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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I looked at the Frontier and didn't want to test drive it. Why?! Too many things I didn't like, such as cheap plastics, a bland instrument panel, not enough storage in the access cab. On one of them the tailgate wouldn't close.

    The Tacoma is not on a "car platform," in fact, I never said car platform. I have yet to read a review on how Nissan's platform is better or vice versa. Simply stated my opinion.

    I was reading Consumer Reports Used Car/Truck guide thats on the newstands right now. NO Toyota's were listed as bad used vehicle choices. Last years Frontier was listed as a bad choice, oh, but that's last year! Maybe the pendulum has swung completely to the opposite end for 2005?

    Interesting, which magazines state faster times for the Nissan? I have read many and none cited faster times for the Nissan.

    In regards to the transmission, I simply stated the differences that indicate higher quality. Take a look! That higher quality is obvious in almost every part of the Tacoma.

    I am ending my thread and my opinions about these trucks. I cannot agree with anyone who says the Frontier is better quality. For some of you it may be more practical and it does have a lower price(also higher rebates in the past). Anyone who is curious about the two trucks, can go take a look for themself and read the reviews.

    Have fun and stay safe.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Given that Consumer Reports has recommended the Frontier 7 out of the last 8 years, I think that being recommended for 2005 is a very good bet. Probably the 2004 Frontier will be recommended by next year once additional data is collected. Keep in mind any new model (Toyota, Honda, or Nissan) in its first year is suspect. Just think the latest Camry was only given average reliability in its first model year.

    Also, the Lexus GX470 which is related chassis wise to the Tacoma was not recommened by Consumer Reports in its first year (2003). Oh yeah, a not recommended Toyota vehicle; get your facts straight. Lastly the producion plant for the Frontier is more proven, and there seems to be less nagging problems out of the chute than with the Tacoma. The quality difference between these two trucks is still up in the air unless you have your head buried in the Toyota sand.

    I have looked at both trucks and they both look good and each has advantages, but I give the nod to the Nissan overall.
  • 88toylc88toylc Posts: 53
    Toyota does seem to be quite coy about 2005 sales figures for the new Tacoma. Its press releases for the past couple of months have mentioned increased sales for the Tundra and Highlander but have been totally silent on Tacoma sales. What are the year over year numbers for Tacoma sales?
  • jsmith5jsmith5 Posts: 12
    How dare you blaspheme the Toyota name with mere facts? Do you not know that blind faithfulness to Toyota is all that matters?
    You should be so blessed as to not be able to get your truck into 4 low. Is not that glorious logo good enough for you?
    May the Toyota god smile on loeb1 and leave a TRD in your path! Repent and kiss the tranny fin.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    PS: The new Tacoma has a lower first gear...hopefully that clears up my typo on "4.7."

    I wouldn't consider a production plant proven if the last years model is a model to "avoid" by consumer reports. It was the last of that particular line of vehicles. If it was the first, then thats more acceptable. The Frontier isn't a bad truck regardless and if it's your choice then great, not mine.
  • jsmith5jsmith5 Posts: 12
    Have you seen the wizard of OZ?
  • You have never seen a magazine article giving a faster acceleration for the Frontier over the Tacoma? As I already quoted above,

    From the same issue of MotorTrend that features Tacoma as truck of the year:

    Acceleration tests: 0-60 mph: Frontier 7.6 sec, Tacoma 8.7 sec

    As I said, the numbers are a mixed bag, but to say that the Frontier has never earned a faster acceleration time is outright false. Go and confirm the results for yourself in the Feb. 2005 issue of MotorTrend. (Whether their data is false is another matter, but if it is then the rest of their data is also up for questioning.)

    You say, "PS: The new Tacoma has a lower first gear...hopefully that clears up my typo on "4.7."

    OK, but what is the Frontier's first gear ratio? You cannot claim that the Tacoma's is lower without knowing BOTH numbers. And you still didn't say what the Tacoma's ratio actually is, either, just that it is not your 4.7 "typo". Also, where are you getting the numbers from (sources)? After all the other facts that you have conveniently overlooked, you're going to have to provide some verifiable sources to regain credibility. And the gear ratios have to compare apples to apples: TRD 6-spd to NISMO 6-spd. Maybe even extended cab to extended cab or crew cab to crew cab, because it is possible they have different gear ratios and/or axle ratios. The t-case ratio is the same.

    I am beginning to think you have a vested interest in disseminating misinformation. Own a lot of Toyota stocks, maybe?
  • You say, "I looked at the Frontier and didn't want to test drive it. Why?! Too many things I didn't like, such as cheap plastics, a bland instrument panel, not enough storage in the access cab. On one of them the tailgate wouldn't close."

    Did those cheap plastics include the inner bed? Oh, wait; have to use the word "composite" instead of plastic because it has some fiberglass "reinforcements" in addition to plastic! You do realize the real reason Toyota used that plastic inner bed was becaue it's MUCH CHEAPER TO MANUFACTURE? How about swirls in the glovebox? (which I consider pretty darned minor, BTW). Bland instrument panel is subjective (I preferred it over Tacoma's Darth Vader center section but that would never deter me from buying Tacoma if I liked its driving characteristics better).

    Not enough storage in the extended cab--so did you buy Tacoma Double Cab? Both extended cabs are similar size.

    Tailgate not closing you never mentioned before. That's an interesting one. Did it have the sprayed-on liner? (All the ones I opened and closed worked fine, with or without liner.)
  • xsactaxsacta Posts: 26
    I bought my '05 Tacoma TRD Sport Crew Cab Long Bed in early November. I would've waited for the release of the Frontier for a comparison, but because I'd heard that there would be no long bed CC for the Frontier it was out of the running. I need a long bed. I'm happy with my decision and have been fortunate to not be experiencing some of the problems others have had. No paint chips. No leaks. No cab mount noise.

    Even though I'm thrilled with my Tacoma, I was very curious about the Frontier Nismo CC. In person I thought that it was a very nice looking truck. It has nice pull off the line. Very snappy. Maybe the Tacoma has a bit more midrange pull but all in all the trucks seem comparable in overall power. The sport seats in the Tacoma are freakishly comfortable. Especially for my 5' 9" 200lb body. The Frontier seats were different and not so perfect for me but just fine for sure. The Tacoma has just a bit more elbow room for the left arm of the driver. Comparing interior styling is purely a subjective excercise. They're both different and just fine. I like the low set wraparound interior of the Tacoma. Very comfy for a truck and I'm used to it. The Frontier interior was fine in my opinion. The only *but* for the CC Frontier was the backseats. Here's where I really felt that much better about my choice of the Tacoma. Those Frontier backseats are in such an upright position that I felt uncomfortable quickly. It reminded me of a schoolbus seat. In comparison the Tacoma backseats are rather comfortable immediately even with the lack of footspace under the front seats. The backseat is a big thing for me as I will be back there occasionally on long trips to the mountains.

    In a world where I didn't need a long bed, I still would've chosen the Tacoma CC over the Frontier CC strictly on backseat comfort alone.

    In a world where I only needed and extended cab model, I would most likely have chosen the Frontier this time around for the superior value(options vs. price) and the fact that I love my Infiniti G35.

    I realize that this is a rather simplified comparison and that one could sift through every aspect to justify one over the other. As I see it both trucks are a nice leap up from the past models. Either choice is a good choice.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Lets put this way,People like a certain style and thata why what they buy I'm sick of all this, this IS better that not as good bit, but this truck as 5wheeels or the other truck as 8wheels ETc. etc. so get over it already.

    they're both Nice trucks,Give us Nissan owners a BREAK AND GET OFF OUR BACKS ALREADY!!
  • hammaahammaa Posts: 79
    I'm just a caveman. Your big words and fancy figures confuse me. Everybody knows Toyota Good, Nissan Bad. Maybe Nissan OK now, but still not Good like Toyota. No more talk now.
  • coveredicoveredi Posts: 20
    that Toyota won't offer the DC 4x4 without a huge options package?

    I'm looking hard at both trucks, but the killer is this, I can buy the Frontier (CC, Auto, 4x4) with a simple power package (All I really want is the cruise control anyway) plus floormats (WHY are they not standard on every truck?!?!) for an MSRP of $25860.

    The Toy? You can't get one here without a minimum of the SR5 Pkg #8 ($2965) for a minimum MSRP of $28,410. That's over $2500 for options that I don't need. If they would simply offer the base truck with a simple power pkg (Cruise control, power windows and locks) and get the price down comparable with the Nissan, it would be a much tighter race.

    You can buy the smaller cab versions this way, so why won't they do it on the double cab?

    That's the main reason I'm looking more seriously at the Nissan. I really like the Toy, but can't really justify the extra $$. And since I'll be driving this truck for a couple hundred thousand miles, I don't think trade value in is going to be an issue.

    So, if Toyota's listening, please put together a less expensive option package so guys like me won't shy away from the sticker shock.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    From the Auto channel website.
    Total Taco sales in Feb 04 vs 05: down 6%
    Frontier Feb 04 vs 05: up over 30%.
    Very interesting.
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Please post link to article - thanks!
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Interesting quote about

    "Tacoma is currently the second-most-researched vehicle on,'' said Mike Chung, an analyst for the Santa Monica, California-based company, which draws 5 million users a month. ``I'm not aware that the truck has ever been in our top five, let alone number two.''

    - I guess that explains why we are all here... :-)
  • hammaahammaa Posts: 79
    I'm just a caveman. All of those numbers just confuse my simple caveman brain. But I do know this: Toyota Good, Nissan Bad.
  • carnutscarnuts Posts: 12
    Limited of selection & availability (hard to find DC), look at 05 Mustang sale drop 10% and 7% in the first couple months when compare to 04 model. All the reviews I read so far said Taco are better truck.
  • 88toylc88toylc Posts: 53

    Thanks for the links. Extremely interesting January/February 2005 sales results for Tacoma vs. Frontier. Very disappointing from someone like me who paid top dollar for one of the first 2005 Tacomas off the line. In my humble opinion, these numbers are the result of Toyota's falling quality standards (at least with respect to the Tacoma). Consider three facts:

    1. the current JD Powers ranking cited by Jim Press [according to Toyota's U.S. C.O.O., Jim Press, in this month's Automobile magazine, "Toyota currently ranks 28'th out of 39 brands in J.D. Powers initial CSI ratings"];

    2. the volume of problems with the 2005 Tacoma THAT TOYOTA HAS NEITHER ACKNOWLEDGED NOR RESOLVED that have been mentioned on Edmunds and TundraSolutions message boards [the comparable message boards for Frontier have nowhere near the number of problems cited]; and

    3. the the fact that the Tacoma is so heavily researched on the web [second most researched vehicle on Edmunds according to prior message on this board].

    In other words, attention to quality and service has waned at Toyota relative to Nissan as evidenced by objective surveys and anecdotal message board chatter, and careful buyers who do their research are hearing about this. No wonder the trend in Tacoma sales is down and the trend in Frontier sales is up.

    I'd love to be disproven by objective evidence, but that's the way things appear to me right now.

    And by the way, this has nothing to do with concerns about vehicles manufactured in Tijuana, which simply don't figure into the quality mix as yet. My guess is quality at the Mexican plant will get much attention and the vehicles coming off the line there will be better than the Fremont vehicles.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    I am sure it is a better truck than the previous model, but I think there is some quality concerns as well as some competition for the Taco. Honda will also be on the scene by the end of the month. The truck has been out since Dec, that is almost 3 months and still limited availability? Either I don't buy that or Toyota did a terrible job expecting demand. If everyone would want a DC, why build so many reg and ext cabs? I guess Nissan did a better job because in the first month of release, sales are way up. When the Taco hit press release last fall, I thought I was going to be one of the first to buy one also, I am glad I went with the Frontier. I think a lot of people have heavily researched this truck. It is winning awards, turning heads. I just don't think it has lived up to the hype yet, but I do think they have a good platform and when they upgrade it (more sound insulation, better door seals, more options, better ability to order the options you want, etc...), maybe I will look again in a couple of years. I am at 3000 miles on the Frontier, no problems (hopefully this continues) and I have already been putting it through some tests, offroad, San Francisco and LA traffic, daily driver. I really enjoy this truck.
  • I agree on your comment about falling standards. However, I think it's been happening slowly, for a long time. Seems that recent Tacoma tailgates are not as sturdy as the older (Toyota) trucks' tailgates, based on comments about dents and bending (and they are noticeably lighter than the older ones). Also, just yesterday I noticed that the bed edges of a friend's '00 Tacoma were different from the ones in my '92. The edges are very slightly bent inward and then end, leaving a sharp edge. On mine, the edges are rolled. I can't help thinking this change is a cost-cutting measure, but it probably reduces the bed rails' strength.

    One thing to consider is that MotorTrend's SUV of the year is a LandRover...I think that shows how little consideration is given to long-term reliability!
  • lmglmg Posts: 1
    I have an '89 Toy 4X4 reg cab V6 5 speed manual
    112k. This has been the best vehicle I've owed.
    I have been waiting for Toyota to put the a V6 back in a reg cab 4X4 with an automatic. Don't
    guess it will happen. I want the V6 to tow my boat.

    I really wanted another Toy. Decided to test drive the Tacoma access cab. I'm 6'1" 240lb [must lose some weight] I hit my knee on the
    steering wheel when exiting even with wheel tilted all the way up. Has anyone else had this
    problem? To me the Tacoma feels to big.

    I wasn't, considering the Frontier but decided to test it. I like it, feels better and don't have
    any trouble getting in and out. It looks like the
    Frontier will be my next truck. Now will it be the Nismo or the LE?
  • pryme21pryme21 Posts: 11
    Drove both Taco and Front today. Both D/C 4x4. The Frontier was an LE NISMO with the side air bags/ rockford fosgate/SunRoof/VDC. Taco was S/B TRD OFF ROAD not sure which package.(no locking rear diff button?). Before today was leaning towards the taco. Looks good, cab is great,rides good and comes in a long bed. After test drive's leaning towards the Frontier.
    I went to Nissan of Reno(NV.) and Toyota of Reno.Nissan guy was much more knoledgable than Toyota guy. Took a much longer and more through drive in the Nissan, and was offered an off road course to try in the Frontier(will try next week)
    Toyota was out of gas,low gas light came on 1/2 way through test drive. Getting on the freeway the nissan accelerated much smoother than the taco(20 more hp?) Much less road and wind noise in the nissan. Better visability in the nissan. The back window in the tacoma is useless with the head rest on.In the nissan it is one piece and has a defroster. This will be good in my area(Truckee/ Tahoe) Don't know if the taco has this as well. The taco rear seats have more recline, but foot room is less than the nissan.I also like that the nissan has an oil pressure gauge on the dash.Also the nissan has an O/D lock out on the shift lever , I don't think the taco has this. I have been following the post's for these two trucks on this site and I don't think the nissan felt "cheap"compared to the taco. They are different but that's ok with me.
    Both are great truck's but I think the nissan might be better for me.
    As a side note I have a 1987 nissan hardbody with 260,000 miles(original clutch)SEV6 King Cab . This truck has never let me down ! .So maybe I should give Nissan my business. ( also a previous70/71 510 owner) Awesome car!!!
    Tell me your thoughts
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    I had a 93 Nissan pick-up, bought new. Had it 10 years. 219,000 miles. Original clutch and water pump. One of the three best vehicles I have ever owned.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    NO its good your just a xxx xxxx ..........
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    hey pay,I has 89,and aa 1993 with the same Mi. on it you can't kill this truck!!! I bought a chevy s-10 4WD Z-2pkg(2001) I think its the worst truck I ever bought,stupid me should of just bought the 2001 frontier but didn't my mistake.I can't wait too buy one my self,keep us posted if you buy one.

    Goodluck!! bud
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    My conclusion is it is subjective, regardless of all the reviews. I like the Toyota access cab better, because of different reasons I previously stated. However, when it comes to crew cab 4x4's, the Frontier is an excellent deal. I would probably choose it, because the price is such a bargain. I saw a 05 Frontier SE Crew 4x4 with Utility pkg having under 200 miles on it for $22,700 recently.

    Both of those trucks are awesome. Hopefully we will get all the quirks worked out as they come up.
  • bobwhobobwho Posts: 24
    Hey Leob1, your right about both trucks. It's up to each person to decide on what they like or not. I'm looking at Frontier and Taco really hard. I love my 90 Toy Taco(184,000) but want a newer P/U. I've driven both and each has things I like. That's the problem, I like them both. I know my wife says get what you want, but she'll drive it about 10% of the time. So it's a tough choice. Price wise, the Nissan is less with more options. However, I'm not worried about price. I've been on Frontier and Taco Forums to read about all the current complaints or praises. That's a concern over quality control with Taco. I know that if the complaints keep coming, I may wait until the 06's come out. Maybe Toy will all the bugs worked out and we'll hear more problems with the Frontier. I know that this is a tough choice on picking a new truck, but for $25-30K, I want to ensure that I have picked just right for me.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Toyota and Nissan improved their trucks for 05 tremendously. Theres minor issues, but the best reason to wait and buy one is for the rebates I think.

    Anyone who test drives the 6 speeds, try bogging the motor under 1000rpms in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc and listen to the transmission/engine because it tells a story. Try starting in 2nd gear as well. There are differences and you could literally drive the 2 trucks that are exactly the same and notice one as better than the other(quality control).
  • mrjjgittesmrjjgittes Posts: 156
    I bet toyota will have incentives on that taco soon. But, unfortunatley, I also bet they won't be for the double cab, and certainly not the DC 4x4, which is what I had been considering until I saw the window sticker price starting with the number 3.
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
  • Flock of sheep chanting, "Four legs good, two legs baaaaaad."
  • I also have test driven both trucks several times so I figured it was time to give the boss a chance to give me her opinion. Keep in mind he knew nothing about either trucks, but did know that I have had issues with Nissan CS regarding issues with my 03' Maxima. Therefore pre-test drive she favored the Taco.

    At the end of the day she picked the Nissan hands down. The Taco is much noiser at highway speeds 60+MPH and didn't have the "get up and go" the Frontier had. The engine also sounded like it had an exhaust leak from the manifold to the block as it just kept ticking. She also sighted how much easier it was to see over the hood of the Frontier versus the Taco and we didn't even test drive the TRD sport edition (Nismo vs. TRD off road both 4X4 - DCs)

    At this point, it looks like the Frontier is the better truck even though I'm not to found about driving another Nissan for 3+ years. If we had kids it might be a different story as the back seat is better in the Taco.

    What does everyone else think?
  • hammaahammaa Posts: 79
    I'm just a caveman. Talking sheep confuse me. But I do know that my DC LB PreRunner TRD Sport is the sweetest truck on the road, hands down.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    By looking at many of the post from the Taco owners, I guess that Toyota has hit its key buying segment, the 18-25 year old male. Nice looking truck with power, not much more.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    Well when I started this topic, I certainly didn't intend for it to degrade into a "Ford vs Chevy pickup" grade discussion. Really wanted a discussion based on the merits of the trucks. What their pro's and con's are.

    Since I started this topic, I did choose. I ended up with a Tacoma, but really my decision was made for me due to the lack of 4cyl Nissans when they first started coming out. Wasn't one in the state.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I will voice my opinion about these trucks and will not go past that. I respect people who stay with the topic and show respect for others who don't agree. I don't take anything on this forum as fact, just opinions. Anyways, you can trash talk the other truck, but trash talking each other isn't right and turns people away from these forums. This vs forum is an ideal example.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 14,057
    you could literally drive the 2 trucks that are exactly the same and notice one as better than the other(quality control).


    Did you mean "the 2 trucks" as one a Nissan and one a comparably equipped Toyota, or 2 of the same trucks from the same manufacturer?
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2013 Subaru Forester, 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • boarhogboarhog Posts: 7
    I noticed, I must be the only Toyota/Nissan truck fan that goes for the 4 cyl 2WD 5 speed. I have to say that I did not test drive the 6 cylinder in either truck but I did drive the 4 cylinder version of both. I have never owned a Nissan and always bought Toyota and Honda until now. I liked the 05 Frontier better, it drove better, rode better, handled better. It also sounded better and did not feel cheap. I compared the 05 Frontier XE with the 05 Tacoma SR5. The Toyota did not handle well and was louder. My wife even loves to drive the Frontier and she normally does not like manual transmission. Rear disk brakes are another issue, disk brakes are normally superior to drum brakes. I can't figure out why Toyota did not go with them. The access cab is better in the Toyota but does not offer headrests. In an accident, the rear passenger would hit the rear windshield. I don't need the 6 cylinder power or 4WD down here in lower Alabama for snow or farming. I also can't afford to take a $30,000 truck off roading. Anyway, that is my 2 cents, for those of you like me who buy the 4cyl, 5 speed, take a look at the Frontier. I gave $100 over invoice and the Toyota dealers all just laughed at me. The closest a Tacoma would get was $600 over. Check out the Frontier.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    Mine is a 4cyl, 5spd manual, 2WD Access cab. Exactly what I was looking for. So you're not the only one.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 14,057
    I drove a '95 Nissan 4cyl MT 2wd standard cab from Pennsylvania to Oregon in about 3 days a few years back. No frills and no power anything. Well, it did have a electric starter! ;-D Very fun truck to drive, but after 3 days of driving it about 18 hr each day, it was also the most uncomfortable vehicle I've ever driven. Great mileage though. I cannot remember the exact # but it was well above 20 with all interstate driving between 65 and 75, depending on the state.

    If I was buying as a commuter rig and did not have 6 months of winter with which to contend, 4cyl 2wd would most definitely be the way to go.
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  • jsmith5jsmith5 Posts: 12
    Well, you could look at the fanatic taco worshipers and they will tell you taco hands down and try to support their view with some "facts". When called on their facts they will back down and give the old "hey, it's my opinion" defense.
    The folks who like the Nissan are missing the fanatic religiosity and will generally base their decision on open minded comparison and seem to be surprised with their choice.
    The advantages of the Nissan as far as I can tell:
    -Fully boxed frame for Nissan. Toyota no.
    -4 wheel disk brakes for Nissan. Toyota no.
    -Nissan probably has the superior motor as it has been ranked in the top 10 for the last decade AND RUNS ON REGULAR GAS while giving considerably more hp.
    (So far this is the chassis, motor, and brakes. Not bad, especially if you ignore logos.)
    -So far I cannot find as many problems reported on the Nissan as with the Toyota. Some problems with the Toyota seem pretty serious. (4 low problems with transfer case, windshield leaks)
    -The bed material, interior, exterior, etc. seems to be a matter of subjective choice, which the taco lovers will fanatically tout as being the supreme factor.
    -Price and options seems to favor the Nissan.
    Personally, after having driven them, I like both but will wait till next year to give the manufacturers time to work out the bugs.
    I, like you came to this discussion trying to get some input from others who might be able to shed some light on the two models. What I got is a sort of religious faith (light?) from the Toyota side, which bothered a few I noticed.
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    Hey gang! I've been perusing the chat boards between the Fontier and Tacoma because I was looking at both vehicles. With a job change, and a few other curves, my needs went to full size work horse truck (read GMC). I too was truly impressed by both the Toy and Nisan but the disc brakes on the Frontier kinda pushed me toward Nissan. Then I go get my GMC and low and behold what to my wondering eyes should appear, but old century drum brakes upon my rear! My partners dually (an 04 by the way) has discs on all 4 corners and when I ask my service manager what's up he says, "GM has found drum brakes offer better stopping control with shorter distances." Uhh, what? I know there is more material making contact but I thought the heat thing kinda offset any gains. Just wondering if this was a cost cutter or if there were any truth to the claims. With mine being new, I can't tell.
    By the way, if you guys think the Toyota fans are crazy and love their trucks, you should visit the Honda Ridgeline discussions!!
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    thank you nissan salesperson for this post
  • ss580ss580 Posts: 4
    In reference to disk/drum brakes. I read in an auto magazine that many manufacturers are going back to rear drum brakes for two reasons.
    1. It saves money for the manufacturer, as well as the consumer.
    2. You don't need disks on the rear of most vehicles. 80% of your braking is done with front brakes.
    My Chevy truck has 110,000 miles on the original rear drum brakes with plenty left over. The front disks are a different story.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 14,057
    My '69 C20 still has the original shoes on the front drums! I had to replace the rears due to leaking axle seals, but they would have otherwise gone another 10-20 years! 69,915 on it today.

    From my experience, I think rear discs help A LOT with braking when towing a heavy trailer that does not have its own brakes. Otherwise, yes, they seem to be of little benefit.
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  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Interesting Post on Taco boards. It looks like people can't get ladder racks, or even tool boxes because of manufacturers concerns over the composite bed strength. Material of the future? Then I guess we have seen the last of tool boxes for trucks.
  • jsmith5jsmith5 Posts: 12
    See no evil? Hear no evil? Speak no evil?
    If I don't kiss the Toyota logo, I am a Nissan salesperson? You people are beginning to scare me with your blind fanaticism. I'm getting visions of those wierdo zombies in that movie Omega man.
    I SAID I LIKED BOTH TRUCKS. I guess that is blasphemy to the Toyota religion. Add to that the advantages of the Nissan that I pointed out and I become a real heretic to those of the Toyota faith! Well, check this out.
    Fact is, I may still get a Tacoma if they can get it working right and if I can accept buying mexican and premium gas. (Got a Toyota salesman in the family.) Even if I do I will not be a follower of Toyota, but rather it's master.
    No lightening bolts. I'm still here.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Nice wording!!
    well I think our Nissan did a A+ job ,considering only one problem with a alttle noise and it seem the tecks are aware of now,so 1.out of 4.problems compared to the Toy is pretty darn good,I'm leaning towards the Frontier,love them trucks,Toys are nice but too much$$$4 the$$$,whay can't they realise you catch more flys with honey.This will be my 3rd truck in July since toys are too$$$ ,but thanks to nissan I was sold on their trucks back in 1989 since I couldn't even look at Toys, their base 4*4 Modles were too much,I paid $15838.78 for my Se V6 It was loaded to the gills.So I tip my glass too NIssan and their co.workers Great Job and thanks.Thoe I bought a Chevy in 2001s-10,ZR2 ,worst Truck I ever bought.I can't wait too unload it!!any takers LOL...
    Badness,East Coast,NJ,Go Yanks!
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