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Advice on 2013 Jetta TDI Lease End Options

dansemachinedansemachine Member Posts: 1
edited June 2016 in Volkswagen
I am in the last 90 days of my 2013 Jetta TDI lease and considering my options. Two factors are clouding up the issue a bit for me-- the fact that I am almost 30,000 miles over my limit, and the emissions scandal.

I figured that trading in at about this time would be a good option, hoping maybe they would give me some mileage forgiveness or something in order to get me in another car. Or that they would roll what I owe for extra miles into the payments of my next car, although being that 30,000 miles x $0.30 a mile = $9,000, it's not really an ideal option...especially considering that's basically the current trade in value for the car itself! Probably would be better to just buy the darn thing. All in all I wasn't feeling great about the whole situation, but I was set to go to the dealership tomorrow morning to discuss my options.

Then I read this article that outlines VWs early plans for compensating diesel owners and leaseholders: http://jalopnik.com/vw-finally-has-a-plan-to-fix-dieselgate-heres-the-whol-1772346691 From the looks of it, VW is going to let leaseholders out of their leases, AND offer compensation. So, am I actually in a GOOD position at this point? Would trading in my car without a REALLY good deal be a bad move on my part? Or will me being over miles still factor in somehow?

Appreciate any insight as I am pretty much a hopeless dummy on a car lot.


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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 241,395
    Not sure how you can get past the mileage. Even if a dealer took your car in trade, you would be way upside down, due to the high mileage.

    Are you sure the penalty is $0.30 per mile? That seems awfully high. I would expect something between $0.10- $0.20 per mile.

    Before I did anything, I'd call VCI and ask them what's up with compensation. That article you linked is two months old. Maybe, things have progressed.

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