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Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Frontier



  • I have the satellite radio, didn't order it but the truck had it. It is great. The factory antennae is kind of weak, the satellite is crystal clear. Also, it is very nice having it put in by the factory. No extra wires, all in the radio. Also, if you subscribe, you can get a second unit at a discount price (about half price) for the house, I think I will be doing this. I didn't think it would be so good, but it is really nice.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I did a quick search about the composite beds under Google in reference to some previous comments about the 05 Tacoma bed. I did not find any negative things so far about it not holding up, other than some comments in this forum. An article stated it takes less labor to make composite truck beds vs steel, that there is greater versatality and composites save weight. Apparently it is easier to repair than steel.
  • I wanted to know how you are liking your Tacoma. I live in the Atlanta area also and travel the dreaded 285 top end to and from work each day. What has your MPG been like? Have you regretted your choice (should got Frontier?)

    There are a lot of serious issues IMO on the forum about leaks and exhaust problems....have you seen this? I am thinking of waiting on the 06 to come out. Would you recommend waiting?

  • I sympathize with you on the subject of our traffic here in Atlanta. I have been getting around 19 to almost 20 mpg in city driving with 93 octane (not sure yet if that matters). Oddly enough I took a trip to Savannah and still only got around 20 mpg on the highway (ran at about 75-80mph).

    As far as regretting the tacoma-no I don't-overall I really like it and it suits my uses just fine....I do have the suspension noise that they just can't seem to figure out. I am going back this weekend to get several components replaced. I have no leaks, no chipped paint, no exhaust noises, nothing else, just a weird rattle coming from the front suspension when it is cold and dry. I looked at both the Frontier and Tacoma and overall I really liked both of them far and above the other competition-I just liked the Tacoma a bit better despite many people's valid arguments for choosing the Frontier.(one of the big things that I liked about the Tacoma was the turning radius was much better than the Frontier and you know how hard it is to park around this city-trivial thing I know, but was important to me). I think anytime you get a new vehicle model, you will have problems with it and they are beginning to have a few problems with the Frontier as well. If I could have waited for the '06 I probably would have waited (that goes for both models) until they get the bugs worked out, but I couldn't wait so I went with consumer reports, and previous experience (I've owned a Toyota Corolla and currently have an '01 Maxima SE). They do seem to be making some progress on getting issues resolved with the models that are now coming out-at least this is my impression and this will likely hold true for Nissan as well. Maybe hang in for a few more months and see what experience people are having. Hope this helps and happy shopping!
  • The Frontier LE 4 x 4 feels and rides solid. No rattles, shimmy, shakes. The extra weight from the fully boxed frame to me makes the truck have a more balanced ride than the Tacoma. There's more than enough power to tow.

    The interior was designed more for someone who might actually use the truck as a work vehicle, not for toolin about the back 40 (acres). Big spots for cups, bottles, etc. Like the heated leather, power driver and passenger seat option.

    Wider distance between wheel well and less wasted space around the wheel is important to me although I like the power outlet in the Toyota.

    The composite bed looks nice but it also looks slippery when wet.

    The exterior of the Tacoma is more complex than the Frontier and I like the Toyota colors better for the most part. With a couple of exceptions. Today I saw the Frontier LE CC 4 x4 in electric blue which is really cool. The Toyota dealers I've been dealing with have both lied to me about the timing belt 50K and tune-up mileage 60K recommendations for the Tacoma. Frontier uses a timing chain and 105K tune-up. They were less willing to deal but they do have the low apr or 1250. discount. Meanwhile the Nissan dealer quoted me $300. over invoice with a loaded LE.

    Now I'm just shopping for interest rates.

    Frontier for me.
  • The 2005 Tacoma v6 has a timing chain. The 2005 Tacoma 4 cyl has a timing chain. The 2004 Tacoma v6 has a timing belt.
  • who cares about the problems... with toyotas. they will be solved.. tacomas are uncomparable interior wise... and most people i know hate nissans over the top styling.. and i test drove both taco and frontier. and very comparable sept toyotas seats are nicer and trucks rides a little nicer and is quicker...( and look at truck trend if u dont believe me) but ya both are decent.. and if ur poor buy a frontier. and if ur not buy a taco....u pay for quality..
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I agree with you and thats why I bought a TACO. Nissan's past is troubling, considering their last Frontier's were of low quality. It's hard to convince the public that a change has been made, considering the new Frontier is not highly rated. They are better, but the past is still repeating itself. If they are considerably cheaper to buy then they will sell as we can clearly see. Some people would rather save a couple thousand and get lower quality, not me, not this time.
  • I hope you are just trying to stir up the fire. Poor mans truck? I could have afforded any truck, but really didn't like the Taco. If you want a noisy truck, no leather, no sunroof, one that you have to take the rear headrests off to see out of the back, you can't adjust your seat, the seat sits so low to the ground you feel like you are riding on the floor boards, let alone quality? (way too many issues to list, see multiple post on multiple websites), then I guess this is the truck for you. If your IQ approached room temp, you could take the thousands you save, invest it ($3000, modest return of 15% and in 6 yrs you have $7000). I guess if the Frontier is for the poor, the Taco must be for the intellectually challenged.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
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    Frointer are nice trucks! everywhere you look you see a TOY. were in a class by our own,toys are like BMW's,everyone in and mother and father and brother have one,like I said get some class or don't even come on our site!!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    way to go!! He is either dumb or somewhat blinde.

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  • "It's hard to convince the public that a change has been made, considering the new Frontier is not highly rated"

    If you read the articles rather than just look at the summation, there's a world of information to be had. MotorTrend picked Tacoma TOTY, apparently in large part for aesthetic reasons (they didn't like Frontier's grille or interior). They liken the comparison to Pepsi vs. Coke--in other words, taste. They specifically mention Frontier as having the "strongest V6 in any truck", fully boxed frame, and some other desirable items. The dislikes were fewer configurations (no regular cab) and the afore-mentioned aesthetics. Their tests give a mixed bag for speed--faster 0 to 60 for Frontier, faster slalom for Tacoma.

    MotorWeek picked Frontier as Driver's Choice but I have not read an actual road test by them, if there is one published yet.

    Bottom line is that reviews are good input, but they are only partial input. My own test drives threw me right off my preexisting notion that I would buy a Tacoma. I did not like how it felt, and the fact that the transfer case did not work properly drove the nail in the coffin. Then there were the two people who posted (with photos) their cracked composite beds, in one case on the first day of 4-wheeling, in the other after a single weekend of driving it with a topper on the bed.

    You did not test drive both vehicles. It's hard to convince the public that a change has been made when they have already made up their mind not to even try the other, new product. When they only see positive reviews for one product but not the other. When they throw out some test results that don't jibe with that bias. Real life is not black and white, winner or loser.

    I checked Consumer Reports for both makes' records on the older Tacomas and Frontiers. Looks like their reliability is similar.

    My '89 Toyota truck had a leaking rear main bearing seal--replaced under warranty, whew.
    My '92, which I still have, not only had to get the head gasket replaced (only partly reimbursed under the "head gasket campaign"), but turned out to have a faulty valve return spring (engine part)--cost me over $2000 to get that fixed.
    My husband owned an 80s Toyota that was "perfect till about 40K miles, then fell apart." He got rid of it. Yes, I still like my '92, but that like doesn't blind me to the possibility that Nissan (or Dodge, Chevy, etcetc) might have come up good products recently.

    Comments about "poor people" are LOL, indeed. I didn't realize a truck was a status symbol. Maybe Canadiantaco needs one.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Toyota has had a better reputation and it appears that it will only continue. Nissan will have to build a better truck for quite some time to convince the public and media otherwise...and it will have to be much better. The Titan has started to change people's perceptions I think. The new Frontier did not step on the stage like that and thats too bad.

    I am not worried about TACO's comparison, the Titan (Truck of the Year) had issues with "bubbles", etc, etc in it's bed and numerous other problems. That stuff happens, but the Titan is still an awesome rig and so is the new Tacoma.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    That was a good reply,everyone should read your post,it makes the most sence of all the fighting going on around the house if you catch my drift.

    Great liture you wrote.
    I had a 89nissan and a 93nissan,both 4wd and Great truck never had a problem with them,I had 260.000 on my 93,it was time for a new truck,bought a Chevy s104wd,I don't care for it too much,Its 2001 loaded,drives ok ,lets you know you own a truck.Very Fast thoe,loves Gas!!
  • I keep hearing how the Taco is the hottest truck, then why are the sales down over 10% compared to last year (by the way Nissan sales are way up). Hard to argue with the numbers, just go to toyota press room website, all the numbers are there. Maybe next time Toyota.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I wonder how old the person is who posted those words. I own a lexus a corvett and the new FRONTIER. I love my truck no problems at all. 10/20 mpg. on regular gas. I can buy any truck i like. If it is your money buy what YOU want. It's stupid to slam other people for what they like. Enjoy your rich boy toy and the frontier owners will enjoy their trouble free/ great looking/ cheaper trucks
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I will stay with Toyota for midsize/compact trucks and for good reason, but for fullsize, Nissan or Chevy.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I did the virtual tours and did not like the Frontier's interior and gauge cluster compared to the Tacoma. I did not like the low rear bumper which could more easily drag. There were things I liked, but not enough to convince me, yet. Nissan will have to raise the quality even higher, especially with interiors. They are on the right track, but not quite there yet. The next version might be the one.
  • I agree that Toyotas have an excellent reputation, trucks and otherwise. The question is whether the reputation is presently well-deserved. Because new vehicles have yet to establish a reliability record, the new trucks in question really should establish their own reputation rather than ride on that of the old models, which are very different. It's all a gamble anyway. Buyers of BOTH Tacoma and Frontier are early adopters.

    Remember what happened with Saturn cars--they set out to fight the perception that GM made crap, and they succeeded...for a while. Things can change, in either direction.

    I hope that all the manufacturers up their quality standards AND that they offer products that are different from each other (composite vs. steel beds, styling, size), because it would be horrible to choose from 6 trucks that are essentially the same, feature-wise. Even though I would not buy a Honda Ridgeline because I need the low-range transfer case and a longer bed, many people do not, and that vehicle might be a better choice for them.

    I do think Nissan is on its way up. The two issues that have come up with the new Frontier are already being addressed. My only fear is that they are pushing the workers too hard, too fast, by introducing a lot of remakes in a short time. But at least the Frontier does "inherit" some of its major design parts from existing models (Titan frame, VQ engine).
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    Tell you what, I would pick the Tacoma or Frontier in a heartbeat over the Dakota or Colorado. I never had a Toyota truck and decided to give it a try. So far it's great, except for issues with the dealer.

    In the Fall of 04, I read a major comparison(magazine) on the new Dakota and Frontier. I could not believe they rated the Dodge higher(correct me if I'm wrong). Am I the only one that thinks the Dakota ugly, etc?

    Somewhere in this forum is was stated that Toyota has a plant in Tijuana Mexico. Are they really building trucks in Tijuana?! I don't care about the bed, etc coming from Mexico, because that is the general trend in the industry anyways. I'm glad mine came from California...
  • I got 219,000 miles out of my 93 Nissan pick-up. Original clutch and water pump! That was a good year.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Yes your are so right!
  • What's sad is that the previous generation of Dakotas looked terrific, and the new ones are, ummmmm, not so hot. Apparently, a lot of other people agree.

    If you have issues with the Toyota dealer, you can try another dealer, or call the national hotline. I found one dealer that did good work, another one that I should never have gone to.
  • dont brag about a lexus budy .and u own a corvette holy luxury..... nice job... im 19 own a taco and an im gettin a porsche cayenne .... plus my dads drivin a lamborghini gallardo.... o wait is it one of 5 in all of canada.... ya buddy dont brag or ill show u my house... o wait i should say palace... lol :) i think shutup
  • novanova Posts: 135
    Now I see your living off your DADDY. I knew your age just by your remarks. I see your showing your age in your reply.
  • I am glad he is living off his parents. With the intelligence level he is showing I wouldn't trust him to flip my burger at McD's
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    The Frontier's rear discs, locking tailgate, bedlight, 350Z engine with the highest hp, headrests in the access cab, Titan platform, nice looking body, lower price, they are great things. Now, build the best interior, raise the rear bumper and lose some weight to be the winner. It all came together in the Titan and there is no reason the Frontier could not follow in it's footsteps.

    Toyota...put a lifetime warranty on the composite bed to settle any disputes about the composite beds durability. If they are so incredibly tough and efficient to build...why not. Back up your claims like noone else and continue settng the standard.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,865
    Certainly a good gesture and one that will likely not cost them much in repair/replacement. Composite is without question a better material in terms of strength, durability, and weight; but it is not impervious. I think we will see more manufacturers offer composite standard on their beds in the next several years. So far there are two. Out of curiosity, is the '05 Tundra's bed composite as well?

    Great comments regarding cdntaco. It looks to me like he should spend a little more time on his grammar and not so much time spending other people's money. He is what I would call a "disposable kid." Too bad the parents did such a poor job instilling good values. Maybe they thought they could buy them for him?! LoL. Good luck, canadiantaco. You are a very empty young man and while it is not your fault, it is still your responsibility.
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  • Leob1, I may be missing something so I hope you can tell me what you mean by the Frontier having the rear bumper to low. The departure angle between the Taco vs Frontier 4x4 is <3 degrees of difference. 25 vs 22.6. I don't do any heavy offroading, but is this significant? Or is there something else to look at? By the way, I totally agree with your comments, hopefully the companies listen. I think we all just want a good product for the $. thanks
  • I am planning to purchase one pretty soon. I just have some questions and hopefully you guys be kind enough to help me out.
    How is the gas mileage on the Frontier v6? Is the tranmission shifting ok?(test drove the Taco. I did like the way it shifts) These are my two Main concerns. If you guys have experience...positive as well as negative, please let me know.
    thanks in advance
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