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Ford Mustang (2005 & newer) Problems and Solutions



  • i had the same problem with the water leak. it would leak into the passenger side and short out my lights. brought it in and they found that there is a missing clip on the windshield that causes the leak.
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    There have been some issues with the fuel pump. There is a TSB for it.

    It's under warranty, take it in to your dealer.
  • I've been lurking on the forum since I ordered my Mustang in March '06 (got caught in the build out, so got a 2007 for 2006 price, with more options, very sweet deal!), and thought I'd share my first month's worth of experiences with the 2007 model. A small bit of background: I live in Germany, so purchased an American spec. Mustang from Military Car Sales and had it shipped, since we don't intend to stay here forever (thank goodness!).

    Firstly, I LOVE this car. I learned to drive on a Mustang back in '82 though I don't remember what model year that one was exactly. It was fun, but the 2007 seriously rocks. My last two rides were Explorers, so the Mustang was quite a change and took some getting used to, but I LOVE everything about this car now. It's fun to drive, responsive, comfortable mostly (I have looong legs, so getting the seat just right where my arms are comfortable, but my knees are not crammed takes some doing and was way easier in the SUV), the Mustang sound is awesome, as is the Shaker 500 system. Gas mileage is as expected, around 20-21, mixed city and highway. The thing is just FAST, too, and it cruises pretty well at 120mph on the autobahn.

    Now for the bad news. At 303 miles on the odometer, the check engine light was on. My mechanic reset the computer in the car by disconnecting the battery, and said if it happened again we'd have to replace or reprogram the computer (something about maybe different gas because I'm in Germany with an American spec car?). So of course, it happened again. That time, I had my husband reset the computer, since it was a really bad busy week and I just didn't have time to deal with it right then. No problem since it came on again and I got it to the dealer finally, and they ran a diagnostic, said it might be something in the fuel system, checked it all out (for about 10 minutes), found nothing and sent me on my way with instruction to come back if it happens again. :confuse: I hate this dealer, but it's the only place in town that's "approved" by Ford in Cologne to work on American Fords, but that's another rant altogether.

    So after I left the dealer, I stop to put gas in since I'm getting low. Here's where my real worries begin:

    Just after I ordered the Mustang, the Stars & Stripes newspaper ran an article about the fuel tank problems that many folks were having with the '05 models. I looked around on the 'Net, and ended up here, and read every thing I could about this and other issues. I can't remember whether I read anything about the '06 models having this issue, but I was glad in the end that I was getting an '07 in any case, figuring that Ford has had all this time to work the bugs out and I wouldn't have to worry about that.

    Well, I'm here to tell you, the '07 has the same problems. The pump shut off on me today when the tank was only half full. I've read all the tips and tricks to get the thing to take gas when there is this problem, and I tried a different nozzle position and pumped really, really slow about three hours later on my second trip to the pump this afternoon, and was able to get it to take most of the second half of the tank. I didn't fill it all the way up, since I couldn't really tell if it would really stop when it was supposed to since I was trickling the gas in, and I wasn't up for gas all over my pants and the side of the car for the second time today.

    I'll be taking the car back to the dealer next week about both problems, since I'm sure that the engine light thing is not really solved and now I have this new fuel problem. I'll post an update when I have something. Sorry for the length of this, my first post, but I see a lot of folks in here with the same issues, and some folks thinking about the '07 models, and well, I thought a bit of a review might be helpful and in order. Any of your thoughts would be appreciated!
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    Some hold the nozzle upside down to get it to fill.

    I suppose you can take it to the dealer and make them fill it up for you if they choose not to fix it. :)
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Although you don't say so explicitly, I assume that the CEL is back on again since you're taking it back in next week.

    The computer stores a trouble code when the CEL comes on. The trouble code identifies what the problem is. The problem must then be fixed.

    A mechanic who says "it might be something in the fuel system" but found nothing in 10 minutes is not doing a proper job.
  • Well, the CEL is not on again yet, but I expect it to make a reappearance soon just as it has before, since they evidently didn't find any problems when I had it in there. The bigger problem is that this dealer really does suck (this is part of that other rant, here).

    When they were looking at the car, the guy in the office came and told me that they did find a loose connector in the fuel system, and reconnected it. However, when my regular mechanic (who works for a Ford dealer who is not "approved" to work on American Fords but has been doing all of my Ford repairs for five years) called the mechanic who worked on my Mustang at the "approved" dealer, he was told that they found nothing, no loose connectors, and fixed nothing. All they did was reset the system. Oh, and it took them 3 hours to even look at my car for that 10 minutes as well, and they left me sitting there wondering what they were doing the whole time. :mad:

    I'm forced to take my car to the "approved" dealer regardless of the fact that they are crappy service-wise and technically, because my regular dealer won't get paid for the warranty work that they do since they're not on the approved list. That's just wrong. I realize that American cars sometimes need special tools that German dealers may not have, but surely in a city the size of the one I live in, there's another dealer that can be found and put on the "approved" list. The dealer I usually go to is a small town outfit, and the owner doesn't want to pay Ford for all the fees and special tools that they'd require to be "approved" but there has to be someone else in the area that's big enough. :confuse:
  • I will try the "upside-down" filling when next I refuel.

    As to making the dealer fill it up, I'll try that too, but it's interesting that what I'm getting from Military Car Sales on this is that some owners just "live with it." Wrong answer, for me. I'm already considering what I'll do if they don't/can't fix the fueling problem. I'd love to tell them to buy it back, but I don't have a clue what the "lemon law" would translate to here in Germany, and I've no idea what I'd buy instead.

    If I was in the States I'd have more choices, and this was the same quandary I was in when I shopped for a car to begin with: I didn't want to go with another brand because I didn't want to hunt up another mechanic that I like (not to mention the German/English language thing), but now with Ford's "approved" list of warranty work dealers, that criterion is blown right out the window. I could shop for another brand of sports car, but I couldn't get the same kind of price for what I got the Mustang for with an Audi or a BMW. And, I definitely don't think I'd love the car as much.
  • rubatyrubaty Posts: 2
    I understand your pain when you try to refuel. I have a 2005 Mustang GT and have had the tank replaced 2 times since I took delivery, once in England and once in Germany.

    I am one of the people that were interviewed for the Stars and Stripes article back in May. I can tell you that you will get NO help from Military Car Sales! They will not buy the car back. Owners are not just living with, we have no recourse over here. There are several people here at Ramstein that want to get rid of there car because of the fueling problem but Military Car Sales have said that they can't do anything but change out the tank! I also tried to make the dealer fill it up and don't you know, it was one of the few times that it actually worked without a problem! I have e-mail traffic from various individuals within the Military Car Sales organization and none of them have been any help.

    I spoke with a German lawyer and he said that I would probably have to hire an engineer that would be able to prove that the tank was defective. I am currently doing research to find out what it would take to sue Ford and Military Car Sales.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Early build 2005 Mustangs had a problem with premature fuel pump shut off. The tank was redesigned. The condition may be due to the fuel tank vapor venting system inside the fuel tank.

    If you are having this problem with 2006 - 2007 Mustangs, Ford claims that it is the pump that is at fault. Ford believes that some pumps deliver fuel at too fast a rate. Ford suggests that you try a different pump. Ford reminds that any modifications or alterations to the vehicle are not covered by warranty and are not recommended.

    This info is from the two TSBs that are related to the Fuel fill problem. However, the 2007 is suppose to be fine.

  • Yup, read all that about the early build 2005 Mustangs, and the TSBs that are related. Sorry to say, but the 2007 obviously has the problem and that's mostly why I posted here, to get the word out so to speak.

    I pumped at two different pumps the day I had the problem, one of which was a pump that I've used successfully prior to having the problem. I don't have a whole lot of options with regard to using a different filling station, mind you, since I can either get my gas at the pumps on the Army post, or I can get it at the Esso station with my gas coupons (or I can't afford to drive it with the prices of gas in Europe!). And the pumps are noticeably slower on the Army post than they are at the Esso, which is why I love to fill at the Esso with my SUV since the tank is big and it takes forever to fill on the Army post. I don't think I'll be getting my gas at the Esso for the Mustang, since the tank will probably choke at the first rush out of the nozzle.

    My vehicle is only a month old, and despite the fact that I love reading about everyone else's mods, I don't intend to add anything. I just want to drive it without issues, if you please.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Since it is fuel vapor that causes the problem, I was wondering if people noticed the pump shutoff to occur more frequently during warmer periods of the day.

    I know that you should try to buy your gas in the morning because during the day if its a hot day, the gas expands and since you are paying for volume, you don't get your money's worth...

    I think the problem also occurs more frequently if you try to add gas to a tank that is already half full or more.

  • I have a 2006 Mustang and have had the fuel fill problem a couple of times. The interesting thing is that it's only been when I go to a Shell station. I have had no problems at Exxon or Lukoil (I think this was previously Mobil). At one of the Shell stations depending on which pump I'm at the fuel pump shuts off prematurely and other times I'm OK. The Ford service manager gave me a similar explanation to yours about the vapors.

    I also think it's important for all of you to note that this is not unique to the Mustang. A couple of weeks ago I was getting my car filled and while there a guy with a brand new Corvette and someone with an SUV (I think it was a Suburban) were also having problems. The station attendant (in NJ we don't have self-serve) tried maneuvering the pump in different angles until those vehicles were filled.

    On a recent service apt. at the dealership I overheard a woman complaining about her Mercury having a similar problem.
  • I do appreciate everyone's input here, it's part of why I posted to begin with. I was told by the Military Car Sales folks about filling at a different time of day and possible problems because the weather is warm. I think our weather has been getting consistently cooler since I bought the car (it is that time of year of course). The next time I fill it I will try in the morning.

    I realize that every car may have this problem at some point, no matter the make or model; my parents have an F-250 (or F-"something" anyway) that has a temperamental second tank. If they don't pump the gas in just perfectly, it locks and then they must wait hours to try to refill, because no amount of moving the nozzle around gets them anywhere. On my own Explorer, I had the pump shut off on me a couple of times, but just backing the nozzle out of the tank a bit fixed the problem immediately, and then I just pumped that way all the time and never had an issue again.

    If I can figure out what the trick is with the Mustang, I guess that's okay, but the impression I'm getting is that it's not consistent in what you have to do to get the Mustang tank to fill, even with each individual car. I absolutely hate things that don't act the same way all the time; either work properly, or have a workaround that's consistently effective, but don't give me the in between stuff, I just don't have time or patience to figure it out every time. I'm like that with computers, too. :)
  • Excuse my anger and my language, but this *&^%$#fg car is gonna get me killed! First was just annoyances, I can't put gas in it, the old vapor lock thing, I have to wait and wait to pull out into busy traffic, the old throttle lag thing, last week, I pulled out into traffic from a side street there was a car coming faster than I thought, so I hit the gas, well it took off like a trooper, then,,,,,,the transmission TOTALLY DISENGAGED.......just UP AND QUIT.....only lasted a few seconds, but geeeeeze a few seconds is all it takes for a semi truck to shove you off a damned cliff!!!!!!!! THENNNNN today pulling off the interstate off ramp, the car just "DIED" for a few seconds....I've never seen anything like simply went totally limp so to speak, then took off so hard it jerked my head back. What if that had happened ON the interstate at 80 mph? I'd be toast! I"ve been reading this forum since I got my car, and I see a lot of you are having similar problems. My dealer is trying to get an address for me to as "high up" in Ford as we can go. Would you all join me in a writing campaign before someone is damaged WAY beyond simple annoyance? I love my car, but it's not worth getting run over for! :surprise:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You have a Mustang GT?

    When you say died, you mean the engine shut off?

    There is a TSB regarding throttle lag on certain cars after cruising on the highway then comeing to a stop haveing throttle lag.. This is caused by airbubbles forming in the fuel pump and the fix is to replace your fuel pump.

    Someone mentioned that you can recalibrate the electronic throttle also.

    I'm not trying to imply that something is not wrong with your car, I just wouldn't be surprised if there was somethign that someone was missing.

    I would strongly encourage anyone that is failing to get redress at the dealership level to try a different dealer.

    Ask around to find out if there is a dealer in your area with a particularly good service department.

    I've worked for dealers where the sales floor was A+ and the service department was F-.

  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    If changing out the fuel pump doesnt fix it I would recommend finding a competent tuner to reprogram the computer to eliminate throttle lag. This lag is a well known issue and retuning is one of the ways to be rid of it.
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    Regarding fuel filling problem:

    In another forum a member posted instructions on what they did to resolve the problem since changing the tank didnt solve it.

    Maybe your mechanic can do this. And if it works we can bring joy to the world.
  • bemmerbemmer Posts: 2
    I also am hearing noise in the rear of my 2007 Mustang GT/CS. Mine was a whining noise around 60-65mph. The dealer has now replaced the ring & pinion twice now. However after resetting the pinion depth about 5 times to get pattern correctly the noise is gone but now I have a bad vibration at about 60 mph and also at 75 mph only! They tried to re-index the drive shaft but no luck. I now also here a noise when turning sharply at very low speeds. I was wondering if you had any of these problems I have?

  • bemmerbemmer Posts: 2
    I am hearing noise in the rear of my 2007 Mustang GT/CS. Mine was a whining noise around 60-65mph. The dealer has now replaced the ring & pinion twice now. However after resetting the pinion depth about 5 times to get pattern correctly the noise is gone but now I have a bad vibration at about 60 mph and also at 75 mph only! They tried to re-index the drive shaft but no luck. I now also here a noise when turning sharply at very low speeds. I was wondering if any one has seen any of these problems I have?
  • trantitranti Posts: 51
    I got the same problem. THey changed the driveshaft 2 times. It is much better, but it still has a little vibration between 60 and 70 mph. Please update if you have any news.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Some 2005-2007 Mustang GT vehicles equipped with the 8.8 inch limited slip axle may exhibit a moan/groan noise when making tight low speed turns. This may be more noticeable when the axle is at full operating temperature. The noise may also be confused as originating from the brakes or steering system.

    This is a documented problem and the dealer should replace the limited slip clutch pack. Since your dealer seems to be unaware of this, maybe you should get to a dealer that knows what he/she is doing.

  • What your dealer needs to do is fix your car or find some other dealer to do it. There are technical service bulletins (TSB's) for the hesitation after the highway driving. It is the fuel pump getting a couple of tiny air bubbles in it and causing the hesitation after prolonged driving. Get the dealer service manager to look up the TSB. Pretty much every issues with these first production models have been documented and can be fixed. Find a dealer to do the work for you and that wants your business. Describe to them in technical detail what the car was doing and how you were driving. Concentrate on find the right dealer to fix it because chasing Ford will get you nowhere.

  • Thank you for this link!!! I am taking my car in to the dealer next week I hope, and maybe I can point him to this "repair." It all sounds logical to me, except for the fact that my car is only a month old, so I wonder how that filter could be clogged, but you never know.

    Thanks again, I will let everyone know if there is any joy!
  • Thank you all for your replies and I have great news! I (we, with your help) have outsmarted the service dept. and their "we can't find a thing wrong with your car" attitude. Took it in AGAIN last week with ANOTHER list of things wrong. Tank won't fill, died after coming off the interstate, trunk won't pop open, transmission totally failed (see my first post), etc. Called them the next day, oh yes maam, we've ordered the gas tank replacement. Ok, cool, how about the fuel pump? No we can't find anything wrong with it. Hmmm says I to the nice man,that's funny because I just paid $20 bucks this morning to download Ford's very own TSB's and the one about hesitation after a long cruise is exactly as if I'd wrtten it myself. Do you not have access to these TSB's, I asked the nice man, by now not feeling very nice myself. Oh yes maam, our "techs" look them up, but often they don't really match the problem. Hmmmm, I said, give me your fax number. I faxed him the TSB's, later that afternoon, he called and says, yes we've ordered your fuel pump. THAT'S RIGHT you've ordered my fuel pump! They don't realize that we are not the "in the dark" consumers that we used to be. Do your research! So to make this (my apologies, but I think you will find it worth it) long thread a bit shorter, they did what I told them, lol, AND i'm getting a free oil change in return for the $20 I had to spend diagnosing my OWN car!!!!! My theory is, that the fewer warrantied repairs a dealership makes, they probably get some kind of perk from Ford....AND....these TSB's?...if Ford has to repair enough of them they will be forced to do a recall....and you KNOW they don't want that! So they hope the customer will just lie down and accept that nothing can be done. WELLLLLLLL hehehe, "dey don't know who dey messin' wit here"! lol There have been soooo many problems with my car, they've FINALLY admitted that it just may be a bad car, and the call I got yesterday blew me away! They want to meet Monday to discuss buying it back! LOL, after I told them I'd had the car back one day, the NEW tank STILL won't fill properly, went to one station, it cut off at $10, better than the 4 cents it usually gives me granted, but certainly didn't fill, stopped at another station down the street, oh boy it sure let me fill up AND HOW, when i turned around there was a stream of gas down the side of my car and a puddle on the stereo started messing up, wouldn't accept a cd, skipped on "homemade" ones....well what do you know there is a TSB on that too!... so they know they gotta get a new stereo now, also, it's having cranking issue and won't go into gear quickly, so I guess they figure they'd lose less money buying it back than the total rebuild from the ground up the thing seems to need (and it's pretty obvious by now I AIN'T giving up lol). My dealer is truly a great guy, he's stuck with me and defended me through the whole thing. And the service dept. is very nice, BUT they DO have to answer to Ford, so ya gotta watch em. This sight has been a Godsend for me and I thank you all! In return, for any of you who want to see the TSB's, don't pay for them, email me and I'll scan the one you want for you, hehehe, I was also smart enough to print them ALL out before my one month subscription runs out. You can go to Ford's main website and type in TSB, pick the first suggestion it comes up with, it will take you to Motorcraft and you can see the main title of all the TSB's (41 of them I think!!!!!!!), but you have to pay to see the whole thing. Heck, let's let Ford pay for ALL our repairs with that free oil change they are giving me! And please mention my name when you carry in your little TSB printout, *wink*! Wish me luck Monday, I'll let ya know what happens, either way I WILL win!! :blush:
  • Dear Lady

    Can you tell me if there are TSB's for the 2007 Mustangs? If you can provide me with the titles of the 41 TSB's, I would appreciate that, too. I am interested in buying a new GT. I just want to know what I am buying.
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    good for you.

    FYI, there are OTHER forums out there that have the TSB's listed for free. This forum is good for listing problems but other forums provide much more technical information.
  • TSB's are listed on this, the Edmunds site, under maintenance.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "TSB's are listed on this, the Edmunds site, under maintenance."

    I learn something new everyday. :)

    They're a little difficult to find though (at least they were for me :blush: ). Here's a direct link:
  • Yes they are, but they are the "headings" and "summaries" only. The full TSB shows every part # needed, down to what bolts to loosen.
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