waste $ on things that didn't work. Man, I can't believe you got 27 mpg at first...that's as much as my Nissan Altima got! Wow! We are happy when we get over 17 mpg with the NISMO Crew Cab 4 x 4! Will still get a tonneau cover for the practical usage, but won't expect any mpg improvements from it.

    Happy Trails!
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    Yeah, I could not believe it either when I pulled into their lot. I had my digital camera along but didn't think to take a picture of it.

    I do have pictures of it at 25 mpg and 26 mpg but these were just temporary reading and not for a sustained distance. Go to my photo album at

    The best sustained distance mpg I have had since then is 23 mpg and that was at speeds of 60-65 mph.

    I have not had it on the road since I pulled the Volant back off of it though.

  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    Tried to check out your Picture Trail album, but it gave me an error message. Even without the pix, I believe you...just wish we could dupe that! Sheesh, that's superior. Bet Nissan Motorcorp would love to have you and your truck featured in a commercial!

    Happy Drivin'!
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I am not sure what went wrong. I just used that url and it popped me right on the site of my albums.

    You just click on the truck album and then scroll down until you find the dash pictures.

  • carnut21carnut21 Posts: 38
    Sounds like your truck is doing well and the pics are great. I have an 05 CC, 6 speed but not as nice as yours. How does the exhaust sound?

    I get 21-22.5 pretty frequently (Southern Middle Tennessee). A buddy that has a truck identical to mine except color made a trip from Cincinatti Ohio to Tullahoma TN on 14 gallons of gas. That is about 25 mpg. He said that was 55 mpg through KY because he received a ticket for 80 in a 55 that cost him $150+. Going up he only got about 19 mpg. Speed makes a large difference.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I don't have a way to record the sound but it has a very mellow almost V8 sound most of the time. If I really romp it hard it gets a little on the loud side and loses the V8 sound.

    It is mellow up to between 1900/2000 rpm and that is 75 mph in my truck which is as fast as I ever drive anyway.

    Yes the mph effects your mileage as much as anything. At 65 mph I was getting about 23 mpg and at 75 it dropped to 21 mpg.

    If I would ever take the time to drive around 55 to 60 mph I think I could get 24 or 25 mpg.

    The older I get the slower I drive.

  • joezeejoezee Posts: 2
    I made the trip once again last weekend for a fishing trip. My brother and a good friend were so impressed with the fact that this truck could pull the weight that it did. Our total weight with the all the supplies, passengers, and trail was about 4500 pounds and still the trip was awesome. The truck had no problems getting up the hills. I still love this truck. It is a beast in a prom dress. It does really have some awesome power and looks tough too.
  • tent2tttent2tt Posts: 46
    I agree it's an awesome truck. Thanks for the update--sounds like a fun trip! We are taking our travel trailer out for its first Rally a few weeks from now, so I am looking forward to that!
  • What kind of milegage were you getting before all the modifications? Do you have the automatic v6?

  • The best I ever got was 27.1 mpg when the truck was new and no mods at all. It was a 200 mile trip down to Bedford, TX to get my Flo-Pro exhaust installed. I had a good tail wind and it was more downhill than uphill, although there was a lot of both.

    I have a 2005 LE KC 4X2 automatic. After the exhaust install I never got better than 23 mpg on the road and that was before the Volant CAI.

    I recently removed the Volant CAI as I had the engine covers airbrushed and I liked the look of the stock covers better. After the removal I seem to be getting about 1 mpg better mileage.

    The current mpg on my computer is 19.6 mpg and that is over the last 3 fill ups and is about 90% town and 10% freeway mileage.

    I have never felt that any of my mods have really helped with my mileage. I do love being able to secure the load in my bed with the bed cover and I would not take for the sound of my exhaust.

  • Do you have the V6 or 4 cylc? Thanks for the information.
  • Sorry, it is the V-6 which is standard in the LE.

  • bobw1bobw1 Posts: 19
    Does anyone know if the trailer hitch that comes with Frontier towing package is a weight distributing hitch, and what else comes in that package.
    Does the Frontier V6 take regular gas. I see the Pathfinder takes premium and I thought they were the same engine. Thanks...
  • I believe it is a weight distrubuting hitch but to get the "full" weight distribution you have to buy another piece that goes onto the tongue of the trailer. This is the same as any other truck and can be picked up at an RV or off-road store. They can direct you accordingly.

    The Frontier or the Pathfinder require premium fuel for "max" hp. However, I have and 05 Frontier with the 4.0 V6 and have ran maybe 2 tanks of premium fuel. There is little difference. Most of the Nissan's are that way. They are the same basic engine except a slight tweak to a chip or something to get a little more hp. Either way, you can not go wrong. This is a tough engine. I average 21-22 mpg with the crew cab 6 speed and topped at 23.5.
  • Hi all,

    Just a quick general question for all of you fine folks. I am very seriously thinking about buying a Frontier for towing a trailer. I prefer to stay with the smaller truck instead of moving up to the Titan. So the question is: what is the maximum allowed tongue weight on most your trucks? I realize that it varies truck to truck by the addition of accessories and such but I am looking for an overall spread.
    Thanks to you all.

  • Will the ECM/ECU from the Pathfinder work with the Frontier?
  • 350# on the step bumper, 500# on the hitch. The truck rocks. I really didn't think I'd like it better than the Toyota, but it's the hands-down winner in my book. Love it.
  • Would the 4 cyls. pull a small tent camper or would it be best to have the v6...Would the higher miles be harder on a 4 vrs a v6 if it was well cared for..We can afford to spend 10- 12 k...Comments, thoughts or ideas..
    God Bless...K

    Seeing as my grandfather bought his 1999 Frontier XE 4-cyl (2WD) for $7,000 back in Oct. 2002 (It had 39k miles at the time), I'd say you should be able to afford the V6 without a doubt. You could probably come to a newer truck than a 1999, too.

    That said, his 4-cyl 5-speed manual pulls just fine around town and doesn't have problems going 80 MPH on the interstate. I've never driven it towing anything though, just empty, around town mostly. Fun little truck and he LOVES it!
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    I think I'm going to buy a Frontier and was wondering what's new in the 2008 models, if anything. There seem to be some good deals on remaining 2007's so if it's essentially the same truck as the 2008 version I think I'll go for one and save some $$$.
  • Nissan does a good job of being tight lipped about what they plan on changing on the Frontier.
    It's going to be a long wait until ya hear much of anything.
  • Scottdude
    If you check, you can get all the changes for the 2008 Frontier including prices and optional equipment. I was looking at the LE and the big change is 8 way power adjustable driver's seat and on the SE manual adj. Also, some of the optional equipment is now part of a special package. You can also download a brochure with all the details and specs. Good luck!

  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177

    I've been spending a lot of time on the Nissan site but all the 2007 info is gone so there is no way for me to see what the difference is between the 2007's and 2008's (unless the info is hidden somewhere). I was hoping someone here would know about any major changes, or if the 07's are essentially the same as the 08's.
  • The 2007 and 2008 are basically the same, the only thing changed is the options package and the prices.
  • Further on comparing the 2007 and 2008, if you go to, click truck, then page 2, then click 2007 and 2008 Frontier compare. This will give you a side by side comparison and if you check the headings, you can compare any features listed.
  • Just checking in to see if you got the info from Edmunds?
  • Hi, Scottdude. Did you ever go to edmunds and do the comparison as I mentioned?
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    I'm about to trade in my old '92 on a 2008 Tacoma or a 2007 Frontier.

    The 08 Tacoma I want (2wd 4cyl 4A Access cab) is $17,990.

    The 07 Fronty I want (basically same) is $17,200.

    Here is the dilemma:

    I *slightly prefer the Taco, but I'm not in love with it, or any

    The Fronty is a 2007, but has 4 wheel disc brakes, cruise control, and
    a 5 speed automatic. I'm thinking I can put the squeeze on them for an
    identical 2008 for maybe $500 more. Maybe that's wishful thinking.

    I think it's a draw at the moment, but what do I know? :)

    I'm thinking that I will buy from the dealer that offers me the most
    for my old 92, which is low miles and in excellent shape.

    Based on the price quotes, what do you guys think?

    Many thanks,,,
  • oregonboyoregonboy Posts: 1,653
    I think that you would be ahead to sell your 92 (Toyota pickup???) yourself on Craigs list. The dealer isn't going to give you much on a 16 year old vehicle that they wouldn't give on a no-trade deal. There are always buyers for older pickups in nice shape. It would be an easy sale.

    Personally, I prefer the looks of the Frontier over the Tacoma. They both suffer from "tough-truck" styling, but to my eyes the Frontier is far more attractive. However function is what trucks are all about, and Nissan seems to offer more for the money.

    I have had excellent experiences with both Nissan and Toyota pickups. I drove a 1990 Nissan std cab 2wd, 4-cyl, 5-spd for almost 10 years until it was broadsided by a stop-sign runner. It had 202k miles on the original engine and clutch and was still running great. My current ride is a 1996 Tacoma ext cab, 2wd, V6, 5-spd that currently has 204k miles and still going strong. (Pictures on mycarspace) :shades:

  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Thanks for the reply, oregonboy.

    Good advice. I actually did make no-trade deals, and will throw the '92 Toyota into the mix when I visit the dealers again this weekend. I will be asking just a tad under retail for my old truck as found on the NADA site. I usually sell privately, but I don't want to have to deal with a retail sale on this one. You should see how great that old truck looks and drives. Stand back 10 feet and squint, and the truck looks brand new inside and out. The Nissan guy hinted that he may give me 3K for it, if it's as nice as I told him it was.
  • I think you are better off with the Nissan. I have an 05 Frontier with the 4.0 and it has been a marvelous truck. Not sure who Nissan pays for advertising but the truck better than advertised.

    Even in my 4.0, I am getting 20-22mpg with the 6 speed manual with little or no effort and that is mainly city driving.
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