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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    way to go!! He is either dumb or somewhat blinde.

    and the guy still has no classssssss
  • "It's hard to convince the public that a change has been made, considering the new Frontier is not highly rated"

    If you read the articles rather than just look at the summation, there's a world of information to be had. MotorTrend picked Tacoma TOTY, apparently in large part for aesthetic reasons (they didn't like Frontier's grille or interior). They liken the comparison to Pepsi vs. Coke--in other words, taste. They specifically mention Frontier as having the "strongest V6 in any truck", fully boxed frame, and some other desirable items. The dislikes were fewer configurations (no regular cab) and the afore-mentioned aesthetics. Their tests give a mixed bag for speed--faster 0 to 60 for Frontier, faster slalom for Tacoma.

    MotorWeek picked Frontier as Driver's Choice but I have not read an actual road test by them, if there is one published yet.

    Bottom line is that reviews are good input, but they are only partial input. My own test drives threw me right off my preexisting notion that I would buy a Tacoma. I did not like how it felt, and the fact that the transfer case did not work properly drove the nail in the coffin. Then there were the two people who posted (with photos) their cracked composite beds, in one case on the first day of 4-wheeling, in the other after a single weekend of driving it with a topper on the bed.

    You did not test drive both vehicles. It's hard to convince the public that a change has been made when they have already made up their mind not to even try the other, new product. When they only see positive reviews for one product but not the other. When they throw out some test results that don't jibe with that bias. Real life is not black and white, winner or loser.

    I checked Consumer Reports for both makes' records on the older Tacomas and Frontiers. Looks like their reliability is similar.

    My '89 Toyota truck had a leaking rear main bearing seal--replaced under warranty, whew.
    My '92, which I still have, not only had to get the head gasket replaced (only partly reimbursed under the "head gasket campaign"), but turned out to have a faulty valve return spring (engine part)--cost me over $2000 to get that fixed.
    My husband owned an 80s Toyota that was "perfect till about 40K miles, then fell apart." He got rid of it. Yes, I still like my '92, but that like doesn't blind me to the possibility that Nissan (or Dodge, Chevy, etcetc) might have come up good products recently.

    Comments about "poor people" are LOL, indeed. I didn't realize a truck was a status symbol. Maybe Canadiantaco needs one.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Toyota has had a better reputation and it appears that it will only continue. Nissan will have to build a better truck for quite some time to convince the public and media otherwise...and it will have to be much better. The Titan has started to change people's perceptions I think. The new Frontier did not step on the stage like that and thats too bad.

    I am not worried about TACO's comparison, the Titan (Truck of the Year) had issues with "bubbles", etc, etc in it's bed and numerous other problems. That stuff happens, but the Titan is still an awesome rig and so is the new Tacoma.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    That was a good reply,everyone should read your post,it makes the most sence of all the fighting going on around the house if you catch my drift.

    Great liture you wrote.
    I had a 89nissan and a 93nissan,both 4wd and Great truck never had a problem with them,I had 260.000 on my 93,it was time for a new truck,bought a Chevy s104wd,I don't care for it too much,Its 2001 loaded,drives ok ,lets you know you own a truck.Very Fast thoe,loves Gas!!
  • I keep hearing how the Taco is the hottest truck, then why are the sales down over 10% compared to last year (by the way Nissan sales are way up). Hard to argue with the numbers, just go to toyota press room website, all the numbers are there. Maybe next time Toyota.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I wonder how old the person is who posted those words. I own a lexus a corvett and the new FRONTIER. I love my truck no problems at all. 10/20 mpg. on regular gas. I can buy any truck i like. If it is your money buy what YOU want. It's stupid to slam other people for what they like. Enjoy your rich boy toy and the frontier owners will enjoy their trouble free/ great looking/ cheaper trucks
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I will stay with Toyota for midsize/compact trucks and for good reason, but for fullsize, Nissan or Chevy.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I did the virtual tours and did not like the Frontier's interior and gauge cluster compared to the Tacoma. I did not like the low rear bumper which could more easily drag. There were things I liked, but not enough to convince me, yet. Nissan will have to raise the quality even higher, especially with interiors. They are on the right track, but not quite there yet. The next version might be the one.
  • I agree that Toyotas have an excellent reputation, trucks and otherwise. The question is whether the reputation is presently well-deserved. Because new vehicles have yet to establish a reliability record, the new trucks in question really should establish their own reputation rather than ride on that of the old models, which are very different. It's all a gamble anyway. Buyers of BOTH Tacoma and Frontier are early adopters.

    Remember what happened with Saturn cars--they set out to fight the perception that GM made crap, and they succeeded...for a while. Things can change, in either direction.

    I hope that all the manufacturers up their quality standards AND that they offer products that are different from each other (composite vs. steel beds, styling, size), because it would be horrible to choose from 6 trucks that are essentially the same, feature-wise. Even though I would not buy a Honda Ridgeline because I need the low-range transfer case and a longer bed, many people do not, and that vehicle might be a better choice for them.

    I do think Nissan is on its way up. The two issues that have come up with the new Frontier are already being addressed. My only fear is that they are pushing the workers too hard, too fast, by introducing a lot of remakes in a short time. But at least the Frontier does "inherit" some of its major design parts from existing models (Titan frame, VQ engine).
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Tell you what, I would pick the Tacoma or Frontier in a heartbeat over the Dakota or Colorado. I never had a Toyota truck and decided to give it a try. So far it's great, except for issues with the dealer.

    In the Fall of 04, I read a major comparison(magazine) on the new Dakota and Frontier. I could not believe they rated the Dodge higher(correct me if I'm wrong). Am I the only one that thinks the Dakota ugly, etc?

    Somewhere in this forum is was stated that Toyota has a plant in Tijuana Mexico. Are they really building trucks in Tijuana?! I don't care about the bed, etc coming from Mexico, because that is the general trend in the industry anyways. I'm glad mine came from California...
  • I got 219,000 miles out of my 93 Nissan pick-up. Original clutch and water pump! That was a good year.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Yes your are so right!
  • What's sad is that the previous generation of Dakotas looked terrific, and the new ones are, ummmmm, not so hot. Apparently, a lot of other people agree.

    If you have issues with the Toyota dealer, you can try another dealer, or call the national hotline. I found one dealer that did good work, another one that I should never have gone to.
  • dont brag about a lexus budy .and u own a corvette holy luxury..... nice job... im 19 own a taco and an im gettin a porsche cayenne .... plus my dads drivin a lamborghini gallardo.... o wait is it one of 5 in all of canada.... ya buddy dont brag or ill show u my house... o wait i should say palace... lol :) i think shutup
  • novanova Posts: 135
    Now I see your living off your DADDY. I knew your age just by your remarks. I see your showing your age in your reply.
  • I am glad he is living off his parents. With the intelligence level he is showing I wouldn't trust him to flip my burger at McD's
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    The Frontier's rear discs, locking tailgate, bedlight, 350Z engine with the highest hp, headrests in the access cab, Titan platform, nice looking body, lower price, they are great things. Now, build the best interior, raise the rear bumper and lose some weight to be the winner. It all came together in the Titan and there is no reason the Frontier could not follow in it's footsteps.

    Toyota...put a lifetime warranty on the composite bed to settle any disputes about the composite beds durability. If they are so incredibly tough and efficient to build...why not. Back up your claims like noone else and continue settng the standard.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 14,195
    Certainly a good gesture and one that will likely not cost them much in repair/replacement. Composite is without question a better material in terms of strength, durability, and weight; but it is not impervious. I think we will see more manufacturers offer composite standard on their beds in the next several years. So far there are two. Out of curiosity, is the '05 Tundra's bed composite as well?

    Great comments regarding cdntaco. It looks to me like he should spend a little more time on his grammar and not so much time spending other people's money. He is what I would call a "disposable kid." Too bad the parents did such a poor job instilling good values. Maybe they thought they could buy them for him?! LoL. Good luck, canadiantaco. You are a very empty young man and while it is not your fault, it is still your responsibility.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2013 Subaru Forester, 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • Leob1, I may be missing something so I hope you can tell me what you mean by the Frontier having the rear bumper to low. The departure angle between the Taco vs Frontier 4x4 is <3 degrees of difference. 25 vs 22.6. I don't do any heavy offroading, but is this significant? Or is there something else to look at? By the way, I totally agree with your comments, hopefully the companies listen. I think we all just want a good product for the $. thanks
  • I am planning to purchase one pretty soon. I just have some questions and hopefully you guys be kind enough to help me out.
    How is the gas mileage on the Frontier v6? Is the tranmission shifting ok?(test drove the Taco. I did like the way it shifts) These are my two Main concerns. If you guys have experience...positive as well as negative, please let me know.
    thanks in advance
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153

    By looking at the back of both trucks, the Frontier looks like it's rear bumper is lower to the ground. The low rear bumper height was explicidly stated in the comparison against the Dakota last Fall in a magazine(don't remember which one). The only way to settle this is to measure the distance ourselves and be honest about the tire/wheel sizes. I will do that on my PreRunner with the Off Road #2 pkg and post it later.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Hey pal,you should shut your mouth!That guy may have braged what he has, but you prob. don't have JACK<your MOM &DAD do, so before you run your mouth think before you speak as we say or in your case before you type!!you were born into money, so you're a prob. a spoiled brat!! and alot of people are thinking the same after your childish remark,well your a virgin adult, 19rys old is a baby still.... just too let you know I bought all my trucks and parents didn't pay a dime,you should try it and maybe you will learn what its like to buy truck car ETC. ,so that gives him a right to brag since he most likely worked for it and you didn't !thoe you are 19 we all know some of children too run their mouth a bit!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    your so right... if he only knew
  • Dakota, Tacoma & Frontier
    Drove all three
    Only need one
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I noticed one other bed difference that is important to me. Frontier's bed has two rails in the floor, which are excellent for bracing loads. Tacoma has none and is dependent soley on side rails.
  • I just got home from looking at the Crew Cab Frontier and Tacoma. Went with my wife and two kids ages 5 and 8. The Tacoma has far and away the most comfortable back seat. Both my kids hated the Frontier back seat. It has little to no recline angle. The Tacoma's back seat was surprisingly comfortable for a midsize truck. The Frontier has some features I like better than the Tacoma, especially the bed system. I also can get the friends and family discount on the Frontier. But unfortunately the deciding factor for me is the back seat comfort for my kids. Which means the Frontier is out.
  • Here's what I know. I have a 1987 Nissan Hardbody se v6 King Cab. I have had this truck almost 15 years. So far were at 260,000 miles (original clutch!!!) The only things I have had to change are alternator,ignition module it wore out and the throttle position sensor(all in the last 6 months). I have changed the timing belt once at 155,000. It has never once broken down or left me stranded. The problem is it wont pass California smog any more. I dont want to spend a bunch to fix it. This truck has paid for it self a couple of times. So it's new truck time. This will be my first new vehicle!
    I really like the new tacoma. Test drove a DCLB 4x4. Back seats are nice and I like the LB. I ordered all the information from I was in the process of getting as much dealer info as I can when I started to read about some of the problems. Also I thought they were made in the USA,now lam reading about Tacos(Mexican made?) I will try and get to the dealers again next weekend and drive the new Frontier. It seems it's going to be close between these two. I would like it if the toy had a sunroof and leather and the nissan had a long bed.
    I am new to this site but it looks like some good info.
  • dcblydcbly Posts: 6
    On 2/26 I had the chance to drive both trucks, the fallowing are my notes done right after driving each. As a note we now own a Nissan truck, a Toyota car, and a Miata. We&#146;re looking to replace the Nissan, the oldest of the three, with a new 4x2 extra cab truck w/ 6 speed. Any notes in ( ) were added for this post.

    05 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab

    Not a bad looking truck, the lines are a bit busy, but nice. Paint looks good, not sure about the composite bed though.

    LOOKS GREAT, nice fabric and materials, but the fake aluminum dash panel looks cheap and will scratch badly in a few years. I like the way Toyota handles the Access Cab area. WOW the seats are LOW! I&#146;m 5&#146; 9&#148; and I can&#146;t much see out of this thing. My wife is 5&#146; 4&#148; and I don&#146;t know if she could drive it.

    Engine is smooth and quiet. Tran throws are very long but smooth. I nailed it on the freeway on-ramp and the engine rattled as if it had marbles in it. The salesman said without a blink &#147;damm they put regular in it&#148;. I guess v6 Tacoma&#146;s really do want premium. Handling was good and wind noise was low.

    05 Nissan Frontier SE KC

    Looking good, the lines are cleaner and the paint look as good as the toy. Good old steel bed, is it me or is the Frontier bed bigger….a lot bigger ( I checked the specs, the Frontier&#146;s bed is almost 5&#148; wider!) I like those chrome bumpers and locking tailgate. (Why don&#146;t all trucks offer locking tailgates?)

    Looks good but the toy looks better. The rear mini doors seem to open wider than the toy. Note to Nissan dump the jump seats they&#146;re worthless and give us a flat floor back there please. The seats are good and the visibility is MUCH better than the toy.

    Engine is smooth and very quite (seems better than the toy) The trans is much better, the throws are shorter and the feel is good. This thing is STRONG! It feels as if it has more low end then the toy. It also handles better; less body lean and the ride seem more controlled.

    Tacoma Pluses:
    Better LOOKING interior. Better handled extra cab, Smooth engine, good handler.

    Tacoma Minuses:
    Low seats, need for premium gas (I live in a very hot climate if it pings in February on regular it will REALLY ping in our 100+ deg summers) small composite bed, expensive

    Frontier Pluses
    Better looking, higher seats, Regular gas, bigger STEEL bed, locking tail gate, great engine, better handling, rear discs, cheaper than the toy

    Frontier Minuses:
    Wasted space of the jump seats
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Things I like about my TACO..

    Has won the most awards of all midsize trucks from the major magazine comparisons hands down(Major Online sources; Edmund's rates it highest, Consumer Guide as well.)
    Awesome interior, by far the best looking; Lexus like.
    Aggressive exterior with unconventional, but smooth lines.
    I like the way it looks from behind...nice tailights and also headlights.
    Lighter weight.
    Despite 20 hp less than Nissan, it has...
    Measured faster acceleration and is at the top in braking distance(Nissan is about the same even with rear discs, because it's heavier).
    A super low 1st gear(6sp), with appox a 4.7 ratio, the thing can crawl WITHOUT riding the clutch(much lower than the Nissan 6sp).
    The hidden storage compartment under back seat
    Storage compartments all over the bed
    The bed will never rust, is dent resistant, needs no bedliner and is lighter than steel.
    The outlet plug in the bed
    Heavy undercoating in the wheel wells to reduce noise levels.
    Very comfortable front seats
    It rides on a Lexus/4 Runner Platform(lighter and more flexible(good for 4 wheeling) than the Frontier's shaved Titan platform)
    It's V6 is the same as the Tundra's/4 Runners(a truck/SUV motor, not from a car)
    The 6sp is the same as the X-Runners
    Awesome location for supplmental oil cooler!
    TRD package/accessories are legendary, easy upgrades available(Dislike Nissan's 'NISMO'designation..what does that mean? Maybe 'NRD', or 'NRT?')
    Toyota has a proven track record of high resale and reliability...see Consumer Reports latest on the newstands right now.

    Happened to run across this about the Nissan and fuel:

    Most of you know that I like both the trucks and I am not trying to trash talk the Frontier at all, becaue I like the 05 for many of the same reasons you guys do(I could trash talk the earlier model though). Yes, the one the sold last year, I had one, what a piece of...
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    17.6 inches from the ground to the bottom of receiver hitch on the Tacoma TRD. A few inches higher to the bottom of bumper.
  • dcblydcbly Posts: 6
    >Happened to run across this about the Nissan and >fuel:

    You do understand that was written 7 months before the Fronty was introduced and alot of the specs are wrong.

    I liked the outlet on the bed also, but I wished it has both 110v and 12v jacks. I could really use a 12v outlet in back.
  • dcblydcbly Posts: 6
    I took my wife to drive both trucks today.

    She drove the Frontier and liked it although she said the interior was alittle boring.

    She sat in the Tacoma, loved the interior, adjusted the seat and got out. &#147;I can&#146;t see a darn thing in there, we&#146;re not getting that! &#148; she said. You married guy know that tone, the Tacoma is out.

    I was leaning toward the Frontier anyway. The two trucks are very close, but for me it was the bed that won for the Frontier. It wasn&#146;t the composite bed, although I don&#146;t care for it, it was the bed size. I just couldn&#146;t buy a truck that was bigger in every direction but has a bed that&#146;s roughly the same size as my old Nissan&#146;s bed
  • Yes..climbing Everest and then hosing it off and taking the ol' lady out for dinner in the Taco, year after year...
    Sun Roof and leather? Get a Caddy!!
  • I love my 4x2 trd. its great on the freeway when its time to pass the lady on the cell phone. I average the low 20's on the freeway if Im not cooking past lowered Civics. Don't believe the hype, the ride is very quiet at high speeds and tracks straight as a missile. I hauled an apartments (small) worth of crap and three mtn. bikes and passing was not an issue. Sweet ride.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Yeah, that article was written pretty early, but it caught my attention nevertheless.

    A hard to notice difference, was the Frontier 6sp does not have cooling fins on it's 6sp. The Tacoma does. The Frontier's 6sp (A dealer told me) came from the 350Z and who knows, maybe something else has it too? The Tacoma's was built for the truck and has the extra cooling, which will help keep the temperatures down.

    I cannot see a difference in the bed size between the two trucks other than the wheel well area. My Tacoma has storage bins all over the place which I like using to store bungee cords, etc. I love that standard outlet out back. Nissan's utili-trac system is pretty cool though.

    The Toyota is much more refined everywhere(big time). Also, the Tacoma's fender flares are not part of the fender, which is good. If hit by doors, shopping carts, etc the fender is separate which is a big relief.

    I noticed that the Frontier's 3rd door is rather moves when shutting the main door. The Tacoma's does not. Little differences, but they say something.
  • hey first of all im not stupid i have a 3.9 gpa in the toronto school of business.. and u need a 90 plus avg to get into.... so ya... and i have values.... and my parents raised me right...and ur just mad cuz i made 90 grand in 4 months... gotta love investing daddys money... sucka... so i actually bought my truck.... but the porsche is a present. and wuts the bolt pattern on a taco i wanna put 19s on mine
  • First of all I do drive a 2005 Tacoma but the Frontier is CERTAINLY NOT a poor man's truck. Secondly, only people with severe cases of insecurity and low intelligence have the audacity to brag about their false
    accomplishments. I think you need to quit your business school and attend a good grammar school instead. If you really have a 3.9 GPA, why don't you research your truck's bolt pattern or if you really made 90 grand in 4 months, why don't you buy an escalade truck or a hummer instead of a 25 thousand Toyota truck.
  • mafanmafan Posts: 4
    My opinion (after 4000 with my Tacoma):

    As I posted much earlier in this thread I went back and forth often weighing my decision. I looked at just about every truck out there and, in the end, looked at two seriously: the Frontier and the Tacoma. In the end, I purchased the Tacoma and am pleased to say that I am extremely happy with my choice. The main things that had me leaning toward the Frontier was the extra HP and the added value (eg. could have gotten a sunroof, 10 speaker stereo, Stability control and HCA/HDC for the same price as the Tacoma). However, the main things that sold me on the Tacoma was the interior and overall road manners. I am behind the wheel of my truck for 100 miles per day and I wanted something that handled well, was comfortable and had great interior aesthetics; all of which the Tacoma has in spades. This is not to say that the Frontier is not a good truck; it is -- Nissan did an exceptional job with it, I just think Toyota did a better job designing the vehicle for driver comfort. Just my opinion... however, you really can't go wrong with either truck
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Tell me more; I'm confused. Are these fins on the transmission case?

  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    yes like we all said your fathers money,like we said your nothing with out his money so try doing it on your if you father didn't give GIVE you the money you wouldn't have been able too do it,so why don't you just grow up!!
    so when you grow up come back on the site
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Yes, cooling fins(does someone know the actual name?)on the Tacoma's 6 speed tranmission. I 've never seen anything like it. Very similar to air cooled motorcycle engines. I realized there must be a purpose for them considering I had never seen them.

    The pkg I that was ordered on my truck stated that it had "oil coolers". I found the oil cooler for the engine, but kept looking for the 6 speed's cooler(never saw one for a manual). Finally, I realized this 6 speed had little edges all over the underside(fins, whatever). Later, a Toyota mechanic told me they help provide extra cooling.

    I did not see anything like that on the Frontier's 6 speed.
  • Mafan,

    Sounds like you drive the same amount of miles per day that I do. Fuel mileage is a definite issue for me (and wife too). What type of mileage are you getting? Does the 100 miles include any city and/or stop and go freeway traffic? Do you use premium fuel in your Tacoma?
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    I really don't have a dog in this fight, but I find it humorous hearing Toyota guys make fun of the Nismo name, when the TRD package makes me think of fecal matter.
  • jsmith5jsmith5 Posts: 12
    I'm with you leob1.
    Who cares if the Frontier has a better chassis, better engine, rear disk brakes, isn't hecho en Mexico, doesn't leak and make funny noises, isn't being recalled already, and requires only regular fuel to make more horsepower.(All just little differences that don't say anything.)
    My tranny has FINS! (big time)(ooooh, yeah baby)
    And lets not forget that logo!
    I am going to get one of those praying decals and replace the cross with a Toyota logo.
    P.S. TRD is way cooler than Nismo.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    I had an idea. To make the Toyota guys more comfortable, Nissan can rename their performance division. For trucks they can call it:

    Providing Outstanding Offroad Performance.

    It would be the Nissan Frontier POOP. The Toyota guys ought to be all over that, since they are used to driving TRDs.
  • jsmith5jsmith5 Posts: 12
  • OK, I'm getting more than a little sick of selected pieces of data being presented as "Toyota is better." Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

    Here are the numbers from photocopied magazine articles and manufacturer catalogs, sitting right on front of me now: No errors due to selective memory.

    From the same issue of MotorTrend that features Tacoma as truck of the year:

    Acceleration tests:
    0-60 mph: Frontier 7.6 sec, Tacoma 8.7 sec
    1/4 mile: Frontier 15.8 sec @ 86.1 mph, Tacoma 15.7 sec @ 86.1 mph
    Braking, 60-0 mph: Frontier 131 ft, Tacoma 126 ft
    Figure 8: Frontier 29.1 sec @ 0.55 g, Tacoma 28.8 @ 0.56 g
    Slalom: Frontier 59.0 mph, Tacoma 59.5 mph
    Skidpad: Frontier 0.72 g, Tacoma 0.73 g

    From Nissan and Toyota manufacturer catalogs:

    Frontier: 10.1" minimum running ground clearance, 32.6 deg angle of approach, 23.3 deg angle of departure
    Tacoma: 9.4" minimum running ground clearance, 35 deg angle of approach, 26 deg angle of departure, t-case ratio 2.57
    [Above figures are for extended cab 4x4 off-road pkg configs in both trucks. Frontier also has a 2.57 t-case ratio, according to a magazine spec I read but unfortunately I do not have a copy of it so cannot provide that source]

    As for "What is NISMO?" I thought it was pretty obvious: Nissan Motorsports. If NRD is bad, TRD is even worse. But frankly, who cares? The decal does not make the truck.

    Where did the numbers leob cited for Tacoma's "super low 1st gear(6sp), with appox a 4.7 ratio, the thing can crawl WITHOUT riding the clutch(much lower than the Nissan 6sp)" come from? Since leob did not actually drive the Frontier, what is this stuff about having to ride the clutch? I test drove both Tacoma's and Frontier's 4Lo 1st gear, and I never had to ride the clutch in the Frontier. As for the Tacoma, it took dozens of attempts to even GET IT INTO 4Lo at all--and then the same to get it back to 4Hi. Four-Wheeler Magazine noted the same problem in their test drive of the Tacoma.

    What else...

    "It rides on a Lexus/4 Runner Platform(lighter and more flexible(good for 4 wheeling) than the Frontier's shaved Titan platform)"

    ...but more flexible is BAD for hauling cargo and towing, i.e., truck tasks. (And not necessarily better for 4-wheeling.) Ever seen a tweaked truck crabbing down the road? Yeah. I'll take a full box frame any day, even if it does weigh more. Lexus and 4Runner are primarily passenger vehicles, so the softer ride is a marketing feature, not necessarily a better design for trucks.

    "It's V6 is the same as the Tundra's/4 Runners(a truck/SUV motor, not from a car)" that actually the case? The Tundra/4Runner V6, if it's derived from older V6's, is in fact a car engine; the design came from the Camry V6. Besides, why is a "car engine" bad for Frontier but a "car platform" good for Tacoma?

    Leob, if you need to vindicate your choice, you can just say, "I liked the Tacoma's ride and interior appearance better" etcetc. Nobody will dispute an opinion when it is presented as such. But please get the facts straight, and do tell where they came from.
  • carnutscarnuts Posts: 12
    TOYOTA & NISSAN February Sales

    TACOMA 10,930 Frontier 6,077
    TUNDRA 11,063 Titan 6,894
    4RUNNER 8,660 Pathfinder 6,094
    SIENNA 11,877 Quest 2,801
    HIGHLANDER 10,327 Murano 5,743
  • mafanmafan Posts: 4

    I started out getting about 15.6 mpg, however, after about 2000 miles I am now averaging about 17.3 mpg. Also, it is important to note that given all of the snow we have had in the Northeast, I have been driving in 4WD for a percentage of my travels. The overwhelming majority of my commute is highway (about 80/20). The truck is absolutely the BEST truck I have ever driven on the highway (previously having an F150, a Dakota and a Ranger)... and, yes, I use premium fuel but I also know people running on 87 and 89 octane without problems.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Not my intention to say Nissan sells more than Toyota, but look at the trend of Jan/Feb sales of the same models last year vs this year. If I had spent millions redesigning a new model, this is how you would evaluate its success (just ask BMW and their redesigned 5 series, terrible sales). Also, how about Ford and Chevy sales and post them along with this. Does that mean they have a better product?
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