My 99 Buick Regal doesn't shift into 4th gear.

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    Yes, I have many ideas, but cannot narrow this problem to one without either seeing and testing the vehicle or having much, much more information on the problem. That having been said there are problems that followed these cars auto transmissions. The forth gear output shaft in these were not as hard as should have been and would sometimes strip off, and there was sometimes temperature problems that caused it to avoid fourth gear. But this could be a number of other things, maybe not even related to what I have mentioned. is your fluid clean, is there any debris in the fluid, how long since fluid filter change, is fluid level up to correct mark when checked right after driving? There are so many things with an auto transmission. And I havn't even scratched the surface. Does it never shift to fourth, or just under certain conditions, did it just stop shifting all at once, or did it go a little at a time? If you are mechanically savoy and wish to check out these things and post back and forth, I will try to help narrow down the problem, but otherwise there is no way I can say this or that. It would be like looking for a drop of water in the ocean! Good luck, I will watch this post for a few days to see if you post back.
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    You might also tell us if there's any kind of warning light on, and if the car's TCM has been scanned.
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