MPG: Nissan Titan Real World Numbers

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OK Titan owners... are you getting the kind of mileage performance you expected?


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    My 2005 crew cab SE just turned 800 miles and she is only getting 11 mpg. All of the full sized trucks are stickered with 14/18, but the dealership claims that the Titan should get slightly better fuel mileage, like 15/19.
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    Ever get the feeling that, especially with pikcups, the EPA and dealer estimates really don't take into account people that use their trucks to do WORK.


    Maybe those numbers show up if you drive the truck around like it's just a mode of transportation...


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    What's your normal driving speed and are you doing mostly hwy or city driving?


    I'm considering buying a Titan... this is the first time I've seen a question pertaining to actual mpg results. It'll weigh heavily on my decision. Thanks...


    p.s Overall, do you like the Titan?
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    Vehicle: Titan Crew Cab SE 4x2

    Over 12000 miles since May 2004


    I have kept my mpg on every gas up... Here are my numbers:


    current average: 13.41 mpg

    low : 11.1 mpg // local streets

    high: 18.13 // long trip -- mostly freeways
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    I've read a few postings from owners not too happy with gas mileage. I have some questions for you. 1. Do you have four wheel drive? 2. What's your avg driving speed? 3. Mostly hwy or City? 4. Do you have a Cap or Tonneau cover?


    I currently have an 02 Frontier Crew Cab V6 "barely" getting 18 mpg and that's babying it !


    So, I figured if the Titan can get the estimated mpg of 14/18 (on the sticker), I might as well get the Titan with all that extra horsepower. But, if I get what you all are getting for mpg (12 - 14 ), I seriously have to reconsider purchasing the Titan.


    Thanks for any input and good luck w/ your Titans!
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    04' KC 4x4, SE with Off Road & Big Tow Package.

    Approx 2500 miles.

    50-50 of city/highway (60-65MPH)

    Average 13.5 - 14.0

    Mostly in the 13.5-13.7 range

    Little disappointed in the MPG as my past Chevy, Dodge & Ford full size 4x4's always delivered at least what was on the EPA sticker.

    However, this truck is a blast to drive. A couple extra bucks at the pump is worth it for the performance this truck delivers.
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    has anyone had their titan recalled for a new brake conversion kit? I keep having problems with my brakes. the truck shakes like an old shopping cart when I brake above 40mph...
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    Hi there,


    1. Nope, 4X2

    2. I do mostly local driving, but my daily 25mile commute to/fro work (yes, I commute with this Titan ;-) ) with moderate traffic on freeway.

    3. Mostly city. I guess 60% city, 40% highway

    4. No cap or tonneau


    I dont baby the acceleration at all. Though originally I was slightly bummed the mileage wasnt the 18ish all the time, having it around 13-14 is ok with the perf of this truck.


    I used to have a Van (Dodge Grand Caravan V6 which I got avg 17mph). This Titan is way more fun to drive (less some problems you probably have read already).


    Also, inregards to mileage, I've heard that using Tornado product and diff't filtering may help with mpg by a couple mpg -- can't validate since I dont know much about it.


    Hope you become a Titan-er too but if not, thanx for your interest.
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    leo5, a better place to post your brake conversion question would be in the

     Nissan Titan: Problems & Solutions topic.
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    Do you have to use premium fuel?
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    Let's see, first Titan (04 CC SE 4x4 offroad, big tow) that I had for 15k miles averaged about 14 mpg in mixed driving. The worst was 9 mpg strickly city driving and I'm a leadfoot. The best was 18.5 mpg hwy towing a small popup being very careful and only doing 55 mph. When we towed a 7,000 lb travel trailer through the mountains the best we could manage was 10 mpg.......dern thing needs a bigger fuel tank, had to stop every 250 miles and fuel up.


    The new Titan (04 CC LE 4x4, bigtow) is so far about the same at 4k miles. Of course I've only had it in the winter, so can't comment on what it will do with summer tires instead of winter tires. However, it seems to hang in the 12-14 mpg range in mixed driving, snow tires, and occational 4WD use. Also, lots of cold weather and idling.


    Its still a bit better than our Ram 3500 V10 with its 8.5 mpg average.


    We also own a Ford Focus.......have to with these 2 beasts on the hunt all the time for the nearest gas station.


    Oh and no, premium fuel is not recommended.
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    That is exactly what they do. The EPA tests are done under ideal, controlled conditions at 55MPH to show best case MPG as this is what is in the manufacturers best interest. You want the milage on the sticker? You gotta baby it. True for all vehicles.


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    People please! Come on, who here actually has owned or researched a truck and was dissappointed to get meager mileage?? huh? ANYONE....I have the SE CC 4wd and was getting around 13mpg at 55 or 85 didn't matter. And i drive like a madman in town you have to and on highway I can pass everyone but the gas station..haha! I expected to get worse until break-in but 13/16 is truly REAL WORLD numbers, given the best in class torque, up there horsepower, ground clearance and biggest tires. Now i admit I used to sell nissan b4 the Titan came out, so I know the product. But this thing ROCKS! Case closed... Ford was slick by underating their towing by a whopping 500 pounds, ooooooo WOW! So I can't tow 9900, only 9400, man I'm not mad, I'll just throw the extra 500 in the bed! ;-P

    I just installed dual exhaust and the thing sounds sic, as in awesome. Have seen a slight increase in mpg and when i put this intake on will see another 1 or 2 plus more ponies is nice. Mine was a later model year make with just tow pkg. so I'm sorry to hear about other problems you guys and gals are having. I have 8k on odo and no glitches as yet. I stand behind this product 110% as long as the dealer can gitter dun! which they are slow around here but efficient as any other. Last note, no offense but you guys must not have done your homewwork b4 you bought. You got more than you paid for first of all and you never buy first off line, wait for Nissan to work out bugs. And you get better deal later in year but I know options are a priority and like me YOU just had to have one. haha Overall, I feel I as well as you guys and gals, minor problems and all got a awesome product. Besides the agressive looks and that exhaust note, it's just KOOL as hell to see the face of the big 3 owners as you SMOKE EM' off the light! Good Luck all......
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